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Everyone Is an Entrepreneur

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Today everyone likes to think of themselves as an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, many people still ask themselves all the self-defeating questions that limit them to staying in the same "work for someone else" mindset. Whoever that is should read this book. Everyone is not an entrepreneur, but listening to the advice of Greg Diehl will get you started on a whole new life.
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This was such a fantastic book that I hope gets the attention it deserves. I was first introduced to Gregory Diehl when I came across one of his previous books The Influential Authors. Much like the previous book, with this new one, Gregory offers a fresh and unique perspective on the topic. This book isn’t just about entrepreneurship, but it also provides readers with a look into what it’s like in post-Soviet countries where the citizens don’t even have a point of reference for how they can be entrepreneurial. Gregory currently resides in Armenia, so aside from his wisdom, he also provides stories about how he’s teaching people in his village about entrepreneurship and how it can better their lives.

By reading this book, Western readers will gain a newfound appreciation for the opportunities we have due to our ability to be entrepreneurial. For others around the world, they’ll learn about economics, human nature, and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. But as someone who thought I wouldn’t learn much from this book because I’ve had various entrepreneurial ventures since my teen years, I was surprised at how much value I gained from this book. So, overall, I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t benefit from this book, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and take a bit more control over their life.
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