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A quick, fun, beach read for the summer! I enjoyed this, especially because it wasn't too heavy. I easily got invested in Abby's story, and I loved that she was SMART!!!!! Emphasis on the smart. The chemistry between the characters was great too. 

I received an advance copy. All thoughts are my own.
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I  did like the setting and feeling like I was traveling through Europe with Abby, Bijou, Coco, and Richard-eating good food, going cliff jumping, exploring sea caves, and going to exclusive nightclubs-it was a good summer vibes book, but the romance wasn't it for me.
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I wish there was more plotline developed with her academic life and the tension between her academic advisor.
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What do you do when life isn't quite going as planned and you don't know how to get back on track?  That's Abby's problem as she, out of desperation, accepts a job tutoring a 7th grader on a yacht for the summer.  What could go wrong...right?

The cover first grabbed my attention and I love the colors used and the artwork.  It reminded me of beloved books from my time growing up in the 90s.  I also really loved the setting/locations and the story.  However, with the exception of Bijou, I can't say I loved the characters.  I didn't believe the chemistry between Abby and Richard and for a "smart girl", Abby sure didn't make smart choices.  "Hey, let's blow up my entire career tutoring rich kids for BANK because a billionaire looked at me and smiled!"

So I definitely enjoyed this book, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't scream at the page more than once over Abby's actions.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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I DNF'd this book at about 35%. The premise had sounded incredible, but I was not interested in the plot one bit, the main character was unbelievably annoying, and if I had to read the phrase "strong, smart, badass woman" verbatim one more time, I was going to riot.
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If you need something light in between dark reads this Halloween season then Smart Girl Summer will fit the bill. Also, I'm not ready yet for winter so travelling with Abby to sunny Europe really lifted my mood. The travel and sightseeing in the story was well written and I felt like I was on holiday too.
Abby is a nice character but she has a lot to deal with at university when her mentor steals her research and takes credit for it. I was hoping that Abby wouldn't let him get away with it and I was a bit disheartened with her when she kept saying she wanted to quit and to let it go. I wanted her to back and raise hell about it.
Richard's daughter, Bijou was a really nice child. I was expecting a spoilt, bratty preteen but she proved to be a source of humour and I liked the way she bonded with Abby and tried to enjoy her time with her dad.
Richard was perfectly pleasant and kind but a bit dull as we don't see him doing very much.
 I found the budding romance to be lacklustre. Abby and Richard got on well as friends and touring around together but I didn't see any real build up of attraction or sexual tension between the two. More time spent on cute scenes of them together to develop their mutual crush would have enhanced my enjoyment of their romance.
In saying this, I found the book very entertaining, lighthearted and difficult to put down.
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Abby is a PhD student who got screwed over by her superior. Strongly advised to 'take some time away from campus', she accepts a six-week tutoring job teaching maths to the tween daughter of a billionaire playboy on board a yacht in the Mediterranean. Abby is looking forward to enjoying the sun and the luxury, and is fully intending to use her time away from NYC wisely. But then she starts falling for billionaire Richard, who seems to be less of a playboy than the gossip magazines had led her to think.

This was a fun, cute, fast read. The perfect book to enjoy at the side of the pool on a hot day, or inside on the couch when it's raining and you need something to whisk you away from the doom and gloom. It's a closed-door romance, which I'm not that fussed about, although I do tend to prefer open-door romance more.

Kids in romance novels are hit-or-miss for me, but this one was definitely a hit. Abby initially helps Richard bond with his daughter Bijou, and Abby also spends quite a lot of one-on-one time with Bijou. Romances that involve single parents usually fail to find the perfect amount of page time for the kids involved, but this one hit the mark pretty perfectly.

There were a few elements that worked less well for me. Abby falls for Richard quite quickly, despite having a clause in her contract with the tutoring agency that she's not allowed to date the clients. For such a smart woman, that's quite a dumb thing to do. The story also dragged a little in some places, and at the end it seemed like the author wasn't quite sure how to end the story. But those are just minor gripes.
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Abby Atkinson always had a plan, to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a physics professor at a prestigious university. On track for her PhD and tutoring on the side, Abby is now in her late twenties and finds herself completely lost. Her deceiving advisor stole all of her hard work, years of research now lost and hopes of attaining her goals shattered. The company she tutors for in Manhattan has a last minute request for the summer. A well paid job teaching math to the twelve year old daughter of a very wealthy man on his very fancy super yacht. Without too many other options and her bank account rather low, Abby sends off a quick yes and she’s on the next flight to Europe. Abby has been in school for so long she never questioned her path, never thought any other options existed. Traveling abroad for the first time is both luxurious and eye opening. It’s time to admit she really enjoys teaching and her instant chemistry with the unexpectedly down to earth billionaire is a breath of fresh air. Enjoyed every moment of this sailing romance adventure where a young woman gives herself a chance to follow her heart and put aside the expectations of others.
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Smart Girl Summer was a refreshing read for me as someone who typically delves into worlds that are much darker, more complicated, and gritty. Kristin Rockaway's writing was funny, engaging, and instilled that sense of romantic yearning in me that is most closely associated with a new crush. It is the epitome of the perfect beach read—you can dive into the pages as you work on your tan, all while hiding your growing smile under a beautiful, wide-brimmed hat.

I found this book exhilarating and entertaining. This is the first book of Rockaway's that I've read, but I'd happily read more by this wonderful author.
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Amen to this book. LADIES use this as a guide for what you SHOULD or SHOULDN'T do with your summer. Very well written and spectacular. Would highly recommend to everyone, especially The Summer I Turned fans.
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Smart Girl Summer, by Kristin Rockaway, is a quick easy summer read.  While I enjoyed the novel, I believe the relationships happened too quickly and would have preferred a longer book with more believable progress with respect to the relationships between all the main characters. It was more than a bit rushed. Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher, for providing me with an ARC ebook in exchange for my honest review.
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This story started out strong and had a lot of potential. I really felt for Abby and the pain she felt was palpable after being betrayed by her college advisor. And that’s really where the emotions in this book ended for me. Abby’s relationship with Richard felt rushed and I didn’t buy the insta-love. Abby’s relationship with Bijou had more chemistry and I actually loved the way they bonded over math. I just wish Abby and Richard’s romance was more developed. For being described as such a smart woman, some of her choices left me saying hmmmmm. 

Thank you to Montlake and NetGalley for an advanced copy. My thoughts are my own.
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Smart Girl Summer by Kristen Rockaway

Abby Atkinson’s summer is not going her way. She is working on her PhD in physics and her adviser just stole all of her research. Then she gets blacklisted from summer teaching positions after raising her concerns to the head of the physics department. So she is forced to take an emergency tutoring position from her old employer. But this isn’t any ordinary tutoring position. She will be tutoring a billionaire’s daughter, on a yacht, through the Mediterranean for six weeks. This is the perfect scenario to get her mind off of her awful advisor stealing her work. She can clear her head and gain some perspective. But its never that easy is it. When her boss, Richard Vale, does not live up to his “playboy billionaire” tabloid status, Abby starts to fall for the kind and considerate man in front of her. But falling for a billionaire is not as easy as it seems. With a fame hungry ex wife, a contract, and a mess back in New York, Abby has some choices to make.


This was a cute one. But that’s it, just cute. The character development barely scratched the surface. I wanted so much more from Abby and Richard. More of themselves and more of their road to their “love” story. It all seemed forced and rushed. If you want a quick, cute read, give it a go. But it was just meh for me.


✨thanks to @netgalley for the ARC✨

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I am sorry I could not read this book as the love interest's name is my fathers, that is just too far for me. It did not say it in the blurb or else I would not have picked it up.
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This is the perfect summer read! I seriously wish it had of been longer. The main character Abby was so smart and I adored her.  I loved the characters and any summertime book that has to do with a boat or sailing I’m sold. I love Kristin Rockaway’s writing style. I’ve been a fan for years and this did not disappoint. This would make a perfect birthday gift for a girlfriend with a summer birthday. I read this on a beach and it was amazing.
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Smart Girl Summer was a nice enough read, but wasn't what I was expecting.

I went into it (and the reason I applied) thinking it was a romance book, but I would classify it was women's fiction.
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Abby, is a PhD student whose work is stolen by her academic advisor. As a result, she decides to get away for the summer and takes a tutoring job with a single dad, billionaire on a yacht in the Mediterranean.

The chemistry between Abby and Richard just wasn't there for me. Part of the problem is that Richard's character wasn't fully developed. He's a single dad who loves his daughter and wants to build a better relationship with her and that he runs a multi-billion dollar venture capital company that funds good things. That's it. That's all the reader really is clued into. There's not much about his emotions or feelings. I would have been more invested in him and the book if there had been just more of him. The lack of chemistry really took away from the romance. 

Abby is a frustrating character. I empathized with her academic difficulties. In fact, this was the strongest part of the book as it aroused the strongest emotions. She is, however, a bit of a whiner and seems unrealistic in her expectations of what a relationship with a famous billionaire entails. 

I enjoyed the setting and the visits to various ports on the Mediterranean with Abby, Bijou, Coco, and Richard. It is a good summer book and an easy read, but just didn't hit its mark as a romance.
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This book had so much potential!! A fun, billionaire, single Dad travel romance that takes place on a boat around the world as Math PhD student Abby Atkinson spends her summer tutoring a twelve year old girl and falling for her father.

I didn't love the single POV or that it was a closed door romance. The chemistry between the leads just wasn't there for me either. I can handle no on page sex if there's at least some sizzling chemistry but this one just fell flat in my opinion.

I'm usually a big fan of anything narrated by Soneela Nankani but even her voice couldn't save this one. The best part for me was the woman in STEM rep who has to deal with her advisor plagiarizing her work (a very relatable and realistic plot!).

Overall this felt more like a women's fiction book than a romance and was just an okay read for me. Much thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an early digital copy in exchange for my honest review!
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Abby Atkinson is a PhD student working with an advisor. When she finds out the advisor has stolen her idea and research and publishing as his own. When she goes to the boss he doesn't believe her. She reaches out to her tutoring job asking for anything for the summer. When she's offered a tutoring job on a yacht in the Mediterranean sea. Yes, please. 

This was a fun read. I could not put the book down it kept me engaged. I loved the traveling and really enjoyed the book. I'm excited to read the rest of the author's books.
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*Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. Pub date: August 23, 2022

Abby is a 4th year PhD candidate who finds her scientific work stolen by her advisor and unemployed for the summer. She then lands a possible dream tutoring gig aboard a megayacht in the Mediterranean for 6 weeks. Idyllic, right?

I really enjoyed the writing style of this book and all scenes with Bijou, but the closed-door romance fizzled for me—their attraction seems to come out of nowhere and I just didn’t find it that believable (Richard us SO expressive about his feelings). I could only picture Jeff Bezos as Richard (billionaire on a yacht!) and it definitely put a damper on my ability to e

A few other notes…settings on yachts (and billionaires with kids) are very specific. Calling the yacht galley a kitchen really threw me and then Abby goes and puts shoes on while she’s still inside the boat—a big no no. Additionally, I really struggle with the fact that Bijou doesn’t have a nanny. In reality she’d probably have 2 on rotation, or maybe only one now since she’s 12. A billionaire would at least have a travel nanny to watch and entertain her in the hours outside of tutoring and while the dad is working. I was so distracted wondering what this kid is doing during  all the down time without a nanny there!
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