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Lana Lewis is a former journalist who now runs her familys coffee shop called The Perkatory, which is located on Devil’s Beach island in Florida.  Gus, her obnoxious neighbor, insists on using his leaf blower at all hours of the day and night which disturbs the peace for all the neighbors.  Erica,  Lanas"s friend and barista and temporary roommate gets into a loud argument with Gus.  Gus is killed when someone rigs his leaf blower to explode and Erica becomes the prime suspect.   Lana decides to use her former  investigative skills to try and clear Ericas name, often butting heads with her boyfriend. police chief Noah Garcia,  There are plenty of suspects  including not only the angry neighbors  but also an estranged wife, his new  girlfriend.  and a few former business associates.  I enjoyed this book and it's quirky characters. especially Lana's dad who is a pot smoking old hippie and also the antics of her cute little Shih Tzu. Stanley.  This was a cute mystery and a fun quick read.  Thank you for the advance copy netgalley!
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Lana Lewis and her quirky friends and family are back for another mystery to solve in sunny Florida.  When Gus, Lana's annoying neighbor, is murdered by a leaf blower explosion, it becomes clear that Gus has many people who weren't unhappy to see him out of the picture.  Problem is it's Lana's boyfriend Noah who is on the case and has to follow where the evidence leads and it leads to Erica, her best friend and barista.

I always enjoy this series!  Lana and Noah are getting closer and his suspicion about Erica is hurting their relationship.  Lana, never one to sit back and let life happen to her, finds a myriad of suspects.  I like her spunk, determination and loyalty to her friend.  There are so many twists and turns in this mystery that you won't want to put it down. Lana's dad and his latest "protest" is perfect and the  coffee drinks  will make you head for the kitchen or local coffee shop!

I'm already looking forward to the Florida sun and mystery in the next book!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and the opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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I'm new to A Coffee Lover's Mystery series by Tara Lush. I enjoyed reading this book and its coffee theme. I'm a big fan of cozy mysteries and the variety of themes and topics to choose from. Tara Lush did a great job of bringing the characters and setting to life. I felt as if I was in the world with the characters solving the mystery.  It's a nice cozy mystery read for anyone. 

My thanks to Crooked Lane and NetGallery for a digital copy of this book for my review!
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The third in the Coffee Lover's Mystery series! Lana is dealing with an annoying neighbor. He keeps blowing his leaf blower early on the weekends and it's getting to all his neighbors, especially Lana's best friend and roommate Erica. However, Gus's leaf blowing is put to an end when he is murdered. Lana must investigate to prevent her best friend from being arrested for murder. 

Overall, I liked this newest book addition! I will say to be forewarned that if this is your first one in this series, it does give away the whodunit of the other two early on. My only other criticism is the culprit of this one. Without spoiling anything too much, it was a more established character (aka from previous books) that felt like a weird choice. Besides that, another fun mystery!

I received my copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Lana Lewis is the manager of Perkatory, a coffee shop on Devil's Beach. Due to repairs needed for her sailboat which she lives on, Erica, a friend and fellow barista, is currently staying with Lana. Things are going well except for the problem with the neighbor Gus who is disturbing everyone with his constant use of a leaf blower. When he is found murdered, Erica is a suspect due to the loud confrontation she had with Gus prior to his death. As Lana is positive that Erica is innocent, she starts investigating with the help of her Grandfather and Erica.  Suspects to be considered are the soon-to-be ex-wife, current girlfriend and business associates. Will Lana manage to stay safe while uncovering the truth?
Thanks to NetGalley for a copy.
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Lana and Erica are at it again for another mystery, but this is closer to home when Erica is a suspect. The dynamic of Devils Beach, I would love to live there with all of these little shops. Perkatory sounds like my kinda coffee place. The way they described the victim, a part of me was not upset he was gone. Noah and Lana look like they are going towards a good part in their relationship...I can't wait for another one. 

Thank you, NetGalley, Tara Lush and Crooked Lane Books for this advance read.
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This is the third book in the series. I haven’t read the other ones but I was able to follow the story. I’m getting the other books though because I like her writing style. This is a perfect book to read by the pool. If you like cozy mysteries, you will enjoy this one.
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This was a fun easy read perfect for either a day by the pool/ beach or curled up with a blanket by the fire kind of day. While this was the 3rd installment in the coffee lover's mystery series and I haven't read the first 2, I didn't feel like I was at a disadvantage. I felt like I was getting to know each of the Characters and am keen to read the first two to find out even more
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Not my favorite read. I found the main character to be annoying.  It felt like as if she was a bratty teen. And she constantly questions her own involvement.
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Lana couldn’t stop herself from getting involved in the murder investigation. Her best friend was the number one suspect, and things were looking dire. I thought Noah had a lot of patience to deal with Lana getting involved in their investigations and her unorthodox father. It was exciting, intriguing, and romantic.
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Live and Let grind is the third installment of A Coffee Lover's Mystery series by Tara Lush.  They keep getting better and better.  I am left again waiting for the next one!

Lana was laid off from her job as a journalist in Miami and is now running her family's coffee shop in Devil Beach, Florida.   Lana's best friend and employee Erica is staying with her while her houseboat is being renovated.  After a run with the daily leaf blowing neighbor who is found dead, Erica becomes a suspect in his murder.  This, of course, means Lana is on the case to solve the murder along with Erica and her dad who is a yoga teaching, peace loving hippie much to the dismay of Lana's boyfriend, Chief of Police Noah Garcia.

Enjoy the crazy shenanigans that Lana, Erica and her dad get into while solving the case.  This is a fun quick to read story with a great mystery.  I really didn't know who it was until our sleuth Lana knew. To me that is the sign of a great mystery.

 Although this is a third installment, it can be read as stand alone.    Did I mention there is a cute Shih Tzu named Stanely?

Tara Lush, once again, you have left me wanting more!
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I love me a good cozy mystery when I need a break from the hard core thrillers and this book was a great read.
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I received an epub copy of this book from NetGalley.  I really enjoyed this book, the characters were fun, the story engaging and the mystery lasted for me till the very end.
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Such a sweet adorable book
As someone who read a book in this series before I must add how amazingly the story escalates, I absolutely adore the writing style and the way Tara Lush builds up a mystery. 
This book is most certainly a must read!
A five out five without any doubt!
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I like this series and author a lot but I had a hard time with this book. I found the heroine very hard to understand, especially her motives. She asks herself a lot throughout the book, "why am i doing this?" and I wanted to know the answer. We never get a good moment of soul searching. I wish we were told that she was devoted to absolving her friend or she was going to write an article freelance and then shop it around. Instead everyone is telling her not to investigate and not to put herself in danger and she just does it because she doesn't like being told what to do. It made it hard for me to stay in the story because she came off as so immature. I still really liked the coffee shop setting and i thought the actual murder mystery was well designed. I just think it would have been better if her relationship was put in actual jeopardy because of her actions so it felt like her immaturity had some consequences.
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This is a well constructed whodunit murder mystery story.  Thirty-something former reporter turned barista Lana Lewis and her best friend Erica Penmark investigate the sudden death of their curmudgeonly neighbour,  Gus Bailey.   Gus was killed when his leaf blower exploded.  When Erica becomes one of several suspects in the police investigation of his murder, the pair begin sleuthing to find the real killer and thus clear Erica.  There's no shortage of other potential suspects: the victim's ex-wife, his new girlfriend, shady business partners, and even his lesbian neighbours who host a true crime podcast.   The story comes to a thrilling climax with Lana chasing a tourist pirate ship on a Jet Ski in order to save Erica who has been kidnapped by the killer.
This is the third in a series of cozy mysteries set in a small Florida beach town on the Bay of Mexico.  It can be read as a standalone and there's sufficient backstory for those who have not read the rest of the series. 
It's a cozy: no explicit violence, no bad language and no graphic sex.   There's a dead-end story line from Lana's childhood about her then best friend who disappeared.  It's not resolved in this episode, perhaps that's left for a future novel in the series.
It 's got good dialogue, with some comical corny cliches, for example:  "what's shaking', bacon?"; "Holy Pup-Peroni", and other similar ones.
There's a solid set of characters: Lana,  Erica, Lana's father Peter (an aging hippy), and her dog Stanley.  The Town's police chief is Lana's boyfriend and romantic interest.  Their relationship provides some tension with the amateur sleuthing.  Lana is spunky - as a former reporter - she is a definite self-starter in the investigation.
Overall, while it follows the traditional cozy formula,  it's got a sense of excitement and adventure that makes for an entertaining read.
I received a complementary advance reading copy of the book from the publisher Crooked Lane Books via Netgalley for my unsolicited review.
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Casual reading that's highly entertaining.  Lots of suspects and motives to choose from. Quirky characters. Good story plot. Thanks #netgalley and #Crookedlanebooks for the eARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.
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Live and Let Grind is a cosy mystery.  This was an easy, enjoyable read, and sometimes, a light easy read is what people need and want in a novel.  This was my first Tara Lush novel.  I found it easy to jump into the characters' stories, which I believe are continued from a previous novel.  The mystery wasn't compelling, but the characters were fun and enjoyable and the setting, easily visualized.. 

I would recommend Tara Lush's, Live and Let Grind to cosy mystery readers..  I want to thank the author and publisher for providing this ARC.  My review is my own opinion and was not influenced by receiving this ARC. I also want to thank NetGalley for introducing me to a new author.
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Fun culinary cozy
Coffee shop owner Lana and her friend Erica get dragged into a murder investigation after Erica confronts the leaf blowing neighbor. It seems they aren’t the only ones the victim annoyed. Ms. Camp adds some eclectic characters, multiple suspects and motives, humor and a bit of romance to create a winning tale….along with the prerequisite pet. I requested and received A Net Galley ARC to peruse gratis and offer my opinion the same way.
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Loved reading this book and series. If you haven't read it yet I highly recommend her and her books. I suggest reading in order.
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