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An easy read for a Sunday afternoon! The writing was good and so were the characters. But for me, the mystery wasn't as intriguing as the characters. It was fairly easy for me to solve and I guessed the killer quite early into the book. The good thing about this book was the characters and their dynamics with each other. The problem was that the writer could have made the mystery more interesting.
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Lana, the main protagonist, runs Pekatory, her family’s coffee shop on Devil’s Beach, Florida with a friend, Erica. The previous year she lost her job as a journalist in Miami. She writes freelance articles for the Devil’s Beach newspaper. 

She’s in a relationship with Noah, the local chief of police. She’s divorced and isn’t keen on getting into a serious relationship.

Lana’s new neighbour Gus has a leaf blower that he uses to annoy his neighbours. According to Lana’s dad, Gus has been married for three years to a younger woman who he met online.

Her dad is a bit of a new age dabbler. He’s also very curious and checks out Gus’s wife Honey's Instagram account. Gus seems to exaggerate about her popularity and status in life. 

Erica gives Gus a hard time about his noisy leaf blower and they argue. Erica threatens to file a complaint with city hall against him.

Gus is found dead in his house shortly after. His leaf blower was tampered with and it exploded and killed him. Erica becomes a suspect. An investigation ensues.

I enjoyed reading this story. It’s a light read. 

Thank you to NetGalley for the arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Devil’s Beach is percolating with a hot murder case, and reporter-turned-barista Lana Lewis could be the next to get beaned in Tara Lush’s third Coffee Lover’s mystery, perfect for fans of Cleo Coyle and Lucy Burdette.
Lana and her crew are investigating another murder and attempted murder. I really enjoyed this one lots of twist and turns. 
#LiveandLetGrind #NetGalley
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Live and Let Grind was an interesting read.  The story takes place on the island Devil's Beach, FL.  The main character Lana Lewis; who owns the coffee shop Perkatory with her father, Peter.  She lives in her family home that she grew up in.  Across the street lives a new neighbor, Gus Bailey who loves to use his leaf blower constantly.  His wife, Honey Bailey is a professional roller skater and is separated from him.  Her friend, Erica is staying with her while her boat is being fixed.  One morning, Erica gets in a fight with Gus about his leaf blowing.  Later that afternoon neighbors Jeri and her wife, P:erry find him dead by his leaf blower.  

Lana and her father are meeting their coffee trainer, Julian who is there to update them on coffee.  The next day Lana arrives at her shop finding Julian on the floor being worked on by the EMT's after drinking a mushroom coffee.  When at the hospital the doctors discover he has been poisoned.  Elaine is the suspect as she made the coffee. This is where the story takes off with Lana and Elaine trying to find out who killed Gus and poisoned Julian. There is so many funny things that happen throughout the book.  The ending is like a keystone cop chase to the exciting end of who the killer is.

Thank you NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for this ARC.
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This is a new author for me but will this book won't be my last it was so good I could not put it down and I will recommend this book and author to everyone I know. The characters in this book are so well written that I feel as if I know them and they are my friends too, I especially loved Stanley the dog becuase that was my father's name.
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I've read all three of the books in this series and enjoyed them, but I didn't think this one was quite as good as the others. I've liked the narrator before, but she slightly put my teeth on edge in this one, with the doggy baby talk (and it's not that that I don't baby talk to dogs, but reading about someone else doing it just isn't as cute as authors think it is) and saying things like, "We'd also started indulging in dessert cheese. Could we be any cuter?" And things seemed more cliche this time, too. About her boyfriend: "He was so handsome, and my heart fluttered from his nearness." Lord.

That said, the mystery plot is pretty good, EXCEPT for when Lana tells her dad that they're not investigating the poisoning of someone at the cafe, which "has nothing to do with [the murder]." Seriously? If your neighbor was killed after a fight with your best friend and then someone is poisoned after your best friend serves them coffee, why would you assume they're not related? I'm unhappy, though that the climactic scene happens off-stage. "The last thing I saw before I fell backward into the water...Here. Drink this. It'll warm you up." I hate feeling cheated out of the big moment when the criminal is caught!

So, this one is just okay for me.

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This book was sent to me by Netgalley electronically for review. Mystery and murder...This is a cozy mystery for a rainy afternoon, cuddled under a warm afghan.  It is a quick read with quirky characters who are likable.  One wants the main character to get what she wants.  Enjoy this one.
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I am so appreciative of an advance copy of this book.

Simply put, I love this cozy series. Lana is back in her coffee shop, and has a house guest Erica. But the Gus, a neighbor across the street, keeps using his leaf blower at all hours of the day. Gus ends up dead after a big fight with Erica and the police, including Lana's boyfriend Noah, are convinced Erica could be behind it.

Can Lana save the day? Of course she can. And she'll make you laugh and want to cuddle her puppy while she does it. 

I can't wait for the next installment.
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Wir sind in auf Devil’s Beach Island in Florida. Lana Lewis, ehemalige Crime-Reporterin aus Miami, ist wieder auf die Insel ihrer Kindheit zurückgekehrt und hat den Coffeeshop ihrer Eltern übernommen; Perkatory, hier gibt’s den besten Kaffee mit den coolsten Baristas der Insel. In Lanas Leben läuft gerade alles ziemlich gut und nach Plan: sie ist verliebt in Noah Garcia, dem Polizeichef des Ortes, befreundet mit Erica, die mit ihr im Perkatory arbeitet, und sie hat ein freundschaftliches Verhältnis mit ihrem Vater, einem Ex-Hippieh. Es könnte alles entspannt und schön sein, wäre da nicht Nachbar Gus, ein etwas exzentrischer Typ, der regelmässig die halbe Nachbarschaft mit seinem Laubbläser terrorisiert….und der eines Tages tot aufgefunden wird. Besagter Laubbläser ist explodiert und Gus hat das Zeitliche gesegnet. Als ausgerechnet Erica unter Mordverdacht steht, erwacht in Lana das alte Reportergespür wieder, und sie macht sich gemeinsam mit ihrem Dad und Erica auf, den wahren Täter aufzuspüren. Ihr Freund Noah findet das erwartungsgemäss nicht wirklich gut, dass seine Freundin sich in polizeiliche Ermittlungen einmischt, muss aber zugeben, dass Lana oft den richtigen Riecher hat…..
Mit „Live and Let Grind“ hat Tara Lush nun schon den dritten Band mit Lana geschrieben, für mich war das jetzt der erste Fall, und man kann ihn auch völlig unabhängig von den Vorgängerbänden lesen. Hin und wieder wird mal Bezug auf die ersten Morde genommen (in Devil’s Beach ist schon ein Barista aus dem Perkatory ermordet worden, ebenso wie eine Yogalehrerin aus dem Studio nebenan – es lebt sich dort gefährlich 😉!), aber alle Infos hierzu bekommt man dann auch gleich geliefert; also kein Problem. Ich habe jetzt aber Lust bekommen, die ersten beiden Fälle auch noch zu lesen 😉.
Die Autorin ordnet ihre Krimis ein unter „cozy crime“. Wikipedia sagt hierzu: „Der Cosy-Krimi besitzt eine dichte Atmosphäre und Lokalkolorit. Die Spannung eines Cosy-Krimis besteht weniger aus aktionreichen Szenen, als vielmehr aus den auszulotenden Tiefen der handelnden Figuren.“ ; und ja, hier haben wir viel Lokalkolorit: genauso stelle ich mir eine Insel in Florida vor. Eine sonnige Kleinstadt; im Winter mit weniger Touristen, jeder kennt jeden; coole und hippe locations, Fun und Sport am Strand und – in diesem Band zumindest: im Roller Skate Rink. Ich hatte beim Lesen Urlaubsfeeling, und mir sind die Figuren ans Herz gewachsen. Lana und Erica: best friends, die gemeinsam durch dick und dünn gehen; Dad Lewis, der gerne Weed raucht, für die Rechte der wilden Affen protestiert und sich dafür auch gerne mal festnehmen lässt, Honey, die Rollerskating-Queen und junge (und nicht wirklich trauernde!) Witwe des Mordopfers – ich mochte sie alle!
A propos Action: die gab es hier auch, deshalb finde ich dieses „cozy crime“ nicht ganz so cozy wie angekündigt, aber ich muss sagen, gerade das hat mit gefallen. Es gab hier durchaus ein paar wilde Verfolgungsjagten, es war definitiv nicht alles cozy – aber ich fand die Mischung genau richtig. 
Ich fasse zusammen: ein gut geplotteter Fall, wie gesagt durchaus auch mit Spannung und Action, nur teilweise cozy, super sympathische Hauptdarsteller, und mit Witz erzählt. Ich war bestens unterhalten. 
….und ich rezensiere dieses englischsprachige Buch auf deutsch; zum einen, da es mir definitiv leichter fällt, und zum anderen hoffe ich, auch deutsche Leser zu inspirieren: lest das Buch! Es ist auch für Nicht-Muttersprachler gut zu lesen, sehr flüssig geschrieben, liest sich richtig gut weg. Und wer in Devil’s Beach dabei sein will, muss zwangsweise zum Original greifen; da die ersten beiden Bände (noch ?) nicht auf deutsch erschienen sind, wird es sicher sehr lange dauern, bis dieser hier übersetzt wird……ich könnte mir aber sehr gut vorstellen, dass auch viele Leser hierzulande begeistert sein werden!
Danke an Netgalley für die Bereitstellung des Vorab-Leseexemplares!
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I really enjoyed this third installment of the coffee house book from Devil's Beach.  I think the character of Tara is really becoming more developed and she is more likeable now.  The other people in the book are interesting and add a lot to the book.  The relationship between Tara and her boyfriend is amusing now. There are a lot of suspects for the murder of the Gus who can't seem to stop using his leaf blower which would drive me crazy. He also seems to be a bad businessman creating disharmony that way.  This will keep you guessing til the end.  So it was a great read and I look forward to the next one.
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When murder hits close to home, Lana finds herself sleuthing to find out who killed her annoying next door neighbor.  She knows it wasn’t Erica, but with her being the prime suspect, she has to do what she can to save her friend.  But will this be the one that ends up burning Lana’s beans?

A great series set in South Florida that will keep you guessing whodunit and changing your mind as new clues and red herrings are introduced.
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Coffee shop proprietor Lana Lewis is caught in her third murder in nine months on Florida's Devil's Beach Island near Tampa. This time it is her new and annoying next-door neighbor Gus who dies by exploding leaf blower. True to character, Lana puts on her reporter and sleuthing hat and pals with Erica, barista extraordinaire, to investigate the murder, much to the exasperation of Lana's lover, Noah Garcia, Devil's Beach police chief. Lana's hippy-dippy father, Peter, and her dog, Stanley, add to the fun story that shows the mysterious side of the Sunshine State where many people go to escape from their pasts and reinvent themselves.  A new touch are neighbors, Jeri and her wife, Perry, who host a local true crime podcast. This is the third book in the Coffee Lover's Mystery series.
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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle, Crooked Lane Books  and  by #NetGalley. Opinions expressed are completely my own. 

The third in an established cozy mystery series. It can stand alone, I throughly enjoy the previous titles too.
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ARC Kindle Copy from Review from Net Galley and Crooked Lane Books.

I received a free, advance copy of this book and this is my unbiased and voluntary review.

Lana finds herself trying to clear her friend and coworker name who is prime suspect in the death of a annoying neighbor.  She was seen arguing with the deceased before his demise.  The suspects could be anyone in the neighborhood who did not appreciate his leaf blowing at odd hours.

A delightful read with a good cup of java to savour.
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As a former Floridian, I love the ambiance of the Coffee Lover's mysteries.  I could feel the sand underfoot and the sun overhead and remember when temperatures in the sixties were "cold" when I read the latest "Live and Let Grind".  Lana butts heads with her hunky boyfriend when he goes behind her back and asks the local newspaper editor to not encourage her to report on the death of her neighbor.  Of course, Lana dives deep into the investigation since the primary suspect is her best barista, Erica, and her investigation ranges from her rival's coffee shop to a tourist pirate-themed harbor cruise.

Great fun to read and a great companion to other Florida-based cozies by Sherry Harris and Lucy Burdette.

Thanks to Crooked Lane Books for access to a digital ARC on NetGalley.
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Lana is a former crime writer in Miami and returned to her hometown after she divorced the scum as the owner/operator of the coffee shop. The romantic interest is the local police chief. She didn't find the body this time nor is she at the top of the suspect list, but her bestie is. The dead guy is the obnoxious neighbor, and both bestie and Lana's dad had a row with him before his leaf blower exploded. Lots of interesting characters, plot twists, red herrings, and laughs. Loved it!
I requested and received a free e-book from Crooked Lane Books via NetGalley. Thank you!
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I love this series!  I was originally drawn in by the series name - Coffee Lovers Mysteries- but stayed because the story/characters are relatable (well minus being involved in a murder) plus I would love to hang out at Perkatory and get that orange blossom cold brew that Erica and Lana came up with for the drink of the month.

Lana was a journalist in Miami before she got laid off and returned home to run her parents coffee shop, Perkatory.   It's who she is and her trying to get the story is causing problems with her police chief boyfriend, Noah.   This time though, her best friend Erica is a suspect and they both decide to do some sleuthing together to find the real killer.   

Grab some coffee and get to know Devil Hills.   You won't be disappointed.
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3.5 stars

Lana runs Pekatory, her family’s coffee shop ☕️ on the island of Devil’s Beach, Florida. Last year, she was laid off from her dream job as a journalist in Miami. Occasionally she does freelance articles for the Devil’s Beach *Beacon*.

She runs her shop with her best friend Erica, who’s also a coffee afociando.

She’s been dating Noah Garcia—the police chief of Devil’s Beach—for almost five months. After being divorced for two years now she is in no rush to get into anything serious.

Lana’s new neighbor Gus Bailey who moved a few months ago has a leaf blower that he uses to disturb his neighbors. According to Lana’s father, Gus has been married for three years to a younger woman he met online while he was still in Fort Lauderdale. 

Her dad is quite the quirky one: he’s into all kinds of new-age stuff such as Reiki, yoga, chakras you name it. He even has an Instagram account, where he posts pictures of Lana’s dog 🐶 Stanley, and sometimes checks out Gus’s wife Honey's account. 
According to him, Honey roller skates 🛼 as a full-time job and has a million followers and sponsorships. 

Irritated by the racket Erica storms off to Gus’s to warn him to put off his blower. An argument ensues between them whereupon Erica threatens to file a complaint with city hall against him.

Soon after Gus turns up dead in his own house. It appears his leaf blower was tampered with so it exploded and killed him. Who would want to have him killed and why?

Thank you to Tara Lush, NetGalley, and Crooked Lane Books for the arc of this book
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Thank you Netgalley and Crooked Lane Books for an advance copy of Live and Let Grind by Tara Rush.

This is the third book in the Coffee Lover’s Mystery series and my first time reading the series.  While I have not read other books in the series, I found this to be a fun quick cozy mystery and did not feel like I needed to read the previous books since the mystery was contained to this one.  Live and Let Grind had all the hallmarks of a great cozy mystery.  I enjoyed the book from start to finish but felt the wrap up was a little quick.  

Lana Lewis was the perfect amateur sleuth.  With her journalist background she knew how to ask the right questions to help solve the murder.  I enjoyed her character and liked seeing a fun side of her as well.  

The supporting characters were all had distinct personalities and I really enjoyed Lana’s dad.  He is a free loving hippie that just wants to enjoy life and help his daughter.  The other supporting characters were very enjoyable.  However, I did not like Lana’s relationship with Noah.  I felt like he was controlling in the book (I won’t go into spoilers on what he did).  Lana and Noah’s relationship felt stunted as well.  The way Lana acted you would have thought she was a young girl not a thirty-one year who had been married before.  With that said, Lana and Noah’s relationship was not the main point of the book, and it did not make me decide to read other books in the series.  In fact, I plan to go back and read books one and two.

Overall, Live and Let Grind (by the way I love the title and it’s play on the James Bond movie) is a good cozy mystery.  There were many suspects and I loved how Lana and her friends went to eliminate each one.  I figured out the murderer about halfway through the book, but I typically do that in cozy mysteries.
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I thoroughly enjoyed the last two books when I read it. And I find myself enjoying this installment more. It was a bit predictable at times but I still liked following the characters and watching the story unfold.
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