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Dollycas’s Thoughts

When you have a neighbor like Gus the neighbors come together and not in a good way. Gus lives next door to reporter-turned-barista Lana Lewis and Gus loves his leaf blower. He uses it to clear his yard and driveway morning, noon, and night and Lana’s friend and star barista Erica blows her stack at Gus in front of plenty of witnesses. Witnesses who wanted to do exactly what Erica did.

But when Gus’s leaf blower explodes killing him it is Erica in the hot seat until Lana takes a closer look for others who could have wanted the man dead. People like Mickey Dotson and Doug Beck who were burned when they bought a pirate-themed tourist cruise business from the newly deceased. Or Honey Bailey in the midst of divorcing Gus and was afraid he was writing her out of his will. Or the other neighbors who may have reached their boiling point with the man.

It’s going to take more than a specialty coffee or two to reveal the true killer but Lana is going to clear her friend of the crime even if it involves a bit of roller skating and playing tourist on a pirate cruise ship.

These characters continue to grow and impress me. Lana and Erica have become true best friends who have each other’s back no matter what. Erica is in hot water this time and Lana will defend her to the end and do anything she can to prove her innocence. Again, Lana’s easy, laid-back dad is a fave of mine as he tries to calm the situation and free up the girls for their investigation. I enjoy all the interaction between the characters. Some are full of humor and the dialogues are always true to life.

Setting this series on a Florida beach offers up the story to many different characters. Regulars that come into Lana’s coffee shop, Perkatory every day, some staying for hours, and tourists popping in for their morning coffee or specialty drink. This time Lana even connected with her competition, a coffee shop owner that may be connected to the murder she is investigating.

As a former reporter who would still like to report freelance, she has the skills to question suspects and persons of interest and get them to open up more than they do with Noah. She also has a special talent for making all the clues fit together to lead to a satisfying conclusion. Let’s face it the method of murder was unique and there were plenty of suspects. This story could have gone in several directions. The one the author choose shocked me because I just didn’t see it coming at all.

Live and Let Grind was a great read. I was totally caught up in the story and completely entertained. Ms. Lush plotted this mystery out meticulously with great scenes to divert my thinking over and over again.

I am very excited about the next book in the series! This author has me curious to see what these characters get into next.
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This was so good in so many ways! It's funny to the point of hilarious at some points, then it's just sweet in other places. The mystery was a super good one and while there was someone I hoped was guilty and someone I hoped wasn't, I'm not sure I was ever 100% sure until the showdown. Lana and Joey zooming off on a jet ski just cracked me up! These friends were unstoppable when it came to proving their buddy Erica's innocence. If a person ever needed to be proven innocent of something, they'd definitely want a friend like Lana!

I got the biggest kick out of Lana's hippie dad, but when he's not off on one of his crazy missions or agendas, he's an awesome dad and café worker. Lana's done a lot of growing and maturing since the first book and since she's such a workaholic, I was happy to see her finally come across something she enjoyed doing just for the fun of it as you'll see at the end. I loved how everything was explained at the end. I never feel like there's a loose thread in this series. It's all always really well-explained. Can't wait for the next book!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by Crooked Lane Books via NetGalley and my opinions are my own.
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Originality abounds in this Florida resort island with its bounty of original shops, Tiki Bar Cruises at twilight, and the best coffee shop.  Owner of this shop is Lana who has her friend and best barista, Erica, staying with her at her house while her houseboat undergoes repair.  Trouble arrives when next door neighbor starts his leaf blower early one weekend which annoys quick-tempered Erica.  A general shouting match evolves even to the point of other neighbors voicing their opinions.  Unfortunately when neighbor Gus is discovered dead due to an exploded leaf blower, Erica becomes the prime suspect.   Lana, a former investigative reporter, is certain (well almost) her friend is innocent and much to the chagrin of her almost boyfriend, the police chief, she finds Gus is not well liked with a growing suspect list from a separated wife and former business associates and other neighbors,  Along the way, Lana discovers a new passion:  rollerblading.  I laughed at the description of the natives and how they dress when the temperature drops to cooler temperature.   Stanley, Lana’s adorable Shih Tzu, Stanley, is on my list of favorite dogs in a story.  Thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for an ARC of this book; this is my honest review.
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A leaf blower obsession has made Gus Bailey enemies with almost the entire neighborhood, but when he turns up dead, Lana's best friend becomes a prime suspect. Lana wants to clear her friend of suspicion and since she used to be a crime reporter she knows how to dig into an investigation. The problem is that her boyfriend is the police chief and has warned her to leave it alone.

This story has a great blend of humor, mystery, romance and friendship. Thanks to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for an ARC. The opinions expressed are my own.
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Idk this entry moved a little slowly and lots of explaining maybe non existential things. Overall I'm not sure but this didn't work for me as much as the first book.
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I received a complimentary ARC copy of Live and Let Grind (Coffee Lover’s Mystery series #3) by Tara Lush from Net Galley and Crooked Lane Books in order to read and give an honest review.  

… a fun, fast-paced mystery, filled with an abundance of red herrings, quirky characters, and fun dialogue …  

In this third entry in the Coffee Lover’s Mystery series, we continue to see Lana adjust to life back in her hometown after leaving her ex-husband and high-profile journalism job in Miami. As the owner/manager of her family’s coffee shop Perkatory in Devil’s Beach, Florida, as well as a freelance reporter, Lana Lewis has been thrust into the role of amateur detective since returning home. When Lana’s ornery neighbor Gus insists on using his leaf blower excessively and at all hours, he gets into arguments with everyone in the neighborhood including Lana’s roommate and best friend Erica. When Gus is blown up by said blower after it has been rigged to explode those near and dear become suspects with Erica being a prime suspect. Her inner circle is small, other than Erica the three main loves of her life are her widowed hippy father, her boyfriend Police Chief Noah Garcia and her pup named Stanley. When Lana hopes to write a story to clear her friend’s name, Chief Garcia tries to block her from writing the story in an attempt to protect her. While her romantic relationship hits a bit of a rough patch, Lana will not back down and continues to work with Erica and find the real murderer. Gus was involved in some shady business practices and enemies seemed to be in abundance. When a second attempted murder points directly to Erica, Lana is under the gun to solve the case placing her and Erica in the cross hairs of the real murderer.

I enjoy the series as a whole and although not my favorite entry in the series to date Live and Let Grind is a fun, fast-paced mystery, filled with an abundance of red herrings, quirky characters, and fun dialogue. Live and Let Grind in my opinion is a fantastic and fun cozy mystery read which I definitely recommend.
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The third book in this series and somehow I managed to read the first book but missed the second.

Live and Let Grind is a fun read about Lana, the owner of a coffee shop called Perkatory in Florida. She is currently dating Noah, the local police chief but her previous job as a reporter and her inquisitive nature combine to cause some conflicts with him. When her next-door neighbour is murdered and her best friend is a suspect she cannot help herself from investigating and getting herself into serious trouble.

It is an easy read, full of quirky characters, some humorous dialogue, a lot of amazing ideas to do with coffee, and a cute dog. I gave the first book three stars but I am giving this one four.
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The only time I have been happy to hear a leaf blower? When my neighbor was clearing out my gutters before the rainy season. The rest of the time I confess I can see Erica's frustration with the neighbor, Gus. He has no boundaries but is the noise issue enough to drive a person to commit homicide? After his death the police see her as the prime suspect because of a loud confrontation with him but her friend Lana knows it's not possible. Time to start investigating despite the cautions said to her by her boyfriend, the police chief.
Lana just wants to run the family coffee shop, Perkatory along with her father and settle back into living on Devil's Beach Island, Florida, her home town. Erica has moved in with her while her boat/home is having work done on it. If Lana can't help catch the killer, Erica won't be living on her boat but in a jail cell. 
Not only is this a well written mystery with a quirky cast of characters but the setting sounds like the perfect place for my next vacation. It also has a good dose of humor. It has everything I look for in my cozies.
My thanks to the publisher Crooked Lane Books and to NetGalley for giving me an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Erika, the barista, is staying with Lana while she does some work on her boat. The next door neighbor is vigilant about running his leaf blower at all hours and Erika and the neighbors are really frustrated. When the neighbor is found dead, after his leaf blower explodes, Erika becomes the main suspect. Lana begins her sleuthing, without approval of her policy chief boyfriend. Another fun read in this series set on a Florida island. There is a lot of humor and joy in this book along with the mystery. These gal pals get themselves in funny situations but in the end all is well.
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I love it when a cozy mysteries' location becomes a character in the story. I want to move to Devil's Beach at least for the winter. The gang are bundling up for a Florida winter when another murder takes place in the quaint town. Can Noah and Lana's relationship handled an eccentric Dad, a short tempered roommate, busy coffee shop and an investigation? Find out when you read the third Coffee Lover's Mystery.
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Lana Lewis, owner of Perkatory, the best coffee shop in Devil's Beach Island, Florida lived near to the cafe and her best friend and top barista, Erica was staying with her while her boat home was renovated. The morning their peace was disturbed by the next door neighbour, starting a war of words between Erica and Gus, was the beginning of another episode of murder and mayhem for Lana and her police chief boyfriend, Noah Garcia.

Trying to discover who had murdered Gus, Lana knew she shouldn't sleuth - but her previous career as a reporter saw her quite unable to stop. When another person collapsed, this time inside Perkatory, Lana was shocked. And then Erica was high on the police suspect list. Lana knew they needed to find out what was going on, so much against Noah's wishes, Lana and Erica dug deep. All the while, Stanley, Lana's golden Shih Tzu, was keeping them company. But would they put themselves in danger while locating the killer?

Live and Let Grind is the 3rd in A Coffee Lover's Mystery by Tara Lush and it was fun, entertaining and fast paced. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lana and Noah's relationship is sweet but complex. Stanley is adorable! And I wish I had a Perkatory nearby - some of their concoctions sound delicious! Highly recommended.

With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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Loved this book and this series! 

Lana Lewis and her BFF Erica run Perkatory, a coffee shop on Devil’s Beach island first opened by Lana's late mother. They are also temporary roomies while repairs on Erica's boat (aka home) are being made. 

Recently Lana's grouchy neighbor has been torturing the neighborhood with his noisy leaf blower. Early Sunday morning Erica confronted him and it became very loud. A neighbor called the police and the Chief of Police (aka Lana's boyfriend) stopped the argument.  For that reason, Erica was a suspect when the neighbor was murdered. 

Lana, Erica and Lana's dad start investigating so Erica's name will be cleared. There's no shortage of suspects so they divide tasks and are making progress... until Erica's temper takes over. Now it's up to Lana to rescue Erica from a killer. 
Again, a great book. Can't wait for the next in the series!
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LIVE AND LET GRIND is the third book in the Coffee Lover’s Mystery series by Tara Lush. Fast-paced with quirky characters, I was engrossed in the story from the very first page. The protagonist, Lana Lewis, is the owner of the Perkatory coffee shop in Devil’s Beach Island, Florida. The author does a fantastic job with her descriptive voice in making the reader feel like they’re right there, experiencing the beach community vibe. But, even more importantly, her witty, often humorous repartee keeps the dialog lively and the characters interesting. While I enjoy Lana, it’s her hippy dad that steals each scene he inhabits. He brings a breath of fresh air to the cozy mystery genre, and I can’t wait to see more of him in future books.

The murder mystery itself is quite creative… murder by leaf blower! As a former journalist, Lana has experience in interviewing people and putting stories together. It’s not a stretch of the imagination that she’d be interested in finding out why it happened and who committed the crime. She’s methodical and knows how to research, and it all makes sense as she pieces the clues together. Thrown into the mix for maximum entertainment is senior citizen true crime podcasters, a disco roller-skating social media influencer, a pirate party ship, and much, much more. It makes me wish the next release was right around the corner! 

I was provided with an advance copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Copaganda/police involvement: "....juggling a relationship with police chief Noah Garcia"
Narrator: Lana Lewis
Main sleuth(s): Lana Lewis
What kind of animals are involved: Little brown dog, shih tzu, Stanley
Location: Devil's Beach Island, Florida
Sub-location: Perkatory, coffee shop
Recipes: No :/
Notes on the puns of the title: I don't get it :/
Series #: A Coffee Lover's Mystery 3
Magic?: No
Theme: Coffee

Two stars for: setting in Florida, mediocre plot, and I don't like the name of the coffee shop.
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I love this series, everything about it! The characters are fun, the setting is interesting, the storyline is entertaining and the books are just plain good! Highly recommend!
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Rounded to 4.5 stars.


This is such a fun and cute series, and it embodies everything I love about a cozy mystery. Quirky small town, adorable pet, memorable characters, a sweet romance that’s developing, and punny titles, this book has it all.

In this third book of the series, Lana is still struggling with the changes in her life. After a devastating divorce and the end of her journalism career, she’s returned to her slow-paced hometown of Devil’s Beach, Florida, where she now runs her family coffee shop, cleverly called Perkatory. She’s a through and through coffee lover, but hasn’t fully given up on her journalist tendencies, even when it causes her to butt heads with her police chief boyfriend, Noah. 

Speaking of Noah, there’s something going on in their relationship. He’s a total keeper—sweet, smart, handsome, and thoughtful, except that he seems to be somewhat reluctant to have Lana meet his family. And he’s definitely not too keen on having her snoop around crime scenes. Which appear to be popping up regularly. Especially now that Lana’s overzealously leaf-blowing neighbor has been murdered.

But when Lana’s best friend becomes the main suspect, she just can’t help herself, and starts to do some detective work of her own. Lana is actually pretty good at figuring things out, making this an intriguing story. I loved the way she conducts her own research, enlisting the help of certain quirky characters in her town. 

I especially enjoy the way that the author leans in to Florida’s weird reputation, even going as far as to have an alcohol shot called “The Florida Man.” There’s no shortage of strange characters in the story, and Lana and her crew just kind of shrug it off, like … it’s just Florida. Since the story takes place in winter, she also pokes some fun at the way the characters bundle up for the “cold weather.” I couldn’t help but giggle at the visual of people walking around in chunky sweaters and puffer coats and boots with shorts, because I’ve been to Florida in the winter and people actually do that, while as a New Yorker who has seen *actual* winter weather, I’m usually attired in shorts and a tank top, sweating my butt off. 

The story was funny and intriguing, and I loved the way there are so many red herrings. I couldn’t stop reading, and loved the ride. The plot twists surprised me and had me on the edge of my seat to find out who it was, and I was also wondering what was really going on with Lana and Noah. This was the first time I saw a queer couple represented in the story, which was nice to see, even if I couldn’t help but giggle when their names rhymed. I also love the choice to have Noah be Cuban-American, and the beautiful representation of his heritage, which was done thoughtfully and it felt naturally. He isn’t the only character of color, either, which was great to see. This is one of my favorite cozy mystery series, and while I definitely don’t want to see more people die, I certainly hope that this series sticks around for a long time, because I can’t wait for more books in this great series!
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Live and Let Grind by Tara Lush is a nice cozy mystery. This is the third book in the Coffee Lover's Mystery series. This series is set in Devil's Beach, Florida, and mostly takes place around a local coffee shop, Perkatory. Lana is the main character. Her neighbor Gus is found dead, and Lana's best friend Erica is the prime suspect.

The characters are well developed, and the setting is super cute and quaint. I liked getting to know these characters and did not feel I missed out on anything by not reading the other books in the series.

For a quick, fast-paced cozy mystery, you can't go wrong with Live and Let Grind. I would recommend this book. I give this a 4 out of 5 stars.

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My favorite cozy mystery series, Lana and her crew are back to solving a murder while navigating her relationship with the perfect police chief. There’s something about the setting of Devil’s Beach, Perkatory, and the characters that I find comforting and fun. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.
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Lush has done it again, not only is this book laugh out loud funny but the mystery plotting is spot on. The MC, Lana, is incredibly relatable and whip smart and it’s a joy to revisit Devil’s Beach and loveable supporting cast of characters. And can I just say Stanley the Shih Tzu is just the cutest dog ever. Whether you drink coffee or not you’ll want to visit Perkatory. This is the third book in the Coffee Lover´s Mystery series, to get caught up read Grounds for Murder, book one. 

I received this eARC thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books in exchange for an honest review. Publishing dates are subject to change.
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It was so nice to visit Devil’s Beach again. I always enjoy hearing what fancy new coffee that Perkatory is serving. The Orange Blossom in this one is creative and fun to read about. 
The mystery had me guessing almost the whole time! Even with some of the later clues, I still couldn’t be sure. And as it turns out the motive was more complicated than it seemed. 
The best part of this book was the character development. Several of the characters let their worst characteristics out to the point of annoying me. However, there were people around them to call them on it. Then there was a conversation that they had and they realized they were being ridiculous. Then they apologized and tried to do better. I really appreciated that their ridiculousness was not drawn out. 
Noah and Lana’s relationship is developing nicely as well. I think they might be my favorite cozy mystery couple. And in this one we get to see a little bit of Erica and Joey’s relationship as well. 
Good mystery, good romance, and good character development. 
Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books.
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