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Review of Succession by Bryant Wright.

Pastors are shepherds and caretakers of God’s church on earth until called to another ministry or to rest. When that moment of change comes it can be stressful for both pastor and congregation. It is good to be prepared for such a change so that the flow of ministry and life at the church is not disrupted. That is what this book is about – the journey of one man moving from one calling to another and his desire for a smooth transition of leadership. A wonderful, well-written, easy-to-understand testimony of someone who got it right.
Through this book, the experiences and knowledge of Bryant Wright are shared for others to follow and apply to make their transition easier.
But while reading this book I realized that this guide to successful succession could be applied to more than just the church. Bryant Wright has given us a formula that can be used in other areas of life as well, for example, business.
The sensitivity and determination of the author are evident on every page. I recommend this book to anyone who plans to retire and does not want to see years of work dismantled. It satisfies on a human, spiritual and professional level.
Well done!

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