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Peacocks and weddings and some not-so-cold crime…

The Meg Langslow series is one of a very few series that I have to read by myself, because I end up unexpectedly laughing out loud at least a couple of times in every book – and often more than a couple!  And in Round Up the Usual Peacocks, author Donna Andrews does, as usual, a wonderful job of weaving together Meg’s offbeat family and friends, their odd assortment of jobs and hobbies, and their even odder collection of animals – including the titular peacocks (who happen to be cranky because they are molting), multiple llamas (also cranky from time to time), several chickens, some Pomeranians…well, you get the idea.  And she also manages to work in a murder mystery – or actually, three murder mysteries - along the way.   

Meg’s role in all this drama is, as always, as the “sane one”, and in Round Up, she’s sane enough to want to avoid getting roped into the ever-expanding preparations for her brother’s fast approaching wedding.   Luckily, her nephew, Kevin, and his friend, Casey, give her an excuse when they confide their fears that the weekly podcast of unsolved cold cases they have been producing may have revived a case that’s not cold at all – and, in fact, may still be pretty hot.    Or at least that’s the suspicion when someone tries to run over Casey at 2 am one morning on an otherwise deserted street.   Complete with making a U-turn in the middle of the street for a second try when the first try wasn’t successful.   (Minor spoiler: the second try fails too…)  But the Caerphilly Chief of Police doesn’t seem to be taking the hit-and-run attempt very seriously, so Meg starts checking out the most likely of Kevin and Casey’s cases – thereby avoiding most (but not all) of her wedding related tasks.  

Sometimes by the time a series hits its thirty-first title, it can be hard to keep things feeling fresh and entertaining, but Andrews pulls it off, even while she gives a nod back to the very first book in the series, Murder with Peacocks, which also had more than a few peafowl and weddings for Meg to deal with.  (Note, however, that you don’t need to have read the previous books in the series to enjoy this one…)  All-in-all, Round Up the Usual Peacocks is just a lot of fun, and I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series.   And my thanks to the publisher, Minotaur Books, and to NetGalley for the review copy.
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This is book 31 in the Meg Langslow series and it isn't getting old at all.  The series has changed over the years with marriage, children and family but the writing is still crisp and the mysteries are still fun to read.  This one is moving into the technology age as someone is trying to kill Kevin's podcast partner about a cold case murder.  With the family all in town for the wedding it's chaos and mayhem.  I enjoy this series and this one could be read as a stand alone.
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Meg Langslow's brother is getting married, and has given their mother permission to do anything she wants regarding the wedding as a long as he just has to show up. Of course their mother wants to do everything imaginable to make this the perfect wedding. She enlists relatives, friends, and of course Meg.

As Meg is having her coffee and planning her day, her nephew Kevin approaches her with a problem. He and a friend have started a podcast regarding local crimes that have never been solved. He thinks that they have touched a nerve with one of their podcasts because someone tried to run over Kevin's friend with a car. Kevin has narrowed the problem down to three likely cases. Knowing Meg is good at solving crimes, Kevin asks her to help them.

Leaving her mother to enlist other volunteers, Meg sets out to identify which case has set someone off and why. She comes up with some very interesting information which makes a very good read
This was a fun book that included an over the top wedding and thinking out of the box to solve some mysteries.
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Donna Andrews has done it again! Meg is trying to (avoid) helping her mother plan Rob and Delaney's wedding, when her nephew comes to her to ask for help in figuring out who nearly ran down his friend, and if it was related to their new true crime podcast. 

We follow Meg as she tries to solve 3 mysteries at once. I had one case solved almost immediately during an encounter at Ragnar's house. The other two were much more difficult to figure out. Andrews sprinkles humor throughout and I was literally laughing out loud when the borrowed peacocks went on the rampage. Nothing about Meg's life is normal, and yet I feel like I can relate to her so much that she and I are the same person.
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I received this book free of charge from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. 

I am a sucker for a good cozy mystery and this one fit the bill. It had peacocks in it which is why I chose it to read. Little did I know that this was a series and I could read 30 other books in the series. At first it was a little confusing trying to keep all of the people straight. 

Meg's nephew and his friend, Casey, are doing a true crime sold case podcast. someone tried to run Casey over and Meg is trying to find out which of the cold cases her nephew profiled is stirring up some trouble. All while trying to avoid helping out for her brother's wedding. Throw in some crazy peacocks that are a tad destructive and you have the makings of a hilarious scene.

The story moved quickly and kept me interested the entire time. I will be reading the other stories in the series.
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I have read this series from the first book in the series and now it seems like I'm visiting old friends when I start reading one of Ms. Andrews' books.  

As usual, there is a lot going on in Meg's life, her brother's wedding has her extended family in town as everyone works to plan the perfect wedding.  However, when her nephew's podcast seems to make his friend a target, Kevin enlists her help to solve the mystery.

Trust me, if you've read others in the series and enjoyed them, you'll enjoy seeing the family again.  And if you haven't read one, give this one a try!
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"Round Up the Usual Peacocks" presents readers with another installment in the Donna Andrews novels featuring amateur sleuth Meg Langslow. Meg and friends investigate three cold cases following an attempt on the life of a podcaster. In addition to following up on these three crimes, Meg and family are in the throes of planning a family wedding. Four-legged creatures and a variety of birds play a hilarious role in the story and in the wedding ceremony.

While this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. The story contains no overt violence, swear words, or intimacy, but does feature quirky characters and some hilarious situations, as well as a lot of good Norwegian food descriptions and plot twists and turns. It is also notable that Meg works with law enforcement to solve the crime, instead of striking out on her own, as some amateur sleuths are prone to do. Readers of past novels in this series will enjoy reuniting with old friends and family.

I received this novel from the publisher and from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.
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Kevin, Meg's cyber-savvy nephew has a problem he needs Meg to fix. He's producing a true-crime podcast that focuses on Virginia cold cases and unsolved crimes. Someone's not happy and makes a murder attempt on his partner Casey. Meg agrees to look into the cold cases and protect the friends. Meanwhile, she's helping her mom plan a huge wedding that involves fiesty peacocks. Will everyone survive? And will Meg be able to solve any of the cold cases? 
I enjoyed reading about Meg's locksmith talents. And the farm animals stole the show. Also, I would love to visit Ragnar's property and see all the amazing craftsmanship. 
The author doesn't provide enough clues for readers to solve the crime on their own, though, which is fine. Also, the peacocks were a distraction. And the wedding is just over the top. 
Although this book is 31 in the series, it can stand alone.
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Meg’s nephew, Kevin lives in her basement.  He is cyber savvy yet comes to Meg with a problem hoping she will help him.  He is involved as the techie for a true crime podcast that talks about unsolved cases and cold cases.  He thinks someone on the podcast has hit on a nerve with one of the podcast team.  That podcast team had a brush with death.  Kevin doesn’t think it was an accident but attempted murder.  He ask Meg to help him as he is not good with asking people questions.  At the same time Meg has been roped into doing the wedding for her brother at her house. She wants to wait until the wedding is over but Kevin says no as he is afraid it could be too late.   So Meg will do the impossible .  Will she be able to solve Kevin’s problem?

The author writes fun mysteries.  I remember reading her very first novel finding it to be entertaining  and she has continued to is my thought after reading this one.  In this mystery, the characters are wacky and witty.  I enjoyed watching Meg deal with her brother’s soon to be his  mother-in-law wanting non-molting peacocks  and dealing with “demanding” out of town guests.  It’s a good mystery.
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Round Up The Usual Peacocks by Donna Andrews

Meg Langslow is gearing up for a wedding, that will be in her backyard.  At the same time, she is going to do some sleuthing.

Good book.  I enjoyed all the animals.  Quite adventuresome.  She’s kept her story going..  Not a minute to spare.  I liked all her characters.  I recommend this book.
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Meg's nephew Kevin has a problem and he hopes she will be able to help him solve it.  He and a friend run a true crime podcast that deals with cases that happened in the area.  One of their members was almost killed making Kevin believe that one of their podcast might have been the cause.  Meg agrees to talk to a few people and to see what she can come up with.  So while she is dealing with an upcoming wedding she has to find time to help Kevin with his problem.  Meg begins with the surviving suspects from the cases the podcast has done.  Is their someone among them trying to keep people quite.  Follow along and see if Meg can figure things out before something happens to her nephew.
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Another great Meg Langslow mystery. I really enjoyed how the story included sleuthing with wedding planning and peacocks. I’ve read several of the early books so I definitely need to catch up. Thanks to NetGalley for the privilege to read and review this book.
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More fun happens when mother requires peacocks for her sons wedding (little does she know they got married earlier...). Meg and Michael are finding other important things to do to stay out of mother's way.  Then Meg's nephew has an encounter with an almost hit and run.   Is it because of his podcast?  Meg looks into it,  and gets into danger herself
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This 31st in the ever popular series combines wedding preparations (and cranky peacocks) with several cold case investigations for Meg. 

Meg's beloved brother Rob and his fiancee Delaney had hoped for a simple wedding but their indomitable mothers have bigger plans - including more peacocks!

Complicating matters, Meg's nephew Kevin asks for her help. He and his friend Casey have started a true-crime podcast, focused on cold cases and someone just tried to kill Casey.

This episode ends on a most unusual, but beautiful wedding.
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Round Up the Usual Peacocks is the 31st Meg Langslow cozy mystery. And I've read them all!   Kevin delves into some cold cases it does and sparks the wrong person's interest period of course he needs Meg's help. This call this coincides Meg's brothers wedding and everyone is pulled into multiple directions.  With Meg on the case, can the mystery be wrapped up in time to enjoy the wedding? Hilarity combined with tongue and shake hammer. The case wraps up well and the mystery is solved but there was actually very little focus on the wedding. Still, a fun read from one of my favorite cozy mystery series.
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Great fun along with sleuthing cold cases keeps this interesting. Author manages to include a lot of characters without it getting confusing. And somehow she manages to make peacocks, wedding plans and creepy criminals work. . Thanks to #NetGalley and #RoundUpTheUsualPeacocks for an advanced digital copy.
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Cozy mystery or a how-to-book for multi-tasking while avoiding wedding prep chores, you decide. Meg Langslow is a witty and completely personable cozy main character who has a knack for solving mysteries. You find yourself chuckling and nodding your head while you read about her most unusual and delightful family, which seems to make up a good part of the town (it helps to have connections). The story takes two old and one case and sends us on a merry chase full of college collusion, mistaken identity, a mysterious disappearance, and the hunt for perfectly plumed peacocks. Be sure to grab your notebook if you are taking notes about the characters, their motives or alibis be sure to grab your  notebook or in Meg’s case, her “tells me when to breath” notebook. I might just start keeping one myself; she sure does seem to get a lot accomplished by using her notebook. I did notice that this seemed to be one of the only books where she wasn’t working in her shop (her blacksmith shop). To top it all off there is a slew of Norwegian goodies with completely unpronounceable names for everyone to enjoy when they visit Ragnar the retired rock star at his goth-like mansion Ragnarsholm. I for one am looking up recipes for Krumkaker and Trollkrem, as well as the proper pronunciation. I enjoyed this one so much I went back and read A Murder of Peacocks, the series starter, which also involved Meg in wedding plans and hunting down peacocks as well as a murderer.
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I usually just read the holiday themed books in this series but this one sounded so interesting. Romance, mystery, and mayhem. Such a good book.
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Still one of my favourite series of all time! The latest instalment was just as fun to read, but it was nice to have a little bit of the madcap toned down. Good to have the large cast of characters rotate in and out, but I loved getting a bit more Seth Early. And the bit with Lad, Tinkerbell, and the Pomeranians was super. The mystery, which then led to mysteries, were all great. Can’t wait for the next one!
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I love the inclusion of a true-crime podcast in a cozy mystery. After someone possibly tries to murder Meg's nephew's friend/podcast co-host, Meg has to unravel several cold cases while helping plan a wedding. Talk about a full plate!
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