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prior to reading this book, i hadn’t realised it was actually a sequel. i found the first half to be very confusing as i’d missed a whole book. (i’ve changed my rating to reflect this, taking my initial confusion out of the equation). the second half was much better, once i got into the swing of things. although i found the writing very stiff and difficult to read, i did adjust to the authors way of writing towards the end.

i wasn’t a fan of how anne bonny was portrayed. as our protagonist, i was expecting someone a little more likeable. to put simply: she was unlikeable and not very badass (i mean, she kicked ass at the very end. but what about the rest of the book?)

the main reason i ended up loving this book was because of fletcher. he was loveable in that gruff-manly man kind of way. and i love the little twist we get about half way through.

the main thing i loved about slipping the noose was the inclusion of queer relationships. homosexuality was more accepted in the times of piracy and i’m glad the author chose to include it in this book. and the same with a gender queer character. (i’m unsure about gender identity during the time of pirates, but I’m assuming it’ll be along similar lines to sexuality – especially as there are known female pirates who dressed as men).

this book reminded me how much i loved black sails, and i’ve since gone back and rewatched all four seasons.

since finishing this book, i’ve been informed that there’s a first book which i plan to read sometime soon. (please don’t copy me. read devil’s ballast first).
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As I began to read this novel, I felt that I have jumped into the middle of a story. This prompted me to check Goodreads which notes (at the bottom of the book description; I had to click on 'more' to see) that this book is a sequel to Devil's Ballast which, errr, I have yet to read, oops! This kind of ruins the read a little for me... I stopped reading to read Devil's Ballast first which didn't turn out to be what I quite expected before jumping back into Slipping the Noose.

The good thing is that after I read Devil's Ballast, I have readjusted my expectations and actually enjoyed Slipping the Noose. I have become acquainted with some of the characters, especially Anne, and understood her feelings a lot more which I then can sympathise with. It's a suspenseful read with 2 perspectives (Bonny's & Read's) which really got me on the edge of my seat waiting for when or where these will culminate. The final pages were utterly wonderful and I got to wondering if we will see these characters again.

While the plot in this novel will stand on its own, I do highly recommend that you read Devil's Ballast first as it will make clear of who some characters are and how they relate to each other. Do not expect a swashbuckling adventures as these novels aren't quite those but they are action-packed with its own twist. Highly readable and thoroughly enjoyable!

My thanks to Text Publishing for ecopy of book via NetGalley in exchange of my honest thoughts
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Loving this one.  Even though it is a young adults book I believe anyone can read and enjoy it. Full of pirates, ships, Turmoil and the darkness of London, it is enthralling and full of excitement. 

I love Anne Bonny, her strength and determination.  Tis book just kept me reading and there never seemed to be a dull moment and it is the perfect length for a book (not too short, not too long).

A wonderful book, a wonderful story and wonderful characters.  I highly recommend this book.
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Slipping the Noose is the third novel by Meg Caddy, set to release on May 3 of this year. I was fortunate enough to receive an early copy of their book and I absolutely loved it. At this point, it’s no surprise that I am obsessed with all things pirate, especially the Golden Age of Piracy. This novel follows Anne Bonny, infamous pirate and lover of Calico Jack, after their crew is captured and tried by the British government. Bonny finds herself in London with her newborn daughter trying to hold onto the remnants of her life at sea.

Slipping the Noose is filled with high stakes confrontations and heavy, emotional scenes that leave you on your toes. Caddy really brings to life the tense atmosphere of 18th century London, a London that still is recovering from the Great Fire and the aftermath of the Glorious Revolution. Caddy’s incredible cast of characters fleshes out many different kinds of people who were just trying to go about their lives and how interconnected the city was.

This story also includes fantastic LGBTQ+ characters that we route for but doesn’t shy away from the authentic struggles of queer people of the time. Caddy shows us that, while the world seemed always against them, there were safe spaces that queer people could be themselves and call home.

I would highly recommend you grab this book once it hits shelves for a thrilling read.
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A story about Anne Bonny 

I love pirate stories, especially when they are based on real life pirates. This was no different. It's a very well done story. 

Anne is shipped off the England after being captured. Her baby girl is taken from her when they arrive on the ports of England. And she wants to find her baby. 

Throughout the book there are flash backs to her time when the crew was captured. To her last time talking to her man Calico Jack Rackham. And memories of Read. Knowing these names just made it for a even better and more fun read. But by no means do you have to know about these people before hand. It just makes it more fun. 

It was just cool to see this side of what could have happened to Anne. And to see a story written about her.
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