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❤️ frenemies to lovers
❤️ fake relationship
❤️ hot ex athlete hero
❤️ there’s only one tent!
Lydia’s story of finding her way in the world at 40 (and accidentally finding love along the way!)  is warm, funny, and uplifting. This book is a gem and I love Katherine Dyson’s voice.
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Lily Bennett's bucket list by Katherine Dyson. 
What would Lily Bennett do? This is the question Lydia Grey finds herself asking when she discovers Lily’s bucket list at the bottom of her shopping trolley. Having just run into her ex – and his supermodel gorgeous new girlfriend – while doing the walk of shame, Lydia’s discovery takes her down an unexpected path…and into the company of Jake Jones.. Jake mistakes Lydia for Lily when he offers to help her complete the list, but tempted to be someone – anyone – other than plain old Lydia Grey for once in her life, Lydia doesn’t correct him.
A really lovely read. Great story and characters.  4*.
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Different to read a debut book as you don't know what it will be like. The cover was interesting which was a good start for me. Well written with relatable characters.
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This was a funny, and uplifting book. So refreshing and such a sweet read. It was such a pleasure to read and although I guessed what Willie happen in the end it was still a lovely read. My thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.
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This was nice. Lydia leads a boring, safe life. She's worked in the bank for years, married young and had her daughter while still in her teens. And now her husband has left her. Determined to win him back, when Lydia finds a sheet of purple paper with Lily Bennett's bucket list on it, she decides to tick off the activities and show Adam she's a new adventurous model. Like his new girlfriend. On a dating app, Lydia finds Jake, not for romance but to complete the list with her. And so begins a lovely, supportive friendship. What could go wrong? Likeable characters, humour (especially the Polish family), fun and adventure. A predictable outcome but moments of self realisation make for some more serious themes. A pleasure to read. #netgalley #LilyBennettsBucketList
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I hadn't read anything by this Author before, but I was invited to read this book by the Publisher.
This is an enjoyable and easy read. I liked reading about the adventures that Lydia and Jake had. It is a fun and entertaining read.
I would definitely read more books by this author. Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for my ARC.
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A must-read for lovers of second chances and readers who cheer when female characters come into their own.
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Lily Bennett's Bucket List by Katherine Dyson is quite an enjoyable book to read. Characters that you liked. A storyline that was interesting and uncomplicated with the odd good twist thrown in. This was a new to me author and I enjoyed her writing very much!
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Quite an enjoyable book to read.  Characters that you liked.  A storyline that was interesting and uncomplicated with the odd good twist thrown in.
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I enjoyed this one so much. It was funny and also a little bit heartbreaking. But overall a very uplifting story about challenging yourself and second chances.

I got this arc in exchange for an honest review
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Cute story about rediscovering yourself after a divorce. The premise was fun but the whole tension that causes the issue between Lydia and Jake was farfetched - he got to know her, what does it matter what her name was? And it was silly that it took her that long to tell him. His deception was much larger and should have caused the rift, not hers. Other than that, I found the story to be interesting and I loved the relationship between Lydia and her mother as well as the relationship between her and her daughter.
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Lydia's life is in a bit of a slump. She's still in love with her ex-husband and living with her parents again. Until one day she runs into her ex and his new girlfriend at the grocery store. Lydia knows that her life must change. In her shopping cart, she spots Lily Bennett's Bucket List written on a piece of paper. Lydia decides that she is going to conquer the things on that bucket list. Along the way she makes new friends and finds herself. This was a fun read!
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‘Looking for an adventure? I need a partner in crime to help me tick some things off my bucket list. NOT SEXUAL OR WEIRD, before you even ask. Simply seeking a friend on my journey. Could that be you?’

My thanks to HarperCollins One More Chapter for an eARC via NetGalley of ‘Lily Bennett’s Bucket List’  by Katherine Dyson.

I so enjoyed this uplifting romantic comedy. Before starting I had expected its protagonist would be named Lily Bennett, yet no. 

Its lead is Lydia Grey, who at 39 has returned to live with her parents following the breakdown of her twenty-year marriage to Adam. Lydia definitely feels washed up and is just going through the motions. In addition her daughter, Ollie, has just embarked on a six-month overseas trip and Lydia is missing her. 

While out grocery shopping Lydia runs into Adam,  who is accompanied by Aurora, his gorgeous new girlfriend. Lydia is devastated as she has been holding out hope that he would regret his decision and patch things up. When he brags how Aurora takes part in ultramarathons, Lydia takes this to mean that he had found Lydia boring. Then before Lydia leaves the store she notices a handwritten note at the bottom of her shopping basket. It reads: Lily Bennett’s Bucket List and then lists nine activities.

Lydia decides that in order to win Adam back she needs to demonstrate that she too can be adventurous and rather than write her own bucket list decides to adopt Lily’s. Ollie, who has been encouraging her to date, sneaks onto Lydia’s dating app account and posts a request for an adventure buddy. 

Enter Jake Jones, a table tennis pro who has recently retired after breaking his wrist. At their initial meeting Jake assumes that given the name on the list that she is Lily Bennett. Lydia figures it will be ok “because Jake was only going to be her adventure friend. Did it really matter so much if he never knew her real name?” 

Lydia clearly doesn’t recognise how when you are the lead in a romantic comedy, these sort of decisions always lead to misunderstandings and have a snowball effect. Of course, there are the items on the list like riding a horse, camping, going on a rollercoaster, surfing, and more. All of these prove challenging for Lydia. 

Overall, I found ‘Lily Bennett’s Bucket List’ a great deal of fun with an engaging cast in Lydia, Jake, and her extended family. I felt that this was a promising debut and look forward to Katherine Dyson’s future projects.
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Thank you to NetGally and Harper Collins for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

I thought the idea of the book sounded interesting and that is why I requested it. The problem with this story for me was,  the breaks in between and just reading about her family, it took away from the storyline for me.
That she was still hung up on her ex made me mad and the lying. It went on for too long. I can’t really get over that, that she strung Jake along for months with her fake identity.

In the end it’s a happy ending.
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Lydia Grey is 39 when she's dumped by her husband of twenty years for an Italian supermodel and ultramarathoner. He tells Lydia that she's boring and that their marriage has become stale. How can she compete?

Enter a bucket list written by an unknown Lily Bennett, found in a grocery cart by Lydia. A new man, Jake Jones, willing to adventure with her -- just as friends because she wants her husband back. Nine items, like climb a mountain and jump off a high dive, give Lydia pause. But with Jake's encouragement (did I mention that he is gorgeous?), she marks off one adventure at a time, growing into acceptance of her authentic self as she takes on the world. 

This is such a lovely tale, with characters I adored, especially Lydia's quirky Polish family and their eccentric circle of friends. I read all night, so caught up in the growing relationship between Lydia and Jake, never wanting to leave their charming world. A must-read for lovers of second chances and readers who cheer when female characters come into their own. 

Thanks to author Katherine Dyson, HarperCollins UK, One More Chapter, and NetGalley for the review copy. Opinions are mine.

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I had a couple of ups and downs while reading this book. Things I really liked: the whole bucket list, adventure type thing. The relationship between mother/daughter (Lydia/Ollie and eventually Ava’s). The friendship between Tosh and Lydia, the writing style, the kind of fake relationship between Lydia and Jake. Now, let talk about the downs: does the MC needs to be so clumsy?? There’s always some sort of accident happening with her. The whole book is based on a lie and the later conflict could easily been avoided. Of course I understand the reason, otherwise we wouldn’t have a book, but I feel like things could have been different. The way Lydia’s mother talks about her sometimes, the judgement about her weight and hair, like is it really necessary?? I’m not even going to mention the asshole of her ex-husband. Anyway, the journey about self discovery and self love is one I admire, I only wish things were written a bit different. Overall, I enjoyed the book.
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Overall, this is a feel-good read about Lily's bucket list that is discovered by Lydia, who is determined to fulfill it ... even if it's not her list. Lydia shows a lot of growth throughout the story. In general, characters are well-drawn and likeable, and the storyline enjoyable. Jake and Lydia work well together, and the bucket list is fun (and may leave the reader wanting to make their own list). This story is a fun, lighthearted read.
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I liked this book. I thought it flowed well and was well written with great characters. I liked the main character Lydia and enjoyed reading about her complete the bucket list. I think everyone needs a friend like Jake to be your cheerleader and honestly this book made me feel like I could accomplish things if I just put my mind to it.. I would definitely recommend this book if you are looking for some easy escapism. Thank you #netgalley
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Journey to England
Book: Lily Bennett's Bucket List
By: Katherine Dyson
Harper Collins UK, One More Chapter, One More Chapter
Pub Date: 9/9/2022
General Fiction Adult

Lydia Grey's chance discovery of Lily Bennett's bucket list while on a shopping trip led her on an unexpected path of adventure and self-discovery. When Lydia decided to complete the nine items on the unknown woman's list, she developed self-confidence but at the price of being deceitful. She met an energetic and optimistic man named Jake who helped her navigate the challenges, but he had secrets of his own. 

This insightful story takes Lydia and Jake to the great outdoors of England on a venturesome quest to complete the list. I loved the excitement of the escapades amid some beautiful settings. Dyson deftly portrayed Lydia, who had faced losses, as a woman with flaws who made mistakes. With themes of new beginnings and personal growth, along with some surprises, Dyson's writing kept me entertained and interested.
Upon finishing the book, readers may want to develop or edit their own bucket lists. I know I did! We're reminded to do what makes us happy, while being honest and true to ourselves, even when we're hurt and healing. 

Thank you Net Galley and Harper Collins UK, One More Chapter for the advance reader's copy and opportunity to provide my unbiased review.
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This is the first book that ive read by this author and it wont be my last. This was a nice easy read, really enjoyed the story
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