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The Chaos Machine is the book you're looking for, if you want a comprehensive history of social media and its nasty effects on society. 

Why it matters; Social Media is everywhere and we all use it, therefore it is important to understand its effects and how we got here. 

The bottom line: According to the book Social Media and Big Tech need to reigned in to curb the power that they have over our lives.
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Very timely and accessible description of the current state of social media and their evil influence on all of us, as well as a guide through its short but complicated history. 
The author, an investigative reporter from the New York Times, clearly knows his craft, so he gives us a fast paced journalistic account, with many colorful characters and surprising plot twists.

If you’re following this topic closely you will be familiar with most of the phenomena and events described here, but nonetheless you will find an engaging and interesting story. And if you’ve just recently begun to wonder what is going on and want to be up-to-date as soon as possible, this book will be a perfect choice. 

Thanks to the publisher, Little, Brown and Company, and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book.
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I have to say that this book really shocked me. Being someone who likes to think of myself as being well informed, I'm completely surprised at how social media companies have manipulated me. And, for that matter, the world! Never again will I be able to look at Facebook and similar companies as just a way for me to stay in touch with friends. From the manipulation of what you see in order to boost their bottom line to the subversive ploys built into the "Like" button. Good Lord! I have always been a free enterprise, free speech supporter, but this really has to stop. We cannot continue to let these companies manipulate and destroy our world. Unbelievable!
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As a social media professional, I didn't get a lot of new information from this book. But I did get some. It suffers a bit from the short lifespan of Facebook functionalities, but anything written about specific Facebook features will meet the same fate. This offers some great big-picture strategic thinking, which makes it recommended reading for any current or aspiring business owner who wants to board the ride that is the social web.
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There seems to be a theme to my reading right now whether it’s fiction or nonfiction. The destructive effects of social media on people’s minds and society as a whole is foremost in both categories and is the focus of The Chaos Machine, a nonfiction work centered around  interviews conducted with various insiders and outsiders of the Silicon Valley social media scene. If you weren’t sure social media is destructive and who is responsible, you will be after reading this series of cautionary tales. Very informative and captivating.
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