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Quiet-Time Prayers for a Girl's Heart

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Quiet-Time Prayers for a Girl's Heart by Hilary Bernstein is a very well written book for kids and teens. The book states it is for girls, but honestly, the advice given within can be read and used daily by any reader.

Hilary takes specific verses from the Bible and creates a small mini-prayer. Combining a bible verse with a mini-prayer relates the reader's current life to God, and brings the Bible into easy to understand light.

The fun font that was used to create the headings, in addition to the quirky, hand-drawn floral sketches give this book a child-like and teen feel. The writing style, fun font, and easy to understand information truly brings the young reader closer to God, and does so in a way that is inviting and appealing to the eye.

Some children, and even adults have toruble opening their mind to the grammatical height of the bible, but Hilary Bernstein solves this dilemma.

Inscriptions Books recommends Quiet-Time Prayers for a Girl's Heart as an important resource for bringing more youth closer to living God's way.

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I received an ARC of, Quiet-Time Prayers for a Girl's Heart, by Hilary Bernstein. I think this would be a good book of prayers for girls, with bible passages and prayers, a great read for a girls quiet time.

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Thank you Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this ARC.

"Quiet-Time Prayers for a Girl's Heart" is a great book and reminds me a lot of the girl's devotionals by Janice Thompson that I have read. It follows the same format of a bible verse and a prayer. I really like that a lot of the prayers end in "Thank You". A lot of times we are so ready to go to God when we have problems but rarely take the time to thank Him for what He has done for us. I think this is a great example for girl's to show them it is important to show their thankfulness of the Grace God has given us. This book is perfect for young ladies who are new believers or those who have been followers of Jesus all their lives. In the back of the book it has a scripture index that is really helpful but something that it doesn't have that is included in a lot of devotionals for young girls is a table of contents that is divided into different categories to make it easier for readers to find prayers that help them with what they are going through during a specific time. Other than that it is a fantastic book.

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This is a cool book for young girls. It'll help them create the habit of praying and talking to God. The prayers are profound yet succinct and easy for young girls to understand. I'd definitely recommend this book to young girls. Perhaps it could have more colour and illustrations to attract a child

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Thank you, Barbour Publishing, for the advance reading copy.

The book is exactly what it promises. The content is an amazing collection of comforting and heartfelt collection of prayers fit for the age group of 8 years and above.

I find the cover really pretty and giving off a comforting feel to it.

For a particular part, the reader can go to the index given at the end of the book.

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