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“A Colorful Scheme ” the 4th instalment in the Pen & Ink Mystery series by Krista Davis.  Florrie Fox, the manager of Color Me Read Bookstore, is attending her boss’s wedding to a well-known romance novelist. But when a guest turns up dead, all bets are off on the happily ever after!

I really enjoyed this book and think it’s my favourite in the series.  Ireally like Florrie, she is relatable, interesting and I love the relationship she has with her boss professor Maxwell , and Mr. DuBois!  We also meet a few new and interesting ladies which I look forward to seeing more of especially Jezebel. 

The mystery itself was interesting, full of twists, red herrings which completely drew me into the story and I didn’t want to put the book down. 

I highly recommend this book to all my cozy mystery loving friends.

I requested and received an Advanced Readers Copy from Kensington Books and NetGalley.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. Plus I have since purchased my own copy.
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Another engaging installment of the Pen & Ink Mystery Series. The established characters find themselves celebrating a surprise wedding as the book opens, and the reader feels the warm welcome and the happiness in the air. Of course, the book being what it is, that aura can’t last, but kudos to Krista Davis for bringing us right back to the D.C. mansion and into the world of old friends. A new character will join the cast by the end of the book, and she is a lovely addition.

The pacing of this one is good. There is enough time along the way for further development of personalities and relationships, for some baking and enjoyment of the results, and of course for some sketching, coloring, and general book reveling.  

Not so successful are a couple of the side stories (supposedly red-herrings, but not all that convincing) and the reveal. I was legitimately rolling my eyes as the details of the mystery were explained. From her other books, I know Krista Davis can be more smooth than that.

Looking forward to book 5. 

Thank you to Krista Davis, Kensington Books, and NetGalley for an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review.
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⭐⭐⭐⭐ -- Very cool cover. Love the little piggy! 😂

This is the second book I have read in this series and again it was a solid read. Well written and well paced. The plot was engaging and offered plenty of twists and red herrings. The characters remain likable and plentiful, and the bonus recipes sound yummy! What more can one ask for in a cozy mystery?! 👍🏻👍🏻

**ARC Via NetGalley**
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This is not my favourite Krista Davis series but a fairly enjoyable read nonetheless.  I wish there were more scenes in the bookstore so we will see what comes of the next book, which I will probably read.
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What’s more fun than a coloring book artist turned amateur sleuth?!

In this installment in the Pen & Ink Mysteries, our sleuth Florrie gets a taste of the literary works, and it’s far from sweet. Delightfully bookish with a spine-tingling murder, this might be my favorite book in the series yet!
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Thoroughly enjoyed this latest installment in the Pen & Ink mysteries. Krista Davis has a way of describing her characters so three-dimensionally, they seem like they could be people you know. This was a good mystery and so much fun to read!
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This series continues to make Washington, DC feel like a small town with all the connected characters and run ins they have, and it's really charmingly done. Florrie and her friends and coworkers are good, realistic characters, and this mystery had enough meat to it to really carry a great story.
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A Colorful Scheme is the latest release in the Pen & Ink series by Krista Davis.  Florrie has once again stumbled across another body, but unfortunately it doesn’t end there.  The killer is just getting started.  The killer has a plan and in order to execute said plan they must eliminate anyone or anything that gets in their way.  Will Florrie be able to piece together all the clues and figure out who the killer is before she ends up penned for the crimes or worse?  I encourage you to read A Colorful Scheme to find out.
I really enjoyed reading Florrie’s latest story and can’t wait to read more.  I loved being able to visit with Florrie, Eric, and the rest of the gang in the Pen & Ink series and also being introduced to some new ones too.
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This is a well done cozy mystery with compelling characters and lots of suspects!  I love the DC bookstore location, where they offer coloring book groups and the owner travels the world looking for unusual artifacts. 
This is one of my favorite cozy series, the plots are interesting and they’re well written. 4 stars. 

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed as in this review are completely my own.
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A small community is tested when their children go missing while exploring a dangerous local peak forcing them to band together till they are finally found by rescuer’s. The people involved need to put the retrials aside amid the a massive search and rescue operation. In the aftermath of this fateful event devastating secrets are revealed new love appears on the horizon and the families are forced to reconsider what they once held dear. Danielle Steel is still an amazing writer her stories reach into your heart. I would recommend this story to everyone.
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This is a fun, quick read. It's a delightful story, and a perfect cozy mystery.

This is the 4th book in the series, but honestly, you can read this book without the others. It's definitely a great story, and you don't need any prior info to get into it.

Florrie is an absolutely lovable character, and is the perfect coloring book sleuth you didn't know you needed. Krista Davis has crafted a Miss Marple level heroine. Delightful!
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This series is new to me, but I do love this author.  Florrie Fox is an artist.  She creates coloring books when she is not a bookstore.  Her boss is a wealthy author and he is remarrying his true love, a romance author.  The wedding is a surprise to the guests.  Many attending are old friends and authors themselves.  The next morning, one of the guests is found dead in a pool.  He is or was an assistant to Arthur Bedlinham, another author.  Who would want to kill the man?  He seemed meek and mild and an aspiring author but with no published books to his name.  Florrie is dragged into the investigation in an effort to help her employer, John Maxwell and his new wife Jacquie.  

There are some twists and turns in the plot.  Many characters seem to be hiding something, but is it that they are a murderer?  Who knows.

This was a fun cozy and kept me entertained.  The writing style is easy to read and I liked the characters.
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A Colorful Scheme is part of the Pen & Ink series.  I have read other books in this series, however, it is easy to dive right into this book and get comfortable with the characters and the setting.  Florrie is attending the wedding of her boss, which is held on the grounds of his home in Georgetown, a suburb of Washington, D.C.  Prior to the wedding, the bride disappears and is found, a wedding is celebrated and then a murder victim is found.  Many connections and secrets are uncovered during the course of the book.  The final reveal was a surprise, however, I needed to suspend some disbelief as to how the murderer thought they would “get away with it”.

I enjoy reading this series and wish that that there were digital coloring pages included with the e-book!  Overall, a satisfying read, one I recommend to fellow cozy mystery readers.  Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for providing this ARC in exchange for my honest review
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In this fourth book of the series Florrie is attending a wedding for her boss who is marrying a romance author.  She soon realizes that the guest list is filled with a variety of not so savory people and some who will do anything to get to the top.  When Arthur Bedlingham's assistant is murdered during the party Florrie has a long list of suspects that she can investigate.  She soon learns that secrets abound with this group and finding the truth might not be as easy as she had hoped.  Follow along and see if Florrie can figure out who the killer is before anything else bad happens.
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Overall, I thought this was a really interesting read! I really liked the idea of being able to color in the front and the back of the book, which was really neat! This was my first book by this author. The storyline was pretty good and so much happened throughout it. Definitely recommend!
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Florrie Fox is thrilled to be a part of the festivities as her boss, Professor John Maxwell, marries (again) the love of his life, romance author Jacquie Liebhaber.  Among the many guests are authors, agents and friends, including literary novelist Arthur Bedlingham.  The ceremony is beautiful, the party goes swimmingly and everyone is having a wonderful time until Florrie discovers Arthur's assistant, Evan, at the bottom of the pool.  When questions arise as to whether Evan's death was accidental or murder, Florrie finds herself drawn into the middle of an investigation that offers many more questions than answers and far too many suspects.

Though the author provides a cast of characters, not having any read the previous Pen & Ink mysteries, I found my self confused through the first chapter or two as I struggled to keep the characters straight.  Yet, once they all clicked, I found myself drawn into the mystery, looking for clues and struggling like Florrie for answers. Every turn of the page led to more puzzles to be solved, each chapter brought more questions to be answered.  Until the startling, unpredictable and twisted conclusion.
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This series just gets better and better with each book! Florrie and crew are back with grand events in store for the cast, but a murderer is lurking amongst them! A new detective has decided that Florrie looks good for the crimes and is intent on proving it, while the real killing may just be coloring Florrie as the next victim! Exciting plot with lots of twists to keep you guessing who the killer might be! The characters are so vibrant that they seem like real friends rather than characters on a page! I absolutely can't wait for the next colorful book to come out!
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My rating: 3 of 5 stars, I liked it.

Book 4 in this series.

I'm a big fan of Krista Davis, and this series is a fun one. That said, this book was not my favorite. It just had too much going on and too many suspects. And frankly, there have been a lot of cozies with weddings lately and I'm getting bored. But that's a me problem, not the book's.

The other thing that bothered me a bit was Jackie's behavior. Here she is, remarrying Professor Maxwell, but keeping secrets from him and everyone else.

In the end, I enjoyed it and I look forward to more.
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This is a very strong 3, but I can’t quite round up to four.  I consider a three to be a solid read, and it’s generally my starting point for rating any book I read.

Because I read a digital ARC, I did not have the benefit of a cover to color, but that didn’t really impact the story line.  I am a huge fan of Krista Davis’ Diva series, and pre-order each book as it’s released, so I couldn’t help but compare this offering to her other series.  I simply could not feel a connection to the characters or visualize the settings the way I do in the Diva books.  Although a cozy mystery, it just didn’t have the depth and detail - though I do appreciate the recipes at the end.
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Krista Davis pens an illuminating tale in this fourth instalment of her Pen & Ink Mystery series. Set in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. Florrie Fox is the manager of Color Me Read bookstore and she is a guest at her boss, Jacqueline Liebhaber's marriage to Professor John Maxwell. It's to be an extravagant affair and Jacqueline is a famous author. Many of the guests are writers of different ilks and capabilities, some wealthy and some not. One of the guests is Arthur Bedlingham, there with his assistant, Evan McDowell, a wannabe writer. The wedding venue is Maxwell Mansion, a huge property with a carriage house, attics and secret underground passages. There is a cocktail party for everyone but Jacquie has disappeared. Then Evan is found dead...

With a fantastic and smart protagonist, this was a great cozy with its adult colouring book theme. The mystery was terrific and I loved trying to work out whodunit whilst sipping my tea and scoffing a cupcake. If you enjoy a well-executed, creative cozy, I'm sure you'll love it too!

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Kensington Books via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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