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This was my first read in the Pen & Ink series, and it was all right for me. I found it frustrating that, almost halfway through the book, they're still not even sure if a murder has taken place or not. It's hard to get invested in a solution when it might've been an accident. There are also a lot of characters and backstory, and maybe if I'd read the series from book 1, it would've been more cohesive and engaging for me? I read to the end, and I did want to know who the killer was, so it was successful in that regard. But...overall, it just was okay for me.

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A Colorful Scheme by Krista Davis  (Pen and Ink Mystery #4)  4 stars

Florrie Fox is busy managing the Color Me Read bookstore and helping her sister arrange her wealthy boss’s wedding to a well-known romance author.  A pre-wedding party is festive, with guests of the bride and groom celebrating the re-marriage of the couple.  Unfortunately, a party guest is found dead in the pool and the suspect list veers towards the bride’s guest list.  As more dead bodies pile up, Florrie needs to find the real culprit or the bride might end up in jail before the honeymoon.

This was an engaging cozy mystery with plenty of suspects to go around.  The red herrings were plentiful but the clues were there to be found.  I enjoyed this very much and am looking forward to the next book in this series.

Thank you Netgalley and Kensington Books for this ARC.
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A murder at a wedding?  How can this happen and who did it?  Florrie really gets involved and into some scary situations.  The twists and turns in the story will keep you guessing.  This was a very good read and Jezebel is a delightful character.  Who is this Griffin Corbyn?  There are so many questions and the plot only thickens.   Once you get done reading the mystery then it is time to try the recipes.
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The fourth in Krista Davis' Pen and Ink mystery series, A Colorful Scheme, is full of love, books, red herrings and murder.
Florrie Fox, manager of the Color Me Read bookstore, is happy to be attending the wedding of her boss, John Maxwell and his ex-wife Jacqueline Liebhaber. But when the bride disappears and then reappears before wedding and then Florrie finds a body floating in the pool the morning after the ceremony, the mystery ensues. A second murder, a stubborn police detective and more misdirection make this another winner for Davis.  Give it five stars and a bonus for colorable covers!
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I am not sure where my eyes were when I was requesting this book because it's the FOURTH installment in the series and I haven't read the previous three. I might have been too enchanted by the cover and the synopsis - a murder at the wedding and the investigation involving characters from the literary world.

The mystery was quite enjoyable and the investigation kept my interest throughout the story. Not having read the previous books, it was a bit hard to get the relations between the characters and their history at first, but it didn't play a large role in this particular case.

The writing was okay with some repetitive bits that I didn't care for, but overall the text id rather pleasant to consme.

In general, I spent a few nice evenings with this story but would definitely recommend starting your journey into this series with the first book and not the fourth!
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Another winning book in this series.
Although this is not my favorite series from this author, it is still a solid cozy.
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
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Florrie Fox, bookstore manager and coloring book artist,  finds herself in the middle of two very different events - the lovely wedding of her boss and his ex-wife and an event that brings only sadness, the murder of a wedding guest.  Before either one of the second time newlyweds are arrested, Florrie has to solve the mystery for a happy ending!

Florrie is one of my favorite main characters.  She's not flashy  & doesn't rush into danger when she is sleuthing, but uses her observation and artistic talents to solve mysteries.  In a Krista Davis mystery, the development of the characters makes them seem to "jump off the page" and in this series, as well as her Domestic Diva series, the characters become "old friends".  It's one of those mysteries, you can't put down!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and the opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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A wedding camouflaged as a party, a lost and found bride, and, oh, yeah, murder. This is what faces coloring book artist and book shop manager Florrie Fox as the book opens. I was hooked from the beginning and found myself compelled to finish. I liked Florrie and the surrounding cast of characters. Each came off as a unique, well rounded personality with their own quirks, strengths and weaknesses and seemed like people I'd like to know. The plot was face paced and multi-layered. Heck, I lost track of how many mysteries were revealed and solved by the time to book ended. Loved it. 

I won't detail the plot, a synopsis is easily found elsewhere, but will say that what starts as party crashers ends with a seemingly innocuous man dead in the pool. Florrie is stunned to find herself a suspect in not just this death but that of an admittedly annoying wannabe journalist who had been stalking her. While I could understand why Sgt. Bridges might focus on her as a suspect, the ol' wrong place, wrong time thing, that did seem a bit obsessive. Boyfriend and police officer Eric noted that it was Bridges first big case and he was frustrated, a thought that while it didn't make Florrie any happier, did calm her own nerves and frustration somewhat. A highlight of the book was the introduction of Jezebel Fish, grandmother of Eric's friend Fish Gordon. Jezebel is a force onto herself and I hope to see more of her in future books. Yes, I'm already looking forward to seeing what is next for Florrie and her friends, particularly those who write. 

Top notch. Put it on your "Must Read" list. Thanks to #NetGalley and #KensingtonBooks for sending me the invite to the party/wedding and letting me hang out with Florrie, Jezebel, and the rest. Loved every minute of it. Now I'm off to find my crayons to color that lovely cover art.
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I love this series as much as I love the author’s Domestic Diva series. Every time I read one of these books it makes me want to go buy coloring books.
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Florries in the midst of it again! Multiple mysteries converge; a murdered aspiring author, a murdered aspiring journalist, a reclusive author, an accidental fall, and all involving Florrie! Can she find the killer before shes next?

I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next installment!
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Thank you, NetGalley for this ARC! Florrie is back and solving mysteries.  I loved this book, it has a book store  adult coloring and a wedding! 3 things thar I enjoy plus mystery that kept me guessing on who was the murderer. I kept going back and forth throughout the book. I can't wait to read the next one especially with the addition of the new characters that were introduced in this book. I hope we get more of Rosie the pig in future adventures.
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the digital review copy. This review is my own opinion. 

Book four in the series reunites Florrie’s boss John Maxwell with his great love, romance author Jacquie. But their nuptials are marred by murder. Who’s stalking the Maxwells and the Foxes? Can the famous author friends be trusted? The book reviewer? Aspiring reporter? Literary agent? The artist? 

How do the deaths connect to the disappearance of the Maxwell child all those years ago? 

I started reading this series because I also read Krista’s Paws and Claws and Domestic Diva books. 

Florrie and this series definitely have a unique profile separate from the other series Krista writes. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the crew at Color Me Read and look forward to book five. Krista’s mysteries always twist and turn and make for engrossing reading.
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I really enjoyed A Colorful Scheme.  It was a fun read.  Florrie Fox is the main character who works for Professor John Maxwell owner of Color Me Read book store.  She lives in the carriage house behind the professor's main house with her cat Peaches.  She designs coloring books.  Florrie's boyfriend, Eric Jonquille  is a policeman. Jacquie, a famous author, is marrying the Professor for the second time.  The first part of the story takes place at their cocktail party and marriage that introduces the other characters to the reader.  The day of the cocktail party Jacquie has disappeared. but later found by Florrie.  Jacquie is acting very strange.  Sunday after the wedding the butler, Dubois finds the body of Evan McDonald  drowned in the pool. He works for another author name Arthur Bedlingham. It is discovered that brownies laced with a substance are in his stomach...  A reporter by the name of Cara believes that Florrie's mother is the missing Caroline and follows Florrie who has words with her and later is murdered.  Florrie becomes the main suspect.  This is where the story takes off with the characters entangled in strange happenings to the exciting end of who the murderer is.  The ending has a surprise and happy ending.

Thank you NetGalley and Kensington Publishing Corp. for this ARC.
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I continue to love this series and Florrie as a protagonist, as well as the bookstore and DC as the setting. In this one, I found the discussion around marijuana to be outdated, especially for characters as young as Florrie and Veronica (who by all accounts likes a party). However, this was a passing issue, and the plot moved on from it. I was effectively fooled by the mystery, but there was a detail that led to the killer that I missed. I went back through the book to see when we learned that detail, and I couldn’t find it (though as I read an ARC, this could be fixed in editing). Overall, the characters and plot were enjoyable and the mystery kept me intrigued.
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Thanks to NetGalley, Kensington Books and Krista Davis for the ARC!

Florrie manages the bookstore Color Me Read by day and sketches adult coloring book by night. She lives a quiet life and enjoys a good relation with her boss, John Maxwell. She was supposed to enjoy his impending wedding to his former wife Jacqueline. But things began to take a curious turn. First, Jacqueline is missing and later found in odd circumstances. Then, one of the guests turn up dead in the night in the pool. Finally, Florrie's stalker, who is a budding journalist and itching for a story on Maxwell, is stabbed in broad daylight. Sergeant Bridges, the investigating officer, believes Florrie to be the person of interest which makes matter worse. Now Florrie has to find the murderer and save herself from being charged with murder. 

The story was engaging and hooked me from the beginning. The upbeat language made the book a fun read. I also loved the drama and the humorous moments. The best part of the story was the revelations. The mystery was twisted enough to my liking. 

The characters were particularly intriguing and evoked a range of emotions. Cara the journalist and Sergeant Bridges annoyed me, John and Jacquie were the beloved couple, Eric was supportive, Veronica was cool, Gabriella was helpful and Jezebel was outright funny. The author managed to give each of the character their own signature. 

In the end, it was a fun-read and deserves the five stars.
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The Professor and Jacquie are are walking down the aisle as a surprise during a party they are hosting.  While the wedding comes off without a hitch, it’s the aftermath of finding a guest floating in the bottom of the pool that changes things.  When Jacquie’s finger prints are found on the item related to the murder, Florie steps up her sleuthing to find out who killed the wedding guest and why.  

Along the way Florie becomes a prime suspect in another murder herself and has to figure out two murders and whether they’re connected and if so, how.  And she has to figure out before she and Jacquie are the ones convicted for murders they didn’t commit…or before Florie becomes the third victim.

I love Krista Davis’ work.  ALL of her series are awesome and I never miss an entry in any of them.  It was her Diva series that started me on the Cozy mystery path and along the way two more series were added and never, ever does a single book disappoint.  For an intelligent mystery with great characters, both human and animal, look no further!  You have found one of the best cozy authors right here.
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This was a really great read.  Authors, books, and murder? Yes please! There are a number of characters (with a helpful who's who in the front of the book) and each one shines on their own and nothing gets lost in the story telling.  Florie has her hands full once again. This time with a secret wedding, an annoying want-to-be reporter, a number of egos and a murder.  An excellent read. Thank you to NetGalley for the advance read.
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A whole-lotta-stuff going on!  Is any wedding disguised as a party for 500 people any different?

Celebrities Jacquie and Maxwell are marrying for the second time (much has happened between marriages).  But what they didn't plan for was the choices their invitees would make for their "plus one."  So people they definitely did not want there, arrived as guests.

The morning of the wedding, the bride is missing, the wedding planner is hysterical, the groom goes to the police, and everyone hopes Florrie can find the bride before guests arriving for the party realize there's going to be a wedding--they hope!

It's not until after the beautiful, picturesque wedding, that someone is found in the pool.

I enjoyed this book, and didn't have any trouble following the multiple storylines.  But two things bothered me significantly:  1)  Florrie got conflicting evidence about someone several times, but only considered the good.  2)  The detective told people Florrie was the killer (not just a suspect), but she never complained about it to her "cop" boyfriend.

4/5  Stars

Thanks to Kensington Books and NetGalley for the free preview of the ebook pdf; the review is voluntary.

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A fantastic and unique series with coloring book art and a bookstore. Such a fun concept, A well written mystery that keeps you guessing and characters to love. Highly recommend.
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This is the fourth book in this wonderful cozy series. Bookstore manager and coloring book creater, Florrie Fox, attends the wedding of her wealthy boss and his author wife.  The wedding is held at her bosses beautiful mansion.  There is  tension among the wedding guests and an uninvited guest is escorted out.  The next morning a body of one of the guests is discovered drowned in the pool.  Florrie's boss asks her to investigate as he fears his new wife will be a suspect.  Another murder follows and  Florrie becomes the prime suspect and has to keep investigating in order to clear her own name.  This was a very good book with lots of twists and turns and red herrings.  I love the cover.  Thank you for the advance copy Netgalley!
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