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Other people: "Amy Tintera has a new book coming out."

Me: "What? I'm going to request and buy-"

Other people: "You don't even know what it's about!"

Me: "I. Do. Not. Care."

I don't have many auto-buy authors, but ever since All These Monsters I have been fangirling over Amy Tintera. I mean, has she written anything bad, like ever? She has a way of reeling you in and keeping you hooked until the very last page. This is an action-packed book with high stakes and a little bit of romance sprinkled in for good measure. 

When this book was announced I got Escape From LA vibes, but this book holds its own. After a pandemic hits, the government quarantines Texas to keep the rest of the country safe. Masie has spent her whole life in the Q and knows nothing else. When a kidnapped son of a presidential candidate falls into the quarantine zone, she must get to him to safety in 72 hours. Lennon gets a rude awakening when he experiences life in the Q and a new understanding of what the government has done to its own people. 

I loved:

1. the 2 POVs
2. the short chapters
3. the constant action

Publishers, give Amy Tintera ALL THE 3-BOOK DEALS. While you're at it, let's get another book in the Monsters series, yea? Well, I tried.
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This is pretty much nonstop action the whole way through and the story flew by. We drop right into this future where a group of people have been quarantined off from the rest of the county and are now stuck in a mostly lawless land and struggling to survive. There's a running clock of 72 hours to get one of the main characters out and I couldn't stop flipping the page. I needed to know how it would all end!

I like the premise a lot, especially since it doesn't seem that farfetched after the real pandemic the world has been though. The story is exciting, fast paced, and kept me wondering if Lennon would ever make it to the gate. I liked Maisie and Lennon and how different they were, but also somehow understood each other and were able to make a connection so quickly. Maisie is pretty awesome and knows how to throw a punch, yet she's kind to people and forms friendships instead of ruling by fear. Lennon is funny and has some surprises up his sleeve and really just wants to help others.

I did think the worldbuilding was lacking and skimmed over things. I wanted to know about these organ transplants and how they're managed. If the virus is mutating too quickly for a vaccine but not really killing people any more, is it still just living in each person forever? I also thought the ending gave us almost no answers and left a lot of loose ends. What happened to certain characters? Are they still working on a vaccine? I need answers people.

This is fun and exciting and I'm happy I got to check out an early copy. If you're a fan of virus dystopian books, put this on your list.

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book. All opinions are my own. Thank you to Crown Books and NetGalley for the copy
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I liked the idea and the characters and their personalities. The story was a bold one to tell, particularly during a pandemic, The only concern I had was the level of language for YA novel, as it had the same level of profanity as as general market adult fiction novel I read just beforehand. Others may not find this as bothersome so they probably will enjoy it more fully than I.
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I absolutely adored the idea of a pandemic based society. Also I loved all the strong female characters, especially Val. If you love small chapters, a quick read, and a super-fast-paced standalone, then this is the book for you!
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What I liked about the book:
1. I loved the realistic worldbuilding and how the events of this book could really happen!

2. I loved the grungy feel of the settings and the high-action sequences. I would love to see this spun off into a graphic novel!

I also really loved the sarcastic and witty writing style. This coupled with the short chapters really made the book fly by so fast, I was legitimately a little bummed when it ended.

3. I loved all the strong female characters. Especially Val, (basically Queen of the North!). She had a badass gang of female warriors and she was a BOSS. The fact that she was only willing to help if Maisie was allowed, and willing, to take over the South was such a great instance of women helping women.

Speaking of that, Maisie had such incredible support not just from Val and her ladies, but from her friends Hadley and Elise. They were willing to break so many rules and were prepared to respect any decisions that Maisie made without judgment or guilt. The female comradery in this book definitely reminded me of one of my favorite quotes:

"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back." LOVE IT!

4. Speaking of characters, our MCs were fun to follow. They were so different, yet such a good team that I loved watching them interact and get through so many troublesome situations.

Lennon was hilarious! He had great internal monologue, was always thinking strategically from many angles, and was definitely ok letting Maisie save him. I especially loved every time Lennon proved all the stereotypes of being a stuffy, Congressman's son wrong and when we found out about his street racing tendencies.

Maisie was fantastic to watch because she had so much character development! She went from just wanting to prove herself scary enough to be in charge to legitimately being a great leader because she was able to make alliances and help people instead of rule with an iron fist like leaders of the past. She genuinely cared about her people, so once she got through her "I need to be the biggest badass in the room" complex, she was able to initiate real change. I really hope we get to see more of this in the future!

4. I loved the mystery around the beloved Queso and I really hope there is a second book to follow him and Hadley!!! 

5. As a former college radio DJ, I appreciated all of the broadcasts, especially the "You can't say that on air" moments. Too accurate!

What didn’t do it for me:
1. The ONLY thing I can say, and I'm really grasping for straws here, is I wish we had more interaction with Ethan once we "met" him. I have this intense need for us to see him and Hadley interact and have the Romeo + Juliet love affair (with a less disastrous ending) we deserve!

I received a copy of this ARC from NetGalley, Random House Children's, Crown Books for Young Readers, and Amy Tintera. I am leaving my honest review voluntarily. Check it out later this year!
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I love a YA dystopian novel, and this one feels very timely, being based in a pandemic quarantine zone.  Maisie was born into a quarantine zone established twenty years ago.  Lennon is the son of a presidential candidate.  He is kidnapped and thrown into the quarantine zone from a plane with a parachute strapped to him.  Maisie gives him a vaccine that lasts for 72 hours, during which time she must help him get out or he will be trapped there forever.  Lots of action and short chapters alternating between their two POV's kept me turning the pages.  An enjoyable read, although the insta-romance between the characters didn't really ring true.
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First and foremost, if there is ever a sci-fi/dystopian book, you will most definitely catch me requesting it. Why? Because they are fun and cool and always get me out of my reading slump. And that is exactly what this book did, it got me out of my long-overdue reading slump! And I'm forever grateful. 

If you love small chapters, a quick read, and a super-fast-paced standalone, then this is the book for you! Personally, the only fault I had with the book was how cringey it was at parts - one example being the love interests talking to each other, despite meeting three days ago, as if they have the right to say how the other person is. To make it rather simple, I disliked how unreal the romance was -- too underdeveloped, with the characters being a little too black and white. 

Overall, it was quite enjoyable but not my favorite, unfortunately. I absolutely adored the idea of a pandemic based society, and it had extremely high potential but it did not live up to the standards I wished for. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Random House Publishing for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Thanks to NetGalley and Random House Children's for an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review.  

4+ stars

Fast paced adventure following two teenagers, Maisie Rojas and Lennon Pierce.  Maisie is one of the first kids born in the walled off area near Austin, Texas after it was made into a quarantine zone almost twenty years ago.  No one is allowed to leave The Q as the pandemic changes too fast to make a vaccine.  The Q is run by rival gangs and a turf war is about to happen. Lennon is the son of a presidential candidate and is kidnapped and parachutes into the Q.  Maisie has three days to get Lennon out and back with his family.  

Lots of adventure ensue with the help of some old and new friends.  A quick fun read.
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Thank you Netgalley and Random House Children's Publishing Group for allowing me to read and review this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I've been reading Amy Tintera's books for years and each book sets the bar higher than the last. The Q is no exception! I absolutely LOVE this book and Tintera's writing. The pacing is super quick as you read the switching POVs of Maisie and Lennon.

The Q is a walled-off quarantine zone set in an alternative version of Texas. Maisie and a few others were born and raised in the Q. The Q is separated between two turfs: the Spencer family in the North and the Lopez family of the South. Lennon Pierce is the son of a Presidential candidate. After being kidnapped, he is pushed out of a plane flying over the Q and lands inbetween borders. The South takes him in and Maisie gives Lennon a 72 hour vaccine to help keep him from getting the virus. Within the 72 hour time frame Lennon is given the chance to leave the Q and Maisie unwillingly has to help him while also trying to steal back a shipment of supplies being held hostage from the North.

The Q is an adventurous, action packed story with a hint of romantic tension between the two MCs.

I enjoyed the story, the characters and Amy Tintera has, again, raised the bar for her own books. The humor is expertly written and the book's originality is creative and suspenseful.

5 stars
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As a librarian, I'm always on the lookout for books with action for my students.  When I saw that Amy Tintera had written another book, I was intrigued.  Her earlier work Reboot is a favorite of students.  Whenever I booktalked Reboot, it would fly off the shelves.  I have a feeling that I will be able to sell The Q in the same way.  

What I appreciated about this book and what I think will appeal to students are the following: 

1.  Short chapters that alternate POVs and end in suspense. 
2.  Two POVs
3.  Action and just enough of appropriate level of dystopian romance
4.  Intriguing setting 
5.  Power plays

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a digital arc to preview. This is definitely on my list of what to buy next semester.
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