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The River of Silver is a short story collection set in the world of the Daevabad Trilogy. If you haven’t read the original trilogy yet, I would recommend getting this novel and reading the relevant set of short stories after each book. If you have read the original trilogy, you’re already going to know the events/reveals for some of these stories. However, it was still wonderful to be back in this world and to get more of these characters. 

My favorite part of The River of Silver is the stories that take place after The Empire of Gold. While I loved how that book ended, it was wonderful to see what each of the main characters was up to after everything started to settle down. I honestly would have read the book just for these glimpses. Although now I’m hoping for more books!
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Rating: 3/5

Format: 70% ebook and the last 30% audiobook. Thank you To the publisher and author for sending me a e-arc to review!

This is a collection of short-stories/outtakes from the Daevabad trilogy, each story told from different character’s POV. While I loved the trilogy and I enjoyed being back in this world, a lot of the stories collected here didn’t feel all that necessary or interesting to read for me. I think I liked the last story since that one centered on characters I cared about most after the events of the book, most of these stories are scenes that were cut or rewritten and I just felt like it made sense that they were taken out? Also, they may have required knowledge of some of the finer points of the plot to really appreciate, so I would recommend reading this quickly after finishing the trilogy if you are forgetful like me!

Overall, maybe a more die-hard Daevabad fan would enjoy these but for me they felt too much like filler.
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Thank you .S A. Chakraborty, Avon and Harper Voyager, Harper Voyager, and Netgalley for an advanced reader copper (ARC) of "The River of Silver: Tales from the Daevabad Trilogy" ((The Daevabad Trilogy, #4ish) for an honest review. 

I've definitely felt a little let down in this series about how the love triangle turned out (which did bleed into this reading, as well), but I continue to be fascinated by all the background with that Chakraborty puts into her world-building. It's a stunning affair so richly woven, never force-feeding you paragraphs about that world, but drawing you into and trusting you, as the reader, to be able to keep up and string things together as need—such a very rare thing in this day and age of writers.
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supplementary work for anyone who can't get enough of the wonderful, by far my favorite Daevabad world. For anyone not acquainted with the trilogy and being in-between, the work may not bring as much value as for anyone who finished it, still, amazing!
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Lush set of tales from Daevabad, I adored revisiting the world. My favourite was that of Nahri's parents first meeting but all of them are equally good.
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I loved the original Daevabad trilogy and was so excited to read this book! We get several short stories about our beloved characters. They all vary in time throughout the trilogy.

One of the things that I really appreciated in this book was the heads-up. Before each new chapter, there was a line telling me what books this would spoil. It’s a great trip if you haven’t finished the series. It also helped me realize where we were in time.

I really loved getting some more in-depth looks at so many of these characters. It really gives the story a well-rounded finish and makes me appreciate so many more of the supporting characters too. It felt satisfying but I did wish there was a little more of Nahri. It was so great to learn more about Ali’s mother and how that came about. One person that I really became a bit more attached to was Muntadhir. I wasn’t the biggest fan of him in the original series but we get to look behind the door a bit. Zaynab is one that I would LOVE a spin-off series about. She’s way more than what she seems. The alternate ending really gave off some great hope that we might get to see that one day??

This is hard to review because there are so many short stories and I don’t want to give away spoilers if you haven’t finished the books. I will say that I think this adds something to the series and I enjoyed my time with it! I highly recommend it, if you love the original trilogy, and want to learn a bit more about these characters!

Many thanks to Harper Voyager and Netgalley for an e-arc!!
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The Daevabad Trilogy is my favorite fantasy series of all time and it was so nice to be back in the world with the characters I love. It's been over a year since my last reread so I was a bit worried about not understanding what was going on, but I was quickly thrust back into the world I love so much as if no time has passed. This was one of my most anticipated books of the year, and I was not at all disappointed! While the stories in here were not integral to the Daevabad Trilogy, it does add so much more. There's many stories throughout many points of the books, before, and even after the series is over and from many character's POVs that you don't get to see in the original books. I love everything Chakraborty writes, and it was nice to have that "coming home" feeling with this collection.
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5/5 Stars 

S.A. Chakraborty has pulled me into the amazing world once again with this book of short stories. I loved the fact that I got to re-enter this world and be with these characters again. I loved the additional bits that we got in this book. I was obsessed with the turn of every page of this series and this book was no exception. I am impatiently waiting for the arrival of her next series as I fully anticipate being sucked into her new novel!
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A wonderful return to the world of Daevabad, this short story collection is sure to delight fans that are hungering for more. Featuring new POVs from beloved characters and new stories from the original trio, THE RIVER OF SILVER is a must read!
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4✰ // this was a lovely collection of stories from within the world of the Daevabad Trilogy. i read The River of Silver after just finishing the final book of the trilogy and i definitely wasn't ready to part with the story yet so i found this book to be a wonderful compendium of stories that offered a deeper look inside the world that Chakraborty has created. featuring Chakraborty’s captivating writing and the immersive world within the Daevabad Trilogy i would definitely recommend The River of Silver to anyone interested in the series. 

thank you so much to Harper Voyager and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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You know how you rarely have a ready answer to "What's the best books/series you've read lately?" Well, when I first happened across the Daevabad Trilogy, I suddenly had an easy answer and I would tell anyone who seemed even slightly interested all about it. So when this set of short stories set in that universe popped up, I knew I had to read it. Returning to the characters and the setting of the Daevabad Trilogy was like visiting a favorite vacation spot, or returning to a restaurant you haven't been to in years. Familiar but fresh, with new little gems you can't wait to discover. Get this book on your TBR immediately!
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The River of Silver is somewhat of a companion to the City of Brass trilogy. I’m talking alternative endings, stories from before, in between, and some additions.

I was really impressed by how much it added to the trilogy. A couple of the stories gave more context, like a behind the scenes look, at things that happen in the trilogy. And it made me fall in love even more with all the books!

I also appreciated that it covered multiple characters and was consistent with their stories and personalities. I almost wish it were longer because it’s just as captivating as the books!
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The River of Silver is one of those books that is short, easy to read, and feels like it was written when the other books were done. I mean, some of these stories may have been (and judging by the intros to some of the chapters, they were cut or retooled from previous drafts). It's just... I miss these characters. (It does warm my heart to find out her new series takes place within the same universe!)

My favorite stories have to be with Ali, Zaynab, Jamshid, Muntadhir, Nahri, and Dara.  

I am SLIGHTLY bummed that Zaynab is pining over her warrior friend / bodyguard / companion. I kind of wanted her to hook up with Dara in the future. I also want series about them becoming reluctant friends to lovers... but it seems there are other plans. 

The Ali / Nahri stories are gorgeous and maybe - just maybe - this will shut the haters up about the two of them together. Their relationship reminds me of a slow burn clean regency romance. The love he has for her is adorable and that he is so delicate with her but respects her is just - perfection.

Jamshid and Muntadhir are cute. I think that in the beginning he was such a whimpy boy but as time went on, his mark / bind re: powers was removed, and everything he went through he became a lot better. I'd also like to read a book about the two of them.

I just loved this entire collection of stories. Maybe one day someone will throw them into the correct spots in the books. For now, it's cute to read and eases the Daevabad hole in my heart.
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I don’t want to say much, I know this is connected to her other series - so I’d rather people go into this and see how. But I loved this and adored this so much , it was unbelievable. I cannot wait to see how the story progresses in the future - but I am so happy and so content!
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This collection of stories from Daevabad was so wonderful. It was so fun to return to these beloved characters in a way that fleshed out the ending a bit without watering down any of Chakraborty's incredibly well-done conclusion to the series. I finished with a deep desire to both reread the entire trilogy, and also hear more about certain adventures -- Ie. Zaynab, Dara, and Aqisa's quest. (Praying we get a new book out of that!!) I was also struck by the stories about Jamshid and Muntadhir, and enjoyed learning more about the beginning of their relationship, as well as their reconciliation. All in all, River of Silver is an awesome add-on to the canon!
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This was so much fun. S.A. Chakraborty is a beautiful story teller and it was so fun to revisit these characters. It’s amazing how emotionally invested I was in even the most minor characters. It adds depth to an already amazing trilogy. 

Her writing never lets me down.
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I'm a huge fan of this author and particularly of the Daevabad series so I was nearly guaranteed to like this title, and I did! The promise of these books is being able drink in the richness of a fascinating world, learning the culture of the djinn, and all the strife and conflict roiling from Daevabad's denizens like smoke from a flaming brazier.
Though this book is 'just' deleted scenes and outtakes, they form enough of their own story to be interesting on their own, and if you've read the other books, it's a wonderful bit of insight into characters who may not have had much screen time or other facets of characters who did. Truly an excellent experience. You can read my full review on:
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The River of Silver takes us back to the world of Chakraborty’s Daevabad, offering an anthology of fifteen tales, snippets, prologues, and cut scenes that enrich the world of the novels, provide fresh new insight into many of the series’ characters, and give additional context for some of the events we’ve already seen unfold. Best of all, almost all of the entries focus on characters who are not Nahid heroine Nahri or her thousands of years old Afshin, Darayavahoush, allowing various supporting and background figures from the larger world of the trilogy to take center stage at last. (Though one the few that do, including Dara and Nahri’s initial journey through a human market to Daevabad and a scene from early in her marriage to the emir Muntadir, are two of the book’s best.)

The stories within The River of Silver vary in length and tone, and many (most?) are as deftly bittersweet as Chakraborty’s larger trilogy. Some fill in emotional gaps from the novels, while others feel almost as though they could be standalone adventures that just happen to take place in the same universe. And still more occur in the spaces between the books, giving us a glimpse at what happened to various characters during the breaks between each novel, detailing events that had only been previously referred to in throwaway lines of exposition.
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The River of Silver is a sort of errata to the Daevabad Trilogy, containing a mix of new stories and sections cut from earlier drafts. Given the immense scope of the original trilogy and all of the players, it's satisfying to return to the world to see both side and main characters/relationships fleshed out. 

In particular, this volume makes Muntadhir more sympathetic. I was especially touched by the last story— while I never found the relationship between Ali and Nahri compelling, this sweet addendum made me understand it much better. This really made me want to reread the original trilogy with this new appreciation.
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I’m so happy to dive back into this world! A collection of short stories featuring characters from the City of Brass trilogy, this book will only make sense if you’ve read that trilogy. But as someone who loved (and highly recommends) those books, it was like a delicious cup of tea. The author said in a preface that they were written for her comfort/to get out of writers block during the pandemic, and that is what they felt like. But I’m so grateful that she decided to share them, and can’t wait to see more original work from her!
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