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Chelsea and Jim are a unique team. I loved the raw and or dry humor between the as the work at trying to crack the first clue to the horrible crimes that flank their city. I thought Jim’s parents were absolutely a must have for added characters in the book. They helped keep the comedic moments moving in the book, providing great entertainment every so often in the book. Some characters I thought were written well in the book. This book for me was a good page turner.
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This book was great. 
I admit it was a bit slow in the beginning but that happens with all crime books. But as soon as the investigations started to take the straight part I was hooked. Well I shipped the so called "partners" but this is a mystery not a romance. And tbh I suspected the killer when he was first introduced.
The back story of the killer really was shocking. The crimes were unusual and disturbing.
I didn't know it was the second book of a series but it can be read in no particular order.
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I received a advance reader copy of “Twice Upon A  Lie” through Net Galley in return of an honest review.
  “Twice Upon A Lie” is of the crime thriller genre. It is not a police procedural , but relies mostly of the character of its primary character Detective  JimMcPherson. Unfortunately, McPherson was , to me, not a particularly interesting or sympathetic  as the main character. It helps in any story if your MC is either likable, or mysterious or quirky in a good way. As written, McPherson was a boor. A  rude ,  remote, , experienced cop character is one thing; a remote, largely sullen and condescending know it all is another. Unliked by colleagues and superiors, he is cool,, if not rude to everyone, including his partner,  detectIve Sullivan. In fairness, neither characters is very well written and only scarcely filled out. 
    The story line is a familiar one. Loner detective with relationship issues “catches” a nasty homicide. McPherson immediately . He connects that crime with another death of a rich businessman socialite, and never deviates from that notion. McPherson basically disdains  help and input form his partner and is of course proved correct. .The murder is described in lurid, ghastly, sexually deviated detail,  the book settles into a routine path. Subsidiary character are from stock. In short, “ Twice Upon A Lie” was pretty much routine, derivative and a disappointment. In the author’s defense, this book is the second of a series and perhaps if I had  read the previous book, the character would have better formed in my mind.
   Please bear in mind this is only one reader’s opinion. Read for yourself.
Cautions: Opening scene murder is graphic and may disturb sensitive readers.
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Jim McPherson is much more complex than he first appears and much of the appeal of this book lies within his character, how he relates to others and his way of thinking as he tackles a complex serial killer case.  There are other great characters which also serve to really enmesh the reader in this very good mystery thriller.
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Twice Upon a Lie is a story that involves a lack of love, child abuse, a life that is measured against possessions, a person's appearance, revenge, and killings caused by hate. There are so many twists and turns that once you start reading you just don't want to stop. Although in the middle of the story I already knew who the killer was I kept on reading to learn if he would be discovered and go to prison. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I'm looking forward to reading the next one in the series. 
I downloaded a free copy of this book through NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.
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Jim McPherson grew up with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, but he gave it all up for the simple life of a police detective. He thought he’d get some distance from his former jet-set friends, but a serial killer is targeting that exact demographic, and he fears his parents might be on the list.
Wow what a rollercoaster of a ride… jaw-dropping and edge-of-the-seat… Instantly hooked… I literally couldn't put it down…   I can't recommend this book enough!!!!
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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle, Sterling & Stone and  by #NetGalley. Opinions expressed are completely my own. 

I didn’t want to put it down! What a thrilling journey.
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One of the five great books I have read this year. So impressed by the story and the writing I now have another three Nolon King books to read. Twice Upon A Lie is a story full of excitement and full of twists and turns... and a great surprise ending. Highly recommended read to all Mystery - Thriller readers and a well-earned five (5) stars.
Once again, another excellent Nolon King novel that was hard to put down.
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This was bk 2. I did not read bk one. But story is a standalone. Detectives, Jim and  Chelsea  are searching for a  murder suspect. Influential men are dying horrible deaths. They must figure out why and who, and have put themselves in danger.  A bit more sex than I usually prefer.
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I thought this was a very good book. After each chapter I wanted to keep reading on due to the author really pulling me in. Each chapter left you wanting more. So much so that I stayed awake until 2am reading it. Only warning/caution I would give anyone is it displays very sensitive subjects that honestly not everyone should read or even want to read. I would recommend this to some friends (with a bit of warning of course). I don’t think this book is a book for everyone but I did enjoy it.
I do not think the description of the book really describes the book at all. As a person who works with these type of criminals daily this isn’t really a book I would want or choose to read.  I gave it a chance and was not disappointed as with each chapter I was coming closer to figuring out who the killer was and why this person was killing.
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