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Robert Ludlum's™ The Treadstone Transgression

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The third “Treadstone” book from Joshua Hood. Set in Robert Ludlum’s world but featuring Adam Hayes and not Jason Bourne. Robert Ludlum’s books were covered after his death by Eric Van Lustbader who somehow made the series rather dull. Mr Hood is a very different writer, his style is page turning action and that is what he delivers in spades, hard to take a breath with this one.

Hayes is trying to retire and be there for his family, but the CIA are in need of his skills and convince him to head for Haiti and recover some evidence that may point to corruption in American intelligence. As you would expect, it all goes horribly wrong and Hayes ends up on the run not knowing who to trust.

A lot to like here, including a very different setting. Times have changed since Robert Ludlum sucked us in with conspiracies and secret organisations so the books had to change too, towards more action in a world that is more immediate and where information is almost instant.
So, maybe not for you if you want cerebral deep plotting, but if you want a fast paced action thriller you should grab this.

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The CIA has a source in Haiti with proof of corruption at the top of the American intelligence community. Yet a simple smash and grab mission is blown wide open when a powerful element in Haiti is threatened by the breach. The CIA team's only hope for survival is a speedy extraction.
None of this matters to Adam Hayes. After years of dangerous operations for Treadstone, he's ready to call it quits, but the feeling isn't mutual. Treadstone want Hayes back for one more mission. And when the mission is blown and Hayes escapes with his life, everyone, it seems, is determined to correct that oversight. Unputdownable. a nail-biting thriller that grips to the very last page! It’s an atmospheric, taut thriller which keeps you hooked from the first page!

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I've managed to skip books 1 and 3 in this off-shoot series from the Bourne books but I didn't feel lost or unsure of the world at all. It was "drop in and immerse yourself" thriller action from the get-go!

Adam might have thought he'd left Treadstone behind but they have other ideas. He's back in the thick of the action after an op goes haywire in Haiti. But his main concern is getting back in time or his young son's birthday party.

There's espionage, betrayal, and professional one-up-manship on the go - with Adam and his new team on one side and corrupt local cops, the Russians, and a mole on the other side.

A fabulous romp through the Bourne world. I really highly enjoyed it and Mrs Hayes is my kinda girl! I did have my heart in my mouth at bits. Would totally read more in this part of the Treadstone Universe.

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When requested this book I was not aware it was Book 3 in a series ( just checked the blurb again amd cannot see any mention of this ) would need to read Books 1 and 2 before reading this tbh as dont start mid way or at the end of a series,,apologies but needs to be clearer

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A high octane action thriller which never lets up on the action. Highly recommended for Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher fans.

Sent to Haiti on an extraction operation, and running against the clock, Adam Hayes, former Treadstone operative, finds himself in a battle with corrupt police and mercenary forces as an investigation into a corrupt bank unleashes a storm.

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