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Ima Koi: Now I'm in Love, Vol. 2

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Ima Koi is a cute, clean series about a very shy high school girl who has a hard time believing the boy she is absolutely smitten with likes her back, leading to some awkward interactions and situations.

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Really cute continuation of the first volume! Admittedly, the "younger sibling obsessed with older sibling and intensely jealous of any partners of said sibling" is not my favorite trope by aaaaany means, but I felt like this one wasn't too too bad, especially with Kazuma's reaction to his sister absolutely shutting it down immediately. Overall, reading this series just gives me "nostalgia" vibes, even if I haven't read it before, because it reminds me of series I used to read in high school, and I'm really enjoying it! Will definitely continue!

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This volume got a tiny bit boring for me but I am excited to continue on. The art style is still absolutely stunning and the story is intriguing

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I received an eARC of this title through NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Honestly, I was not sure what to expect from this volume since the two main characters start dating in the first volume. However, it is worth the read. This particular chapter of these two relationship follows them going to the beach, meeting an ex, and meeting Yagyu's sister.

I love how this manga focuses on how Yagyu and Satomi go through obstacles in their relationship, but instead of making things messy, they cleary communicate their feelings and work through that together. It is, in my opinion, extremely healthy to show that in a shojo manga. While the stakes are never raised, it is a nice, easy read.

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VIZ, I'm begging you to please put more effort into Shojo Beat. I LOVE Ima Koi, and so do my students! I want more options for my romance readers. As it is, I'm buying more from Yen Press, Kodansha, and Seven Seas for my voracious romance readers. It's mind-boggling to me how little shojo is licensed by a shojo imprint.

For Ima Koi itself, this second volume is a great read. This is a sweet romance! I really appreciate the translation work here, and I look forward to the next volume.

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Just finished volume 2 of 'Ima Koi' and I'm sorry but this is really cute. #ImaKoi #ImaKoiNowIminLoveVol2 #NetGalley

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Still so very adorable and cute! Definietly a wonderful feel good read. I'm so glad I suggested my library to purchase the first one, I'm hoping they'll purchase this one as well!

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It's a cute story about a couple getting to know each other. Unlike some other novels where you wonder if they will get together or even kiss they are already going out in the first vol. So this is just a continuation of that.

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I loved volume 2 as well! Yes at times i wished the romance and story line would pick up a little bit faster but Im also happy with the pace its going. I like that the main characters are starting to express their feelings even more, and its nice to see main characters falling in love and trying to navigate it. I also liked the new characters they introduced in volume 2 and hope the authors continues to introduce more. I cant wait for volume 3 to be out, because this couple is so adorable and I enjoy reading about their story.

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This volume is cute just like the first. I'm interested in seeing this romance evolve in the next volume. I'd recommend to those who like a slow burn with tension.

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It is a continuation of another love story that takes place during school! I love them just going to be honest up front.
Here we are at the second manga in the series, in which you have to have the most basic beach scene, yes it may be over done, but I now believe it is something that is a staple in a tale of growing up manga and i would not have it any other way. It may bug others though, and if needed the reader may be able to skip the chapter and still be able to follow the story. But I would highly recommend not to do that.

Satome and Yagyu are still figuring out themselves and what it means to be in a relationship. Yagyu sincerity helps to move the story along with Satome albeit shy nature now (but she wasn't shy when she wanted to try to first date him).
The manga is till so cute and it makes have those feels of being in high school and wishing that I could have something like everyone else did. The adventure, the clumsiness and the awkwardness of being in a relationship is portrayed really well in this manga and between Satome and Yagyu. Honestly, it is not to hard to for the reader to place themselves into the shoes of the main characters and not to feel a type reverie about high school.
I wouldn't change anything. I would keep everything as it is. I believe that this manga is perfect and I can't wait to read the next one in the series.

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Our super sweet couple of Satomi and Yagyu are back in Vol. 2! This second volume continues to follow our adorable couple to some fun times at the beach and a cute sleepover. A flash from Yagyu's past with the appearance of his ex-girlfriend and his very obsessed little sister Juri . The relationship development feels real with natural insecurities and the two growing towards each other. The illustrations are some of my favorite art work right now as I feel like I can read the clear expressions of the characters so well as I read. This is such an enjoyable series so far I can't wait to see what's next. Thank you to NetGalley and Viz Media for the opportunity to enjoy this series.

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Satomi and Yagyu's budding relationship is tested when a weekend at the beach brings Satomi face-to-face with Yagyu's ex-girlfriend. How will Satomi cope with this new development?

The second volume of Ima Koi continues to build the relationship between the characters. There is just enough drama to make Satomi feel insecure about their new relationship. The characters continue to grow. The art is pretty.

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Yagyu invited Satomi over for a sleepover. A very respectful sleepover. Satomi makes Yagyu dinner and confesses that he makes her heart flutter, something she aims to get his heart to do in return. Yagyu continues to be a very good boyfriend, being respectful of Satomi. In return she tries to do the same, even in face of her greatest obstacle, his younger sister, Juri.

Juri has a classic case of big brother worship going on. She sees Satomi as a problem she needs to get rid of because Satomi is taking up too much of her and her brother's time together. Only Satomi proves to be a worthy opponent, even when faced with Yagyu's biggest secret!

What did I think?

Art art continues to be well done with a few funny panels in there when expressing the sister's 'ugly,' intense emotions. The obsessive sister is one of the classic shojo tropes so it falls well within the wheelhouse of a shojo. It is, however, not one of the tropes I like. I just think Juri, in particular, was a little extreme and well over the top. If I met a kid like that in real life, I would be telling the parents to drop some money into therapy for her. Not a healthy sibling relationship coming from her end.

I do like that these two (Satomi and Yagyu) have a pretty normal and healthy relationship for two teenagers. Too many shojo's have terrible relationships portrayed as the 'ideal,' so it's nice to see one that totes open communication, mutual respect and moving forward at a pace that both parties are comfortable with.

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I loved this manga and would love to interview Ayuko Haya on my IG account. Volume 1 was cute and I enjoyed this one even more. The chemistry between the two characters are adorable.

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What started out as a completely wholesome first volume is now sliiightly less wholesome (just with implications) in Ima Koi v.2. Romcom hijinks abound, so with the right audience, this book should be well-received.

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Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love Volume Two focuses on Satomi and Yagyu as they encounter obstacles for their blossoming relationship.

Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love Volume Two
Written by: Ayuko Hatta
Publisher: Shueisha Inc.
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: June 7, 2022

The volume opens with Satomi and Yagyu, along with their respective best friends, spending time at the beach over summer vacation. It starts out with some cute interactions between Satomi and Yagyu, and they’re having a good time… until Yagyu encounters his ex-girlfriend. Not surprisingly, she’s slightly older and has a more “mature” look to her in comparison to Satomi. As expected, Satomi is weirded out by the experience and finds herself feeling as if she’s inadequate in comparison to her. Satomi tries hard to hide her feelings from Yagyu, but the usually oblivious Yagyu picks up on the fact that something’s wrong. He manages to find a way to make Satomi feel better about the situation. As the reader can see in this chapter, Yagyu really is a good guy, especially with something that he does near the end of the chapter.

The second chapter sees Yagyu inviting Satomi to spend the night at his house because the rest of his family will be gone. He insists that he’s not going to try to do anything, and she ends up agreeing. Of course, Satomi has to rope her best friend into providing a cover for her, since her parents obviously wouldn’t approve of the situation. A lot of the chapter sees the two of them interacting during their “home date,” with a strong emphasis on Satomi and her reactions to what’s going on. Everything that night goes well, and Yagyu is true to his word.

However, things get awkward the next morning when Satomi goes into Yagyu’s room and finds a girl in his bed with him. It turns out the girl is Yagyu’s younger sister, Juri. We quickly learn that she’s the type of sister who has an unhealthy obsession with her older brother. Juri makes it clear to Satomi that she doesn’t like her, and Juri finds ways to sabotage Satomi and Yagyu’s date at the zoo. Unfortunately for Juri, none of her schemes work. I have to give Satomi credit for standing up for herself, because that’s something she wouldn’t have done a little earlier in the series. I have a feeling that Juri will continue to be a pain in Satomi’s backside as the series progresses, especially with how this volume of the manga ends. I can’t see Juri giving up at this point.

With the first volume of Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love, I found myself making comparisons with My Love Story!! due to the initial setup. However, by the time I finished reading Volume Two, I found that Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love had found its own footing. This series presented obstacles for Satomi and Yagyu’s relationship in the second volume, and the obstacles are realistic. An ex-girlfriend making a current girlfriend feel insecure and jealous felt very realistic, especially for the first potential obstacle. The obsessed little sister is a trope that’s expected in shojo manga, so in that regard, it works as another obstacle. However, more often than not, this particular trope can feel forced. I hope the series can include character development for Juri in future volumes, so she can start coming across as an actual character rather than as just a trope. At this point in the series, Juri is my least favorite character.

Outside of my complaints about Juri, though, I did enjoy Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love. Readers who read and enjoyed the first volume of the series will likely appreciate how the story continues in Volume Two.

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Thank you to NetGalley and Viz Media for this ARC

A very sweet manga, romance with shy/fiesty (weird combo I know) Satomi and Yagyu a standoffish and intimidating guy.

This volume introduces Yagyu's little sister, who is not willing to let her big brother go!... Commence drama!

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This was kind of boring, not going to lie. The only real conflict came at the end with the sister-character, and it was WAAAAY over the top. I'm guessing it's call bro-con if brother to sister obsession is call sis-con? Whatever it's called, it was too much and tanked any desire I had of reading the next one in the series.

Honestly, after reading the first one, I wasn't sure any further books would have the right balance of drama to keep a reader's interest. The first book would have been perfect all on it's own. I guess series are the thing now, so more was required.

It's not bad, the artwork is pretty and the story is typical love story, only with an OTT kid sister who wants her brother's attention all for herself.

I'm going to go with a weak 3 stars. Not going to say avoid, it wasn't bad, but the kid sister character didn't do anything for me. If you like HS love stories with an OTT character, this is the series for you.

My thanks to NetGalley and Viz Media LLC for an eARC copy of this book to read and review.

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<b> I've been provided with an e-ARC of this manga in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to Netgalley and VIZ Media for the opportunity. </b>

The feels are still going strong in this one. However, with the addition of Yagyu's jealous little sister, it starts to get a little heated between her and Mizusawa. The chapters with Juri in them were kinda annoying, but then again, that's what little sisters are good for. (The age difference between my little sister and me is the same as Yagyu and Juri, so I can speak from experience).

Overall a solid, cute volume. I can't wait to see where the next one goes.

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