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Highly entertaining, emotionally thrilling roller-coaster adventure filled with interesting charters and landscape, desire and passion. An edge of your seat action packed and heart racing journey from beginning to end.
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Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m over the moon and head over heels in love with this series Aurora Rose Reynolds has created! I can’t get enough of these wild boys and their leading ladies! If you’re looking for the famous ARR BOOM, don’t hesitate to pick up this book, and overall, this series! I’ve been waiting for Maverick! Now it’s his turn to fall head over boots in love with his leading lady, and let me tell you all… this may just be the swooniest novel of the series.

Reckless is the third book in Aurora Rose Reynolds’ Adventures in Love series. This swoony romance is told from both Maverick and Jade’s point of view.

Having just had her book shop dreams implode around her, Jade decides to pack up her things and move closer to her best friend, Cybil. Being closer to her best friend, who is like a sister, and her niece is what she needs now more than anything. Her goals are to get a job. She doesn’t bargain for Cybil making her an offer she can’t refuse. A partnership between the two of them and opening a bookshop right in the sleepy little town. Jade’s dreams are about to come true for a second time…. Hopefully this time isn’t like the last. I loved everything about Jade. From her independence to her vulnerability this woman was everything. Along the way, she dated her fair share of douche canoes so I couldn’t blame her when she wanted to keep her and Maverick’s relationship quiet and just feel things out. The fear of the unknown can be a real bitch sometimes.

Maverick hasn’t had the easiest life growing up. He’s okay living the bachelor lifestyle, but as he looks around at his best friends settling down, he can’t help but wonder if there is more to life. When Jade steps into the picture, he knows there is definitely more to life. And when he can’t erase her from his mind, he decides to do something drastic. He decides to date her. Oh Maverick, this sweet man. I legit swooned throughout this whole damn novel.

The friendship level in this novel was my favorite aspect. I loved how close this group was. They had the kind of friendship where if someone was in trouble, the whole damn group would show up to rescue them. Honestly, I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face! So it should be known, half of Reckless I read while the last half I listened to the audio book while painting my barn. And believe me when I say, the folks who drove by on the road must have thought I was really happy to be painting. I’m telling you, the smiles this book took from me were huge! I loved every word, and I loved every moment!

Now onto the audiobook portion of my review. This is the first time I actually synced an audio book up with my kindle. I honestly loved the interpretation these narrators gave. I’ll definitely be considering audio books when doing outdoors projects.

Overall, I loved the Adventures In Love Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds. But I especially loved Maverick and Jade’s story. My heart still feels as light as it did yesterday. And that epic happily ever after. For a minute it was touch and go, and I was scared ARR was going to let me down. But then BOOOOOM! The magic happened. So yes, I recommend this one to everyone looking for a swoony small town romance with fresh start vibes and a lot of heart and heat. Definitely pick this one up if that sounds like it’s your type of read. You won’t regret it
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Yay! After Tanner (in Rushed) and Blake (in Risky) it is now Maverick who finds his HEA. We had already met Maverick in the first two parts of the Adventures in Love series. Because Tanner, Blake and Maverick are the co-owners of the wilderness retreat service they offer to customers.

In Risky, we had already seen that Mav sometimes disappeared for a few days at a time. In Reckless we learn why. We meet Jade, one of Cybil’s best friends, who needs a fresh start after being screwed over by her ex and after losing her job and her home. When stranded in a blizzard, Cybil and Tanner ask Maverick to save Jade. When they meet, there is some insta-attraction, but both are currently not looking for a relationship.

But of course, this is an Aurora story. So there will be some alpha male logic. Wonderful, as usual. Four out of five stars from me and special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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I think this has to be my favourite of the three books. Loved the main characters and loved the connection they have too. Also love seeing all the others too.
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I really enjoyed Jade and Maverick's story and loved the ending! Reckless was the perfect ending to this series.
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I fancy a good romance in the summer!

Reckless is great! Sparks everywhere, full of emotions, love, friendship, following dreams - this book is everything I was looking for! And not only for a summer.

Aurora Rose Reynolds is excellent and I immediately buy all her stories. I adore a quick pace, nice handsome man and adventures that makes her books real page-turnes!

Great read, awesome characters and love I will be dreaming about for many nights ;)
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4.5 stars Once again Aurora has written a heartwarming story of a woman who is trying to find herself again after falling on hard times.  Jade lost her bookstore as well as the boyfriend who never deserved her anyway.  Jade decides to start over again, moving to a small town in Montana where her best friend Cybil has moved to.  The trip starts out rather rocky when a snowstorm hits at the end of her drive, Maverick (Cybil's husband's friend) comes to Jades rescue.  While these two have met in the past, something changes when he basically comes and rescues her; Jade is forced to stay with him overnight.  There is just something so easy for the two of them, when essentially, they are strangers.  Now don't get me wrong, this is not a story of the white knight riding in and saving the lost heroine and riding off into the sunset.  Jade now has the hard part of rebuilding her life.  Very quickly, this town befriends Jade.  Her & Cybil open their own store together, along with other woman in the area.  Jade is finally setting herself back, but this time she has the guy sneaks up on herm giving her all emotions and feels she could want until he can't give her the one thing she wants, forever.  Jade and Maverick both have pasts to overcome, but now that their paths have crossed, they need to decide if their love is enough to move past it all.  Aurora did an amazing job writing this book of friendship, love and finding oneself again.
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Cute, quick read.  I just wish we had more deeper scenes between the couple. My favorite part was seeing the previous couples.
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4.5 Stars. This was a sweet, cute fast read.

After Jade's ex boyfriend lied to her about his new business, she lost all her money and her business. She decided to start new and move to a small town in Montana. She met Maverick, and wanted him, but was scared of her decisions especially after her ex-boyfriend. And oh boy. Maverick was totally book boyfriend goals!!! I love him so much. He's a broody man yet sweet to Jade.

I absolutely adore this world so much.
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This is the third book in the series but can definitely be read as a standalone.

It’s an easy read with likeable characters and a beautiful small town feel. 

I loved the chemistry between Maverick and Jade and felt like their romance felt believable. I really enjoyed it.
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Reckless is the third book in the Adventures in Love series by Aurora Rose Reynolds, but the books can be read as standalone's with no trouble. The series is based on three ex-military men who started a business, Live Life Adventures, together which offers tours in the Montana wilderness. This is Maverick and Jade’s story who we met in the previous books.
After her business and her relationship crash, Jade decides to move to Montana, where her best friend lives, to start over.  Starting a new business venture kept her busy, but she couldn’t help falling for Maverick.
Maverick had never let a woman get too close but Jade someone squeezed between the walls around his heart.  After a childhood with his mother abandoning his family, he convinced himself he never wanted to marry and have children.  Then when he saw his two friends settling down, he wanted that but thought he would never find someone he trusted enough to risk his heart on.
I have loved this series and I am sad to see the end of it.  I really enjoyed all the characters and the town of Big Sky Country.  The series has all the small-town feel-goods and left me smiling.  I highly recommend it and hope to see everyone again.
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Maverick and Jade have both been hurt. Watching them fall in love was so sweet! Neither of them thought they'd find their person, which makes it that much sweeter.

Maverick immediately is drawn to Jade so he tries to stay away at first. She just got out of a bad relationship and is not interested in putting herself back out there. I love how when they first start seeing one another, Maverick doesn't want to keep it a secret, but does for Jade. He makes her feel safe and hopeful. She makes him see that he really can have it all.

There's the perfect amount of steam and only a little conflict. This was an amazing little book!

I received an ARC for an honest review.
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This is the 3rd book in the series and is my favourite. I have loved the characters throughout the series and the chemistry between Maverick and Jade is so palpable.

My heart broke for Jade. She has been through so much and after losing her dream she is lost, hoping a new start in a new town with her best friend will help her find her way.

Jade and Maverick have met before but when she gets stuck in a snowstorm moving to her new town and Maverick comes to rescue they both start looking at things differently and the chemistry starts building up ready to explode.

I have really enjoyed this series so I am quite sad to say goodbye to these characters. I can't wait to see what AAR brings us next.
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I loved every minute of this intoxicating story. I found myself immediately connected to the two main characters, Maverick and Jade and immersed in their story.

Jade is anything but reckless and after some things happen that are beyond her control, she is afraid to take chances with her heart again. Jade has just moved from Oregon to a small town in Montana to be closer to her best friend and that is where she meets Maverick.

I loved everything about Maverick. Even though he is an alpha male, he is also warm, sensitive and caring. Maverick is reserved and careful with his heart, but he just can’t seem to resist Jade.

Maverick and Jade have a passionate relationship and I enjoyed all of their encounters. They have an immediate connection and I could feel all the sparks flying whenever they are together, even though they try to resist each other until they just can’t. Maverick and Jade try their best to keep their relationship a secret but that just doesn’t work and it’s entertaining as they try. I loved how Jade grows more trusting and comes out of her shell with Maverick. She has been hurt and moving to Montana is the best decision she has ever made.

This is the third book in The Adventures in Love series and each story is a stand alone, but all the characters are interconnected. I also enjoyed all the entertaining secondary characters in this story. They are a fun loving, large group of friends. They gossip and get into each other’s business, but always have each other's backs. This is another wonderful story by Aurora Rose Reynolds.
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I loved this one!! There was so much steam and chemistry between Mav and Jade. Spicy, steamy, swoon-worthy small town romance with the kind of attraction the characters want to deny but can't.
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Reckless is the third installment of the Adventures in Love series by Aurora Rose Reynolds.  This is a small town, little angst, light read romance. Jade is moving to Montana to start over after a break-up and losing her bookstore.  Maverick is basically more of a loner kind of guy.  Their respective best friends are married so they have met before and know very little about each other.  I have read the first and second books in this series and I enjoyed seeing the characters from the first two books in this one.

You can say that this is a slow burn romance with some instant attraction but it left me wanting more. I was very underwhelmed by this one. As I think about it, there wasn’t much character development or much of a storyline other than them not trusting in other people.  I believe this could have been better if the characters were more fleshed out and more dimension to them.  Nothing really “Reckless” in my opinion.  There were a few sweet and some spicy moments but not very many.  It does have the alpha male who is protective that is what the town of Aurora is known for, but with only a few chapters from Maverick’s point of view, it was hard to get a good idea of who Maverick is or even what he does.

However, the epilogue with the three diffident couples was very good with wrapping up the series.  I have read and reread many of Ms. Reynolds books but this one was just okay to me.
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Reckless is the third book in the Adventures in Love series. This one focuses on Maverick, the third owner of the retreat and best friends with Tanner and Blake. Jade is Cybil's best friend and we met her in book 1. Jade moves to Montana since her life took a turn for the worse back home. She reunites with Cybil and becomes more acquainted with Maverick. They start a friendship with underlying attraction. It's only a matter of time before neither can deny it and a friendship becomes more. It was interesting to see how it all will progress. Jade and Maverick were pleasant together. Both had their issues, but they just seemed to be what the other needed. It was also nice to see the closeness and friendship between all the guys and the girls. I really liked seeing how they were all there for each other. The found family and friends were strong throughout the series and I liked that. This was a series good for when you want a fast and lighthearted story. Overall, a fine quick read.
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I received an Advanced Reader Copy and am voluntarily reviewing it. Jade headed to Montana to start a new life with her best friend Cybil. Oregon had drained her dry and it was time to start over but she would have to get there first. Jade arrives to her destination safe and sound with the help of Maverick. 

Maverick is a loner when it comes to relationships. Both he and Jade are gun shy when it comes to relationships. Both feel the magnetism and attraction between them. Both do everything to ignore the obvious pull until they can’t. 

This couple is constantly fighting the past to save their relationship. Will the past tear Jade and Maverick apart before they can realize their true feelings for each other? Readers will have a distinct connection with both Jade and Maverick. Aurora is magnificent in the way she creates characters that make you care about them. Readers will love this couple just as much as they love Cybil and Tanner and Blake and Everly.
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I've absolutely adored this series and was so excited for Maverick's book. One of my favorite parts was of course revisiting friends from the first two books but also Maverick being so close with little Claire! A man holding a baby is always swoon worthy. I also liked how good he was at listening to Jade.

This book is a little more insta love than I usually prefer, but since it was part of a series I was already obsessed with I didn't mind too much.

I felt like this book went a little too fast but that may have just been my mood. 

I really enjoyed this and now kinda want to go reread the first two again because I loved them even more.

I received an advanced copy of this book through NetGalley. This is my honest review.
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Mav and Jades story is the first Ive read out of this series, from beginning to end I was rooting for them the whole time. The chemistry they have is on point, how they care for each other is my favorite. The small town romance with all their friends around them had everyone rooting for them in the end after a conflict appeared. The ending was fantastic. Now I must go back and read the others. :) cant wait to see how the series turns out
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