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This was a fun read, I enjoyed the familiar and friend dynamic. It was really emotional and surprising! I loved the story and the characters. Definitely would recommend it!
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I received an eARC copy via NetGalley. I had a bit of trouble getting into this book initially. I started and stopped ready probably 3 times. On my 4th attempt I decided I was going to give it a go and read through the first half of the book to see if it would grow on me. It did!! I think the first quart to half of the book had a lot going on and dealing with the friendship thing and ALL the friends just kind of lost me in the beginning, but once things between Henry and Len started getting a little more involved the story really took off for me there. I love how they both tried to work through the idea of being more than friends and seeing their initial struggles and challenges with Growing up, family, friends, their sexuality, and love really made the 2nd half of the book to me. Definitely recommend this one.
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I really enjoyed the humor and the family and friend dynamic. However, the conflict that happens later in the book consists of overused tropes and is *magically* resolved. There were also some heavier topics mentioned that I would have liked to see explored.
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Sometimes this book is laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes serious, and other times perfectly romantic. A sweet charmer of a tale. A pleasing page-turner about high school boys who fall in love. Quick dialogue in a speedy tale. Not at all boring. Gay all the way, which is enlightening and endearing. A fun read that adults and teens alike can read and enjoy, perhaps even together to discuss. A keeper here. Readable all the way.
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This was a cute and quick read. I think I read it in about a day and enjoyed it thoroughly. For fans of Patrick Ness and David Levithan.
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Este libro se me hizo parecido al libro de Simon Homosapiens ( creo que ese fue uno de los títulos que le colocaron en español).  ES un libro fácil de leer, con interacciones divertidas y tiernas y con un lindo mensaje. Sin duda lo recomendaría enormemente.

Gracias Netgalley por el ejemplar a cambio de una reseña honesta
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This was a heart-warming and heart-wrenching friends-to-lovers and coming-of-age novel that hit all the right emotional beats and had me so hooked I was at risk of missing by stop on the subway. Charming, funny, and tender, this was a great read!
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"Henry Hamlet's Heart" by Rhiannon Wilde is a sparkling and heartfelt queer YA romance set in the city of Brisbane.  The narrative of the novel follows Henry Hamlet, the main character, as he tries to balance the difficulties of friendship and love during his final semester of year twelve.

The relationship between Henry and Len, his best friend, was among the aspects of this book that I found particularly interesting. Their friendship is a key element of the narrative, and I found myself caring about it just as much as I did about the romance subplot. Len's mysterious and attractive personality stood in stark contrast to Henry's clumsy and neurotic one, which allowed for an intriguing and nuanced exploration of the differences and similarities that can exist within a friendship.

Although the book is mostly about romance, it also touches on some significant topics about identity and self-discovery. I loved how the author depicted Henry's path without avoiding the awkward and difficult situations that frequently go along with growing up. Henry's battles with his sentiments and his place in the world were real and relatable.

The way "Henry Hamlet's Heart" was able to blend the emotional weight of its issues with a lighthearted and enjoyable tone was one of the things I found particularly amazing. The book is plenty of adorable scenes that made me smile, but it also tackles some serious subjects without coming off as unduly theatrical or heavy-handed.

I believe it is reasonable to say that readers will be able to identify with at least one of the story's characters because they are all quite realistic. The characters are also authentic to their motives, which encourages readers to root for them. After the book is over, readers will probably miss having the characters in our daily lives.

In conclusion, Rhiannon Wilde's "Henry Hamlet's Heart," tackles the nuances of love and friendship with warmth, humor, and insight. It's a book that tackles a weighty subject in a lighthearted manner, has an easy-to-follow plot, and has characters we might run into on a regular basis. Fans of YA romance and anyone looking for a novel that will make them feel good about the world should read this one.
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I went into Henry Hamlet’s Heart not expecting much, and ended up getting a totally sweet, impactful and heartfelt coming of age romance. Henry Hamlet is starting his final year of school, and doesn’t know who he is. He’s smart, a little shy and best friends with Len, who is popular and can get any girl. They also hang with three other boys who are wonderful and funny in their own ways (including an emo and a jock). This is a slice of life story that follows Henry as he navigates school and his future, and mostly importantly, his newfound feelings for Len. 

Henry and Len share a kiss during a game of truth or dare, which results in some of the most intense and well-written pining I have ever read.  The romance between these boys is so tender, yet feels so true to actual teenage boy behavior. They can barely share their feelings with each other, and I think the miscommunication in this makes perfect sense for two teenage boys who have no experience talking about feelings. This works because Henry and Len are so easy to root for, despite the messes they make. 

This story takes place in Australia in 2008, and it shows! I feel like a learned a lot about the school system there and I appreciated the throwback references. The National is mentioned twice, and there’s one particularly emotion scene involving “Luck You”. While some might get annoyed by these references, I loved them. I already cry every time I listen to The National and now I have a reason (sort of).

Ultimately this was great. There’s a likable supporting cast, a ton of angst and enough finding yourself moments for any Alice Oseman fan. This will also work for Becky Albertelli lovers, or anyone looking for a little queer joy! Henry Hamlet forever!
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Thank you to NetGalley, Charlesburg Teen, and Rhiannon Wilde for this ARC. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I found this coming of age and coming out story charming and fun to read at times. In addition, I think it did a great job of capitalizing on such a short timeline around the final month of high school.

Overall, this novel fell flat for me in that it did not stick out from any other queer, YA coming out stories I have read in the past. I know the author had been writing this since 2015 and I think had it came out earlier it would have met the critical acclaim of that era of queer literature.

Furthermore, outside of our 2 main characters all supporting characters felt unmemorable or interesting in their characterization which caused me to mix up Henry’s main friend group up consistently throughout the book. 

Finally, I really wanted to enjoy this book, but found large issues in the pacing having the give up and restart it 3 times.

If you’ve never read queer YA I think this could be a good read because there is nothing inherently wrong with it and it quite light and fluffy. However, if you have dipped your toes into the genre before I would pass on this book.
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Henry Hamlet's Heart is a really sweet queer coming of age story. It's a pretty easy read, and the characters are very likeable and very engaging. It has really cute friends to lovers vibes. Super relaxing, easy afternoon read. 

I would recommend if you enjoyed Love Simon or enjoy young adult romances.
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Absolutely love it. It really surprised me. This was a lot better I thought it was going to be. Recomendable for everyone to read. Great story, great characters
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Thank you to NetGalley and Charlesbridge Teen for providing me with an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I feel a bit conflicted about my review.
While I loved the relatability and authenticity of the characters as well as the Australian setting, I did not enjoy the writing style at all.

The first part was just a bit too long for my liking, especially since some parts of their daily school life dragged on unnecessarily.
Additionally, many of the important issues that were brought up in the book never got truly discussed or resolved, which caused me to not want to root for our mc and his love interest as they fought a lot more than to actually be in love with each other.
I just felt that they worked better as friends than an actual couple.

What the author managed to do very well though, was defeating the romanticised and stereotypical high-school romance that is often seen in typical ya novels.

Overall, this was an easy, but forgettable read.
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Henry Hamlet's heart is everything I personally wish for in a YA book. There is heartbreak, longing, unrequited (?) Feelings, a lot of kissing, getting to know each other and so many great question about feelings, sexuality and identity. 

Even though one could argue that the pacing takes it's time and the middlepart of the book could be shorter, I felt like Henry and I needed the time to sort things out and get there, to his deserved happy ending. 

Bonus points for the great representation if neurodiversity!
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WOWOWOW! This is what I call a good book. The writing was so gorgeously written and so deeply relatable. The characters were eloquently written and felt so real. Wilde needs to keep writing how they are writing, because I will buy every one of their books. I legit cried while reading.
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I may just be a bit burnt out on coming of age stories personally or I might just be too old for them at the moment, but this book was a bit of a let down to me. I would still recommend it to younger/teen readers, but I just don't think it was for me. It might be a book I come back to at a later date to see if it was just YA burn out
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If you need a quick queer pick me up story, this is the perfect book for you! You'll enjoy the friendship dynamics in this one and the characters are easy to love and relate to. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes lighthearted queer books!
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Fantastic friendship dynamics. Relatable. Overall a good slice-of-life type book. I love a good friends to lovers plot line and it hooks me on every single time.
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Henry Hamlet's Heart is a sweet, queer, coming of age story. Divided into three separate sections, Wilde takes us from Hamlet's first acceptance of his sexuality through his first love. 

In her debut novel, Wilde paints a rich and vivid world set in an all boys school in Australia. Henry Hamlet and his family and absolutely charming and I just wanted to spend more time with them.

I feel like the reader was left to fill in a lot of gaps with Len and got a more superficial overview of his life, which definitely left me wanting more.
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very cute, well writen gay coming of age story! henry is likable enough 

thank you netgalley for the arc !
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