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A nice start to a new series!  Mallory, fresh from a divorce and tired of her job as a forensic nurse, has moved back to Hillspring, Arkansas to start a horse (and donkey) rescue operation. It's not all great though- especially because her neighbor Albert, who has a high end horse operation-doesn't think her rescue is a good look for the area.  And then he's murdered!  Of course, Malloy comes under suspicion and of course she, along with her friends, are going to find the truth.  Albert was not well loved but who killed him?  It's a classic cozy with a twist (and a romantic interest).  It's the first books there's some worldbuilding and not all the characters are fully fleshed out but it's fun.  And it's got Biscuit.  Thanks to netgalley for the ARC.  Looking forward to the next one.
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I gave Canter With a Killer by Amber Camp 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mallory Martin left her marriage and her unfulfilling job to move back to her hometown of Hillspring, Arkansas, and start a horse rescue. It’s everything she’s been missing, with paddocks of happy horses and one very quirky donkey. But when her cantankerous neighbor and longtime critic, Albert Cunningham, is found murdered in his fancy show barn, Mallory becomes suspect number one. Since Sheriff Grady Sullivan is ignoring all good sense and focusing only on Mallory, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

………….. REVIEW …………..

This was probably my last summer read for a while. A cute book with many likable cozy companions. Especially Biscuits, the donkey 🐴

I gave this book 4 stars, or more like 3.75. The mystery was okay, but my main suspect from the beginning turned out to be the one so maybe it was a bit too easy to figure out?

I will have my eyes open for book number two and can recommend this to other cozy mystery lovers out there 🤗

This book comes out 11 October

Thank you Net Galley and Crooked Lane Books for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Mallory Martin has left her unfulfilling marriage to begin a horse rescue operation in her hometown in the Ozarks. Her rescue is next door to a fancy quarter horse breeding farm with a very cantankerous owner named Albert Cunningham who is constantly complaining that her operation is an eyesore. When Albert is found murdered in his fancy show barn, Mallory becomes the prime suspect.

Since Mallory feels that the sheriff is focusing on her alone, she begins her own investigation and finds a few possible alternate suspects. Heather Rogerd, the owner of a local organic farm, has had many loud arguments with Albert about her complaints that he is polluting a stream the runs through her farm. And Philip Atwood was in the process of suing Albert for access to some land Philip owned that was blocked by Albert's land. Albert had taken out a restraining order to keep him from doing more mischief on his land. 

Unfortunately, both Heather and Philip had strong alibis for the time of Albert's murder. But since Mallory knows she isn't guilty; she is trying to break their alibis. Both of them are threatening her with harassment.

Mallory isn't alone as she tries to prove her innocence. Her lawyer ex-husband shows up which gives her a chance to clear the air about their divorce even if he isn't much help in her murder investigation. She also has childhood friends - Lanie and Bill - who are definitely on her side and supportive. As are her two young volunteers - Ashley and Tanner. Also, she makes a new friend in local lawyer Andy Hannigan who is by her side even though he doesn't usually practice criminal law. 

I enjoyed this story even though I had figured out who the murderer was pretty quickly. I enjoyed watching Mallory interact with her rescues and dust off her old investigative skills. This was an entertaining mystery.
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Easy escapist read that I enjoyed on a hot and humid day.  Decent plotting, decent characters but overall, nothing utterly memorable.
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The first book in the Horse Rescue cozy mystery series, Canter with a Killer is the debut book by Amber Camp. This is a fantastic opening to this series. Ms. Camp grabbed my attention from the very beginning. I enjoy reading cozy mysteries and this one kept me guessing. The characters are all well-developed and likable. I really liked Biscuit, the remarkable rescue donkey. The pace is just right and the path to solving the mystery lots of fun. I sure didn't want to put this book down before I found out whodunit!
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It is always delightful to read a cozy with a animal rescue theme. This author's debut is set around a horse rescue that is wonderful to read for  all animal lovers .  I love the protagnist who is a great champion for animals and determined to make her rescue stable a success through saving horses lives. Thank you to the publisher, to Net Galley and to the author for the opportunity. My review opinions are my own. 

The setting is in a charming small town in Arkansas at a new horse rescue owned by Mallory. She said goodbye to her former life, got rid of her unfulling husband and started her dream of a horse resuce.  Mallory is savvy , smart and a very likable protagnist for this series.   The small town harbors a killer and when a neighbor is  murdered Mallory falls under suspicion. She takes control and enlists her friends and co workers at the stable to help clear her name. As the suspects add up so do the red herrings as clues abound . Mallory meets a possible romantic interest and sets that aside as she works to clear her good name.  

I loved this new series and look forward to the next book. The author did a excellent job of setting the story for further adventures of Mallory and her stable.  It is a fast paced well plotted mystery and a fun read ! Well done to the author.
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Canter with a Killer is a well-written book by Amber Camp, who provides a fascinating mystery with plenty of suspects to keep the reader guessing up to the very end. The characters are relatable and the setting of the horse rescue farm is unique in a large field of cozy mysteries as well as educational and well-researched.
However, the book bogs down repeatedly in excessive details. I ended up scanning entire sections of the book in order to stay in the story and would guess that by the time I finished the book I had skimmed over about a third of it. As the old saying goes, less is more, something this author should give some consideration to, because in this case more is tedious and tempts the reader to put the book down entirely.
Once you wade through the superfluous data though, the actual mystery is worth the read. 
Thank you to #NetGalley and #CrookedLaneBooks for the ARC of #CanterwithaKiller.
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I have mixed feelings about this book.  I read alot of thrillers or mysteries, so, as much as I hate to say it, I thought it would be my kind of book when there was a murder.  I did enjoy that.  I enjoy trying to solve the puzzle.  I enjoyed the setting of a small town.  I loved that this woman left a succesful career to come home and open a resuce for animals.  It's such a noble thing for a person to do and animals are near and dear to me.  

Unfortunately, as much as I loved what the lady was doing with the rescue, I didn't care for her otherwise.  She seemed rather entitled.  I could understand some of her frustration but she was old enough to understand how things work and why things have to be done a certain way.  Everyone is not against you, but they have jobs to do.  In reality, I feel she would have been arrested for interfering.  She was also naive or something.  She had a hard time seeing thngs.  I just didn't care for her at all.

As for the mystery itself, it was one of those where there was a finite number of suspects.  I felt more than one could be almost immediately eliminated.  I figured out before the end who did it.  When obvious people were ruled out, it just made sense.  Why would people do certain things for seemingly no reason?  

In conclusion, I didn't really care for it.  I did read it fairly quickly.  Some people may really like it.  It just wasn't for me.
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A quick read that keeps you engaged as Mallory tries to clear her name as a murderer. a light hearted read that is laid back in a way that suits the setting that the book is placed in. I loved Mal and her best friend too! Amber Camp has given such endearing personalities to all the characters that you will not help falling in love with them, especially the animals. a good book to pick up and read on a vacation or when commuting. glad that read this. Thank you Netgalley for this ARC.
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This was an decent start to a new mystery series. It set up the characters and the setting. While I didn't love it, I can see how other readers will.
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**canter with a killer**
Copaganda/police involvement: Sheriff Grady Sullivan, a Guy - suspects Mallory for mURDER
Supporting characters: Mallory's college-age assistants, Lanie and Tanner
Narrator: Mallory Martin, former forensic nurse and now A MURDER SUSPECT and also a Horse Rescue Person
Main sleuth(s): Mallory Martin
What kind of animals are involved: Horses. Also a little spotted dog
Location: Hillspring, Arkansas
Sub-location: Hillspring, Horse Rescue
Recipes: No :<
Notes on the puns of the title: 2/10
Further Notes: No sex scenes, some swearing
Series #:  A Horse Rescue Mystery 1
Mystery notes: Mallory was kind of a jerk to everyone while Sleuthing, and focused more on motives and was personally biased towards people she liked.
Magic?: No
Theme: Horses?

Overall, a solid 3-star mystery; plus for no copaganda, negatives for no recipes and also I am not super interested in horses.
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Cute book, but I couldn’t quite connect with the protagonist; not sure why she was so antagonistic with the sheriff, and old friend. He never said she was a killer! She was also constantly making a choice and then changing her mind; her ex drove all the way there and she decides she was wrong and he should leave? Also, it was pretty easy to guess who the killer actually was. As for the other suspects, would be nice if there was a little follow-up.
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⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Thanks for the ARC. What can I say? I didn't  want to put this book down once I started reading it. I did but could not wait to get back to reading it. I loved it. Will recommend!
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Hello, Crooked Lane Books and Netgalley. 

The file that came into my Kindle has all of the paragraphs without indentions. Thus, the reading process of this arc is not easy on the eyes or enjoyable. 

Unfortunately, I found this poor formatting with several of the cozy mystery tiles from Crooked Lane books. 

The only two that were formatted correctly and readable were A Christmas Candy Killing and A Good Day To Pie, both of which I loved. I will post reviews for those books later this Fall on my blog and include the links. 

List of Crooked Lane Books that are incorrectly formatted are;

Death by Margins
Dead Men Don’t Decorate
The Game Is A Footnote
Calypso, Corpses, and Cooking
Streetcar Named Murder
Snuffed Out
Hidden in the Pines 
Canter With A Killer
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*I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

Mallory Martin decided to leave here marriage and her job she does not like to go back to her hometown and start a horse rescue. She loves leading the rescue which has paddocks full of happy horses and one smart and weird donkey! Her neighbor Albert Cunningham is not a fan of the rescue as he has show horses. 

So when he is found dead in his barn, Mallory becomes murder suspect number one and must do all she can to clear her name, especially since Sheriff Grady Sullivan, a long time friend of Mallory, seems to only focus on her as a suspect. Together with her best friend Lanie, rescue volunteer Tanner and even with a little help of her ex husband, Mallory dives into the investigation to find the real murderer.

I had to get into the story a little bit, but when I did I could not stop reading! I loved the horse rescue setting and the characters were very enjoyable to read. I felt so sad for Mallory that her long time friend did not believe her and I was on the edge of my seat on how it was to unfold. I kinda figured out who did it quickly, but I still very, very much enjoyed the story and I hope a second installment will come!!
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I received an advance copy via NetGalley.

What a fun mystery from a debut author! Camp demonstrates horse knowledge and intimacy with Northwest Arkansas in this kick-off to a new series following a horse rescue farm owner. In this book, Mallory, a forty-something divorced woman with a college-going daughter, is accused of murdering her cranky and wealthy neighbor. It grabbed me from page one and I zoomed through in about a day. Truly, this book is the epitome of cozy. Mallory is a savvy fairly savvy amateur investigator--and she needs to be, as she is the prime suspect. There's a romantic subplot with some nice twists and turns. Revelations and tension keep up a perfect pace. I correctly guessed at the guilty party about halfway through, but that didn't detract from my enjoyment one bit because there were still plenty of surprises as the climax neared. I genuinely enjoyed Mallory as a character. She's my age, curvy, and loves food without shame--hooray!

The thematic elements of the cozy were so well done, too. The author knows horses and the work it takes to maintain a property. I loved seeing Northwest Arkansas used as a setting. My in-laws live there and I have a more than passing familiarity with the place; Hillspring, the fictional Ozark small town in the book, definitely reminded me of Eureka Springs.

This is a series I would love to keep reading!
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I have never experienced such disparity in viewpoints of reviews for a book as 'Canter with a Killer.'  I for one enjoyed it immensely.  Mallory Martin has returned to her Arkansas hometown after a divorce to start a horse rescue with the help of delightful volunteers and anonymous donors.  After she is threatened by a neighbor and he ends up murdered life becomes more complicated.  I just plain liked this story, and hope there are more in the works.  

I received a co9mplimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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Thank you NetGalley, Amber Camp and Crooked Lane Books for the ARC Canter with a Killer. This is my personal review.
This is the first book of the  A Horse Rescue Mystery series. I was drawn to the book by the cover and the story based on Mallory Martin starting horse rescue. This was a different setting than other cozy mystery series I have read.
The murder has her at the main suspect. This made her determined to solve the crime and clear her name. The book had just the right combination of characters along with the twists and turns to not let me figure out who was guilty.
This is the perfect for a new series and I look forward to the next in the series.
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"Canter with a Killer" is a cozy mystery. Having read hundreds of cozy mysteries, I nominate Mallory as the most annoying, childish main character that I've encountered. She's in her forties but acted like a fifteen-year-old. Her college-age rescue helpers were much more responsible and mature. Mallory occasionally had epiphanies, like realizing that she's been impatient and judgmental. But she always justified her behavior and didn't seem to realize that these were her norm. She had a terrible temper (often aimed at the undeserving), and she felt it was justified because it felt so good to go off on someone. Let's add self-centered to the list. She hated when the police searched her home legally, but then decided to break into the home of one of her suspects and snoop around. It wasn't even clear what she was looking for. She realized she would be breaking the law and even briefly felt bad about going through his closets, file cabinets, and computer, but she justified it as "he might be guilty" and therefore he deserved it. So it's okay for her, but not the cops?

From the beginning, the sheriff assured her that he didn't think her guilty but needed her cooperation to rule her out. Her response was to get a lawyer, investigate on her own, and tell everyone that she's the #1 suspect. Even though the sheriff proved that she wasn't his only or even main suspect, she yelled at him for not considering other suspects. She respected no one and blamed others for believing her the #1 suspect when, hello, she's the main one spreading that rumor.

She had a handful of suspects and looked mostly for motives. She overlooked possible suspects and focused on people she didn't like. She never found out exactly how or when the victim died. She jumped to (wrong) conclusions and acted on them. She was rude to the people who tried to help her. For example, she asked her (rather nice) ex-husband, a lawyer, to help, then blocked his texts because he didn't find her a lawyer fast enough to suit her, then mostly ignored him when he showed up to help. He concluded that she hated him, and she's shocked that he could think that. Really?! Anyway, the author made the clues very, very "look at that!" obvious, so I had whodunit figured out as soon as we met whodunit. I identified the clue that would solve the case way back at the beginning of the story. So no puzzle to distract from Mallory's appalling behavior.

Finally, I live in the very area that "Hillspring" is fictionally located. I've never met such friendly, polite, nice people anywhere else I've lived, but this book makes us seem like bitter, mean, backbiting people out to sue all of our neighbors. It's also very safe in this area. People are extremely unlikely to point a shotgun at you, especially if the public is welcomed on their land. Being a cozy mystery meant Cabot Cove had hundreds of murders, but it still came across as a nice town. Yet this author's Hillspring makes it sound like you should do everything you can to avoid the area.

There was occasional use of bad language. There were no sex scenes.
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I really did enjoy this cozy mystery. The amateur sleuth, Mallory was the top suspect in the murder of her neightbor..  She is a great amateur.sleuth  She was questioning everybody she suspected. I did not figure out who the murderer was and that was at the last clue. A GOOD READ
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