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TREASURE STATE is the 6th novel in “The Highway Quartet” series featuring Cassie Dewell, who formerly had been a partner with Cody Hoyt in law enforcement, a highly effective investigator who was plagued by alcoholism and could often be his own worst enemy (for those who haven’t read other books in this series the excellent “BACK OF BEYOND” is the 1st book in the series and is well worth reading).

Cassie has a history of solving difficult cases, and often had to overcome discrimination by male law enforcement peers and supervisors in doing so, including the case of “The Lizard King”.

Having accomplished solving her most difficult case, Cassie decides she’d rather work on cases as an independent private investor as she’s had her fill of male opposition and the restraints she’s forced to deal with in her law enforcement career.

TREASURE STATE is a novel that involves Cassie being contacted by an anonymous person who is supposed to be behind a missing treasure that includes hints being displayed on the chalkboard of a local restaurant, that results in an unknown number of treasure hunters searching to locate the elusive buried treasure, thereby causing death and injury to several who’ve been obsessed with finding it.

Can she find the clues that will help her in her search for information on who the anonymous person is behind all of this, thereby ensuring the end of the danger posed to the treasure hunters?

Cassie is the leading character in this novel and the series who is somewhat unusual in that she’s not a beauty queen; rather she’s a woman who struggles with her weight and is a single mother to a teenage son, and who has to deal with having the “support” of her critical mother ( who only adds to her insecurities).

I’d recommend this book and all others in the series to fans of C.J. Box, and to any who have (or haven’t) read his other excellent books in the “Joe Pickett” series.

4 stars.
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This CJ Box book is also popular with my patrons.  It goes out weekly and a fast read.  Thanks Netgalley for letting me preview the book for our little libraY!  Bought and is being enjoyed!
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I'm a fan of C.j. Box, and presumably this series is an attempt to cultivate a female following to complement his existing base. It works pretty well. For my part, I prefer the Joe Pickett series, perhaps because of my Y chromosome, but I enjoyed this novel and think it'll make an excellent series.
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I've read so many CJ Box books and enjoy the Cassie Dewell series almost as much as Joe Pickett, but he remains my favorite. 

Cassie's challenges as a female character in a male law enforcement world are a great addition to his series. She's a strong woman character without losing her femininity - which is good. She is smart and thinks fast. I have read 3-4 in the series. This story was very entertaining -- especially with recurring serial killer character - the Lizard King.
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In this 6th in the series, Cassie (now a Montana PI) hunts for both a con man and for buried treasure. 

She has been hired by a wealthy widow in Florida to track down a con man who stole millions from her. The trail takes Cassie to a former copper mining town - Anaconda, Montana. 

Another case is even more strange. Adventurers are seeking a buried treasure, based on a poem circulating online.

Cassie comes up against a very charming con man and a very cold killer, yet all's well that ends well and the treasure is ultimately found.
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Treasure State is the 6th book in the Highway Quartet series by C. J. Box. Released 27th Sept 2022 by Macmillan on their Minotaur imprint, it's 288 pages and is available in hardcover, audio, and ebook formats. Paperback due out in second quarter 2023. It's worth noting that the ebook format has a handy interactive table of contents as well as interactive links and references throughout. I've really become enamored of ebooks with interactive formats lately.

Cassie Dewell is a 40 something single mom and PI based in Bozeman Montana. This story turns on a dual plot - a buried treasure hunt and a high flying charming con man who steals from rich women.  The author is both gifted and experienced with pacing, setting, and dialogue. It's exciting, fast paced, and readable. 

The unabridged audiobook has a run time of 9 hours 20 minutes and is capably narrated by Christina Delaine.  She has a warm and smoky deep contralto and handles the western accents believably. I alternated between the electronic and audio formats and didn't find her narration intrusive at all.

Four stars. The mystery and solution are self-contained, but there are interactions with returning characters which will be spoiled to some degree by being read out of order. With 6 books extant in the series (5 of which chiefly feature Cassie in a central role), it would be a good choice for a series binge read. 

Highly recommended for fans of modern PI stories, especially westerns.  Really enjoyable.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes
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Thanks so much to St. Martin's Press/Minotaur Books and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in return for my honest review.
	I have heard so much about C.J. Box, but have never had the opportunity until now to read one of his books. This new book is from his Highway series and features Cassie Dewell, a PI in Montana. Even though this is the 6th book of the series, I had no trouble with jumping in. Box uses enough references to some of the other books in the series so that all makes sense. Here Cassie is working on two different cases. One involves finding the identity of a man who began a Treasure Hunt for a huge chest of gold and hid clues in a poem. In addition she is trying to track down a missing Florida PI, and help this clients recover the money that a man swindled from them. A good plot and believable characters. I enjoyed this book and want to read more of the authors other works.
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I love C. J. Box books but have not become a fan of the Cassie Dewell stories.  Bitterroots was good but there is much time in between and one forgets the characters.  Private Investigator Cassie Dewell’ is looking for a con man who’s disappeared somewhere in Montana.  A wealthy Florida widow has accused him of stealing money, and wants Cassie to find him and get it back. But things are not what they seem in Anaconda.  Cassie is also working to discover whether a poem that promises buried treasure to one lucky person has led to five deaths among treasure-hunters. But Cassie’s client doesn’t want the treasure; he wants Cassie to try to find him. I thought the stories were very complicated and didn't mess well.
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I am loving where CJ is taking us readers with Cassie. She is a character I can get behind. She knows her flaws. She knows her strengths. She knows how to survive.

This book brought a whole new element to the characters we already know. And added some new characters we should hope to see again.

Once again, Cassie is on a mission to solve multiple crimes but also maintain her relationship with her now teenage son. Old friends reappear, along with old nemises. New devils pop up. And Cassie is up to the task.

This book was a good paced, interesting, and fun read. I am hoping this isn't the end of road for this series. I am enjoying the ups and downs for Cassie and her posse.
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A twist on the true story of Forest Fenn's treasure with Cassie Dewell tracking down the anonymous author of the treasure "map". Who doesn't love a treasure hunt!? Cassie apparently but that doesn't stop her from doing her job. She also is following up tracking down a Florida PI's hunt for a man conning single, wealthy women out of their millions when he mysteriously disappears in a small Montana town. 

Well-paced with lots of action to keep the pages turning. An a surprise crossover character to bring a smile to CJ Box fans. 

Many thanks to St. Martins Press and NetGalley for providing me with an copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Cassie Dewell is a private investigator in Montana with a successful business. Her company has been hired by Candyce Fly, a widow who gave much of her fortune to a man who then took off with it. She wants Cassie to find this con man and hopefully her money as well. Cassie has also been hired by Sir Scott to find Sir Scott. Treasure hunters have been searching for his treasure, aided by a clue-filled poem left by Sir Scott, and he wants to see if Cassie can discover his true identity. Not only will these cases keep Cassie busy, that will keep her on her toes if she hopes to survive; people will do dangerous things to keep their secrets buried. 

Treasure State was a novel that was just okay in my opinion. I liked that I did not feel lost, even though this is the sixth book in the The Highway Quartet series, and that Cassie is a tough intelligent woman, but it also felt almost like this was the type of book that follows a repeated formula; I could almost anticipate what would happen next at various times. Box used a nonlinear timeline to reveal relevant plot points, but most of the revelations did not surprise me. This book did not really do it for me.
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I've read many books by CJ Box and have enjoyed them all. This one was no different. Fast paced, and easy to follow along with characters I've come to know and love. I highly recommend this book.
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Cassie's business was is booming  and the case She is tending to next deals with a con man.  A wealthy widow from Florida has implicated the man, saying he stole her fortune.  She wants him found and would like all her money returned.  Cassie ends up in Anaconda, Montana a place where blending in is easy.  She soon realizes that her client might not have been forth coming with all the information she needs to find this con man.  Meanwhile she has another case that is really up there on the strange meter.  She is being pulled in two directions and wonders if she will be able to solve either case.   Follow she follows the clues in hopes of finding a con man and at the same time a man of mystery.  Can she solve the cases before something bad happens?
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C.J. Box is back with his latest Cassie Dewell mystery, Treasure State, and it marks the first time a character from the Joe Pickett novels makes an appearance. Joe and Marybeth's adoptive daughter, April Pickett, is an intern with Dewell Investigations in Montana, where she mostly does paperwork and whatever task Cassie gives her.

Cassie has been working hard on her most recent case. Candyce Fly, a wealthy Florida widow, enlists her services to investigate the disappearance of private eye J. D. Spengler. After Marc Daly stole millions of dollars from Candyce, she hired Spengler to track him down. In Anaconda, Montana, a strange tiny town with an elusive sheriff who may or may not be on a bender, Cassie looks into Spengler's last known location.

An unidentified customer who claimed to be the author of the poem Sir Scott's Treasure approached Cassie before the Spengler case. Many people who have read the poem, which strangely emerged in a Manhattan eatery, believe the treasure is real and is probably buried someplace in Montana. The Montana landscape has claimed the lives of many treasure hunters who have searched for it. More individuals are joining the search for Sir Scott's Treasure because of an online forum, including Cassie's old friend Kyle Westergaard, 19, who hopes to uncover the purported gold treasure so he can pay for his grandmother's medical expenses.  

The author wants the treasure recovered by heeding the poem's hints, not the author's identity. In exchange for payment for her time, the author wants Cassie to utilize her investigative prowess to discover his or her identity. It wasn't until someone broke into her office, probably searching for information about the treasure, that Cassie started to get involved in the investigation.

Since I finished Treasure State in two days, you might conclude that I was completely engrossed in the story. Because there are two compelling narratives, it's more like two tales. However, the conclusions come across as a bit hasty, which raises the possibility that the author lost steam at the end. I would have been happy with this book even if it had been an extra 100 pages, just enough to give the endings a little more depth. Despite this, Treasure State is still a fantastic book to read, and I thought April Pickett was a great addition. Let's hope Joe Pickett shows up in the next installment.╌★★★★✰
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basically two mysteries, one being multi-pronged. Cassie has gotten a call from a woman in Florida who has lost her private investigator and would like to hire Cassie, not to find him, but to pick up where he left off. Candyce Fly was a woman of a certain age, and she was wealthy. Well, she had been, until a man had bilked millions out of her. She had hired a man named Spengler to locate the scum, but he had disappeared, too. She wanted Cassie to find the gigolo and bring him to justice. If she found Spengler, too, well, that would be just fine. Cassie called Spengler’s office in Florida and sweet-talked the researcher there to send her all Spengler’s file on this case. He had done a lot of work. It turns out there were other women, too. This man had stolen millions. Her second case was to find the man who had written the poem which potentially held clues to finding a $3 million dollar treasure. He wanted to to hire her to find him. He was taunting her. It was very odd. Well, she could do two things a once. 

Obviously there is a lot of nuance to both of these cases. There are other people involved. It actually was fairly easy for someone with Cassie’s skills and contacts to solve both mysteries. But, while doing it she put herself and others in danger. She did save at least one life, though, probably two. They were complex mysteries, well-plotted, and well-communicated as each one played out for the reader. Cassie is good, but even she misses things. She has a gut that works well and leads her to solutions. She is an excellent character and this was a good book. 

I was invited to read an e-ARC of Treasure State by Minotaur, through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine. #Netgalley #Minotaur #CJBox #TreasureState
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C.J. Box always, always spins a great story and this is no exception. I am a fan of the Joe Pickett series but had not read any of the Highway Quartet Series. Cassie Dewell as a P.I. is clever and daring and her capabilities make sense. She has more than one puzzling case to solve. The novel opens with a break in at her new office, a call from a mysterious man who claims to have written "the" poem that started hundreds looking for the treasure he hid two years earlier, and a frantic call from an upper class woman in Florida who was conned out of her fortune. Thrown in the mix is the inexplicable disappearance of the first PI the woman hired.

Cassie is a former police office, with a past that complicates her relationship with police and sheriff's offices. She travels to Anaconda, a former copper mining town, with abandoned mines. This was the last place the missing PI was seen and there is some reason to believe the con man lives in Montana. Through persistence, research, interviews, the ability to talk people into things and knowing when to get help, Cassie works through her various tasks, turns over lots of rocks, takes risks she shouldn't  take.  A well written story with the usual parade of interesting characters resolves in some surprising and some predictable ways but all in a manner that gives pleasure.

I get a kick out of Cassie's mother Isobel, an MSNBC watching hippie who serves as a receptionist for the business and is jealous of the new intern, April. I am Isobel. I root for her while her daughter stresses out over Isobel's loose lips, late arrival and pettiness. On that flip side, I am a bit turned off by some of the pandemic language in the book showing Cassie thinks it's pretty much BS when she challenges the beliefs of a guy who is hyper quarantining  and worrying about new strains when everyone else is out and about. That's me too. Sort of. But, these characters serve as stereotypes to make points here and there and Cassie is a fully wrought character who goes after corrupt cops, who seeks justice and who is raising a son and moving through life as a complex and successful human being. If she has a quality or two I don't like, well, she ought to. I plan to go back and read more of this series. There are hints of a major Cassie Dewall case that includes a character in Treasure State who is really interesting, Kyle Westergaard, a young man with some developmental issues who she met during a very scary time. His story is one of my favorites in Treasure State.

Box's writing style is a favorite, capturing Montana scenery and the humanity of even a passing character. You just want to go there after reading his novels. Highly recommend.
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Private investigator Cassie Dewell has just been hired by two people with very different needs. One is a lady looking for the man who stole her fortune, and the other is a man asking Cassie to find him.
He claims to have written a poem that will lead to treasure. Whilst people are dying in the hunt for the elusive bounty, Cassie sets her sights on tracking him down and at the same time helping her first client too.
The trail for both of her quests take her to the mining town of Anaconda in Montana. A town that has its secrets and hides a dark side, but does it hold the secrets that Cassie is looking for?
CJ Box writes with a class and style unlike any other author. He is a master at bringing the outdoors to life. Box creates a tense and riveting story that draws the reader in and doesn’t let go until the end. This is Cassie Dewell at her finest. 
Another outstanding book by one of the best authors around. Just brilliant.
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Cassie Dewell is back and doing her best in the private investigation world. Following what was a contentious shooting of a uniformed officer in her previous encounter with death, Dewell is at the forefront of a long and mysterious hunt for a conman swindling millions. 

Cassie Dewell has a long and well notarized career in law enforcement, even though it is overshadowed by actions of others along the way. From being a rookie cop being taught by an experienced veteran to the life of a private investigator, she has seen the worst in humanity. This isn’t a Lizard King follow up, this is a story of redemption for those who have lost everything. Only if she’s able to put the pieces together and find the culprit. 

Candace Fly, widowed millionaire, is living her best south Florida life when Marc Daly comes along and woos her to no end. His charm, appeal, ability to listen, and capacity to indulge her need for attention leads to a large sum of money in the wrong hands, never to be seen again. Fly elicits the business of J.D. Spengler, a Tampa Bay private investigator to hunt down Mr. Daly. After a few weeks of city hoping on the victims’ dime, Spengler quits answering his phone. Cassie Dewell is called upon to put Dewell Investigations on the job. Cassie hops in and takes charge of the weird situation surrounding the missing man and the missing millions. 

Cassie is close with a guy by the name of Kyle Westergaard. After saving him from being kidnapped when he was younger, Kyle is on the hunt for the untold millions in gold from ‘Sir Scott’s Treasure’. Kyle is a gentle soul that doesn’t mean anyone any harm while he continues to try Cassie’s patience, but what he lacks in ability to interact with people is a plus with his ability to listen. Is he going to break the case for Cassie? 

Montana is known for a lot, resources, beauty, and being wide open but it will bring the walls closing in it will feel like a trap. Cassie Dewell will have to use clever deception and relentlessness to find the truth while watching her back every step of the way. With millions in gold to be found and millions taken from unsuspecting people, Dewell is in a life-or-death adventure that will change history forever. C.J. Box is as exciting as they come and he sets up Cassie Dewell to make a reputation nationwide if the case can be solved.
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Treasure State by C. J. Box is a very highly recommended procedural featuring Montana Private Investigator Cassie Dewell.

Cassie has two investigations underway in this complex, entertaining novel. The first one is finding the charming man who conned a wealthy widow out of millions of dollars. She called Cassie to take on the case after the Florida PI she hired disappeared while tracking down a suspect to Anaconda, Montana. Cassie soon learns that the case is bigger than she originally thought.

The second case is an unusual one. A poem is written by an anonymous author giving clues how to find a buried treasure worth millions and the search is on by treasure hunters. Cassie, however, is hired by the anonymous man who hid the gold. He wants to test his security by having her try to find him. If she tracks him down, he’ll pay her a bonus of $25,000.

Both of the investigations are complex, interesting, and full of intrigue, as well as surprises. This is the sixth novel featuring Cassie Dewell, but it works well as a stand alone. I need to go back and read the others in the series.

Cassie is a wonderful character. She's a smart, strong, intuitive single mother. She's also a realistic character who is 40 something, worries about her weight, and has to wear reading glasses. Cassie works hard and is very perceptive. I loved the interaction with her family, however brief it was here. The other characters were also interesting and memorable.

Box does an excellent job plotting the novel and setting a fast pace while Cassie follows clues in both cases. The narrative is mainly told through Cassie's point-of-view, although there are some alternating viewpoints. The chapters are short and to the point, keeping things moving along quickly. The chapter titles help the reader follow the action and the timeline of events. The final denouement is perfect. I highly enjoyed this whole novel!

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of St. Martin's Press via NetGalley.
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Cassie Dewell is a private investigator in Wyoming.  She has solved a number of high profile cases which leads a wealthy Florida widow to hire her to find a con man who has bilked her of several million dollars.  Actually, she is tasked with finding the original private investigator the widow had hired who has now gone missing.  At the same time, a mysterious man hires her to find him - he says he wrote a poem that purports to lead someone to a pot of gold - a poem that has plenty of people searching the mountains and rivers of the state.  With these two cases battling for her time, and one becoming evermore dangerous, Cassie moves between some of the old mining cities and towns of the state in search of answers. This is the 6th book in Box’s Cassie Dewell series (the first having been published in 2011) but the first that I have read.  While I always like to start a series from the beginning, I did not find I had any problems having read this as a stand alone. It was an entertaining read with a likable lead character as well as some very dislikable antagonists.  There is plenty of action to keep you turning the pages along with several twists and turns that will keep you guessing at the outcome.  My thanks to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for the ARC of this book.
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