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This a well researched book that brings the history of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping alive. I knew nothing about the kidnapping and learned so much about it through the impeccable research by this author.  There was also very good character development as you tried to find out who kidnapped Lindbergh's son. Explore the world of American royalty and their servants- the book also had a Downton Abbey feel as well.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I thought it was well written and it kept me interested. The author did a really good job using fiction and actual facts to being this book to life. I would definitely recommend this book or others.
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"The Lindbergh Nanny" is told from the perspective of Betty, the nanny hired by the famous Lindberg couple to watch their toddler, Charlie. The story is set in 1932, after Col. Lindberg had achieved international celebrity status for his transatlantic flight. 

I found Betty to be a likable character and enjoyed her witty observations of the couple and their affluent lifestyle. I think one of the potential pitfalls of writing about a high-profile crime like the Lindbergh kidnapping is that readers essentially know how it ends. That made it difficult for me to get invested in this one. I think readers of historical mysteries would enjoy it, especially those who liked "The Lost Apothecary."
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4.5 captivating stars, rounded up
“It doesn’t matter what the police say. Once people have suspected you, they don’t stop. They simply think there wasn’t enough evidence. 

Not many works of historical fiction get over 4 stars from me. Fredericks’ well-paced story brings out the emotions in a story I had only a minor acquaintance with. The strong writing stayed true to characters in the kidnapping. The must-read author’s note at the end was excellent. 

A one paragraph intro gives the nuts and bolts of the famous Lindbergh baby kidnapping. Good books make you want to learn more. “A man was convicted and executed for the crime. But many believe there were others involved who were never identified or held accountable.” 

The book begins with Scottish immigrant, Betty Gow, getting a job as nanny to Charlie Lindbergh. It delves into the details of servant life, Lindbergh’s odd child-rearing preferences, absent parents, Betty growing to love Charlie. It covers the investigation and trial after the kidnapping. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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The Lindbergh Nanny was a helpful reminder of this devastating story that happened so long ago.  I was young at the time and only had vague memories of the occurances.  Thanks for allowing me to read.
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I had heard about the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby but knew very little about the details of what really happened.  This well researched novel about the Lindbergh family is told from the perspective of the baby's nanny Betty Gow.  We learn about the family,  the way the parents wanted the baby treated and the servants who made up the staff at the Lindbergh's home.  After the kidnapping, we learn about the investigation and how Betty quickly becomes one of the suspects and gains the anger of the American public during what the media referred to as the crime of the century.

Betty is an immigrant from Scotland and takes a job as the nanny for the Lindbergh baby, Charlie.  At this time, Charles Lindbergh was revered in America because of his nonstop solo flight to from New  York to Paris in 1927.  He's married to Anne Morrow Lindbergh, a very wealthy member of high society.  Their son Charles was born in 1930.  The kidnapping of young Charlie happened on March 1, 1932.   The family complied with the ransom notes and tried to do whatever they could to get their young son back.  The baby's body was discovered in May, 1932.

Betty is a very attentive nanny to the baby and they become very fond of each other to the point that Charlie's mom is jealous when the baby reaches for Betty instead of his mom.  Betty starts dating a sailor who has recently immigrated.  Life seems to be going well for the Lindbergh family until the night that Charlie disappears from the second floor of the house.  Betty quickly became one of the main suspects in the kidnapping and was interviewed extensively by the police and FBI.  She is devastated at the child's disappearance and tries to figure out on her own who was responsible for the crime.  Even after the trial when a man is tried and found guilty, the American public still believes that Betty had some part in the crime.

The author did extensive research and her characters are all based on real people.  Of course, since this is historical FICTION, there are situations and conversations that only exist on the pages of the book.  I read a lot about the kidnapping after I read the book and was impressed with how closely the book followed the actual events and people.  The entire story had a different feel since it was told by the nanny and was more emotional since she was close to the child.  Be sure to read the author's notes at the end of the book about the research that went into this story.  This book is a well written interesting part of our American history.
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Such a heartbreaking and terribly sad story of the infamous kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh and his wife's son, Charlie. This fiction version takes us in the back room, the servants and the nanny and all they know or know and don't share. I flew through it to get some closure toward the end. So devastating for this family and those how loved them. Thank you! #NetGalley#MinotaurBooks#TeLindberghNanny
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I had absolutely no clue about this case until reading this. It made me do my own research.

I loved hearing the story told through Betty's point of view. The character development was great. This book made me realize that I need to make time to read more historical fiction.
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phew, this one took me quite some time to read. I've heard about the background to this story, but never knew the details in depth. This was my first true crime novel and it won't be my last - the author did an incredible job at differentiating the facts from fiction at the end of the book and offered additional information in case one wanted to gain more knowledge.

This book revolves around the famous case in America of the Lindbergh child being kidnapped in New Jersey of 1932. I LOVED being in the POV of the nanny to get a feeling of what she was experiencing and why she may have reacted and thought a certain way during this event. I was REALLY into the story, until about 60% through when I wanted it to end. I didn't know what else could have been talked about at this point, but was proven wrong when the later chapters described the trial.

Overall, I really liked the main character (Betty) and could understand her perception of the situation through this novel. what an odd concept to have a nanny 24/7 to watch your child while you work consistently and set strict guidelines of how you'd like them to parent your only child. I guess it was the way the rich worked, but personally I could never.
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DNF - I truly thought that I would be the target / ideal reader for this book but, as it turns out, I was not. I can appreciate what others have found to be so enjoyable within this story. Therefore, I am not leaving a public review & leaving off here.
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I knew very little about the Lindbergh baby going into this book. I have heard about the kidnapping but didn’t know any of the players involved in this crazy story. So going in completely blind, I had no idea what to expect from this one. But what I found was a book I could not put down! The way this book showed the before, during and after was what made it flow really well. And the character development was really well. You felt the emotions of the kidnapping and the distress from Violet while she was being questioned. I also kept guessing about Ellerson. I was so sure he was involved somehow! But in the end I was glad that Gow was able to move on with her life and show the world that she wasn’t just “The Nanny” but someone who really loved that little boy and had a right to be known as that and not the one who failed.
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Thank you Netgalley and St. Martins Press for my review copy in exchange for an honest review!

Overall, I found this novel to be compelling, informative and suspenseful. One part historical fiction, one part tragic true crime, this well researched novel based on an infamous real-life story was the perfect combination of fact and fiction. I was glad to see all of the relevant rumors and theories addressed in this book, and although it took some time to introduce all of the possible suspects, I think it was important to the author for the purpose of historical accuracy. If you're familiar with the case you'll find it interesting to see these individuals come to life. The author's note at the end of the book shows just how much time and effort Fredrick's put into research, so make sure to read that part too! It'll give you a lot of insight into this true crime.

3.5 stars bumped up to 4!
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The tragedy of Lindbergh' s young son's kidnapping and his eventual death was a major part of  American History. The novel was written first person by Betty Gow, she was hired on briefly, only five months to care for Charles Lindbergh Jr. she quickly became an important person to the child.
Initially after the kidnapping ,Miss. Gow had been considered a prime suspect in the kidnapping, only because, she was considered a person who was living in poverty.
One event, which made Miss. Gow to question the Lindbergh were, the parents wanted the baby to be kept on a strict routine, which seemed odd. What was even more particular, the parents required the baby to become adjusted to his parent's long absences, thus leaving the baby with someone they barely knew. 
One circumstances, Charles was placed into his playpen, and kept alone outside. Betty would periodically check on him by looking out of a window. Next  time she checked on the baby, he was missing. It was Mr. Lindbergh that removed  the baby from his playpen and hide the baby, which put the entire household in an uproar. It was evident that the baby preferred his nanny over his parents, but he was cared for by Betty and not his mother.
After completing this novel, which I listened vie an audiobook,, this was my first reading through this medium. I enjoyed the the voices of the different characters. Mariah Freericks did her research and I often I needed to remind myself that this was a work of fiction. I walked from this novel having gained knowledge about the Lindbergh,'s tragedy.
Thank you Marriah Fredricks, Deamscape  media, NetGalley for the privilege of reading the novel and I've writing an honest review.
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This is a fictionalized retelling of the Lindbergh Baby kidnapping.  I did not know much about it, but enough that this novel caught my attention as it is told from the point of view from the baby's nanny.
It was detailed weaved quite an imagining of how it must have left all involved in such a turmoil and destroyed lives.  The author did extensive research and it shows.  I absolutely loved her comments at the end of the novel and the fact versus fiction section.  Thanks to #Netgalley for the ARC opportunity.
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Englewood, New Jersey  -  February 1931

Miss Betty Gow, age 26, is interviewing for a position as Nanny for the Lindbergh’s son, Charlie.  He is the son of the famous Colonel Charles and Anne Lindbergh.  The youngest of 6 children, Betty has immigrated from Scotland searching for a job and a better life.  When she learns that she has been given the job, she is delighted.  Baby Charlie is adorable and Betty must follow strict rules for his care.

Anne Lindbergh is the daughter of the wealthy Morrow family.  She loves her son yet seems to be rather nervous around him.  Her husband is strict and insists that she learn to fly as well as he does.  Thus, they are away from home for long periods of time.

Betty is quite taken with Charlie and enjoys playing with him and teaching him.  The family and staff live sometimes at the Lindbergh home and sometimes at the Morrow home.  Betty makes friends with other members of the staff all of whom have different personalities.

One evening after Betty had put Charlie to bed, she checked on him later to find him gone.  He had been kidnapped.  Thus began investigations by the police and pleas from the family for his return.  A ransom note was sent and the wait began to try and get him back.  Sadly, little baby Charlie was found dead.

The police investigations and questioning began and the staff were targeted.  Many people wondered if it was an inside job and felt that the Nanny was responsible.  But Betty loved Charlie and she wondered if it could have been another member of the staff or even the Colonel himself that killed Charlie.  Betty returned to Scotland for awhile but was unable to get a job as so many people thought she killed Charlie.  The press and gossip were cruel.

This is a very in-depth and complicated story of the lives of the staff and the members of the family.  We see the person apprehended for Charlie’s kidnapping and death and the trial of this man, along with the in-depth testimony of Betty and others.  I enjoyed learning more about this sad incident and the people involved.  A piece of history that I hope others will enjoy as much as I did.

Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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The Lindbergh kidnapping and murder is one of the most intriguing unknown murders. I loved the story told from Betty Gow's perspective. I found the book interesting but then the ending really sealed it for me. The author's note on Betty Gow and what was actually the truth and what she took liberties with. I know a little about the Lindbergh case, but this book really helped me understand it more.
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This was a good story from the Nanny’s prospective. I liked that she kept the story moving with her detailed and informative narrative. There are moments of excitement when the family has to cross paths with the reporters or photographers. Then The Nanny has to work with the other employees of the many houses the Morrows own. So many secrets and people watching, the poor girls head was on a swivel. The one I was most intrigued by is the father. What secrets did he hold? I thought this was a good book.
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This fictionalized account of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, told through the eyes of nanny Betty Gow, is suspenseful and nuanced. I enjoyed seeing the world through Betty's eyes, as she's funny and sarcastic but also wonderfully tenderhearted. I felt her affection for baby Charles, which brings home the true horror of his death in ways that simply reading cold, fact-based articles can't convey. Fredericks also does a marvellous job in her presentation of the adult Lindberghs, portraying them as humans, with all their good and bad (and some of them were very bad) qualities, and showing how surreal their posh, high-flying (ha ha) lifestyle appears to a normal person. As a piece of historical fiction and fictionalized history, The Lindbergh Nanny excels. I was enchanted.

My thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press, Minotaur Books, for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Pub date: 11/15/22
Genre: historical fiction:

Betty Gow became infamous when her charge, Charles Lindbergh, Jr., was kidnapped. I didn't know much about the "Lindbergh Nanny", so I was excited to read this book. It's a bit of a slow start - the kidnapping doesn't occur until ~40% in, but I found myself really enjoying the last third of the book. As Gow began to unravel what might have happened to Lindbergh, it was quite fascinating. There were a lot of characters to keep straight, so the text was easier for me than the audio, but I did enjoy the emotion in Penelope Rawlins' narration.

I think slow-burn historical fiction/true crime fans will enjoy this one! 3.5 stars.

Thank you to St. Martin's Press for my ARC and Dreamscape Media for my ALC in exchange for an honest review.
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I learned a lot while reading this book. I didn't know a lot about the Lindberghs and nothing about the nanny/nurse Betty Gow. This is her story. Told from her about the events of her employment, the kidnapping of the baby Charlie and her life after this tragedy. It's a heartbreaking story so be prepared.

Betty Gow comes to America from Scotland following her first love. She thought they had something special. She found out that it was not to be. She becomes the Nanny/Nurse to little Charlie Lindbergh and he becomes her life. She would do anything for that baby. I really did like Betty. I think she was a genuine, caring, loving, lovable woman. I think she was good for Charlie. When he calls her Beddy I admit I had to laugh a bit. I could picture he doing that. Also I could picture him on the lawn. In that closet too. Betty tells this story and it's filled with heart and soul. A lot of tears will be shed reading it. They were for me anyway. 

I didn't like the Lindbergh parents very much at all. Charles Lindbergh comes across as very cold to me. Very controlling and he also thought Hitler was doing the right thing. I believe Charles Lindbergh may have been a Nazi sympathizer. He had strange ways. He didn't interact much with little Charlie and he had big expectations of his wife. I didn't like her very much either. She didn't seem to have a mind of her own at all. She wanted whatever Charles wanted and followed him for months at a time, leaving little Charlie alone with the nanny and two other employees. How can a mother leave her baby for months at a time? They change so much from day to day. I know most good moms could not do that. Charlie's parents were not really hands on parents. They just had strange ways of thinking when it came to raising a child. He was just a baby. He needed lots of love and cuddles. All babies do.

This book is very well researched. Do not miss reading the end THE REAL BETTY GOW and THE LINDBERGH NANNY: FACT VS. FICTION. Both tell a lot and show how much heart went into this story. It's a fiction book based on lots of facts. Much of it is actual and did really happen. It's a part of history that I didn't know a lot about so I learned quite a bit reading this one.

Thank you #NetGalley, #MariaFredericks, #StMartinsPressMinotaur for this ARC. This is my own true thoughts about this book.

4.5 stars and I highly recommend it. It's very good. Very emotional.
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