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The Lindbergh Nanny imagines the real-life story of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping through the eyes of Bessie, Charlie's nanny, The author immediately starts the book with a brief summary of the outcome of this event, which may already be known to the reader. However, I went into this novel with no prior knowledge other than about Charles Lindbergh himself.

The story begins with Bessie getting hired by the Lindberghs, and progressing all the way through the trial. What I enjoyed was that the book did not get bogged down with excessive details. The dialogue and character descriptions seemed to be on point, and I felt compelled to see how the different pieces of the puzzle were coming together. My mind was engaged as I started to formulate my own theories and try to predict each person's involvement in what happened.

There are still many theories about who was involved in the kidnapping and whether or not it was a hoax, but the author doesn't seem biased in any way. She does give her personal opinion of the events in the back matter, but this is based on her extensive research she conducted in order to write this work of fiction.

I highly recommend this book; if you feel at all inclined to read it, do not hesitate! Thank you to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for providing an advanced e-reader copy of this book.

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This book was very well written. The author really did her homework on the Lindbergh case. It feels as if we know what it's like to live with the family as a servant. Even though the story is well known, it was still a page turner.

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I have read articles about the Lindbergh kidnapping but haven’t read books (fiction or nonfiction) about it. This was an intriguing story. Made you think about all sorts of possibilities. It was a very well written book.

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For any one who is interested in the Lindbergh child kidnapping, this is a must read. Based on historical facts, this book draws you in right from the beginning. However, I did find it a little slow in parts. I w ill recommend it.

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The Lindbergh kidnapping is a story known far and wide. Fredericks has written a piece of fiction that is written from the nanny, who was the most obvious suspect in the historical drama.
It is up to her to find the true kidnapper to clear her name.

Evocative of the era and as dramatic as the real events, this is a disturbing and intriguing read

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I enjoyed the read and the retelling of a well known story. I would recommend it for fans of historical novels.

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The Lindbergh Nanny by Mariah Fredericks is a great historical fiction that kept me engaged and on my toes from beginning to end.

This is an amazing book that centers around the true existence of Betty Gow, the nanny (or nurse) of Charlie Lindbergh, the young child kidnapped and murdered in the 1930s. This is her story.

I knew of the case in general, but honestly I knew little else. By reading this I have learned so much! The author does a fantastic job creating a fictional story based on true elements, facts, and people. Her ability to weave fiction into fact, and make it real, raw, and evoke such emotions, is beyond impressive.

I loved the information at the end regarding the end of Betty’s life and the author’s use of fact vs fiction. It added a lot of important detail to the novel.

I highly recommend this gem!

5/5 stars

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