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Always enjoy Radclyffe books, and this is one I recommend. Great series! Loving the characters and storyline. Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book
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Radclyffe does it again.

Friends-to-lover / enemies-to-lover with a twist! Although the twist wasn’t a major surprise, I was anxiously waiting to see how it would unfold. I enjoyed how it all came together. 

Lots of interesting family and workplace dynamics with a healthy dose of steam. Had me hooked from the start. I would definitely recommend.
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Another book on the pmc series. Unfortunately Im not a fan of this series. I am among the minority.  This was a sweet romance but not much happened.  It was a fast basic read.
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Another medical romance by Radclyffe is always entertaining and a nice pass time. But in this case, maybe due to being years older than since I read the first Radclyffe book, I wasn't very much invested in these young main characters.  liked the parts with the characters from previous books more.
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I really like Radclyffe's medical romances. There's just something about a hospital/medical setting that I really like - maybe because its so completely different to my usual world. I liked this novel, but mainly due to the setting. Both Ren and Dani are lovely characters, and their romance is very sweet. However, there wasn't a lot of character or story development in this and it felt slightly flat for me outside of the hospital setting. 

In saying that though, I still enjoyed Perfect Rivalry. It's an excellent low-angst, easy read.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for a copy of this novel. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you NetGalley, the author and publishers for the opportunity to read and review "Perfect Rivalry"
This is the latest book set amongst familiar characters in the Pennsylvania Medical Centre. New characters Drs Ren Dunbar and Dani Chan are making good progressions in their medical careers and demonstrate high competencies whilst dealing with the demands of their roles and responsibilities in this busy medical setting. Readers familiar with the series will enjoy the links made with previous characters, although the book is very enjoyable as a standalone. I loved this read. I love the authenticity of the background, and the changing dynamic between Ren and Dani which is also enhanced by the competitiveness in other aspects of their lives. 5*
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I feel like it was slightly obvious that there were clearly books before this on the other characters in the story but I really enjoyed this nevertheless! It's a great WLW romance which didn't feel like anything was chucked in just to try and advance a plot point which I really appreciate. The chemistry and relationship between Dani and Ren didn't feel forced and was just so natural and I enjoyed how they came together throughout the story. I'm half tempter to go back and read the other stories in this series!
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This read continues the Pennsylvania Medical Center saga with a focus on Drs. Dani Chan and Ren Dunbar. I really appreciated and enjoyed Ren's character. She is a person with much to offer but was challenged to fit in because she felt socially awkward. Dani has family issues because of her choice of career. Both women are looking forth  respect and approval. As this medical romance unfolds we read about characters from previous books in the series which was enjoyable.

I liked the medical jargon and reading about the surgeries. The low angst was unexpected but provided a focus on the personal issues Ren and Dani were dealing with and the challenging surgeries  they encountered. The procedures and surgeries were at the forefront which is where they should have been because you can have a career and a relationship.
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I’m actually a bit frustrating when reading this book. I thought the setting and the background story of Ren were interesting. Instead, it took me almost half of the book to get into it. Dani and Ren are lovely, but I just didn’t feel the chemistry between them, and the character's development is rather flat.

I do enjoy the second half of the book though, so maybe it was just me struggling in the first half of the book
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The newest medical romance from Radclyffe brings us the story of Ren and Dani. Ren is an awkward genius, always preferring staying in her lab researching to dealing with people. Dani is struggling with deciding between what she wants versus what her family expects. When they find out they are competing for a medical prize, they are thrown together and sparks fly. 

As they deal with medical traumas while trying to score points for the prize they realize that love is the real goal. One thing I really enjoyed about this book was not only bringing back many beloved characters from previous books but the references to one of my all-time favorites Passion’s Bright Fury. Just being able to hear about Saxon and Jude made me want to go back and read that story all over again. Ren and Dani had a similar passion and chemistry to Saxon and Jude yet different enough to make their story stand out on its own. Radclyffe has once again brought us a deep, caring book full of love, community, and excitement. 

I received an ARC copy of this book from the Publisher via Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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Firstly, any book from Radclyffe could never disappoint because each and every single on of them is great. 
My favourite series of hers though are, in no particular order, the Honor Series, Rivers Community and PMC Hospitals and I loved that this book has been added to the last one mentioned. 
It includes some of my favourite guest appearances from previous (brilliant) books and additionaly introduced two wonderful new main characters. 
I loved Ren from the beginning and maybe loved even more the way Dani simply understood her. Their romance unfolds beautifully with a greatly balanced amount of interesting medical storyline. The author really knows how to write this genre without overcomplicating things and you get a fun gaming-internet friendship trope on top (with an ending that can easily be figured out but I enjoyed it nonetheless)!
This book isn't particularly on the steamy side (which Radclyffe *definitely* knows how to write) but unexpectedly hit me in the feelings with mushy romancing and a crush-worthy main character who experiences a many firsts a lot of us can probably relate to. I would 100% recommend Perfect Rivalry, even as a stand-alone but do yourself a favour and just go for the whole series (and every other Radclyffe book published while you're at it)!
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Ren and Dani are great characters and it's brilliant to see their unique strengths being used in main characters but I felt that overall the novel lacked depth. From the initial information about the book I expected more medical content and I also expected the characters to be more involved as Doctors with greater rivalry. I get that they were in competition but even that was pushed aside pretty easily. 
I was left a bit disappointed.
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Oh, I love how Radclyffe sets standards for great and unique characters. I love how Ren is written! It's great to read Ren and Dani's interaction. I enjoyed this one immensely!
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I really loved this book, but let me get this out of the way upfront -- this is not an enemies to lovers romance, nor do they truly have a "Perfect Rivalry." Instead, we've got Ren -- who started high school when she was 11 -- and Dani -- who feels like she needs to prove something to her family. Although they're both interested in winning an award, it never really gets in the way. 

What I loved about this book is that Ren is so obviously autistic (or atypical, as the book points out once), and Dani doesn't have a problem with it. In fact, she embraces the 'odder' parts of Ren's personality. As an autistic person myself, I saw so many similarities between Ren and me. And it was really refreshing to see how much Dani loved her. 

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing an ARC. This review contains my honest, unbiased opinion.
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Part of the PMC series by Radclyffe but can be read as a stand-alone novel.  This is definitely one of the better books in the series.  Ren and Dani work in the same residency program but they have different passions. Ren loves the lab although she is a talented surgeon and Dani loves being in the OR and on the floors. I loved the gaming aspect that was snuck into the book, it made the book stand out from its predecessors. It felt as if this book had less of a formula and felt less rushed than some of the other books in this series. The characters are very likable and well fleshed out.  I enjoyed visiting our other old friends again.  Quinn and Honor will always be one of my favorite fictional characters ever.  I can't believe Sax has a sister, how did I miss that?  I am very happy and excited about that development though. It would have been perfect if Sax made a cameo in this book.  I would LOVE to catch up with Sax in an upcoming novel. The medical scenes were well written and enough to intrigue the reader but not bore them (for me personally, the more medical scenes the better). I get that the word "rivals" had to be used in the title because it is part of a series but these two characters didn't really feel like rivals.  It felt more like a sweet love story between two very likable characters. I enjoyed the fact that they didn't hate each other at the beginning for a change. A really enjoyable read that I will highly recommend!
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Sax has a Sister!
Ren never quite fit in anywhere.  As a child genius, she entered med school young and has spent a lot of her time in the lab so she doesn’t have to interact with her peers, something she’s never learned to do very well.  She has never fit in, always being the youngest and never feeling like she measured up. That’s all about to change.  Ren thinks that winning a coveted surgery prize, The Franklin Award, will help her to be seen as an equal.  Dani feels like a disappointment to her family.  They are all researchers and want her to follow in their footsteps but Dani chose a lesser job in their eyes, she chose to be a surgeon instead. She has high hopes in winning the Franklin Award and finally impressing them. 
When Quinn pulls Ren out of the lab to be in charge of a group of residents, she hits the ground running. Dani has been assigned to Ren’s service…As the two compete for the award, they find themselves becoming friends and with the possibility of more, things could get really messy.  However, is a chance to be loved and seen a much better prize?  

Ok, I have never made it a secret that Radclyffe’s PMC series is my all-time favourite series and this one is so good, it truly belongs with the other fine books in this series.  I was SO happy to see Hope, Quin and Arly again and even Linda makes a cameo appearance too. They have been “friends” since the beginning and it was good to see where life has taken them.  I LOVED that Ren is Saxon’s little sister and while she and Jude are not part of this book, it was fun to be reminded of them.  Ren is really special, not just because of her rare memory and brilliance.  She is sweet and a bit vulnerable but more than capable to handle whatever comes her way. Shes just one of those really lovely women this series is known for.  It was good to see Dani too.  I loved that this book gives her a chance at love, finally, after all her friends have coupled up.  She is so strong and dedicated and a perfect match for Ren. The writing in this dramatic novel is fantastic, as you would expect from Rad.  It’s fascinating, well-paced, full of emotion and oh my, the sexy bits… gotta love the sexy bits!  There was only one problem in this book for me.  Now I want to go back and read the whole series over again so I can spend more time in this amazing world!
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I do love Radclyffe books for a bit of escapism and good storytelling. The way she brings characters from previous books into a new story makes it seem you’re revisiting old friends while meeting new ones. This series has Honor and Quinn as a common thread with Linda and others popping up. The new leads are likeable, credible and the confusion between life and online worlds gives it a nice edge.

The difficulty of life as an emergency practitioner is shown in all its raw glory. Making mistakes means huge repercussions and Dani and Ren don’t like mistakes as they’re competing for a prestigious prize. It’s obvious Radclyffe, as a retired surgeon, knows what she’s doing in a hospital and it gives the whole series a depth.

Recommended if you’ve read the others in the series but works perfectly well as a standalone.

I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley
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This is book #6 of the PMC series by Radclyffe. In this story we have Ren a child prodigy who is always out of sync with her residency colleagues since she is much younger than everyone else. She has had very few social interactions and spends her free time gaming online. Dani is another PMC resident who has prestigious scientific parents who are disappointed with her career choice and are constantly nagging her to switch over to a scientific research field. Ren and Dani meet up and sparks fly in a mild insta lust fashion. They are very cute together and help each other through their issues. We also have all the PMC side characters that have had their own stories in previous books in this series. 

Overall another good read by Radclyffe, she never disappoints. 

ARC received for a voluntary an honest review.
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The Radclyffe world of medical romance is as ever a warm hug of a book. Full of old favourites as well as a new focus on a different pairing. Sure there’s an impossible number of lesbians, but heck it’s fiction so it works for me. The author has the usual attention to detail on all things medical which makes the story realistic. Meanwhile the two leads are rather sweet and engaging. Most enjoyable.
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Medical romance with two MCs up for the same competition

No unnecessary drama
MCs who feels real and right for each other
Finding out what really matters
Competent medical staff
Nods to previous books


This review is based on NetGalley ARC provided in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion.
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