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I really enjoyed the womens fiction book. A family that has never healed from their fathers/husbands death years ago learns how to finally move on. I enjoyed that each character had their individual issues to work through.

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I loved this book and can't wait for more. I really enjoyed the family interactions and how they all came together even when they were mad at each other. I highly recommend this book

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The Getaway is a heartwarming story that deals with a little drama, self-reflection, and the bonds of family. As an adult working on navigating our family after loss, I found this entirely relatable. The past may impact where things are now, but it's up to us to determine what the future looks like. And this story outlined that perfectly, as Genevieve and her children are figuring out who they want to be individually and as a family going forward. I really enjoyed this overall and would definitely recommend if you're looking for something with a little feels but not too heavy!

Thank you NetGalley and Forever Pub for my gifted copy - all thoughts are my own.

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This is a story about a broken family. And a mother's broken heart. No matter how strong her love for her family is and has always been, Genevieve's family has been feuding for years. After a Thanksgiving and a Christmas when none of her grown children have arrived to share it with her, she reaches a breaking point. Together with her sister, she begins to build a new life.

Jake is her oldest son. He accepted responsibility for his family when his father died, unexpectedly, years ago. Ever since the teen age boy decided he needed to help guide the family, Jake has been a responsible person, a wonderful leader in his professional life, and recently at odds with his brother, in particular.

Each family member has issues to overcome. This story primarily follows Genevieve and Jake's reawakening and attempts to change the pathway they've been on.

The book is well written and and the reader truly wants the family to work out their issues.

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Genevieve Prentice was widowed young and had to raise her four children on her own. Her oldest son, Jake, was a teenager at the time his father passed away, and he stepped in to be "the man of the house." That didn't always make him popular with his siblings though!

Fast forward fifteen years or so and each of the siblings are struggling with "adulting" in their own ways, and Genevieve has had enough. For years, her happiness centered on that of her children's, and now that they're unrelentingly at each other's throats, she's had enough of the lot of them.

As she decides to focus her attention on her own wants and needs for once, she sets off on an adventure with her sister, Helen, that turns out to be exactly what they all need.

As Genevieve and Jake each start to figure out what they want their lives to look like, they discover a new appreciation for family and all that that entails in this heartwarming story of love and belonging.

Thank you to Emily March, Grand Central Publishing, and NetGalley for an advance review copy.

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Book Review: The Getaway
Stars: 4 X 5
Author: Emily March @emilymarchbooks
Publisher: Forever @readforeverpub
Thank You @netgalley for this ARC

Genevieve Prentice was widows at a young age with four children. She dedicated her life to to her children and now that they are adults she realizes that her life had been all about them and not her. Genevieve decides it is time to make a change. She sells her house and she and her sister Helen are moving to Colorado. They are buying lodge to restore in the small town of Lake in the Clouds. Genevieve and her sister fall in love with this small town and the people that live there. As time goes by the townspeople of Lake in the Clouds also come to adore the two sisters. They are now part of the community. The sisters also get a big surprise when Genevieve’s oldest, Jake, moves to the loge with them. He has a few work and relationships issues to work out. Helen and Genevieve come alive in this new adventure in Colorado. I thought this book was sweet and worth the read. I am looking forward to book two with these sisters.

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I enjoyed The Getaway by Emily March and I found myself laughing out loud at some of Genevieve's antics. She was a hoot! Looking forward to her sequel. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this copy.

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Heartfelt, women’s fiction! Emily Marchs The Getaway is an enjoyable read with a nice balance of family drama, conflict and bonds. With the two main characters being in midlife I found it to be a refreshing relatable story. The characters and location were well developed and drew me in from the start. Definitely recommend!

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Somehow I just received ARC of the 1st book in the Lake in the Clouds series The Getaway.
It was a good story with lots of family drama that has caused a huge rift between the two brothers and two sisters involving their inheritance from their grandpa on his beloved property. The oldest brother Jake has basically filed a lawsuit against his siblings to stop the sale of the property. The mom Genevieve actually sells her house and moves to Colorado to get away from her kids telling them to fix it and leave her alone with their bickering. However one by one they all seem to drift to Colorado to fix their problems. It was enjoyable quick read and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.
Thank you to NetGalley for ARC

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This is a great book about family and our high expectations of those we love.

Where does your happiness come from? What are your expectations of family and close friends? Is your happiness tied up in what those you love choose to do? All of these questions are tied up with what happens in this lovely story.

This is a story about a mother and her grown up adult children. The characters are very believable and this family is not perfect. The characters grow and change as the story is told. This book was fun to read with the twists and turns the family has to navigate.

This is my first Emily March book and will not be my last. I am looking forward to the next book in this series - The Balancing Act.

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Love Emily March books. I can always count on family, relationships, conflict, and love. The story of Jake and Tess as they discover what is really important in life was hard to put down. I found myself continuing to read far longer than I should have so that I could see what happened to them and how they resolved their conflicts.

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I have long been a fan of Emily March. This story does not disappoint. Being in a fairly large family myself, I related to the sibling issues and to Genevieve as the mom. So very well written and full of great lessons. Thank you for such a great story!

As a note there are a couple of proof reading errors that I am happy to send you the pages of, I highlighted and made a note of them in the electronic copy that I read.

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"The Getaway" by Emily March is a heartfelt and inspiring story about second chances, self-discovery, and the enduring power of family. Genevieve Prentice, who has devoted her life to raising her children, decides it's time for a fresh start. She puts her house up for sale and heads to Lake in the Clouds, Colorado, to renovate a lodge with her sister. However, her plans take an unexpected turn when her son, Jake, shows up.

Jake, tired of his stressful career, takes his mother's advice to heart and quits his job to find true happiness. As he joins Genevieve in renovating the lodge, he encounters Tess Crenshaw, a former colleague who challenges his perceptions of what he truly desires. Together, Genevieve and Jake embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, deepening their understanding of themselves, each other, and the importance of family.

Emily March's writing skillfully captures the essence of personal growth, family dynamics, and the beauty of new beginnings. Readers will be drawn into the story as they witness the characters' emotional journey against the backdrop of the picturesque Lake in the Clouds. March's vivid descriptions and engaging storytelling bring the setting and characters to life, allowing readers to feel a part of their transformative experience.

"The Getaway" is a reminder that it's never too late to follow one's dreams, find true happiness, and cultivate meaningful relationships. March beautifully explores themes of forgiveness, love, and the importance of embracing change. The interactions between Genevieve, Jake, and Tess are authentic and nuanced, creating a captivating dynamic that keeps readers invested in their lives and personal growth.

Overall, "The Getaway" is a heartwarming and uplifting read, combining elements of romance, personal development, and family bonds. It serves as a reminder to embrace new possibilities, explore life's surprises, and appreciate the significance of family connections.

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I really enjoyed this story! I loved all the characters! I will be looking forward to more stories in this series.

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*4.5 stars*

Drama galore in a heartwarming read…

I read a review that said this book was “feel good fiction” and I couldn’t agree more.
Genevieve was the matriarch of the Prentice family, a family that was in chaos. Her grown children were feuding and the anger, silence, resentment was slowly killing her. Long widowed, her children had been her focus and when they pulled back, she was devastated. After one slight too many, Genevieve left everything she held dear – including her family – to move to Colorado and start living a life for herself. It was in her children’s court to make the next move.

If it doesn’t sound like anything ‘good’ yet, don’t worry, there was lots more to come.
I ached for Genevieve’s pain but reveled in the strong relationship she had with her independent sister. A new project in Colorado, a new perspective, was just what she needed to distract her and begin living again. There was no fake drama here, no outrageous plot twists. It was people navigating their lives the best way they knew how. There is no guidebook, mistakes were made, but there was a lot of heart as well as family bonds that had not broken completely. If that wasn’t enough, there some romance thrown it as well to make this a full meal deal read…

A great start to the series and I’m already eying the next one!

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Oh my gosh yall this book was just what I needed right now. It had the right amount of drama, love, family and who can I beat up right now( fictional of course) also the right amount of laughter. I loved Gen and Helen the sisters were thick as thieves and would make sure that Gen's four adult children did not get away with anything. I loved Helen and her no nonsense take on life you will not get anything past her that she won't call you out on if she sees fit. (we all need this in our lives lets be honest)
Tessa was a gem she really started with nothing in life and fought to have what she has today. She had her guard up, but in a way that still allowed the right people in even if she knew they might hurt her. Now as far as Willow, Brooke, Jack and Lucas those four had me rolling my eyes. If you have siblings you know there is the boss, the peacemaker, the stubborn one/trouble maker and or maybe the silent one and I feel like this sums up the siblings. I am not sure if there is more to come from this family but I will say I want to know more about what is going on with Willow there is a secret there and was the whole book that makes you wonder just what the author has in store for her. Overall this book does have few curse words and implies sex but overall I felt like the author kept it on the clean side and I wasn't even half way through it before I started recommending it so that should tell its worth the read.

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I’m sorry I usually love Emily March books but this series is just family drama! If I’m going to read a book it needs to be happy.

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This book has been on my TBR list for a while now and I'm finally getting a chance to read it. This is actually the perfect time to read it it goes through the holidays things starting with Thanksgiving so if your a seasonal type of reader this is a good time to start it.

Anyways this is was a slow but good read for me. This at the heart of it was all about family.

Genevieve is a widow who put everything aside to give her children the best life she could and now as adults she just wants them to get along. Admittedly she may have held onto the family tighter using the holidays to spend more time with them since her husband passed but now she just needs to step back and do for herself. That's where dropping everything to live with her sister renovating a house and self care comes into place and I absolutely love that for her. You can kind of see the bits and pieces where she has conflict wanting to help her children and seeing the hatred that seems to be going around and she's had enough and I love that she's took that step away to do more for herself because she's more than just their mother she is a woman who has her own needs.

Jake is the oldest son who pretty much tried to take over what his dad roll was. At the adult now he is stressed over work and with the holiday season and the family feuds he's had enough and dropped everything to visit his mother and now he's got a lot to think about. He even has the possibility of finding love and trying to figure out what to do with himself now that he's stepped away from all the roles with he was playings and to figure out who he is.

This was a heartwarming book and I enjoyed getting to know each and every character. I will say having the mother's point of views was kind of confusing at first but I got used to it. Getting to know tough and Jake you just can't help but look for the two. Tess is looking for family after what she dealt with her history and Jake is just looking for freedom so it's interesting how these two figure out a way to make it work. Then there's a family feuding going on and seeing what it took to try to make things workings to stop fighting. Overall I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend you readers to check it out.

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A family saga will always grab my attention and this one was no exception. The interaction of the family member and how they relate it engaging. Mom is fed up, the "children" are currently not communicating so mom takes drastic steps. Mom's sister is one of the most enjoyable characters. She's decided this is how she's living her life and either get on board or move out of the way.

At the end of the day, family will win out. The story has a strong finish, yet leaves the door open for a continuation of the characters. Highly recommend.

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This is my first Emily March book, but won’t be my last! I love a series with great family drama. I have not read very many books where the mother is one of the main characters and I liked that aspect of this book. It was an easy and enjoyable read. I look forward to more books in the series!

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