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When a baby goes missing Ellie has no idea it's her cousin's baby. She is determined to find this child and won't let family stand in the way. As she gets deeper into the kidnapping and the events around it you'll be shocked at the events surrounding the couple.

Read this book for a look at a elaborate puzzle and the players who planned it all.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I really enjoyed the character and storyline in this book.  I felt overwhelmed by all the technical info about gaming and forensic technology.
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I pride myself on figuring out who the bad guy is. But holy guacamole!!!!! The last few chapters had me going WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED. WHAT???!!!!!! I read a lot and I read a ton of mysteries so to have one that literally left my head spinning. Well done Lisa Black, Well. DONE!!!!!
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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle, Kensington Books  and  by #NetGalley. Opinions expressed are completely my own. 

Fast paced and full of thrills, Red Flags I’d nonstop entertainment with everything you want in a mystery.
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Is Dr. Ellie Carr’s own cousin a child killer or is there a radicalist kidnapping children to get her point across? 

In Red Flags, we follow along with Ellie, a crime scene analyst who cares about nothing more than the justice that her work brings. But her complicated background keeps her wondering how to move forward. 

As she digs through the many forensic clues to try to discover where her cousin’s child has gone. A radicalist claiming to try to protect children who are being harmed by the algorithms’ in a very lucrative computer game has taken the children of four executives who work on this game, but this case isn’t as straightforward as it seems. And Ellie has to decide what’s more important: family or justice. 

From the very first page, you are hooked. Throughout the story line, the author keeps you involved in the case so that you feel like you are also a part of the investigation. There is a wealth of knowledge coming from the author that is spilled into the story and keeps you trying to guess who has done what. And every time I thought I knew, I was very wrong. 

This book was fast-paced and the twists and turns we all take along the way are worth the read. 

I would give up a day out (aka a 5 out of 5) to read this book again for the first time. 

Thank you to @netgalley and @kensingtonbooks for the DRC!

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Forensic scientist, Ellie Carr, is called to the scene of a kidnapping. An infant has gone missing and Ellie is shocked to discover the child’s mother is her own cousin. The two cousins have grown apart since their early years and now Rebecca is married to an uber wealthy Washington DC lobbyist. Pathologist Rachel Davis follows Locard’s Principle, knowing that every contact leaves a trace and she and Ellie join forces to try to find the missing child. In a city where everything can be bought and anything can be sold, Ellie and Rachel will come up against people who will do anything to keep their secrets hidden. Black takes on the money and politics that make Washington DC one of the most crooked places in the country
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This is a great book.  The author is talented and gifted in weaving a story that is difficult to put down.  I did not want to stop; I could not wait to start reading again.  Although the topics are somewhat complicated, at times, they are intriguing.  The kidnapping of the baby and other was almost evident from the start that they were not connected, but with the red herrings, one must wonder...what if?  Who is doing this?  Is it the nanny?  The parents?  The daughter?  Other family?  Friends?  Murder and mayhem...crime...violence...themes run throughout this book.  I enjoyed the references to WV...although I have never heard of Haven, WV...A town that will be included in subsequent books?  The protagonist of this book is, I hope, going to be in other books....I like this book.  I really like this book.  I am glad that the author realized that it is possible to write a fantastic mystery and thriller without adding horrible language.  I will read this one again...I will review this, and I will especially rec. this one to friends who read.  This book was sent to me by Netgalley electronically for review...I want a paper copy...I would give this book more than five stars if possible.  Read it...Grab a cozy afghan, a cup of steaming herbal tea, a delicious scone...sit, relax...enjoy...try to determine what happened and why...
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