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Somehow I missed that this was a re-release. I'm not sure how I missed that as I have read this whole series before! So if you read it before, nothing has changed-it's still the same story! For those who haven't read this book, this is Nigel's story. Gisele is on the run after being accused of murdering her husband when Nigel see's her and knows that while she is dressing as a boy, she is in fact a woman. And makes the decision to help her. All this leads to him bringing her to the one place he knows he can keep her safe, home in Scotland. 

I really like this series, I always have. Nigel had to grow up and him being a mercenary in France helped him to do so. He is a protective and honest man who believes in doing the right thing. Even when it could cost him more than it should. Gisele went through things that no woman should go through. But she is has this spine of steel and won't let it break her. These two together are perfect. Not only are they exactly what the other needs, they are also what they truly deserve. Someone who will put the other first and do their best to make sure they know they are important. I liked being able to go back and re-read it as it is a great read!
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Hannah Howell never fails to write an excellent book. This book was well written with just a hint of spice. You’re rooting for the MCs the whole time. Definitely recommend.
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I love Hannah Howell's novels and was happy to see the next enstallment of the Murray Family in book 2.  We have Nigel returning from the first book in the series as he deals with the feelings he's harboring about his brother's wife.  Yikes!

Nigel is lending his sword across France as the war wages around him, in an attempt to create some space and allow his crush to die an awkward death.  What better way to do that then to meet Gisele!

However, when they meet, Gisele is dressed like a boy, attempting to escape France and her dead husband's family who believe she killed him and want justice.  Thankfully Nigel decides to help squire her to his home in the highlands as they wait for the true murderer to be revealed.

What follows is the "road trip" trope - which I love, which has our couple spending a lot of time together as they travel to their destination. As they go, they discover their feelings and Nigel has to determine if his feelings are true or just a bandaid to what he feels for his brother's wife.  And Gisele has learned the hard way that some men abuse what they call their own.  She has some major trust issues to overcome herself.

I really enjoyed this book!  I would have liked to see more regarding Scotland - the book primarily took place through France as they traveled to Scotland.  Also while I'm sure some people enjoy reading even light settings that take place in war time, I have to admit that I'm not one of them.  Overall, enjoyed this couple a lot!  

My opinion is my own and given freely.
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Hannah Howell and the Murray's are like coming home to me.  As an adult reader, when I really started to get back into reading regularly instead of occasionally, this was the book series that really drew me and made me actively search out the entire series.  So when I got a chance to read it again through NetGalley, I was jumping for joy!  

Nigel and Gisele's story is such a great arc for a love story.  Nigel has been in France for 7 years selling his sword to get away from the fact that he is in love with his brother's wife.  He overhears a conversation with Gisele and her cousin, Guy, he offers assistance.  They are wary but accept it.  Then her former husband's family finds her and Guy is injured in the fight and the only solution for Nigel is to take Gisele back to his family's lands in Scotland.  Her enemies will hunt her and want her dead, they think she killed her husband, who was abusive and cruel.

As they journey and hide they begin to grow closer.  They have several close calls but when they finally arrive at Donncoill he hasn't had the guts to explain to her about his sister-in-law being the reason he left OR the fact that Gisele is practically her twin.  

I have a weakness for Scottish romance, and honestly, I read these way before I decided to go down the Outlander black hole.  So for me, a light, sweet, spicy when necessary, Hannah Howell--Murray family story will always have a place in my heart and library.
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✨ Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review! ✨

I will start this review by saying that there is one thing this book needed more of to make it better.

🐄 🔔 MOAR SCOTLAND!!! 🐄 🔔 

If you get that reference, congratulations. You’re old like I am, 😜😂🤣

I say that it needed more Scotland because even though the MC is Scottish, we spend the majority of the book in France trying to get to Scotland. It wasn’t bad. I actually enjoyed the “different” setting!

This was a fun read. The “meet cute” was funny and intriguing right from the start.

Nigel and Gisele meet while Nigel is fighting with the French to escape his family. In the first book of the series, we met Nigel’s brother and Nigel developed feelings for the women his brother end up with. He leaves to avoid awkwardness and to give himself time to get over it. While fighting in France, he runs into Gisele, who is posing as a boy to hide from her dead husband’s family. They think she killed her husband and  want justice. 

Nigel ends up helping her escape and offers to take her to his home in Scotland until her husband’s real murderer can be found. We get some truly great road trip screens and some caretaking along the way!!!!!

Of course, they both also develop feelings for each other,  it must grapple with whether they can truly trust each other. Nigel also struggles with how to tell Gisele about this reason he left Scotland and whether his feelings for Gisele are real or is she just a substitute for the woman he can’t have? Much angst ensues, especially once they arrive (finally!) at his clan home in Scotland.

I very much enjoyed this journey. Nigel and Gisele were a wonderful couple and I’m glad I read their story. ♥️
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Highland Honor is the story of Sir Nigel Murray and Gisele DeVeau who meet in France while he is working as a hired sword as  he attempts to get over unrequited love for someone who is out of reach to him. Gisele is on the run from her dead husband's family who believe she is the person who murdered him.  Nigel and Gisele agree  that he will assist her avoid capture by taking her to his hometown in Scotland until she can clear her name,  
 As they travel together, they develop an intimate relationship and after several mishaps they arrive in Scotland only for Gisele to discover that Nigel has kept a secret from her.  The story is rich with romance, plenty of steam and adventure. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves historical romance, especially one set in the Highland era.   I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley and I am voluntarily leaving a review.
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This story follows Nigel Murry who we met in Highland Destiny ( Book 1) . He is brother to Balfour and Nigel thought himself in love with his brother’s wife. He left for France rather than risk letting it come between them. After 7 years in France he realizes it is time to get home and he meets Giselle. She’s running from being accused of killing her husband. I won’t go into any spoilers but the story progresses in a believable way, the H and h are interesting and I could respect them, I really liked that the heroine is not a mouse. She has a sharp tongue, intelligence and didn’t just rely on others to solve her issues. This is book 2 but I found it easy to get into the story and characters without reading book one.

Another great ride from one of my favorite historical romance authors. I highly recommend this book.
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Nigel Murray immediately realized the young woman trying to disguise herself as a page was not a boy. He would’ve still said nothing until a battle with the English forced the truth out and Nigel couldn’t stop himself from stepping in to save the woman. Now they’re both in danger because of her past and he’s determined to get her safely to his home in Scotland and seduce away the fear he sees in her.

Gisele Deveau knows the darker side of men having narrowly survived her husband’s abuses. Now with that man dead and her suspected of his murder, Gisele has a bounty on her head and many of her husband’s kinsmen hunt her though she is innocent. Even her own family refuses to believe in her innocence, forcing her to a desperation that causes her to agree to Nigel’s escort despite that he is a stranger to her. His sensuality challenges her but trusting in his true feelings for her may be more than Gisele can manage.

I previously read this book several years ago, but I had only the vaguest recollection of it and decided to do a reread. I think some aspects of this held up better on the reread, while others stuck out to me in ways they didn’t before. Mostly, I was frustrated with both Gisele and Nigel for making poor decisions repetitively. Poor decisions are wholly relatable and humanizing, but it is frustrating to see the same ones repeated in a book and begins to make the plot feel repetitive. I did love that this felt like a traditional Highlander romance, even though it’s mostly set in France, because of the protective hero, forced proximity and road trip aspects. I still think the ending was a bit anticlimactic with the villains just disappearing off page, though I did appreciate that lack of angst. I’m still annoyed at Nigel for not confiding in Gisele his true reasons for leaving Scotland and I think that hurt the depth of emotion in this story a bit for me, leaving many of their intimate scenes together feeling more driven by lust than anything else, though I think they were meant to show a healing for Gisele after the abuses she suffered from her husband. Overall, this was a fun Highlander romance and not a bad world to spend some time in. I still enjoy the Murray family and I’m glad to see them getting re-releases with snazzy new covers.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Fun and Romantic book full of action, adventure, and spice. This book deals closely with sexual assault and the trauma that stems from it but also shows the healing that can take place for that same person. Very well written though I did notice a few mistakes though they are probably from the formatting to ebook rather than author error.
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Her Valiant Rescuer

Gisele is on the run, accused of murdering her horrible husband, Lord Deveau.  Hiding as a page, her secret identity is discovered only to be rescued by the valiant and handsome Nigel Murray.  He helps her escape the men that are hunting her and they make it back to his Scottish homeland.  As Gisele learns to trust Nigel, a fiery passion builds and together they face treachery and new beginnings.

Hannah Howell has a gift of creating a story that transports you back to that historic time.  The attention to detail and authenticity of the people, culture and time is so engaging.  The story had a great plot with action, suspense and thrill not to mention steamy chemistry between the two main characters.  Highland Honor is well written, well developed with depth, likable main characters and side characters and an interesting storyline.  I highly recommend this book and series as well as other series by this author.  Well done!

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
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Highland Honor by Hannah Howell is the second book of the Murray Family. Nigel Murray saw through Gisele’s disguise as a page right away. Despite that, her disguise was working—until it wasn’t. Gisele was in grave danger. Nigel takes her away to Scotland. Gisele is hesitant to trust Nigel, as she has a dark history with her late husband Lord DeVeau. DeVeau has been murdered and a price has been put on Gisele’s head for a crime she didn’t commit. The longer Nigel and Gisele are together, the stronger the pull between them becomes.

I think it’s really cool how Zebra is reissuing this older series with fresh, modern covers. I found the pacing of this book a bit different than I’d normally like. I did like Nigel and Gisele, though. I will definitely try out more books in this series!
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A must-read if you love reading about all things Scotland and Scottish heroes!
This is actually my first read from this author and I really enjoyed it. Highlanders are a personal favorite so I can't wait to make my way through her backlist. This ARC was a rerelease and takes place in the 1400s, so some of the old language might take some getting used to, especially if you've never it before.  

Nigel Murray is not fooled by the young lass dressed as a boy. He finds himself stepping in and saving her from a group of men who want to harm her and then vowing to help get her to Scotland safely. 

Gisele has been on the run ever since her husband Lord Deveau was found murdered. Now she is hunted for a crime she didn't commit. Traveling with Nigel is the first time she's felt safe in quite some time. 

They definitely have an attraction but Gisele also suffered at the hands of her husband. As she reveals this truth to Nigel he understands now her reaction to their first kiss. 

They grow close as they make their way to Scotland and he's able to show her how just how sensual things should be between couples.

Thank you so much to the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for this ARC to review.
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I am not sure if it's my first book written by her but the way she writes is so compelling that i couldn't put down the book, it was so good, it just has so much angst and i loved it,
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It had it's moments.   Good main characters that it didn't take long to like.  So it's kind of sad to me that the actual well written story just didn't pull me in as much as I wanted it to.  I think that there was so much emotional repetition about two particular themes that slowed it down a lot for me.  
There were parts that I did like, the relationship between Gisele and Nigel being one of them.    And that also includes liking how the story ended.

 " I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book . And these are my honest opinions about it.”
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HIGHLAND HONOR by Hannah Howell
This is the 2nd book in Ms. Howell's new series. I have read and enjoyed her books for years. I am still trying to decide how I feel about this one. Gisele was a woman whose abusive husband was found murdered. Now she is on the run to escape his kinsmen who are convinced she murdered him. Nigel discovers Gisele when she is on the run in disguise as a young man. As the deceased man's kin get closer to discovering her, he sees how woefully unprepared she is, he opts to take her under his protection. This is 4 stars.

It's also on Amazon.
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This is the second book in this series and it can be read as a standalone.  Gisele has a price on her head after being accused of killing her husband.  She tries to disguise herself as a page and Nigel who discovers her secret and rescues her takes her to Scotland to keep her safe.  What will happen when sparks fly between them.  Fast-paced read with great characters, excellent world building and sizzling chemistry.  I liked it.
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I found this story to be quite predictable, but still enjoyable. I feel as though it could have been a bit shorter, as some chapters started to drag and I really had to work to keep reading and not skip over pages just to see what would happen.
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I've always read these books by Ms Howell. She knows her craft in telling a story about the Murray clan and their adventures. I really enjoyed reading about her strong highland men who wear they kilts so well. Handsome men who love to fight while keeping their honor. Such is the man who name is Nigel Murray who has been fighting in France as a mercenary for many years. He thought he was in love with his brother's wife, now is knows different. But it takes a while for him to grow up and meet his destiny in a woman on the run for her life.
Gisele is a woman who supposedly killed her husband and the family is out for revenge. When Nigel helps the woman in a dire situation he knows he has to be her guide. She dresses in men's clothing but the Scotsman knows the difference. They spend a lot of time in one peril or another to get to Nigel's home in Scotland.
Eventually they fall in love and get a happy ever after.
I appreciate Net Galley for this ARC title in which I gave an honest review.
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Sir Nigel Murray has been fighting in France for seven years when he discovers a young woman trying to pass herself off as a page, he sees through her masquerade from the first:. It almost worked--until she was unmasked in battle with the English, at the point of a sword. Nigel saved the raven-haired beauty whose secrets now endangered them both. He spirits her off to Scotland. Gisele knew the dark side of men, having barely escaped the brutality of her highborn husband, Lord Deveau. Now, with Deveau murdered and a price on her head, she was every man's prey--hunted for a crime she did not commit. Nigel is her only refuge but to truly trust him, Gisele must put the past behind her, and let her heart accept the simple truth of his undying love.
This is the second book in the series & is released after first seeing the light of day over twenty years ago. A well written book with strong characters. I really liked both Nigel & Giselle & loved their verbal bantering but I wanted to shake Giselle a couple of times when she acted out of character. An easy to read entertaining book, which I read in a coule of sittings
My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read
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Sharp and fun! 1437 late medieval historical romance romp!

Intrepid French woman posing as page flees across France from her husband’s kinsmen. They’re out for blood. Gisele has been accused of murdering her foul and depraved husband. She didn’t, but no one was believing her least of all the powerful DeVeaux’s who have placed a bounty on her head.
Just as she’s about to be captured by two of the DeVeaux men, a pesky Scotsman offers her assistance and sanctuary.
Sir Nigel Murray has been fighting in France for seven years, having fled his homeland clan because of his love for his brother’s wife. Nigel’s entranced  by this elfin, feisty female (think the passion and cutting tongue of Leonore from These Old Shades) who also bears a startlingly likeness to the woman who’d had him leaving Scotland 
Taking Gisele into his protection, their flight towards a port as they seek a ship bound for Scotland, is a series of triumphs and setbacks, with both learning to lover again.
Mind you Gisele is non too pleased when she finally discovers Nigel’s reason for leaving home and hearth. Fireworks are very much part of this woman’s arsenal.
I have read very little of The Murray’s series, but I do like Hannah Howell’s work, particularly her Wherlocke series. I found this title pleasantly engaging.
This book has apparently been around for at least a decade but is re-releasing in July 2022 as a mass market paperback.

A Kensington Books ARC via NetGalley.                                              
Many thanks to the author and publisher.
(Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.)
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