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Thoroughly enjoyed this novel, a well-written look at the complexities of female friendships in modern times. The characters are developed beautifully and the pace of the story is very well developed throughout the book. It will make you want to book a trip to Paris immediately!
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Thanks so much to NetGalley, the publisher - Head of Zeus, and the author - Nicole Kennedy, for allowing me early access to this ebook. I’m extremely grateful!

I’ve been in a contemporary romance binge reading ever since 2022 started, but now I was wanting to move to romance not focus on the romantic part, if that makes sense. The synopsis said “After Paris” followed three friends after their friendship drift apart and I thought it would give me the romance not focused on the romantic part I was looking for. 

The book brings us a lot of relevant subjects, and they unfold in a nice manner, not revealed right away, which makes us interested in continuing reading. I felt women in generally will be able to relate to, at least, one of the friends’ experience or views on life, as they are so different from each other. I felt there is some character growth as well, as we get to see the friends as teens and then as adults. 

However, there were some things that made it difficult, for me, to connect to the book. For starters, the pacing was kinda off. I usually like these books were we get alternated chapters between present and past, but, in here, I felt it didn’t work well, as there were no particularities that made it easy to distinguish between past and present. When I put down the book, and then picked it up again, I took sometime to remember if I was in the present or in the past. 

I felt the girls friendship was not very well explored. I really like seeing their lives evolved as individual characters, but, as a group, I didn’t find the chemistry I was expecting. Maybe it would have worked better with a linear timeline, from past to present, allowing us to see their friendship growth. I spend the first half surprised by their lack of communication and the second half not surprised at all by the fact that they drift apart. 

Still, I considered it an interesting read as it represents a lot of women’s problems in current days. It has an important message regarding women supporting women, which gave it a very good ending.

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After Paris is a heartfelt tribute to friendship and a lovely read!

Alice, Jules, and Nina meet in a bathroom in a fancy hotel in Paris as teenagers and their lives change forever as they become close friends and navigate love, work, life. The story spans 20 years and there are plenty of laughs, heartaches, and surprises along the way. I recommend it to readers of women’s fiction and Francophiles. Enjoy!

Thank you to NetGalley and Head of Zeus for the opportunity to read this ARC.
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I enjoyed this book more than I expected to.  I don't generally read chick lit, but I found Alice, Jules and Nina compelling.  I especially liked Alice.  They meet at the Crillon in Paris by chance and become fast friends, texting all the time and reuniting in Paris every year.  But then after their most recent long weekend in Paris, they drift apart.  This book jumps back in forth to different years in Paris until about halfway through when we find out what happened in Paris.  Then the rest of the book addresses the aftermath and the misunderstandings between all three.
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I really, really enjoyed this book! It was such a compelling and relatable story! I’ll be looking forward to adding a physical copy to my collection soon!
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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle, Head of Zeus and  by #NetGalley. Opinions expressed are completely my own. 

Likable characters, well crafted story. Confronting friendships, insecurity and life how we embrace it individually at different stages. ,
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This is a really well written book. I really like the way that it changed with each character. The characters were all likeable and it was interesting to find out what happened in the storyline to get then to where they were.
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I absolutely adored this book. I think it is rare to find a book that is purely about female friendships, and while there were romance elements and more secondary significant other characters, this story of the journey of friendship so resonated with me.

Things I loved: 
- All three girls' points of views were perfect in following the story and how they perceived certain situations. Sometimes with books that are split perspective, I find myself looking forward to certain narrators over others, but I genuinely loved all of the characters and equally looked forward to their reality. 
- Captured the intricacy and insecurity in friendships - even lifelong ones that you should feel the most secure in. Especially in this reality of social media, comparisons of who's doing what and where they're at in their lives, and the fear of being vulnerable when you don't always have it together, even with people you are the closest to.
- The complexity of humans at different stages in their lives. I felt like this novel worked to break down a lot of stigmas of who women "should be" at different moments in their lives, and accurately captured the pressures that come with those stages (careers, motherhood, etc.). 
- Such a unique story line. The timeline throughout the book was absolutely perfect, too, with the set up of their friendship when they were younger and then flipping back and forth between the main Paris trip and past trips/events, and then the fall out of the weekend after they all ghost. 

The only thing I have to somewhat critique is the formatting of the book. There were a lot of page breaks and changing narrator perspectives within the same chapters and even though the name of each focused character was before the narrative started back up again, it felt a little choppy in some instances. Maybe I should have just paid attention better, and I may just be used to books where each chapter is the different narrator perspective. It certainly didn't take away from the overall enjoyment of the book, though!
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I really liked this book, it was well written with a compelling story and well developed characters that were relatable and believeable. I was gripped right from the start and it has made me want to go to Paris even more.
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A remarkable tale a friendship has lasted years.  A trip is a catalyst to bring a lot of truth to light in a friendship.  I really enjoyed the setting and characters.  But mostly what I enjoyed about this book was the incredible story.
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