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3.5 rounded up to 4.
Called to a newly-built low-rise block of flats on a Cornwall housing estate, plumber Paul Cannon finds more than a blocked toilet to contend with. Teaming up with a pair of local police officers, Paul's humdrum existence is turned upside down as something old and hideous stirs in the foundations. The tenants are vanishing, the nosy neighbour is in uproar and there is something definitely wrong with the pipes.

This was an enjoyable, quick read, but you have to go in aware that the storyline is a concept best coupled with a sense of humour. 

With an explosive and gripping opening this novella definitely grabs your attention but sadly I felt it fell a little flat as the story progressed. 

I didn’t really like or relate to any of the characters which in turn made it hard to feel tense or worry for their predicament. I also felt the plot was a little underdeveloped and the end a little underwhelming. 

However, I did enjoy Mendees’ writing style and thought that there were elements of real flair in his writing, especially when depicting the gorier aspects of the story. 

Won’t say this won’t be my last Mendees as I think with more revision and redrafting this could have been a great wee story, so I am keen to check out some more of his work.
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Apartment living was never a pleasurable experience.  Forget about obnoxious neighbors, thin walls or faulty electricity.  Worry about the plumbing, and true to the genre, stay out of the basement or whatever runs beneath.  An unlikely group must figure out a way to fight and defeat the other-worldly horror that is trying to invade the apartment building, Cornwall, and ultimately the world.  Antisocial Housing is a fun, quick read.  Great for reading in one sitting.  Cosmic horror at its best!

Special thanks to NetGalley  for a free copy in exchange for my review.
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Oh man and I thought I'd dealt with some bad plumbing issues over the years… 

This was just what I needed to get me out of my slump! I'm so impressed by how much the author managed to pack in, in less than 150 pages

It reminds me of old-school B-rated horror films or The XFiles ‘monster of the week’ style episodes except it's got that classic British dry wit weaved throughout, which though it won't be for everyone I really enjoyed!

I didn't find it scary but it's fast-paced, ridiculous and a hell of a lot of fun. The perfect book to read in one sitting!
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Thank you #NetGalley and #NordicPress for sending me #AntisocialHousing by #TimMendees for review.

This is a short story that jumps right in to the thick of it! Fast paced, a freaky creature called a shoggoth. It is full of tentacles and yellow eyes. 
The ending wraps real quick though.
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The story was interesting and the use of the diary for a flashback was a nice touch. The action scenes were well written and engaging. Although it was an entertaining read but I couldn’t for the life of me distinguish between characters. I didn’t find the monster scary because the descriptions of the monster attacking were too vague. 

Thanks to Net Galley for providing me an E-ARC in exchange for an honest review
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There is a new build council block where corners were cut in the construction quality. Something horrible and evil comes out of the plumbing.  No-one is safe as it travels fast through the block. Can Gary and Charlotte free the residents before they are devoured?
Great horror and humorous too. I like the chapters on the original discovery. Would make a great scary movie!
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What a great read, I really enjoyed this I love horror and have a soft spot for Lovecraft style too. 
A quirky fun read of a council building that is haunted by this nightmare as it takes the tenants one by one. There’s escape if they can get there in time. A must read definitely I’m going to look for other books now by this author too
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Antisocial Housing by Tim Mendees is a captivating, well paced horror novel that doesn’t mess about! Within a few pages I was absorbed in one of my favorite genres, old school pulp horror, the stuff old Hollywood B movies were made of. 

Mendees hits the perfect balance on all parts, characterization,, plot, flow, and pace. It was a quick read, yet fully fleshed out. The character development was wonderful, the dialogue was well done, and the horror was palpable. The shoggoth, a Lovecratian beastie, is a slimy predator,  very h*ngry, and bent on revenge. Delicious.

Thanks to Tim Mendees, NetGalley, and Nordic Press for providing this ARC for review.
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Some land should never be built upon
Called to a newly-built low-rise block of flats on a Cornwall housing estate, plumber Paul Cannon finds more than a blocked toilet to contend with. Teaming up with a pair of local police officers, Paul’s humdrum existence is turned upside down as something old and hideous stirs in the foundations. The tenants are vanishing, the nosy-neighbour is in uproar and there is something definitely wrong with the pipes.
Uncovering a nightmare that stretches into the town’s distant, and often murky past, it’s up to a rag-tag assortment of local characters to ensure that what lurks in the walls of that cursed building ver makes it to the outside world.

This is a thrillinread.
Wonderful well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start.
Love the well fleshed out characters and found them believable.
Great suspense and found myself second guessing every thought I had continuously.
Can't wait to read what the author brings out next.
Recommend reading.

I was provided an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher.  This is my own honest voluntary review.
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Antisocial Housing by Tim Mendees is a cosmic horror novel that had me as soon as I saw the title and cover of the book. In the council estates in Cornwall, residents of Burridge court on the Edwards estate are starting to disappear. It’s just another day for handyman Paul Cannon and was meant to be a quiet domestic call out for police Sergeant Gary Fisher and PC Charlotte Granger. However, these three soon find themselves amid a cosmic nightmare as they investigate the disappearances of the residents of the beloved Edwards estate. 

Antisocial housing is a phenomenal pulp horror novel. It’s short but sweet with gory kills, memorable lines, and a familiar back story for those who love stories of Lovecraftian horrors. The book starts innocently enough with a resident lazily enjoying his alone time before being gruesomely liquefied alive and sucked down the plug hole of his kitchen sink. From there, it's a continuous barrage of fantastic lines, humorous characters, and a creature that only utters the words Tekeli-li. The only issue I found with this book is that it wasn't any longer. While it dives into the pretty exciting back story of how this came to be on a council estate, I would have loved it if it went even further with the narrative, but for what it was, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Thank you, #NetGalley, Tim Mendees, and Nordic Press for allowing me to read this book!
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This tale jumps right into the action! 
A plumber & a pair of cops, with the help of an addled archeologist, take on a  nightmare monster in a housing unit from hell. 

While I enjoy an action packed, fast paced story, I was also left with a few unanswered questions. For example, what happened to the other students in the tunnels, as the seal hadn’t been broken yet? I’d also love to know more of the smuggler Squire Edwards’ story, and his broken pact.

Overall, this is an excellent read for fans of creature features, HP Lovecraft, and anyone who’s read “The Graveyard Apartment” by Mariko Koike. 

Thank you to NetGalley, Nordic Press & Tim Mendees for a copy.
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This never gripped me, sorry to say. I was excited because I really am interested in social/urban horror, but it just failed to hit a lot of marks for me.
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Wildly entertaining and engaging, this was a big bold blast of pure horrified fun. I dug it. A lot. The writing is fluidly forward and full of reckless poetry. Nice.
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Short pulpy fun that's dragged to a crawl in the middle when it switches voice to a wordy and posh old retelling of the origins of the monster. I think this segment would have been better off at the beginning rather than as an interruption to the action and could have been much shorter. Otherwise, you get what you can imagine just by looking at the cover and you'll have a good time if you enjoy crazy eldritch horror as much as I do
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I actually give this 3.5 stars. I really liked this book but I got a smidge confused with the Sarah storyline. So Sarah saves the survivors. We flashback which isn't super clear either. Once that's over Sarah isn't there and has committed suicide?? How did she save them if she was dead? But overall I really enjoyed this book. I think you can definately see the H.P. Lovecraft inspiration throughout the story espically with the monster. Also gave me live old-school/obsucure horror movie. I honestly would love to see the Archology part just as a book alone.
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Antisocial Housing is whimsical modern day take on H.P. Lovecraft, where a shoggoth has been unleashed on an unsuspecting apartment building in England. It wastes no time getting into things as after a resident is devoured two police officers arrive to investigate and quickly discover what's going on. It played out a lot like an extended episode of Wellington Paranormal, except unlike that show which has moments of absolute hilarity, I found the humor to be just mildly amusing. If you like Lovecraft and/or British humor in your horror you should like this story well enough.
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This short book grabbed me from the beginning. It kinda reminded me of the old 80s creature features. I definitely want to read more from this author.
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I have never read a type of book like this before. It was interesting at times and reminded me of the old B rated horror movies. The book was well written and I could easily picture what the monster looked like. The ending was wrapped up quickly.
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Borridge Court Apartments is government housing. It’s where you live when everything else in life is failed. When the story starts there’s a complaint about the plumbing and a complaint about the guy complaining about the plumbing. This is why the plumbers and the detectives show up at the towers. Which will eventually lead to the archaeologists showing up and even though archaeologist love to find old things they’re not prepared for what they’ll find out at this complex. It will be the oldest thing they’ve ever found and the deadliest. I didn’t know how to write the review for antisocial housing, I read it in one sitting and I loved the characters in the original plot. I thought chapters went by quickly and I was eager to get to the next one so that was a plus. I gave this five stars because it is such an original idea and I honestly want to read more from this author. I wish I could tell you with more flair about this book but that isn’t a talent I possess just know if you love horror you’ll love this book. I was given this book by net Gally and I am leaving this review voluntarily. Please forgive any grammar or punctuation errors as I am blind and dictate my review but all opinions are definitely my own.
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This book was provided to me as an ARC. I was pleasantly surprised by how intrigued I was by the story from the first chapter on. Mendees knew exactly how to captivate me from the second I started reading. No time is wasted in this novel, we are dropped into the action right away. It was my first read from this author and I'm definitely going to read more books by them.

I loved the creature, it reminded me of Lovecraftian monsters. The atmosphere created by the author kept me engaged and entertained. The descriptions of the action and the creature's way of attacking the residents makes me wary of my shower, sinks and toilet (to this day). The narrative slowed down a little once we went back in the past to learn about how the creature was set free. However, I felt that the characters in that part of the story were quite charming.

If you like gory action-filled monster horror, I absolutely recommend this novel!
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