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This is the brilliant last novel in the Fabian Risk series. I have read all the books in this series and can't recommend them enough. All the books are gripping fast paced, page turners and the series concludes with this excellent action-packed thriller.
I thoroughly enjoyed this series and can't wait for Stefan Arnhem's next project
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Dunja is trying to take down her ex-boss, Kim Sleizner, the chief of  Copenhagen police. Can Fabian Risk help?
I read all 5 books from this series and I loved it.
Thanks to Netgalley for this book.
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The final installment in the Fabian Risk series is just as dark and twisty,  Enjoyable, although not as Fabian-Risk centered as I would have liked.
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This book is number five in the Detective Fabian Risk series. 
Risk is a man who's been to hell and back, and we're witness to him reaching the darkest depths in this book.
I love this series. The plotlines are complex and interesting. On this occasion, Risk is one of a disparate group of officers all trying to bring down a senior officer in Copenhagen. Said officer has committed every crime imaginable and we are left in no doubt that he deserves to be dealt with. Unfortunately his circle are all wealthy and powerful and there are plenty of brick walls to break down to see justice served.
When will we see this series brought to TV? Fabian Risk is crying out to be our new Scandi Noir hero!
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I would like to thank Netgalley and Head of Zeus for an advance copy of The Final Nail, the sixth novel to feature Helsingborg detective Fabian Risk and the fifth involving a sprawling conspiracy.

Copenhagen Chief of Detectives Kim Sleizner is corrupt in so many ways and Dunja Hougaard, a former police officer he abused and forced out of the Force is determined to bring him down. She sees her opportunity in the deaths of a high ranking intelligence officer and an unidentified woman to get her revenge.

I have read and enjoyed most of the novels in the series, but I struggled with this one and have picked it up and put it down frequently over the last couple of months. It feels much like my brain, all over the place, and I found it difficult to keep track of all the strands. Kim Sleizner is obviously still leading his life of crime and manipulation but there is no hint early in the novel of which crime is involved. Both Dunja and the detective leading the murder enquiry, Jan Hesk, feel that he is tied to the intelligence officer’s death but the how and why are elusive, while Fabian is mourning his son’s suicide and investigating the events surrounding it as he believes he is being lied to.

Undoubtedly there is a good story in the novel with Sleizner retaliating against his perceived enemies in various violent ways and these enemies not getting too far in building a case against him before he lashes out. It is full of twists and unexpected developments, including the ending. Unfortunately the scattergun approach to the narrative did not hold my attention, even in the second half when things get tense, exciting and violent. I found quite simply that I didn’t have the patience to wade through the competing narratives and piece them together. Did I mention it’s also a long novel?

The Final Nail offers a sort of resolution to the series but I didn’t enjoy getting there as much as I expected to.
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This book did not disappoint. Though by the end I had shed a few tears, it was page turning action with enough twists to surprise me. I'm already hoping for another one
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Thankyou to NetGalley,  Head of Zeus and the author,  Stefan Ahnhem, for the opportunity to read an advanced readers copy of The Final Nail, in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.  
Such a good read. Plenty of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. Very hard to put down. 
Well worth a read.
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This book is number five of a series involving Detective Fabian Risk; a man who has been to hell and back. It's one of those books where the action grabs you immediately and never relents, which I love. I  haven't read any of the previous books but that did not stop me from thoroughly enjoying this work. There were plenty of recaps to ensure I knew who was who and what their back story was but it was cleverly done. 

I love Scandinavian noir so this book fitted my reading taste straight away. The story does flit about a bit and, I thought, more than necessary but it is well written and flows well. A lot is going on though. It all comes together beautifully at the climax, however, to make a gripping and exciting ending. 

I will look out for previous books in the series.
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The epic, sprawling Fabian Risk series concludes with this action-packed thriller. Addicted to this book… As soon as I started to read, I just knew that I wouldn’t be able to put the book down… One hell of a rollercoaster ride.
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Wow, I’m so glad that I came across this series. Stefan Ahnhem has done a fabulous job with this amazing story, it certainly grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. There are so many great characters, especially Fabian Risk, who’s been to hell and back. I don’t think Fabian’s wife and daughter are going to forgive him for talking his son Theodor into testifying in Denmark. He may not have had anything to do with the murder of the homeless people, but once he crossed the border Fabian didn’t have any control of what the outcome was going to be. 
You could easily lose yourself between the pages of this fabulous book for many enjoyable hours. Hands down this story is well worth a read. 5/5 Star Rating.
Thank you to Head of Zeus and Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book for an unbiased opinion.
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The 2000's have seen some terrific thrillers. There are a lot of talented writers. But, IMHO, the two who had the greatest debuts were Samuel Bjørk and Stefan Ahnhem. The latter gave us the fascinating Fabian Risk series. The Final Nail is, as the title suggests, the last chapter in the story which began in 2014 with Victim Without A Face. Throughout the series we've seen the face of evil in the form of Kim Sleizner. There aren't many characters as vile as him. That doesn't change in this exhilarating finale. Major characters like Dunja Hougaard are here too. In fact, her story shares center stage with the tragic tale of Fabian Risk. This proves to be a sensational send-off to the series. I can promise you it'll be missed. Thank you to Head of Zeus and NetGalley for the advance reading copy! #TheFinalNail #NetGalley.
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The final nail by Stefan Ahnhem.
A Fabian Risk Thriller Book 5.
He has extorted. He has abused. He has raped. He has sacrificed souls as a means to reach the very top. In every way, he is a despicable man. His name is Kim Sleizner and he works as a police chief in Copenhagen.
An ok read. This I just read and took my time. 3*.
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