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I’m sorry but this book was not a fit for me. There is too much dialog and not enough personal narrative. I kept thinking this was a part of a series and I had missed information from a previous book. The beginning was confusing. The murder mystery did interest me, I just couldn’t keep up with all the dialog.

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Abigail Wilson delivers another wonderful regency era gothic mystery in Within These Gilded Halls, and I think readers everywhere are going to find themselves drawn into the suspense and intrigue surrounding Phoebe and Graham's swoon worthy romance.

I know I can always count on this author delivering a mystery that will keep me engaged right throughout, and usually keep me guessing right until the end. While I'd have a hard time picking a favorite story of hers, this one is definitely right up there, and I could barely bring myself to put it down.

I'm always drawn to mysteries where the characters are trying to solve a mystery in the present that relates to the past, and I loved the treasure quest throughout this one, and how it draws Phoebe and Graham closer together, while at the same time shining a suspicious light on pretty much every character throughout the entirety of the story.

I enjoyed how well pieced together the mystery was, and I ended up being quite surprised by the end reveals. The author definitely keeps the reader hanging on for quite sometime trying to figure out who it was that killed the infamous Mrs. Drake, and I don't think anyone writes a mystery quite as enchantingly as Abigail Wilson does.

I honestly don't have a bad thing to say about this one, and I loved how it heavily reminded me of Jane Austen which is always a good thing in my book.

Another wonderful release from one of my favorite historical fiction authors, and one I'd highly recommend to anyone who is a fan of clean, faith based mysteries and/or regency era romances.

Final Rating: 5/5.

Thanks so much to Thomas Nelson for allowing me to advance read and review this one!

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary advance reader copy of this novel from the publisher (Thomas Nelson) via NetGalley. I was not required to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and this is my honest review.

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When I read the description of Abigail Wilson's latest book Within These Gilded Halls, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it. I normally do not read murder mysteries, they are not a genre I enjoy reading. I have read several other books by this author so I thought I would give it a chance. I am so delighted that I did. The suspense and mystery of this story was so well done. It brings you into the plot of the story before you even know it. The relationship between Phoebe and the handsome nephew Lt. Graham Burke was entertaining although sometimes predictable. The ending was very good, I never saw it coming, it had me guessing throughout the entire story.
I would like to thank Thomas Nelson and NetGalley for allowing me read and review this book. The opinions in this review are my own.

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If you enjoy clean historical fiction with lots of adventure, Within These Gilded Halls by Abigail Wilson is just what you are looking for. It is a clean murder mystery with a sweet love story woven throughout.

A famous artist, Miss Drake is Phoebe Radcliff's beloved art instructor. When Miss Drake commissions Phoebe to renovate her ballroom, she is honored. The project takes an emotional turn when Miss Drake is murdered. In her dying moments, Miss Drake reveals hidden clues to Phoebe. Do rumors of a hidden treasure hold any truth?

The plot of Within These Gilded Halls is light, enchanting, and filled with interesting characters. To round out the story, Creature the dog adds an adorable touch. Reading a romantic novel free from graphic sexual content is refreshing and enjoyable.

Within These Gilded Halls by Abigail Wilson is available on October 4th.

Thank you, NetGalley and Thomas Nelson, for sharing this adorable book with me. Your kindness is appreciated.

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Abigail Wilson brings her readers another intricately woven mystery set in Regency England. Searching for a treasure that has remained hidden for many years is sure to keep the reader interested. Especially when you add in many who are up to no good at all. Well done!

My thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishing for a copy of this book via Net Galley. The opinions in this review are expressly my own.

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Abigail Wilson has continued this mysterious series with another murder mystery/romance. Phoebe Radcliffe, a minor character in her last book, gets to tell her story as she finds her way as a painter far away from home. Everyone is a suspect and not everyone is likeable at first! But as characters grow on you and you begin to suspect the worse of others Wilson will surprise you with her plot twists. I was never a murder/mystery reader before this series but I have been addicted and enjoyed each story!

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What a great suspense! I enjoyed the characters and felt like they complemented each other well. This book kept me engaged and had a hard time putting it down until the very end.

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Even though the genre Abigail Wilson writes isn’t my typical fare after being sucked in by her debut novel I’ve found myself drawn to her stories ever since. I love that they can be read as standalones but there are threads weaving them all together-such as the heroine of this book being the daughter of the hero of a previous one.
Phoebe was likable enough but her blind trust in people drove me a little nuts as she dismissed the chance that anyone close to her could possibly be involved in the crimes simply because she “knew” them. I also wish she wasn’t so fixated on her mistake from the past but I did appreciate how she grew throughout the story.
Graham was a bit stiff at the start but as Phoebe got to know him he softened up and grew on me. And the two of them were cute together!
The mystery kept me engaged, trying to find a murder and a treasure all at once is definitely enough to intrigue the reader. I puzzled some things out but not the full extent of things which is just the way I like it! I did question the fact that the two of them were able to solve clues that were personal to the son of the one who wrote the clues yet actual family members had failed to solve them for generations. But hey that’s fiction for you!
Overall it was an enjoyable read that I actually read faster than I’ve read anything in quite awhile!

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This book combines historical fiction with a murder mystery, and a dash of romance. For some reason, it didn't keep my interest as much as other books. It seemed to have potential, but I didn't feel invested in the lives and actions of the characters.

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When Phoebe Radcliff’s art teacher is murdered with a crossbow, her last words tell Phoebe to find the treasure rather than let “him” have it. Among the large cast of characters though, no one is really who they seem to be. If there was a faith element, I missed it. Characters struck by rocks or bullets were declared lifeless, but shortly thereafter, rose from their death. My interest occasionally strayed from this regency.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson Fiction for the eARC.

What a delightful story! A murder mystery in the vein of Agatha Christie combined with the delectable characters of a Jane Austen novel.

I loved:
- Phoebe Radcliff. She is an adventuress at heart, but also artistic and passionate and very self aware.
- Lt Graham Burke. He begins somewhat hardened and bitter but gradually learns to open up and let his heart take over. Handsome, strong, protective and loving…a true Austenian hero!
- The mystery. I love a good whodunnit, and this story kept me guessing the whole time. Set in a time of smugglers and against the backdrop of the post-Napoleonic war era, this is a delightful romp through an age of excitement and adventure.

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This it a review of Abigail Wilson's latest book that will release on 10/04/22, and its a great book in my opinion! Its is a murder mystery with a little romance in it, and it kept me guessing all along the way, and it is a clean but with very unexpected plots and twists! I would highly recommend this book, and I am a huge fan of Abigail Wilson's books, and highly recommend this one as well! 5 out of 5 again!! This book is set in the Regency Era in England.

The book starts with Phoebe Radcliff, a renowned painter, who has left home at Middlecrest Abbey to get away from her past, and start anew. So she accepts a painting restoration job for Miss Drake who owns Avonthrope Manor, and who hires her to use her expertise in restoring her drawing room, along with Phoebe's childhood friend Daniel, who was hired alongside Phoebe to help with the restoration. Both Phoebe and Daniel really enjoy the restoration project, and along the way also become friends with Miss Drake.

Miss Drake is an elderly woman who has no children, so her estate will pass onto her nephew, Lt. Graham Burke, who will inherit the entire Avonthorpe estate, land, house and servants, including Miss Dealers long time butler, Arnold. Miss Drake finds herself in financial trouble, and works with her butler Arnold to try to recover a family treasure that she believes will save Avonthorpe! But sadly, before the treasure can be found a murder happens, but I am not going to spoil it for you, as you must read the book to find out who dies..

Phoebe and Lt. Burke are thrown together in the midst of murder, and find themselves joining in the search for the treasure to save Avonthorpe as well! They unravel many different clues, which leads them to questioning many of the people tied to Avonthorpe to figure out who murdered and why, bit also finding the treasure as well because it all ties together in an exciting story! They work together and are able to figure out what happened, and are surprised where the clues take them, and that road leads each of them to romance as well...

I loved this book, and again, it was exciting, interesting, hearts stopping at times, and unpredictable! I was so surprised at every turn! So my review is a 2 thumbs up book! Its great to have a clean book be so much fun to read!!

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BOOK REVIEW: Within These Gilded Halls
BOOK BY: Abigail Wilson
Readers who loved A Rumored Fortune will enjoy the latest release from Abigail Wilson, Within These Gilded Halls.
Phebe Radcliff is a renowned painter running from her past. Finding refuge in restoring the artwork in Avonthorpe’s ballroom, Phebe finds herself thrust into a murder mystery and the hunt for rumored treasure. Lt. Graham Burke was never meant to inherit Avonthorpe but when his aunt is murdered, the estate and everything is given to him. Not knowing who to trust, Graham searches for the treasure that will save the estate from its financial woes but doesn’t expect a bigger crime taking place on his newly inherited property.
The story started slowly, but about three chapters in it starts to move. This was where my interest was piqued, and the story was engaging until the very end. There’s a slew of characters who aren’t who they seem - including the hero and heroine. Money is the ultimate goal and a powerful motivator for each character, so the criminals aren’t easily guessed.
The descriptions pull the reader into Phebe’s world. One can almost smell the fish in the air and the salty sea that borders the estate.
Some fun twists and turns near the end of the story makes me wonder if there is a follow up book coming. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.
I received an ecopy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own.

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This is the first novel I've read by Abigail Wilson. I finished the book in one day and was not disappointed! The story follows the daughter of Lord Torrington, Phoebe Radcliff who is an artist that has studied under a renowned painter. She left home after being betrayed and scandalized. She is employed by Miss Drake to complete a ballroom renovation. When Miss Drake is murdered, her whole life changes. Phoebe is left with a clue to solving a murder and finding a treasure. She is later joined by Lt. Graham Burke, the handsome nephew of Miss Drake.

Knowing the clue, Phoebe finds herself in danger and with help of Graham they travel to unravel clues before other individuals of Avonthorpe Hall beat them to the punch. This novel had scenes reminiscent of Jane Austen, with tension between the two main characters. I really enjoyed their interactions. The story was well-written and kept me engaged right to very end.

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Within These Gilded Halls
By Abigail Wilson
Series: None
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Rated: 4
Obtain: Borrow

Back of the Book: “Hidden treasure and betrayal mingle with unexpected love within the walls of Avonthorpe Hall.
After studying art under Miss Drake, a renowned painter, Phoebe Radcliff is certain she can finally move beyond the childish mistake that’s kept her away from home. She is thrilled when Miss Drake employs her to complete a complicated ballroom renovation. Everything changes, however, the moment Miss Drake is murdered. With her last breath she imparts the location of a clue to Phoebe. Can the biggest secret of Avonthorpe Hall be true—the rumored treasure real? Phoebe is tasked to finish her work in the ballroom by Miss Drake’s infuriatingly regimented yet all-too-handsome nephew, Lt. Graham Burke. Determined to fulfill the promise she made to her beloved teacher to find the treasure, Phoebe also works to uncover the truth about Miss Drake’s death—and she must do so before Lt. Burke leases the house. But dark shadows line the gilded halls of Avonthorpe, and soon enough Phoebe realizes she’s not the only person who knows about the clues. What’s worse, she needs Lt. Burke’s help to stay ahead of whoever is hard on her heels. If only she weren’t so attracted to him.Caught up in a deadly race for answers, Phoebe must find a way to breach the shroud of lies that surrounds every last resident in the house and, more importantly, face a past she’s been running away from for far too long.”
Impressions: What’s a treasure without a hunt! I devoured this adventure quickly. I found the characters easy to like and cheer on in love. The mystery was quite fun to follow straight to the end. The one thing I found wanting was the basis for Phoebe being in the house. Her time would have been as a hired employee and although she is reference working she is more often found not working. I would also question why her “good” friend Daniel is not with her more often. Regardless, I enjoyed this adventure.

I received an ARC of this book via the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review shared here. For more book reviews go to:

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This is my fifth novel by Abigail Wilson. She is a recent find for me and I have really enjoyed her work, i.e. writing style. I found this book a bit harder to get into, it started very slow, but it built as it went along and by the end, I was rushing to finish and get the answers. There was a very slow burn love interest and a big mystery. Overall an enjoyable read.

Thank you to the Publisher and NetGalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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I love Abigail Wilson books! Her intriguing mysteries and endearing characters never fail to entertain. I loved the ties to Masquerade at Middlecrest Abbey. It made me want to go back and read that story all over again.. Don't worry if you haven't read it, I think you could easily read this one on its own. Within These Gilded Halls features two mysteries, a murder and a long buried treasure. For once, I had a strong, unwaivering suspicion about the murderer and the location of the treasure! All this mystery reading must be paying off! Written in a Regency setting, the story has a tender romance, with a faith based message of redemption and forgiveness. Abigail Wilson excelled at word imagery in this story. There were paragraphs that were eerily descriptive sending "my nerves into chaos". Mr. Montague, from Twilight at Morrington Cross , is a very minor character in this book, but it seems his story will continue as we "visit' Middlecrest Abbey and the Torringtons in the next book. I can hardly wait!

If you enjoy clean and wholesome reads, then I recommend you move this one to the top of your reading list!
Thank you Thomas Nelson and Net Galley for the free DRC of this book. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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“A treasure hunt and a murder investigation and a man with a rather affecting grin.” What’s not to love about this book? I was intrigued by the book’s description and it was even better than that! Ms. Wilson’s books are some of my favorites because she always has intricate plots, a mystery, an uplifting message, and clean, wholesome romance. I highly recommend reading Within These Gilded Halls for the following reasons:

* Phoebe who was “daring, impulsive, intelligent”
* Lt. Graham Burke- a “kind, deep thinker… a man filled with compassion and the propensity to love.”
* Scouring the seashore for shells
* Hidden coves
* Searching for clues to a rumored fortune
* Egyptian antiquities
* Mysterious happenings
* Political intrigue
* Plot twists

Thank you to NetGalley and the author for an eARC of the book. A positive review was not required, only my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own.

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This was a nice story with two mysteries.
Phoebe has come to Avonthorpe Hall to complete a renovation on the ballroom. She finds Miss Drake in her room shot and she dies before she can tell Phoebe who shot her. Phoebe along with Graham race against others looking for a hidden treasure and who killed Miss Drake.
It’s a nice mystery with a sweet romance mixed it.
Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the early copy

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"Within These Gilded Halls" is a romance set in 1819 in England. The author used a noticeable number of incorrect words (like several times people were referred to as "lifeless" when those people were still alive) and odd phrases (like "she tethered her lip between her teeth" yet "tether" usually means to tie something up). I found these distracting.

The main characters were interesting enough but weren't very well developed. The focus was more on the clues for the treasure hunt and figuring out who's trying to get the treasure ahead of them. They didn't really try to uncover who killed Miss Drake, either, just get the treasure so they could save the Hall. I felt like a good bit of what was going on was pretty obvious from the hints dropped here and there, but they came as a surprise to Phoebe when she finally worked it all out in the end. Phoebe and Graham worked well together, and their friendship (and attraction) grew as they spent time hunting the treasure together. There was no sex or bad language. I guess I'd recommend this book to fans of treasure hunts.

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