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I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Meet Izzy Edgewood a one of a kind book lover who lives in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. She spends her days working in her aunt’s bookstore and communicating with her three cousins through emails and texts. 

Izzy’s life changes when her cousin Josie enters her info into an online dating site called Heart-to-Heart. From this point on, Izzy begins a wonderful and unique journey to find true love. 

I really enjoy this story because Izzy is truly an authentic bookish personality that lights up peoples’ lives. 

I must say that at first I had a hard time following the story due to all the emails sent back to back. But later when Eli and Brodie entered Izzy’s world I was hooked.

Pepper Basham gives us a happy feel good story about the importance of home and family when finding true love.
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Authentically , Izzy delivers on every front : It has a relatable characters, lovely side characters and all the light hearted romance a reader's heart desire. Pepper Basham has created an ode to all of us . Authentically, Izzy is a perfect combination of swoon worthy male lead , sunshine female lead and romcom. I really loved the family dynamics. 
Will publish a proper review after publishing of the book. 
Can't wait to read more from Pepper Basham.
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This book felt like a rom-com movie to me. It was delightful and cheesy. 
I related to the main character on a spiritual level, her love for books was extraordinary and she was just lovely. also she’s a librarian. 
The concept was very well executed and Brodie was very cute.
The side characters were phenomenal and I wish we got to know them a bit more, specially Luke!!!

Also so many book references for book enthusiasts like me:) 

This book is a bit weird at first because it’s written mostly in the form of emails/texts between the characters but I got used to it. 

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I liked the story and the concept. I was excited to read it because I related to Izzy as a person. The only downside I have is the format it was a little tough to get through the story and understand the flow of events because of it. Otherwise, I immensely enjoyed it!
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This book was told through a bunch of emails and since we didn’t get into too much details of each event it was quite frustrating for me at first. But despite this the writing of the author’s writing has to be praised because I did love some parts of the book very much and the way she made us get attached to the characters and even convey the plot to us. 

I absolutely loved the fact that this book is for all the book nerds out there (including me). The plot can make you smile with the cuteness of it sometimes but still I did not prefer the writing style.
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Thanks for letting me read this one it was a fun read and would definitely give it another go the characters were really fun also
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I absolutely loved this book!! It just left me all happy and giddy and ahh! It was just so good. I enjoyed it so much!
I knew I was going to love it from the start and that’s not something I can say for a lot of books. But once I met these characters, I just knew this was going to be fun!

First of all, these characters! They quickly felt like good friends, especially Izzy. I related to Izzy so, so much! She’s definitely a kindred spirit. I liked her from the start and got invested in her story almost immediately! I love how she grows in this book and learns to see herself as someone worth knowing. And of course I loved how much she loved books! 
And then we have her quirky, hilarious, wonderful cousins. I LOVED them! Seriously, I want friends like them. 
Penelope was so fun and I loved her personality!
And Luke? Well he was basically my favorite. He was literally the most sarcastic and funny guy ever.😂 He was the perfect mix of sarcastic and sweet. I loved him!
And I ended up really liking Josephine too! I mean, she did help  Izzy meet Brodie. 😉 
Speaking of Brodie, he was completely swoon-worthy. I loved him! He’s the most perfect, adorable bookish guy ever. He was impossible not to love. ❤️ He made my heart melt so many times.🥺 (He read to her and bought her books and took her to his amazing house straight out of a book world! How perfect is he??) Also he laughs like he means it and has curly hair and an accent. Okay, I’m done fangirling. 😂
Izzy and Brodie’s love story was the cutest! I just loved it. I adore love stories where the couple meet through letters and become friends that grows into more as they get to know more about each other without even seeing each other. It’s just beautiful. This one did it so well! I loved them together. 

This is definitely a character-driven book and I loved getting to know these characters. I just loved the family dynamics and banter in this book! It was everything. I snickered/laughed several times and was basically smiling the whole time. I also just really enjoy books where family plays a big role in the story.

I absolutely loved all of the book love and book references in this book, especially the love for classic books. It was right up my alley! I also loved the references to Andy Griffith! I now want to visit Mt. Airy myself!

I really liked that although most of the book is told through emails and texts, there are parts that aren’t. It broke it up just a bit and gave a nice change! 

The faith was subtle but still there and I really enjoyed that! 

As for the content, this book is clean which I really appreciate! A few semi-detailed kisses but that’s all. No language. 

In conclusion, I loved this story! It made me really happy. It was a fun, lighter read but still had depth. If you enjoy books with bookworm characters and a sweet, unconventional love story, this one was so good!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I really enjoyed this book, its cute and sweet and all about discovering your passion.  The first half is written as a series of emails/texts between various characters, which can be difficult to follow, but also gave the reader the view point from all of the characters involved.  The scenery in the second half was beautifully described and makes me yearn to take a trip to somewhere similar.  Highly recommend if you are looking for a sweet, clean romance. I received a complimentary copy of this book.  Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.   Pub date 11/15/2022.
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I love books about bookish dreams and happily-ever-afters... this is a delightful read and totally worth my time. Well done.
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This books was just not for me :(

I really struggled to get through this one, the majority of the book is told throughout email/texts which quickly grew tiresome for me to read personally even if some of the conversation was enjoyable. I just really struggled to connect with anything due to the format and I just couldn’t find myself to feel anything for the characters either. There was also a lot of religious narrative that tended to end up just a bit to much in this book.

I’m sure this book will be amazing for someone else but for me it just wasn’t my usual taste so decided to stop reading it before I finished.
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thanks net galley for this arc! 

its written in emails! very witty, was kinda hard to get through because of it.
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I am a fan of epistolary style writing and humor always hits the mark, so I really enjoyed Authentically Izzy. It's a delightful romantic comedy about dreams coming true if you have the courage to face your fears and live an authentic life.

The story is told in three parts with the first half of the book being something of an appetizer of things to come. Izzy is a bookworm of the highest order working at the public library. Her interactions with her cousins via email and text concerning her love life, or the lack thereof, sets the stage for a variety of funny situations including her bossy matchmaking cousin Josie making Izzy a profile page on a dating site and not telling her until she's done it.  Hilarity ensues and some of the potential dates and Izzy's responses had me laughing out loud. But there' is one bookish guy name Brodie Sutherland who catches Izzy's attention, and the online dating is on, chock full of bookish characters and references.

The second part of the story has more third person point of view and was so satisfying with Brodie Sutherland finally traveling to Mt Airy, NC to meet Izzy face to face. However my hands down favorite part of the book is the third part with Izzy facing her fears and flying to the island of Skymar to meet Brodie's family and visit his bookstore. Izzy's experiences while visiting Sutherland's are the kinds of things book lovers dream about. It was so enchanting!

One of my favorite quotes that sums up Izzy's hopes, dreams and insecurities too,

"They fit together so well. Frighteningly well. It all seemed too good. Too beautiful. Like someone dipped their finger into her dreams and painted them into reality."

Authentically Izzy was pure reading pleasure and I recommend it to readers who enjoy a fresh witty story complete with all things bookish, including their heroes. I appreciate Thomas Nelson making a copy of Authentically Izzy available for review. All thoughts and opinions are my very own.
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izzy and brodie read the classics, and it shows in the book’s extensive vocabulary (which is almost exclusively written in email format). unexpectedly this novel left me pensive; sitting here after reading it, i’m left to ponder some big thoughts: am i being my authentic self, what is my authentic self, what if i want more…? 
character-wise, brodie (romance novel names are starting to become a bit of a pet peeve for me… just spell it correctly) is someone’s fantasy put on paper. he’s direct about his feelings, he’s well-read, he’s got a scottish accent, and lives in a freaking castle. his lines are all swoon-worthy. i honestly think Josephine’s character could use some work. she doesn’t really have any redeeming qualities, despite Izzy’s insistence that she knows her actions come from her love. 
something to note that I did not expect is that the author is the wife of a pastor, so some facets of christianity (prayers, god’s plan, church singles’ group, etc.) are sprinkled throughout. overall, i’m looking forward to recommending this one to my mom. she’s gonna love it.
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It takes a lot for me to DNF a book. Once I start, I almost ALWAYS feel compelled to finish it. However, I could not force myself through this book. 

At first, the format of emails and messages back and forth threw me off. But I kept pushing to see if it was just the beginning of the book. After 10% in, I started to realize it might be the whole book, and that does seem to be the case.

I could have possibly gotten over the format, if the emails and messages seemed even remotely authentic, but they just didn't. People don't email in the format that this book was in. First off, who spends all that time emailing their family members? Not only that, but emailing them super long missives when they could just call them? 

I just cannot continue reading this book.
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This book is perfect for any fan of fantasy like Lord of the Rings, romance, and book stores. This is the perfect fall read and one that features a quaint town and a wonderful cast of characters.
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I had to DNF this book at 10% to be completely honest because the style was just not for me. It started out strong with witty banter and fun emails back and forth, but when I realized that the whole book was written as email/chat correspondence it really lost me. That's just not the style I look forward to reading, personally. I ended up giving it two stars because I did see lots of promise with the writing and think that some people will definitely be able to enjoy this one, it just wasn't for me!
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Authentically Izzy is an epistolary romance, which means it is written from the point of view of correspondence. In this instance it is emails and text messages. There are some sections of the book that are in the third person, but the vast majority is correspondence.

Izzy is 30, and trying to find her place in the world. She meets Brodie on an online dating site. He is her other half, and he lives half a world away. Through their correspondence, Izzy is her true authentic self, and she finds, in Brodie, her true authentic partner.

I received an advance review copy for free from NetGalley, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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This book is a delight for book nerds!

I am so surprised by this book and I'm going to be fully honest at first I was really skeptical. More than half of the book is in an epistolary genre which makes it hard at first to get involved in the story and to get attached to the characters. Also the fact that you do not know everything because you only get bits and pieces of certain events throughout the emails makes it very frustrating for the reader. 
Nevertheless I was really surprised by how efficient the writing is because no matter the disturbing genre you actually get into the story and get attached to the characters and you even grow use to the writing which shows how well done it is. 
The literary references makes the whole book an absolute delight to go through. I think at some point it became a game of guessing which book or movie is going to be referenced in the next page which obviously makes it an absolute page turner. It makes you smile so much and I feel like it's what makes this romance even more special. 
Eventually, the way this book is all about being your authentic self, especially as a book nerd, made me completely fall in love with it. 
Well done!
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This was a great story to read. I loved the storyline and the characters, definitely recommend this book!
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An ARC of this novel was sent to me by NetGalley for reviewing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I really like how the book was staged and the author's writing style! I really vibed with it. I wasn't a big fan of how religious it was, because there was no mention in the description that it is as religious as it was. Overall, this book was easy to read.
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