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The Wholesome Yum Easy Keto Carboholics' Cookbook

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This book is very important for someone who wants to go on the keto diet. It has many good tip, and many wonderful recipes. I would definitely recommend Maya Krampf's keto book to anyone who is going to go on the keto diet or is on it.

Thank you netgalley for sending me this wonderful book.

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nyone on the Keto diet (almost everybody at some time) will want to pick up The Wholesome Yum Easy Keto Carboholics' Cookbook: 100 Low Carb Comfort Food Recipes. 10 Ingredients Or Less , by Maya Krampf, creator of the Keto website, Wholesome Yum. The cookbook is full of information that will help anyone stick to the Keto diet, and helpful hints and substitutions for well-loved carbs such as potatoes. The best part, of course, is the recipes – 100 excellent recipes, actually.

Not only are most of the recipes gluten-free, but the author offers a dairy-free option for the recipes; helpful for those on special diets in addition to the Keto diet. The recipes call for ingredients that must be obtained in special grocery or health stores, or on the gluten-free aisle of regular grocery stores. There are dozens of ingredients called for that aren’t mainstream and aren’t found in most kitchens.

The recipes are written in the traditional manner and are easy-to-follow. Beginning and advanced cooks will find it easy to make any of the recipes. There are beautiful photographs of most of the recipes, which make this a nice cookbook to read from as well as cook from.

The recipes include low carb breads, as well as soups, sandwiches, side dishes, main dishes (including lots of different pizzas and pasta dishes), snacks, breakfasts, casseroles and desserts.

Anyone who follows the keto diet will definitely want to pick up this excellent cookbook.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.

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I’ve followed Maya for awhile and was excited to get to read her newest cookbook. Well I mean cook through. As with any cookbook there were recipes I loved and others not so much. Definitely recommend for anyone living a low carb or keto lifestyle.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the advanced reader copy. This is my honest review.

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Hands down the most sustainable keto cookbook. Seriously. The thing that makes most people fall off keto diets (& usually gain all plus some weight back) is that you miss foods you love. This cookbook gives you keto friendly options. Listen are they as easy as going to Piggly Wiggly and getting the same item? Of course not but with a little work and pre planning it’s attainable.

Easy to follow recipes. Beautiful pictures that you will swear aren’t keto. Break down of carbs & calories. Some ingredients won’t be easily grabbed (celery root for example)

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There are some really great recipes in here and some really inventive swaps. I’ll likely purchase this for my parents who are on a keto diet.

I love that every recipe is accompanied by a picture, the specific nutrition facts and the tips/variations to make it your own.

My biggest nitpick is that the author specifically names the brand of sweetener instead of suggesting a type of sweetener. I would have liked to see more information about how to choose a sweetener substitute and how those measurements compare to the sweetness of real sugar.

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I’m a beginner when it comes to cooking and I have been trying to eat healthier. The recipes in the book look delicious. I tabbed and saved several that I plan to try with my family. Crossing my fingers they turn out!

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I have always been fascinated with Keto and how one begins their Keto Journey. The author did a wonderful job of introducing readers to Keto, the Keto substitutes in our diet and made awesome recipes. I absolutely recommend it to foodies that enjoy cookbooks that are easy to grasp , read and read. I love it!

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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I honestly liked her first cookbook better. This one forces you to find other recipes that are not in this book or use products I did not have use with her first book.

Where in her first book you used swerve, I find this cookbook required a different (but same job) brand item. The caveat is that substitutions are not readily given. So you are taking a chance to use something different. I truly don't have time or money to restock my pantry which single off items just to use this book. I was hoping, since I used her last book a lot, I would already have a stocked pantry.

The few recipes I did have ingredients for was fine. But I didn't cook some I wanted to due to a huge expense as described above.

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I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

While this is a thorough book, I found it a bit overwhelming.

There's lots of hard to find ingredients and some you can only buy from the authors website. Because this book is keto there's a lot of cheese-based breads and other carb-substituting recipes. Some of the recipes refer to other recipes - you may have to do some flipping back and forth through the book. The recipes themselves have some nice variety and and organized easily. While some of the recipes feel pretty intimidating, I can see how people committed to eating keto would enjoy them.

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This is a quick and easy cookbook that anyone can enjoy! I'm not keto, but I am a terrible chef and a total "carboholic" and I found The Whole Yum's recipes to be approachable and delicious. I've already made the Mexican Beef & Rice Stuffed Peppers and my family of not-so-healthy eaters devoured them.

There's a lot of valuable information in this cookbook and I think anyone dipping their toe in the keto world (or just trying to eat fewer carbs like me) will enjoy this. The photos are great and the recipes include lots of tips and tricks that I found helpful!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book; all opinions are my own. Thank you to NetGalley and MPK Publishing LLC for allowing me to be an early reader.

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Thank you to NetGalley for an advanced copy of The Wholesome Yum.

-A lot of details about alternate ingredients
-Clear and easy to read recipes with extra tips and clear labels about nut free, dairy free, etc
-Nutritional information for every recipe
-Photos for every recipe
-Interesting recipes- Paella, White Pizza Pockets, Egg Noodles, Pirozhki and more!
-Wide variety of recipes- breakfast, breads, pizzas, Mexican, soups and sandwiches, fried food, desserts and more!

-Promoting a sweetener that she sells
-Referencing her first book or website often
-Format isn't always ebook friendly

Overall, I'd say this would be a good cookbook to own! She includes common recipes as well as others you might not have seen or heard of it! Her instructions are clear and easy to read and I look forward to trying many of these out!

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Love that there is a photo for all the recipes, it makes them much more appealing!

There is a lot of great information about the keto lifestyle and wonderful tips about which materials to use in the recipes, even if the author is a little heavy on her specific brand recommendations. I did try a few of the recipes and those that I did try were really well done. Some of them have too many ingredients I wouldn't normally have on hand and some have way too many steps for me.

Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for a temporary, digital ARC in return for my review.

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I am a huge fan of the original Wholesome Yum cookbook and the sequel for Easy Keto does not disappoint. I cannot wait to try a lot of these new recipes that are family friendly, fairly easy and will keep you full without sacrificing taste and quality.

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Author Maya Krampf is one of my favourite keto cookbook authors and authorities on the ketogenic lifestyle. In this book she explains ingredients and their characteristics, gives excellent practical advice and tips such as fathead dough versions and how best to use cauliflower rice, how to score and cut a butternut squash and gives substitutions for starches such as the potato. She also describes the best dredging process and how to make 90 second bread. Mouthwatering photographs are hunger inducing!

Not only are there popular and well-known recipes her way such as Zucchini Skins, Mozzarella Sticks, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Chicken Crust Pizza (it really works!) and Sugar Free Ketchup but less-common recipes I am besotted with including Scalloped Radishes, Deep Fried Onion Rings (one of my favourites after testing several recipes from the book), Soft Pretzels and 3 Ingredient Egg Noodles (keto pasta is one of my newest crazes).

Amongst those I am eager to try include Rutabaga Chips, Rosemary Focaccia, Crispy Baked Cauliflower Tots, 3 Ingredient Egg Noodles, Fish and Chips, Sesame Chicken, White Cheddar Crackers (they remind me of flaky pastry), Brown Sugar Bacon Knots and Mini Caramel Cheesecakes (which I plan to make this weekeend). This is one of those books you will want to try all the recipes from, not just the usual handful.

The keto lifestyle need not be difficult or overwhelming...access to books such as this is life changing for the beginner keto cook but with a wealth of information for seasoned cooks as well. The variety is wonderful and I had several lightbulb moments while devouring the book.

My sincere thank you to MPK Publishing LLC and NetGalley for the privilege of reading and eating from this thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring book!

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This is one of the best keto cookbooks I have come across. It's extremely comprehensive. There are explanations about the different types of flours and combining them that answered a lot of questions for me. I am gluten intolerant so have trouble finding things sometimes with keto recipes or products in the store. The recipes are simple and I have made several. They are tasty and fairly easy. My biggest struggle with keto was missing potatoes. The alternatives here are perfect. And my daughter loves the sweets. I highly recommend this one!

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This is a great keto cookbook with a lot going for it and a few drawbacks.

The pros:

~ There is a photo for every recipe, and the photos are full color and appealing.
~ Macros are included for the recipes so you have full nutritional information.
~ The recipes sound tasty and many of them are fairly simple.
~ There are a lot of comfort food type of dishes.

The cons:

~ Many recipes call for the author's specialty products like her fake sugars. She says you shouldn't substitute.
~ Some recipes call for making other recipes that are not included in this book but are in her other books. You should be able to find these recipes elsewhere online but it's a pain.
~ Many recipes call for products I personally don't cook with because they're heavily processed, particularly unhealthy or otherwise don't work for me like crushed pork rinds, inulin and whey protein powder. No substitutions are given for people who don't do dairy or pork, though she says you can substitute sugar for inulin (she uses it to feed yeast).
~ These are definitely recipes to make because you're having cravings, not food that will necessarily heal you or support good health.
~ A lot of the recipes seem like a lot of work. Even when they looked good to me, I often found myself reading the steps and deciding I wasn't craving that food that much.

If there had been more easy recipes and fewer recipes that needed her specialty foods, pork rinds and whey protein powder, I might have considered purchasing a copy for myself. It's not a cookbook that would be much use to me and my family but others are likely to love it.

I read a temporary digital ARC of this book for review.

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This keto cookbook is so far the nicest one I've read. It has recipes that I would actually want to make at home. It's a variation of our most loved dishes but keto friendly. There are breads, soups and sandwiches, potato and rice substitutes, pizza, pasta, Mexican, fried foods, snacks, breakfast, casseroles, and desserts. I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review

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This book was very promising at first and I did find a few recipes to try. However, I did find it just used the same carb substitutes such as eggplant, cauliflower, and tofu. I was really hoping there would be more options.

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I was looking forward to reading this and getting some ideas, inspiration and recipes to try but having read through it I am a bit disappointed as it calls for so many strange and different ingredients that I don't have, don't know and are far to expensive to use on a regular basis.

I must say this is not a book for me.

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There are good recipes in the book but the carb alternatives aren't anything original that are already in the public. Its public to the point, that grocery stores have already started making items for the shelves catered to keto diets.

So this would be a supplementary book for keto dieters but they're not original or innovative recipe ideas.

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