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The Secret We Share

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I really enjoyed this book! It had me hooked from the first chapter, and kept me on my toes the entire time!

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I think the premise of this book is quite interesting, the main character Liv has the ability to see Demons in a world where that constitutes institutionalization to a sanatorium. She was taught from a young age to hide this and as such has some trust issues. This coupled with a bit of politicization of mental health issues could set up an intriguing book.
However, ultimately, I found the characters in this story to be flat and the plot to both be rushed and too slow. There were a few surprises and opportunities for shock value. I feel that this book feels almost but not quite there with a bit of polishing it could be fantastic.
Overall, I gave it 3 stars as I found it just ok. It was an easy read and there were some parts that I enjoyed

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This was everything I wanted and so much more!

Magical realism at it finest! Our MC Liv can see demons while no one else can making it appear as though she is delusional and in need of psychiatric help. The fact the author managed to make the MC witty and bold and a complete bad*** while still handling the topic of sanitariums and mental health so delicately was fantastic.

If you want a story to keep you hooked from start to finish with an MC and side characters that are just as well written. The idea of Growth, trauma, and the supernatural mixed into a well laid plot. Definitely check this one out!

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I liked this so much more than I expected. While the writing was quite simple (doesn't have complicated prose or advanced language), it still made me feel a lot for Liv and all of her experiences. The little found family aspect of it was super nice too especially since all of the characters were really likeable. The pacing of events in the book was smooth too, it didn't drag or get boring in any part of the story. Would recommend to try out if you're into supernatural and/or action packed books!

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The Secret We Share is magical realism done masterfully. I was surprised by how immersed I was from the very first page.

Liv Talbot is struggling to be seen as her world begins falling around her - but when you see demons, being seen is your worst nightmare. Liv has been fighting demons no one else can see for 16 years - being bruised, battered and nearly beaten to death on several occasions. That all changes one day in her local coffee shop, when barista Sienna sees Liv fighting a demon. No one has seen another's demon before, and when Sienna approaches Liv about it, Liv can choose to keep her secret hidden, or lean on someone battling the same dark forces.

With sanatoriums gaining more power and threatening to institutionalize everyone who can see the dark demons, Liv is terrified. As demon attacks become more frequent and her best friend is away, Liv is forced to fight and confront her own fears.

Liv is an easy character to like. She's bold, sarcastic, a realist and sees demons, what's not to like? Her arc is defined by traumatic experiences and the relationships she has with others - she matures and gains a self-awareness that is admirable by any standard. It's a story not only of fighting literal demons, but the demons in her mind.

The secondary characters are the real gems of the story: I love Naomi, Sienna, Wyatt, Locke and Lyndon. They all add comic relief, fresh perspectives, and create an atmosphere that really feels like a great group of friends.

I'd highly recommend adding this book to your TBR. You won't regret reading this story.

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This is such a great book. I typically don’t read about demons, but this had me hooked. The pace was great and it had a few twists and turns I wasn’t expecting.

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