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When Vera's neighbor's little girl comes to the door and tells Vera her mama is sick, Vera feels she has to check on her. With not much to live with or on and Dad working at the only available job 2 hours away and unable to come home except on the weekends, Vera feels she should adopt the family. Fiona has one request as the holidays approach: a pretty quilt like Vera's for her mom. Can Vera fill her request as the holidays quickly approach.

A sweet, faith filled Christmas novella that focuses on love and caring during the Christmas holidays. I especially enjoyed the relationship that developed between the 4 quilters who did not really know each other before the started the project.
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Reading a Melody Carlson book during the holiday season has become a tradition for me. For the 2022 season she has gifted us with another sweet story that I love. Vera Swanson is an older lady who is dealing with the loss of her husband and a move to a condo. She just isn't feeling the Christmas spirit and is lonely. Little Irish transplant Fiona Albright knocks on Vera's door begging for help for her mother who is in terrible pain. Life changes for them all from that moment on.
Fiona visits the helpful Vera and sees a beautiful quilt. With her child-like faith she decides she wants to make her mother a quilt for Christmas, and she knows Vera can help her. Her brother joins in by helping to make posters requesting help to make said quilt. This leads to such an enjoyable story as Vera finds herself as a leader for a small group of strangers who try to work together to help children give their mom a gift like no other.
Melody Carlson has done it again. This is a precious story. I want to thank the publisher and NetGalley for my advanced reader's copy of this colorful touch to the Christmas season. This is a collection worthy book in my opinion.
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This is a very heart warming tale of strangers coming together for a common cause of making a Christmas quilt for someone in need.  The characters are an odd mixture that you may wonder how they could work together.  Deep seated problems are brought to light.  This made me stop and think if I am misjudging someone or if I'm giving off the wrong impression.  On the surface, this is a light read.  But the true meaning is very deep.  We should all extend those around us the grace of the Christmas spirit.

Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC for an honest review.
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Such a sweet Christmas story!  Vera is new to the area and hasn't really made any friends.  An emergency with a neighbor changes her life.  She is now leading up a quilting group and stepping in as grandmother to the neighbor's children.  Tasha, Eleanor, and Beverly join her quilting group and by working together, they surprise Fiona's mother with a beautiful Christmas quilt.  Eleanor, aka the bottom mole snowman (this still makes me laugh) finds healing and gets into the Christmas spirit.  I will definitely be recommending this book to others!
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Please see the StoryChats podcast episode for a full review of this title along with a fun interview with the author. We enjoyed the chance to read and review the book as well as the opportunity to chat with the author.
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Melody Carlson's yearly Christmas novella is something I look forward to. This year was a tale that revolved around a Christmas quilt. Four women who begin as strangers come together to make a quilt for a woman that could really use the pick-me-up.

I have mixed feelings on this book. Mostly I liked it. It had compelling characters and a heartwarming overall story. There's also a bonus side story that throws a lovely splash of romance into the mix. (Hopefully there's a follow-up story on those characters!) The part that I wasn't as crazy about happens pretty early in the story and winds its way through the rest of the tale. I can't really explain it because it would be a big time spoiler. And the situation was needed to make the story plausible . . . just not to my personal liking. 

Even with that situation, would I recommend it? Yes! Yes! Yes! Would I buy it for Christmas gifts? Again yes! Just ignore my persnicketiness and enjoy the overall story.
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This was such a sweet novella.  I come from a family of quilters, so this especially hit home for me and put me right into the lovely Christmas spirit.  Heartwarming and delightful!
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A Quilt for Christmas was such a sweet, delightful, heartwarming novella.

Vera Swanson and her eclectic group of first timer quilter ladies, Tasha, Beverly, and Eleanor have the arduous task of making a Christmas quilt for her little neighbour's mother.

This was my first book written by Melody Carlson , she wrote these characters so well I'd love to know them in real life.

It helped me to get into the festive mood, bring on the cookies and the carols.
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Melody Carlson is the queen of writing Christmas books, and she has proven that once again. Even though it's a novella, it still gave plenty of character depth and development. It feels so warm and moving! Seeing everyone come together was just the best!
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Vera Swanson, recently widowed has just relocated into a one bedroom condo. She is not looking forward to Christmas this year and is very lonely, until there is a knock on her door. Fiona Albright needs her help. Her father is out of town working and her mama is very ill. Vera steps in and gets her the help she needs. Fiona is thrilled with her new neighbour and when she finds out she is a quilter, she asks for her help to make a special Christmas Quilt to raise her mother's spirits. Vera knows she needs help and sets about recruiting others to help her with the project. Her little group consists of free-spirited artist Tasha, chatty empty nester Beverly, retired therapist Eleanor, and herself. Working together proves difficult at times, but as the quilt comes together, not only will the Albright family have a Merry Christmas, but Vera may have found herself a new group of friends, found family that makes her new life a lot more merry.

This book was full of Christmas magic as this group of very different women work together to complete the quilt and help one another to heal, forgive and move on with their lives. The characters were all very well developed and although not all were likable at the beginning, they quickly grew on me. Of course the star of the show was Fiona. She was such a sweetheart and saw the best in everyone. She spoke openly and honestly and was so innocent, you just had to love her. This is a Christian Fiction story but it is subtle sharing the love of Christmas with its readers. I love Melody Carlson's books and this one didn't disappoint. I rarely give a novella 5 stars, but this one pushed all the buttons for me. I highly recommend this Christmas Novella if you enjoy a sweet story, full of Christmas magic, love and faith.
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A sweet Christmas story about loss, love and how much we all need each other!

Vera Swanson has always loved Christmas, that is until she had no one to spend it with. When her husband passed away and when she relocated to be closer to her children, she thought it would be perfect for the holidays, but when the kids move away, she is left alone in her small condo. One day, the children next door come knocking and need help. Their mother is sick, and their father is out of town. Fiona, the youngest ask Vera to help make her mom a quilt for Christmas. Vera knows she can make the quilt but not in time for Christmas by herself. With the help of others in town, they work to make the Christmas extra special for Fiona and her family.

When the current season is getting to you, slipping away into a nice and cozy Christmas novella is just the thing you need. A Quilt for Christmas is a fun and sweet little read that was quick, easy and the perfect little escape. Vera and Fiona made the perfect little pair, I loved the young and old dynamic showing different perspectives in what they were going through. Readers will love the different characters and how they are all pulled together by such an unexpected event. This is a perfect afternoon read for anyone wanting to escape for a few hours into a story that will pull at your heartstrings and leave you with a smile by the turn of the last page. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a sweet Christmas story.

I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher.  The views and opinions expressed within are my own.
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Sweet Christmas story…check!
Beautiful Christmas message….check!
Fun and lighthearted with truth and hope…check!
Melody Carlson's newest Christmas book will leave you smiling and wishing for Christmas. When a young girl asks her neighbor to make a patchwork quilt for her mama for Christmas, new friendships are formed and lives are changed. A feel good book that will keep you smiling! Much needed reprieve for me! Quite enjoyed it! Thanks NetGalley!
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It simply would not be Christmas time without reading the annual Melody Carlson Christmas novella. I always feel such a sense of peace and goodness wash over me after I am finished with it.
In this one there are a group of people, some broken, widowed,sad,lonely or have just lost their way a bit. These people who were once strangers come together as now friends for the betterment of each other and unselfishly help out and boost each other's spirits. When you help others, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and that warm happy feeling.
This book is such a warm blessing and I recommend it to you.

Pub Date 06 Sep 2022
I was given a complimentary copy of this book.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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This endearing story will touch the heart. Some scenes even brought tears to my eyes. It will certainly help put readers in the Christmas spirit and model reaching out to others and helping those in need—whether physical or emotional. It’s short enough to finish in an afternoon or evening, so find a warm fire and curl up for an engaging read with realistic, vulnerable characters and a poignant plot. I wish it didn’t have a divorced character in a romance because the Bible teaches marriage is for life and only death frees a spouse to remarry. I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own. #AQuiltforChristmas #NetGalley
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A heartwarming story perfect for light holiday reading. I invite you to come and get to know Vera and her gang as they come together for a wonderful purpose. Holidays are for sharing and giving and this book delivers those qualities in a cozy way. It’s about community and putting aside differences and heartache in some cases for the greater good. This delightful novel has all the feels that Melody Carlson continues to deliver in her Christmas novellas. Thank you #NetGalley for the ARC . All opinions are my own.
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Vera Swanson doesn’t feel much like celebrating Christmas this year. In years past, nobody could rival the glory of a Christmas season done up in Vera’s style, all wrapped up in love. But now there is nobody to celebrate with her. The big, beautiful home in which she and her husband raised their family has been sold, and this small condo doesn’t feel the same. When a small child knocks on Vera’s door and begs help for her mommy, things become even more different as she finds herself suddenly helping neighbors she didn’t even know through a difficult situation.

Little Fiona Albright is a spunky little girl whose family has had their own series of unfortunate events. When her mother’s sudden and intense illness send Fiona searching for help, she begins to form a bond with the grandmotherly woman next door. Slowly, Fiona and Vera forge a friendship that eventually extends to an eclectic group of women who come together to fulfill Fiona’s wish of a quilt for Christmas. Everyone has their own burdens that try to bog them down this season, especially cranky old Eleanor Rasmussen, but somehow Fiona melts even the coldest heart. Together they forge a family for Christmas that none of them expected, brought together by one little angel with an old soul.

Thank you to the author and publisher for allowing me a copy to read and review. All opinions expressed here are my own and are completely genuine.
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This Christmas book reminds us the importance of generosity and friendship.
Vera Swanson decides to make a quilt for Mrs Albright to please Fiona, Mrs Albright young daughter. It's a surprise for the mother of three who left Ireland with her husband and three children for the U.S.A.
Vera met Mrs Albright live in the same building and met when Mrs Albright was sick she brought her to the hospital...
She is moved by their story and want to help them. She finds a groupof women willing to work with her on the quilt for Christmas.
Each one of them as their own struggles and are going to build a friendship
throughout their meeting.
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After her husband dies, Vera Swanson moves to a new town to be close to her daughter and grandchildren. When her daughter's family moves away, Vera finds herself alone in a new place with the holidays just ahead.  When her neighbor's four year old child, Fiona, knocks on the door, Vera's life changes. Vera helps Fiona and also takes on her challenge to make a special Christmas quilt for Fiona's mother. Vera doesn't know anyone in town, so she puts up signs looking for quilters - and finds herself surrounded by some new friends.

I wanted to read A Quilt for Christmas because I have enjoyed Melody Carlson's other Christmas books. (I try to read the new book each year!) This book was no exception.

This is a short book (novella length) and a cozy read for a long afternoon or a quiet weekend. I found Vera a very likable and sympathetic protagonist.  She is lonely and she wants to make friends and help others - and by the act of opening the door (literally and figuratively) to little Fiona Albright, she does just that.

The other women in the quilting circle are also interesting - Tasha is a happy, fun-loving young artist;  Beverly is a friendly empty nester; and Eleanor is a grouchy retired therapist who is living with her adult son.  In the course of the book Vera (and the reader!) gets to know them all and learns their stories.  One of the ladies even has a sweet romance over the holidays.

I recommend A Quilt for Christmas for anyone who is looking for a cozy Christmas story.   This gentle and uplifting book would make a great Hallmark movie!
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Melody Carlson has been on my author radar since I read the very first book by her. First of all, I am a huge Melody Carlson fan. I love her books and A QUILT FOR CHRISTMAS is just as awesome as her others. This story is different than any I have read and I was just fascinated reading it. What a wonderful story to help us remember the love of Christmas. God sent us His Son because He loved us so much. And even though this book wasn’t preachy nor did it quote scripture, it shows the love Christmas should be in all of our hearts. This book is well worth reading, so grab a copy, read it and pass it around during the Holidays for others to enjoy! If you love a romantic holiday story then you have to give A QUILT FOR CHRISTMAS a go. You won’t be sorry and your heart will be warmer because of it.

Melody Carlson has a gift for telling uplifting and inspirational stories and she knows exactly how to get the reader in the holiday spirit. I really like this book because it shows us that no matter what happens in life we can come out victorious and change our lives. This is an excellent book for the Christmas season and every day of the year. This book is only 176 pages, but you get a lot out of those few pages and it tells us just because a book is long doesn’t mean its better. A QUILT FOR CHRISTMAS is a must read and a keeper. You will be transported to this sweet little town with their many problems and difficulties, but come out much happier and full of hope. I highly recommend this book for everyone.

Soon it will be the time of year for eggnog and Christmas books. Melody Carlson has another stellar Christmas book this year with a sweet story that will bring tears to your eyes and remind you of the true reason we celebrate Christmas. I thought A QUILT FOR CHRISTMAS was a sweet Christmas read. It is entertaining as well as thought-provoking. I love the message of being hospitable to all because we may not know when we are entertaining angels unaware. Vera and Tasha are perfect examples of two people caring for others no matter their circumstances.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell Books. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Vera Swanson looks forward to a lonely Christmas. A new widow who has recently relocated, she knows no one, not even her next-door neighbors. Then little Freda Albright erupts into her life in a state of panic. Her mother is desperately ill and the young girl has no idea what to do.

As Vera steps in to do what she can, she gets swept into the lives of the young Albright children. In a rash moment, she agrees to help create the sick mother a quilt as a surprise Christmas gift. She knows, however, that this is not something she can do alone. And so she ends up drawing together a motley bunch of helpers who make for an entertaining read, as well as a beautiful quilt. The result is a very different Christmas to anything Vera had anticipated, and a number of new friends.

Readers who enjoy a Christian cozy family story will love this book. It made me wish I had a cold winter Christmas to look forward to. But I live in South Africa, so that’s not going to happen!

Disclosure: I received a free copy with no expectation of a positive or negative review from the publisher. The opinions are my own.
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