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Return to Canyon Creek

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A really satisfying western tale with lavish descriptions of scenery. At some points the dialogue felt flat, but the characters showed depth in other areas, in the compassion for others and their sense of justice. The prose was easy to read, and the story easy to follow. A good cozy read for a rainy day.
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Can't decide on this book. If you are into westerns with the old good versus bad, black and white, storyline then you will probably enjoy it. If you are looking for something with a more modern feel I fear this is not for you.

I enjoyed the story, albeit a bit predictable, it felt I was drifting in and out of The Magnificent Seven and Calamity Jane throughout. The characters were wooden and stereotypical and every detail of everything they did was recording hindering the flow of the plot. It must be said the plot is not bad. Slow getting there but picked up towards the end.

I give this book three stars and in the right audience may even push it to a three and a half, but that's about as good as it gets, cowboy!
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I don't read westerns often but I'm glad I decided to read this one. Good story, likable characters and lots of gun fire. A good old fashioned western.
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Return to Canyon Creek is very interesting. I have never really gotten into John Layne’s books but after reading this I wish I had noticed this author more earlier. This book was exceptional, I have read a couple of western novels in the past but this one caught my attention a lot. I will be reading more books from this author very soon.
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