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I Cannot Draw a Horse

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This book has an omniscient narrator. It starts out with a sheep that becomes a cat and the cat wants a horse. But our omniscient narrator says they can’t draw a horse, but they could draw a fill in the blank. The story goes on from there. It is a round robin story like “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”, which makes for a really fun ride. The illustrations are fun and childlike but in the best possible way. It helps move the story forward as well as keep it entertaining. While it’s great on the pages, it could also be great for a whiteboard story time or even made that way for a flannel story time. Overall, the story just works, and kids are going to love it.
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With simple phrases, easy shapes and tons of humor, this is a cute read, which is sure to have listeners giggling and laughing the entire way through.

This book includes the illustrator as one of the characters. The illustrator draws a simple shape, which so happens to then be made into a cat. The cat, however, has desires and demands, since it doesn't want to stay alone and wants some fun. It wants a horse. The illustrator, however, claims it can't draw a horse and tries to satisfy the cat with a different friend. The results are silly and send the cat into all sorts of mini-adventures.

Created with simple, short phrases, this is a wonderful book to get those early readers hitting words on their own. Plus, it makes a great read aloud, too. The sentences are printed clearly with only one or two on the page. Then, there are word-bubbles from the cat, which are just as simple and add comic relief.
But then, the situations (and the cat's complaints) are humorous.

The illustrations are very simple and, still, pack everything they need to make the story fun. And they do a great job and showing how creativity works. With just a simple, basic shape, various animals and scenes come to life. 

And there is a message or two, which cleverly meld right into the silly fun. Altogether, it's a creative read, which is sure to become a favorite.
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Reminiscent of The Little Prince when he demands a drawing of a sheep from the pilot. This picture book is so fun and creative. Perfect for story time, you can ask participants to see what else you can draw with this little shape. I loved the little details, like the pages drawn of graph paper and the yellow speech bubbles. This encourages readers to broaden their imaginations and keep trying even when they feel like they can't do something. Engaging, silly, and charming; which is all you can want from a picture book.
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I thought that this was an enjoyable book, it was fun and very funny

The story was easy to follow and it was fun to read with my daughter - it was lovely

She has recently learnt to read in Reception at school so it was great that we could read it together

The illustrations are lovely and they really bring the story to life and we had plenty of giggles

It is five stars from me for this one – very highly recommended!
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This book is ADORABLE.  At it's core, it's both a fun children's book, but also a way to learn how to draw a variety of things using one basic shape.  The cat is going through the book asking for a horse, but the author just keeps drawing everything else, all using that same shape, but in different ways.  You can draw a bunny! A bear! A dog! But where is the cat's horse??  It's really fun and I love that it's both an engaging story, but it won't be read and forgotten - your child can use it to draw all sorts of creatures and objects.  It's a very creative and unique book.
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Really cute and clever picture for kids and adults alike. It shows how much you can do if someone believes in you. Also that you can draw a lot of different things with a pretty basic shape.
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This is a cute picture book. It's for younger readers to encourage them to be imaginative,
Many thanks to NetGalley and Sterling Publishing for an ARC
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Kids will giggle at the cat and his hilarious demands of the narrator to draw a horse (which admittedly are quite tough to draw) and the silliness that follows.
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# I Cannot Draw a Horse by Charise Harper

Rating: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑 (4.5/5)

#childrenfiction #picturebook

I Cannot Draw a Horse by Charise Harper is a wonderful picture book that demonstrates the power of the imagination.

On the book, the illustrator draws a semicircle-like shape that declares, 'I am a nothing shape.' To counteract this feeling, he quickly draws a Cat out of it. And now the Cat desires a horse. However, the illustrator claims that he cannot draw a horse and instead draws a variety of objects as companions and for entertainment to cheer up the Cat. Eventually, the Cat strikes gold with a Horse.

Two key messages from this story, in my opinion, are -

1. Art is a powerful tool, Imagination can be powerfully stimulated by it. You will be amazed by how the illustrator skillfully turns a straightforward semicircular shape into a myriad of amazing objects.
2. If you really want something, you will get it. But sometimes things don't go exactly as you planned or hoped. For instance, even though the Cat gets the Horse, he prefers riding a bicycle over running.

This book would undoubtedly appeal to young minds and introduce them to a variety of interesting objects. It can be a fantastic book in an art class or workshop where we can get creative with other shapes.

I loved the narrative and would strongly recommend it. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the Advance Reader Copy.
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I Cannot Draw A Horse was such a cute book! Showing that you can make so many things from one simple design! With a message to have courage and to believe in yourself. The drawing were so adorable and the book had a bit of humor in it which I liked. I just wished the ending was a bit different instead of leaving it open ended.

**Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for sending me this for my honest review.
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I received an electronic ARC from Union Square Kids through NetGalley.
The author uses one basic shape and builds the entire story around it. I appreciate the fun and creativity involved. Readers first meet the shape. It feels like a "nothing shape" so the narrator/artist draws a cat from it. The cat wants a horse but the narrator insists they cannot draw one. Instead, they draw a series of other animals. Readers will appreciate the humor as the cat interacts with the other drawings - all while asking for a horse. Harper leaves the ending wide open for readers to decide what was drawn last. Terrific for dialogue and short writings about how the story goes on from here. It's also an encouraging text to show what can be done with a simple shape. Entire books can be created. Elementary level readers will enjoy the story.
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Imaginative and invites children to think about what other objects or animals the shape could be made into. Preschool-aged children are sure to laugh.
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Kids will love this wonderful new picture book, I Cannot Draw a Horse by Charise Mericle Harper coming out on September 27, 2022.  Pre-order your copy now.

When the nothing shape turns into a cat, cat becomes obsessed and wants a horse.  The quick draw book can draw lots of other things which turn into a witty story for cat.  In the end cat STILL wants a horse.  Will his wish come true?

This book offers lots of simple dialogue and presents opportunities for kids to make predictions.  It's the new must have book for classroom and home library shelves.  

Many thanks to NetGalley and Sterling Publishing for an ARC.
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I Cannot Draw a Horse is a great beginning of the year book for preschoolers or kindergartners. The narrator talks to their illustrations, mainly a cat who would like a horse. Much to the cat's dismay, the narrator cannot draw a horse, but instead shows all the other things that they can draw. Seeing how young kids can get tied up on what they cannot do, the fact that this narrator instantly spins it to what they can do really would help kids with a positive mindset in taking on a new task. The illustrations were simple, like a child's, but fun!
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I cannot wait to add this book to our Elementary Library!
At once funny, inspiring and full of creativity!
This book will be a fabulous jumping off point to a lesson on storytelling, drawing and finding your own creativity!
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A cute, simple story showcasing that 1) A simple shape can be many things/take on many forms, and 2) We will never know if we can do something unless we try. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Union Square Kids for the ARC for review.
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Brilliant. A hilarious read which will bring hours of pleasure to children and adults alike. An artist draws a shape. The shape would like a horse, but the artist can't draw a horse. The artist draws all sorts of other creatures, but still - the shape would like a horse. Multiple twists and a surprising ending - great to read at home or in the classroom. A must for all little artists out there!
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Cat wants the artist of the book to draw a horse.  But horses are hard to draw, so the artist offers alternatives.  A surprising number of things are not a horse!  But the cat has decided.  It wants a horse.

Finally, the artist thinks the cat has what it wants!  It isn't so.  Then cat realizes that it was lucky to get a horse.

This is a fun little book with a variety of different messages, depending on how you use it.

1)This is an amusing story filled with "nothing shapes" that look suspiciously like gumdrops.  It's hard to please others sometimes, but if they are patient and supportive, sometimes amazing things can happen!

2)Simple drawings can tell a story.  So nearly everybody can tell stories about the things they see and imagine.

3)Adventures can begin by adding just one thing to a story.

4)Some book characters are very picky (and may need a nap).

5/5  Stars

Thanks to Union Square Kids and Sterling Publishing, and NetGalley for the free preview of this ebook pdf; the review is voluntary.

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This one got me to laugh out loud. 

This poor cat just wants a horse friend, but all the author can draw are other half-circle shaped friends and surprises. 

A fun and entertaining book about trying something even when you think you can't and how once you try, you might surprise yourself.
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I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a great book to show kids how a book can be made, and how to come up with the illustrations.  A squirrel, beaver, bunny, dog, and cat can come from the same shape. It reminded me of "Harold and the Purple Crayon".

Very cute and enjoyable story.
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