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I’m not usually a fan of Romeo and Juliet, especially not as romance (it’s a tragedy!) but Marcelo makes it work in this novel. Beatrice and Jackson actually communicate with each other and are the right amount of smitten, which keeps the story moving. I really enjoyed this return to the Heart Resort world.
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I loved this book, such a great love story between Jackson and Beatrice. They meet in Las Vegas, have one night together, and then part ways for five years. Beatrice eventually moves right next door to Jackson and their relationship resumes. However, their families are business rivals which makes their relationship even more difficult. There is a lot of drama surrounding their families and businesses. I did like the family relationships in the book and how well-developed all the characters were. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced reader copy.
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I enjoyed this second chance, dual POV, interracial forbidden romance between Jackson, an ex-army officer and Beatrice, a young Filipino woman trying to branch out on her own and break away from her family's business. These two have a hot one night stand in Vegas and don't meet again until five years later only to discover their families are competing over the same commercial property. A relationship between the two seems impossible but they can't resist their growing chemistry. Good on audio with lots of steamy open door scenes. Recommended for fans of authors like Julie Tieu or Sarah Echavarre Smith. Much thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an early digital copy in exchange for my honest review!
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I dnf'd this book a third in as the plot is cute and the writing is simplistic but I didn't feel there was any chemistry between the main characters and although I don't mind non dramatic love stories, it was just very bland. It was hard to maintain engagement and interest while reading and I kept thinking it would get better but its pretty basic.
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Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this book! I loved this book! I loved the bond you feel the main characters have with family and friends. This was a fast easy read for me. I really enjoyed the rivalry between the families aspect. The chemistry between the characters was amazing and you definitely get attached to everyone! I felt like the ending was a little rushed for my taste but I definitely recommend this book!
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Las Vegas has a tendency to show back up five years after you moved away. I mean, come on, friends, you don't want to see your past come back into your life, especially when it lingers in the best possible manner, like with a new neighbor.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and how Tif Marcelo is finally hitting her stride when it comes to writing romance. Her writing flow and couple dynamics are at their peak. Her latest book, "Lucky Streak," is full of sex, angst, and humor. It's a delightful read that I'm sure will keep readers engaged.

The "Lucky Streak" series by @tifmarcelo has cemented her place as an auto-buy author. Beatrice Puso and Jackson Hill's second chance romance was so genuine and heartfelt, and it had some drama and stress throughout. Beatrice and Jackson are both older than their typical romance novel characters, which is a win for me.

The main characters in the "Lucky Streak" series are dealing with different issues, such as dealing with family expectations and pressure and working on what's next for themselves. Although they have conflicting schedules, their chemistry is so strong that I hope there's another book in the series.
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Marcelo returns to the Puso family of Heart Resort with this second-chance romance starring sister Beatrice and Jackson, the one-night stand who got away. When Beatrice had a what-stays-in-Vegas night with a handsome stranger, she impulsively left him her phone number--but he never called. Five years later, he's somehow staying with his mother, right next door to her beachfront condo. Will they clear up the misunderstanding and give each other a real shot? Will Jackson work things out with his estranged father? Will Beatrice make a decision about her career at the resort or her growing fashion subscription box business?

I am all for flawed characters who behave imperfectly, but I spent a lot of this book frustrated with Beatrice. She keeps making the same mistakes over and over, and seems to be deeply in denial over a number of things in her family dynamics, love life, and business. Jackson was sweet but didn't get enough character development.

Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for the ARC to review. All opinions are my own.
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This one was a lovely read. I really enjoyed reading this one. I just love this kind of books.
3.5 stars read for me
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This was a DNF for me. The writing just didn't grab me the way I need a story to. I thought Beatrice was overly quirky, and her constant thing about signs and 3s got to be too much for me. Jackson seemed like he could have been a good hero, but I just didn't make it that far. The way that every person introduced into the story is first referenced by their skin color/heritage was weird for me. I've never read another book that described characters this way. This is the first book I've read from this author, and I felt like I missed something with the conflict between the 2 families. Maybe if I'd read the other stories it might have made more sense for me. 
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.
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3.5 stars, rounded up to 4. 

I wasn't expecting this book to be so sweet and sentimental, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not usually a fan of insta-love, but Beatrice and Jackson had what often seemed like the entire world working against them which resulted in enough drama to keep me clinging onto hope for their happy ending. 

I really liked the difference between Bea and Jackson's families, and how both caused their own issues. Bea's family was very close-knit but also smothering and not always understanding of Bea's need to be her own person, outside of the family business. Jackson's mum was great (I would've loved more of her but I'll take what I can get), his brother came through in the end and his dad was...well, a businessman and not a father. 

Bea and Jackson had to fight for themselves and for each other, ultimately realising that fate exists for a reason, and it always wins. Lucky Streak is a perfect Sunday afternoon read.

Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this!
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Beatrice and Jackson had one night together, and now when they meet again they find they are rivals in business. Will they be able to find a way to be together?
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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? Beatrice Puso has been the one her brothers and their families turn to for everything since they lost their parents. She was the driving force behind the Heart Resort, but lately feels herself pulling away, wanting to focus more on Beachy, her business that makes her happy. She even has her own house she can retreat to, away from the resort. She’s more than a little shocked to find out she’s already met her new neighbor: Five years ago, she spent an amazing evening in Las Vegas with him and she was disappointed he never called. She always wondered if he could have been the one.
Jackson is starting a new chapter in his life after the military. He’s connecting with the father he never knew, working for him with his half-brother, and he finally found the woman he’s been wishing for the past five years. Next door. There is only one small problem: his father and the Pusos are sworn enemies. 
Beatrice has some choices to make, and her family won’t make it easy. Will she and Jackson be able to overcome their families’ feud? Will her family understand and accept that her future may not lie with the Heart Resort? Can Jackson find his place, and will his future be at his father’s side? So many questions, and it was such fun reading and following Beatrice and Jackson’s individual journeys as well as their navigation of their future together. I love the way Tif Marcelo writes, and LUCKY STREAK is another winner with characters you will root for from beginning to end.  The story will captivate you from the first page.
Thanks to the publisher for the chance to read an early copy. All opinions are my own and are freely given.
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What happens in Vegas doesn’t always have to stay in Vegas, as fate proves for Bea and Jackson in this second chance, business rivals Romance from Tif Marcelo. 

Family ties and a strong familial presence ran deep between these pages, and the Filipino culture and pride ingrained through the Puso family was something I loved to see. The infusion of these cultural elements and family dynamics brought an additional depth to these characters and, paired with the positive affirmations at the beginning of each chapter, it made for a wholesome read as we followed Bea and Jackson into their second chance. 

I admired Bea and Jackson’s resilience, consistent in their battles to remain true to themselves and their values, despite the external forces imposed upon them.  These were genuinely good characters who knew what they wanted, and stood by that, which is always a win for me. 

However, while I did love these characters as individuals and the idea of fighting for their right to love who they choose to love in spite of rivalries that ran deep, I did find this conflict was downplayed and I craved more of that enemies / lovers tension. The romance was also a little too instant love following an almost spark five years previously, and I never really got the chance to fall in love as they did, nor did I get to see the origins of that spark. Things seemed to move quickly as the simmer died down, and I missed the potential I saw when I picked this up.

Lucky Streak is a cute, fun, novel that proves what can happen when fate takes your what ifs and grants you that second chance to fall in love. Perfect for those looking for a new cosy read. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Montlake for the advanced copy.
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Beatrice and Jackson's story starts in Vegas with an instant connection, but due to circumstances out of their control, they lose touch. Five years later, fate gave them a second chance. Unfortunately, they soon discover that their families are business rivals in the middle of a feud. Ultimately, their love is enough to overcome any obstacle and their story will have you believing in soulmates. This book had a great set up that pulled me in right away. The characters were well developed and they had great chemistry and sexual tension. The story had great pacing and interesting secondary characters. I loved all of the family interactions. This is a perfect book for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
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Perfect cuddle up in a cold day and get lost in a book read. I enjoyed it from start to finish. A great pallet cleaner when you just need something light and romantic.
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Lucky Streak by Tif Marcelo is a novel set in her Heart Resort series, which I have never read, but I really enjoyed this book.  The story starts 5 years ago, when Jackson and Tricia meet at the Blackjack table in Vegas; and they spent a sizzling night together. Jackson has never forgotten the woman of his dreams, and then 5 years later, to his shock, he discovers she is his neighbor.  Jackson, who just ended his military career,  is in town working for his estranged father, and brothers who are planning to buy out property for their own resort. But Jackson doesn’t know at this time, that Heart Resort has been around for a while, and is the competition his father wants to take over.
Beatrice Puso (her real name), works for Heart Resort, with her brothers, but she is also working with a friend on a new project that she loves, Beachy.  She buys a house in town, and together with her friend, their store is becoming successful, with them looking to expand.  But Bea has kept this a secret from her brothers, as she is the coordinator for Heart Resort.  When Bea runs into Jackson, who is staying with his mom, they are both shocked, and immediately the chemistry between them has not been forgotten.
In a short time, they both realize that Jackson’s father (who is not a nice man) plans to destroy Heart Resort, and together they try to find ways to stop his father. Bea and Jackson had a difficult situation, especially with their families unaware of their relationship.  Bea was determined to build up her new project, which made her happy.  Jackson wanted to show his father he was a good worker, but he was determined to get him to leave Heart Resort alone. I loved Bea and Jackson together, as they made a great couple.  It was nice to get to know both families (not Jackson’s father), as there were some very nice secondary characters.  I adored Bea’s dog, Roxy. 
Their relationship was centered on them trying to stay together, knowing the situation with each of the families.  Will they succeed or will they breakup?  
Lucky Streak was a nice second chance romance, with a great heroine, in Bea; as well as Jackson. To say too much more would be spoilers, and it was a wonderful story line.  Tif Marcelo did a great job writing this story.  Lucky Streak was a fun sweet read, centered on rival families.  I suggest you read this book.
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Five years ago, Beatrice and Jackson spent one night together in Vegas.  They are now neighbors, but they work for their opposing family companies.  When they see each other again, they’re surprised and so, so happy.  Neither of them forgot their one night together.  Will their families make it difficult for them to be together now?  Grab your copy and see what happens.  You will definitely not be disappointed.  I love the Heart Resort series and I can’t wait to read more from this talented author.  

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and this is my voluntary and honest review.
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A second chance romance, with a strong independent woman, strong family relationships, a motorcycle riding hero, and a cute dog named Roxy.

5 years ago Beatrice and Jackson met by chance at a blackjack table in Vegas. They proceeded to have a night together where the chemistry was off the charts. Circumstances were against them and they never saw or spoke again. Until in present day the happen to be neighbours, but also working for family companies that are rivals. Will their work keep them from picking up where they left off? Will their family's approve?

I really enjoyed the family relationships and the complexity of what family means. I loved seeing characters working to stay true to themselves, and not losing themselves in pursuit of success.
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Beatrice and Jackson’s second chance of love is our chance to swoon a bit. I enjoyed the dynamics of these families, their struggles and rivals and that we are along for the ride. I also enjoy the nod to military service and life after serving. I love that these two get a second chance at love and we have a front row seat.
Thanks  to Net Galley for the advanced copy!
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I really loved Tif Marcelo's previous two books in the Heart Resort series that take place in the Outer Banks.  I was very excited to go back to that world and read Beatrice's story.  While much of the takes place at Heart Resort, I didn't feel like much of this book was focused on that part of the story.  This book is look back at the past when Beatrice and Jackson spend time together in Vegas = and the story of how they cross paths five years later.  I felt like the writing was just as strong as the other two books, however, I personally didn't care for this story as much as the other two books.
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