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Yasmin Angoe absolutely crushed her second book in the Nena Knight series. If you like non stop action this is a book that you need to read. Yasmin continues her excellent writing from the first book and dives head in into this one. Lots of twists and excitement as well as superb character development. I cannot wait for the next installment in the series. Thanks NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book early in return for an honest review.
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WELL, WELL, WELL, Yasmin Angoe didn't disappoint with They Come at Knight! 
This was absolutely stunning and one hell of a sequel to read! If Her Name is Knight blasted, They Come at Knight exploded. 

'No one steals from Africa again' 

The book begins right where Book 1 ended. There's a new force challenging the Tribe and the Knights are in a race against time to save the future of the Tribe. Readers gets to see Nena's vulnerability and her opening up in this book, nevertheless she is also seen in her element, as the kick-ass assassin everyone loves to see. The other characters played their role effectively.There's a good deal of developement in the character relationships as well. 

The writing of the book is note-worthy (droolworthy!) The twists and turns are placed at the right time, to keep the readers on edge. The love for Africa is evident on the description, the dialogues, the costumes, and the traditions. The humor is great and lightens the book at the right conjectures. 

Yasmin is well versed with politics and she has poignantly captured the world politics in Nena's world with the the dialogues and actions of the Tribe Council members. She has also attempted to define the different ideologies of justice that people possess in a brilliant manner.

Of all the authors I've read so far, there's no one that writes realistic vivid action like Yasmin! THE BOOK LITERALLY TOOK OFF LIKE A PLANE in the second half with the action and I've never enjoyed action before EVER! 

Can't wait for book 3!

Thankyou Netgalley and Yasmin Angoe for the ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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I loved the progression of Nena's character in the second installment of this story! Loved all the plot twists and how Nena really became vulnerable, which made her stronger. Can't wait to read the third book next year! 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC, in exchange for my honest opinion.
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While I was blown away by the excellent “Her Name is Knight”, this book (the second half of the duology) outshined its predecessor for sure. I had so many positive things to say about the first book: “...a slick novel, moving quick and smart…”, “...a fascinating and compelling page-turner…”, “I couldn’t put it down”. These opinions continue to be applicable when it comes to “They Come at Knight”, but they get turned up a little bit louder due to the increased stakes, the heightened danger, the more tightly wound suspense, family drama, the dangerous game of cat and mouse (or spy versus spy, if you’d like), and Nena’s constant anxiety as she searches for the traitor in the Tribe’s midst that she had only started to allude to in “Her Name is Knight”. 

While “Her Name is Knight” is told non-linearly and in two different POVs, “They Came at Knight” is told entirely in 3rd person and in a linear narrative, which Angoe deftly handles by reminding us that her life before becoming a Knight was “Before”, her life after becoming a Knight but before the end of the events in “Her Name is Knight” being called “After”, and all the time accounted for in “They Came at Knight” as being “Now”. These three time periods are emphasized in the text, which I choose to interpret as the way Angoe means us to see the three most important phases in Nena’s life. 

A lot of time in this book is spent in Ghana, Nena’s homeland, and it’s written with a great deal of love and affection by Angoe. I’ve never been to Ghana (not for not wanting to after taking a course in the Geography of Africa during my undergrad years), but the chapters we spend there as readers are very well-written and touching. 

I wish I could say that the turns in this book took me by surprise, but most of them didn’t. One did, but only because I was very confused (it was a me problem). But, like with “Her Name is Knight”, I simply didn’t care. The book’s just too dang good to spend time caring about something so small when the book is this good. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for granting me access to this title.
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They Come at Knight picks up right where Her Name is Knight left off. And while the first book introduced to Nena – how she became an assassin and her tragic backstory – this book brings the action! 

Someone is targeting the Tribe and Nena shines in her full, badass assassin mode as she tries to get to the bottom of it and protect the people she loves. 

Yasmin Angoe is a brilliant storyteller – her character development is spot on, the imagery she creates is astounding, and the world building is flawless. 

This book exceeded every expectation that I had and I cannot wait for book three!
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As I haven’t read the first instalment in this series, I didn’t knew what to expect from it. I do feel that I’m missing a lot of background information which I’m just assuming it’s all in the first book. My bad. 
Overall I enjoyed this book. It was interesting to see how fear, trauma and other issues are dealt with by each character. I especially like that the main character is letting herself be vulnerable and more approachable and reliable overall. She’s strong and had a big willingness to protect her tribe no matter what and how. But she’s also human and she realises that she’s not really alone against the vile powers . 

A nice , enjoyable read
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Overall Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Spice - 🫑
World Building - ⭐⭐⭐
Character Development - ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Trigger/Content Warnings - Death, betrayal, revenge killing, ptsd

Plot; I liked the plot of this a lot. The whole first part of the book is a great set up for the second part, and it's also a great continuation of the first book. How grief and previous events were dealt with by characters and addressed still made it feel more real and gave the characters a lot of shaping. I also really appreciate that they kept going with the idea of internal strife in an organization, keeps very well with the first book. 

Characters; I really enjoyed getting to know characters better. I think for the most part the development was natural. There are a few characters that I wish we had gotten a bit more backstory for their choices, primarily Cort, but for Nena and Elin specifically I think it was really nice, and I'm glad that their trauma was addressed. 

Writing; This book felt weird to me, mostly because the first one switched time lines every other chapter, and this one didn't need to anymore. It made sense, but felt weird to me. The writing for giving characters motive, keeping people guessing until the reveil and dealing with trauma was beautiful though. I felt like some of the writing for some scenes was a little rushed, and I wasn't a huge fan of skipping minor events and doing some time skips, but I do understand that without those it would have been a very long book. 

Overall Thoughts; Overall, great! I think I preferred the first one, mostly because of the jumping between current and past timelines, but this was a great addition to it. I really enjoyed.
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Yasmine Angoe outdid herself with the second installment of Nena Knight novels. More powerful and suspense-filled than the first, the African Tribal Council is under attack and all signs indicate it is someone with inside knowledge. One attack after the other shakes Nenato to her core and she begins to doubt her ability to protect her family and herself. Nena gradually gives herself permission to be vulnerable among the Knights, Keigal, Cord, and Georgia.
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I was such a huge fan of Her Name is Knight; I couldn't wait for the second one to come out.  Yasmin Angoe is a true talent in the action thriller genre, and one of my absolute favorite authors ever.  This story is a mesmerizing blend of action, betrayal, secrets, healing past trauma, and family.  The action scenes are absolutely fantastic, so much so that I was leaning forward while I read because I was so nervous and engaged.  The depth of love in the Knight family is palpable, and Nena's relationship with Cort is the perfect hint of romance.  Go into this one as blindly as you can if you are a fan of action, thrillers and assassins.
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Intriguing and interesting but I'd not read the earlier book and was a bit at sea.  It's an immersive world with good characters.  Thanks to netgalley for the ARC.
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I've read the first novel in this series ' Her Name is Knight' and yet again in the second book I am blown away by the depth of character development and how I felt a connection to them through thorough storytelling of the past and richly constructed depictions of each location interwoven in the action and thrill.

I can relate to Nena's story though not literally, it echoes a lot of stories of us who are spread out throughout the diaspora. She is not a hero with extraordinary abilities, she could be my sister, mother, cousin, daughter, or friend. Her strength and power comes from being able to survive, no matter what the obstacle she gets back up again and fights.

Thank you to Net Galley, Yasmin Angoe, Thomas Mercer for this ARC.
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Even better than book one! 

I loved how we got an even deeper look into the Tribe. The strategic political aspects of this organisation and finding out who the mole is is no joke! It’s a little bit less action packed, but still a lot is happening in this second book. 

It took a little bit to get into, but especially the final 25% made it worth it! It was panic inducing, heart shattering, action packed and even kind of wholesome, and it just left me wanting for more. I can’t wait for book 3!
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They Come at Knight continues where “Her name Is Knight” left off,

In this story Angoe takes us on adventure of a lifetime.  Once again, we encounter The Badass Nena, the deadliest assassin who works for the secret organization known as “The Tribe”

This time however, someone is actually targeting the Tribe and Nena is in full assassin mode.
Nena has to find out who is targeting “The Tribe” because the tribe is the only organization that cares for the people of Africa.  Their sole purpose is to uplift the people of Africa whether it be philanthropic, economic, or even sometimes lethal.  Either way, “The Tribe” is all they have right now, and someone is out to destroy it.
But it seems as if there is a mole in their secret society, and come hell or high water, Nena is going to find out who it is. 

This is where we get to see Nena shine as she no doubt uses her amazing techniques, which we got to see in “Her name is Knight” to save everyone and everything that is important to her.  (Before she loses it all again)
Angoe is an expert storyteller, from Nena’s past in book 1 when being trafficked by the warlord.  To seeing Nena’s past coming back full circle to haunt her in her personal life. 
Angoes word building is utterly flawless, and her scenic imagery is artfully amazing.
You are immersed somehow, in a state of mind of this beautiful “Kick-ass” female, that “ABSOLUTELY” takes no mess from anyone.  All because of the hardships that she has had to endure.

Angoe does not fail to disappoint at all with this book.

All she did was make readers hungry for more and need answers to lingering questions
To that is where I end my review and leave only questions, anything else would-be spoilers.

Ah!  You actually thought there could be nothing left, especially after all that hunh


So!  What about Nena and Ellen?

What actually was that amazing conclusion about?

Did Nena actually save her family and the organization?

Angoe is truly remarkable and has a true fandom.

Congratulations and Job WELL DONE!!!


Thank you NetGalley, Yasmin Angoe and Thomas and Mercer for this free eARC. My review is of my own volition
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Oh my, Angoe doesn’t disappoint in the second outing of the Nena Knight series. Angoe has not only written fast past action and oh so twisty plot loop-de-loops but has crafted compelling characters that are irresistibly likable despite what they do for a living. You will defiantly want to read book one, Her Name is Knight, before picking up this one as there’s important backstory at work that you’ll regret missing. So run don’t walk and pick up this kick-butt series about an Ghanaian female assassin who does anything to protect her family.
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Thank you to Thomas and Mercer and Netgalley for an ARC of this exciting read.
One of the most interesting things about Yasmin Anjoe’s Knight series is her tough but ‘soft’ protagonist Nina Knight, and the family relationships of the Knight family. As a South African-American I loved the focus on Africa too. 

In Anjoe’s first book, HER NAME IS KNIGHT, we meet both the young Nina who is trafficked by a sadistic warlord and the adult Nina who is a deadly assassin called Echo, working for a secret organization called the Tribe, its mission—to protect African interests. 

THEY COME AT KNIGHT picks up from the first, with Nina trying to live as normal a life as she can after the traumatic events of her past. We see Nina’s past returning to haunt not only her professional life but also her personal life. In Angoe’s deft hands, Nina’s story is woven intricately into those of her family, and that of The Tribe and its geopolitical complexities.  

We’re in the hands of a master storyteller as Angoe takes her time to build up the story, the story unfolds, building in tension to its incredible finale, and it does not disappoint from the high set by the first book, with the second half a thrilling ride with Nina in full assassin mode. 

I absolutely enjoyed the Knight family with their Prince of Belair vibe and the repartee between Nina and her sister Ellen.
I highly recommend both books of the series!
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A thrilling and suspenseful story, with assassins. You have my attention! Nena Knight is an elite assassin that works for a company called the Tribe. The Tribe is attacked and turmoil ensues. The attacks seems like it might be an inside job and Nena wants to solve this matter. She ask a team to help her resolve all the trouble that is happening and help protect her family. She needs to find the person who caused all this chaos.  The author takes the reader on an exciting journey with loads of action and thrills.  

Disclaimer: Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for this ARC, I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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A story pitting unconditional loyalty versus blindsiding betrayal, They Come At Knight delivers a thriller that balances violence of action with heart wrenching moments offset by psychological healing.  Yasmin Angoe has crafted a second consecutive stellar thriller featuring perhaps the strongest female protagonist in the thriller-verse, proving she’s a rising star in the genre.

Nena Knight is a deadly assassin for a syndicate called The Tribe, an organization in the shadows with the purpose of lifting up Africa and its people through philanthropic, economic and sometimes lethal means. All of which can create enemies as you try to upset the established world order. So after Nena’s latest mission doesn’t go according to plan, it’s clear The Tribe is being targeted and must answer the question of who’s got the means and methods to attack them.  Even more, it seems an insider is aiding and abetting the enemy.  Needing to put a stop to this treachery, Nena will have to be at her very best to save the organization, not to mention her family and friends, before she loses everything important in her life…again.

Two thrillers in, Nena and her personal relationships are the heart and soul of this series.  Her story is powerful, her skillset enviable and her allegiance to her family and friends is exemplary.  Her background and actions stir feelings in readers that builds a fierce connection.  However, duplicating the intense emotions that Her Name Is Knight invoked was always going to be an unenviable and near impossible task given the deep dive into Nena’s horrific past in the first novel.  I’m happy to report Yasmin Angoe rises to the challenge in this second book and does an admirable job infusing emotionally rousing moments throughout They Come At Knight.  These moments might not rise to the exact same level of the successively devastating gut punches as experienced in the first book (thankfully!), but they’re more than sufficient to pull at your heart strings, build an unbreakable bond with the characters and root hard for a successful outcome with the good guys/gals coming out on top.

This series is unlike any other I’ve come across in the thriller genre and it seems to have an unlimited supply of unique storyline opportunities, especially with how They Come At Knight concludes. Which means it goes without saying that I’m very excited to see what direction Yasmin Angoe choses to take Nena and the Tribe next.  Count me as one of the people who will be awaiting the next installment with bated breath.
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I made the mistake of reading this out of order, despite that it was still enjoyable. I love assassin stories and this one doesn't disappoint ! There were parts that were slow but the world building held it together for me.
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Thank you NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for the copy of They Come at Knight.  My only regret is that I failed to read Her Name is Knight first. I love strong female lead characters and Nena is a badass. My only regret is that I failed to read Her Name is Knight first. The story was slow to unfold, but I loved the surprises. The beautiful writing propelled me through the book at  breakneck speed.  If you’re looking for an action packed read this is it!
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They Come at Knight is Book Two in the Nena Knight series and I feel like it should be read as part of the series. Book one  builds Nena’s character through the past and the trauma she has endured. They Come at Knight finds Nina still doing the important work for the tribe taking out those that would do her people and Allie’s harm. The story is still fairly fast paced but I feel like book two is weighed down a little bit with more drama than action than book one. At about the halfway point, Nena gets thrown head first into betrayal and danger for the tribe’s survival. This is an original, addicting series that will have the reader coming back for more. My voluntary, unbiased review is based upon a review copy from NetGalley.
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