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I enjoyed reading Spellbound - I thought that it was a fun read and I loved the magical feel of the book. I wanted to keep reading. I really liked the romance in this book. 

Note: This is an adult romance with 18 and up content.
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I usually enjoy fantasy fiction and when you throw in the paranormal aspect, it gets fun. Spellbound was one such book that I truly enjoyed. I am not one to read books with ghosts or spirits in them but, this book had me hooked. The mystery surrounding the Reynard hotel drew me in and I fell in love with the setting, description and even the characters.

The story follows Gemma who inherits the Reynard hotel from her great-aunt. This makes her even more unpopular among her family members some of whom think they were cheated out of the inheritance and money. Gemma is given a time frame to be able to run the place and prove that she is capable of the task set in front of her, while most of the family deem her unfit for the responsibility. Little does anyone know that running the Reynard is the least of anyone's worry. The secret to the hotel lies in it's unexpected inhabitants who are bound to the place and who had a very special connection with Gemma's great-aunt making them her responsibility now.

I adored the characters of Soren and Archer. The two are very different and yet have an interesting connection to the hotel and develop a connection with Gemma. As she navigates a complicated love triangle, managing the hotel, family members who want to see her fail, we meet a whole lot of characters (including Larry, Skye, Raven and many more) whom we either love or hate. The authors have done a wonderful job in describing each character and give them enough space in the plot to ensure that the reader is familiar with them.

The twists at the end and the decisions Gemma faces make the story and mystery of the place that much more interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and recommend it for all fans of the genre. Even those who do not normally read paranormal fantasy can pick up this book and enjoy the story!
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I went into this book not knowing what to expect having never read a paranormal romance before. I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed reading this tale. It read quite similar to YA in terms of storyline and pacing, but there were  definitely a few adults only scenes. I related well to the main character and her struggles with overcoming other peoples’  attitudes to her ADHD, never having her strengths recognised by most of her family. The paranormal aspect of the story was never scary or stressful to read. 

I enjoyed this book, it was an easy read.
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I did not know what this book would be like, but I never imagined it would be so good. It has ghost stories along with magic, legends and love.  This book kept me engaged the whole time, beautifully written to take you on mystical journey.

Gemma inherits her great-aunts beloved hotel the Reynard, but with the hotel comes two spirts Archer and Soren. Both handsome and immortal, she can't help but be drawn to the two, but there is a secret both are keeping from her.  With hotel on brink of financial ruin can she figure out a way to save the hotel from her evil cousin Raven?  Can she find out the secrets of why Archer and Soren are bound to the hotel and maybe save them?  Will she lose both her heart and the hotel trying? 

A mix of paranormal, fantasy and romance this story is sure to win you over. I am looking forward to more books by these authors.

Thank you to NetGally and Wattpad for copy of this book for my honest review.
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3.75 - This was such a fun book for spooky season! I loved the FMC Gemma she was such a fun character, she suffers from ADHD and is always struggling to prove her self to her family.  It when her aunt hazel dies ( the only one who Gemma ever felt a connection and loved by) she inherits her old hotel and the two Ghost boys that haunt the place. Her family obviously doesn’t think Gemma can do this and thinks Raven(who is the worst ever) her older house should of got it. But aunt Hazel had a reason she left it to Gemma. And that’s when Gemma meets the famous Hyde men who have been trapped to the hotel grounds for all of their life. Archer and Soren, Gemma feels an attraction to Archer right away and against the better judgement of Soren Gemma falls for him. But as she finds and reads an old journal from generations before she Learns all
About the boys and the kids they have lived in this hotel for all the years and Learning what they really are. As the book goes on Gemma finds her self questioning everything and finds her self getting closer to the other Hyde bother Soren. I really liked this book but I felt like the ending had some open ending questions! I won’t say them here to not give away the story but I definitely wanted more details. I also felt like Gemma was having great character development till almost the ending! I felt like she just gave up and did what her family wanted even tho she finally went for what she wanted in the end I thought her just giving up was out of line for the Gemma I was reading about! Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for a copy of this book for a review!
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Rating 4.5 ⭐️

One of my favorite quotes: "But I want to hide with you. I want you with me all the time, no matter what."

Overall Thoughts:

This book holds a special place in my heart. Having read the original version on Wattpad and absolutely loving it, I had very high hopes for this version. Crystal and Felicity really outdid themselves this time around. Everything felt so much more developed and meaningful. 

I felt instantly connected with the main character, Gemma. The ADHD representation for her character is some of the best i've ever read and it was such a breath of fresh air to finally feel seen in a positive and respectful light 😌. And don't get me started on the twins, Archer and Soren. They had me so intrigued with just their first few lines! Although i'm very much partial to one of them more than the other, I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed them both. As for Gemma's cousin, Raven... Let's just say I love to hate her more than I thought possible 🥊. 

The world building felt so lush and gave me all the spooky fall feels. I adored every little detail they gave about the town, Spelling, and most importantly the Reynard Hotel. At times I truly felt like I could visualize an exact tour of the place in my head, which is always an amazing feeling for a visual learner, like myself.  

And let's not forget the romance aspect of this book... man oh man do these women know how to write spice. Every scene felt like it fit perfectly in the story, rather than just filler. And while I love a good spicy scene, it was the more tender and heartfelt moments that stood out to me most. The Bathtub... those who know, know 🥺. 

I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy any of the below tropes/themes:

Haunted Hotel, Forced Proximity, Supernatural Beings, Family Secrets and Mystery, Angst, Enemies to Lovers, ADHD representation

Thank you NetGalley and W by Wattpad Books for allowing me the opportunity to read an advanced reviewer copy of Spellbound. These are my honest thoughts.
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I gave this book 3.5 stars! 
 I enjoyed this unique paranormal romance!  I loved that it took place in a haunted hotel full of mysteries!  I liked that Gemma was relatable with her ADHD and commitment issues!  This book definitely had some spicy scenes without it being too much.  The only thing I wasn’t sure about it first was how quickly the romance starts in this book.. I tend to like a little bit more chasing and pining, and it just happened after like the second meeting when she didn’t even know what species he was lol.  Overall I enjoyed the book!
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I to thank W by wattpad books and netgalley for this amazing arc in exchange for an honest review.

First things first this book has a unique story and unique creatures. Never have I read a book with kobolds so this book was a perfect way to jumpstart this journey. It's so amazing how I thought I would end up getting a full on paranormal story but I didn't. This book was rather mystery with a hint of romance , enemies to lovers and some drama plus family magic.
Midway I think the book got predictable and boring which sort of ruined the momentum that had picked up at the very start. However, that doesnt take away how Gemma's story is told in a craftful way which is lovely.

Would I recommend this? 100%. This book had its moments where I nearly threw my phone at the wall.
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I linked my goodreads review below! this was my first paranormal romance and overall enjoyable. I would recommend this to people
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Paranormal fans get ready because this duo brings it! The storyline was unique and brought some edge to it. I thoroughly invested in this story and couldn't put it down once I started. There's mystery, some spice, and paranormal goodness to bring it all together. Such a fun new read!
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Everything about this book screamed read me! First, I love a good paranormal romance. Second, who doesn't love a magical little town?
Right from the start this book pulled me into the town of Spelling and I just loved everything about the Reynard Hotel, Aunt Hazel and those Hyde twins!
The characters were the kind of characters you wish you could read more about. With quirky Aunt Hazel who you cannot help but love, Gemma who is so unsure of herself and commitment that you just find yourself cheering her on, to Raven who you hate more than anything, and those Hyde twins who were just so intensely swoon-worthy.
This was a fast paced, keep you reading late into the night, spicy book that is definitely worth the read.

Thank you to NetGalley and W by Wattpad Books for this eBook ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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I love books with magic.
This book has mystery, intrigue, suspense, incredible spicy scenes. 
I really felt for Gemma on a personal level and totally related to her while reading this. 
The descriptions were wonderful and I could picture the old hotel as it was described. 
Very happy and impressed with this one!
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I received an electronic advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinions, thank you to Wattpad and Crystal J Johnson & Felicity Vaughn for letting me read Spellbound before it's release later this month. 

After the death of her great aunt, Gemma unexpectedly finds herself in possession of the hotel she has loved since she was a child; the Reynard Hotel. Despite having been passed through her family for generations, there are few in the Fox family who care for the future of the hotel as Gemma does. While many of her family are sure she will fail; judging her unfairly for her ADHD, Gemma is full of passion to honour both her aunts memory and to preserve the experience that the hotel is known for. 

The Reynard Hotel is far more than it seems, and while her family do not believe the legends of the Hyde twins, Gemma is about to learn first hand how wrong they are. With the help of a book passed down from owner to owner, Gemma will learn the full history of Archer and Soren Hyde and perhaps she will finally be the one to break their spell. 

This book was just brilliant; I almost instantly grew attached to Gemma and I was beyond eager for her to succeed and prove her family wrong. Her relationship with Hunter was adorable and he's one of the only Fox family members I liked aside from Gemma. I loved the journey Gemma took, both with proving herself and with learning about the deep history that tied both the Fox family and the Hyde twins fates together. 

The use of the book within the story was brilliant; I found myself desperate to read the next journal entry much like Gemma, as it slowly revealed everything Archer and Soren have gone through over the years.  I loved seeing the development of their relationships with the Fox family, and my opinion of Soren changed more and more as the story unfolded. 

This book took my emotions on a rollercoaster ride; leaving me with an immense feeling of satisfaction at the end as the authors wrapped up the story so wonderfully. It was truly a pleasure to read and I would 100% recommend it to anyone who loves romance, and particularly to anyone looking for another book to add to their spooky season TBR! These two authors are firmly on my auto read authors list and I cannot wait for everyone to experience this book when it releases!
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it starts off a bit rough for our main character. But then the story picks up and it is tantalizingly sexy and funny. It kept me in my emotions the whole time reading. Which in my opinion—for me at least—is a sign of a great read and writer!!!
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I'm not really sure where to start with this review, so I'll just start. I loved the concept for this book. I don't feel like it was fully explored though. The sexual scenes were pretty okay. Some scenes were better than others. Gemma's relationships with Archer and Soren are the same yet kind of different. They character development was a little lacking. I can never understand why authors write characters who's personalities flip like a fucking light switch! There were a couple of plot problems for me. Some situations could've used some more build up to them. This book was pretty okay despite the small problems all around. I'd recommend giving it a read. 

Tank you NetGalley and Wattpad books for the Arc! Out September 13th!
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I was intrigued by the premise of this book and I have to say it held up. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and I really couldn't' see where it was going so it kept me reading. . 

Gemma has inherited a hotel from her eccentric Aunt.  The hotel is known for its paranormal activity and we learn of the Hyde Brothers that are attached to the hotel - or Spellbound..  Are they ghosts or something other?  When Soren the hot, grumpy, sarcastic brother gives Gemma the magic diary of the previous Fox woman that have owned the hotel the mysterious brothers back story comes to life we are drawn into a very   She now is in charge of figuring out how to set the brothers free and run the hotel to prove to her family that she can do it.    While Gemma find herself at first attracted to Archer it is Soren that always captured my attention.  I loved their banter, their attraction for each other and they way they challenged each other. 

I loved the setting of this book.   I loved the hotel, the staff, even the town.   I loved how the hotel  ad secret passages, and secret rooms and the cozy suite that her Aunt Hazel had been in all give a great back drop to the haunted story of the Hyde Brothers. I loved the love story between Soren and Gemma.  Their connection was enemies to friends to lovers and I loved the progression as they got to know each other. He was always looking out for her and it was so sweet. 

I didn't like the Archer/Gemma Story line.  I wish she had turned him down when he pursued her.  I found it weird that she was with one brother and then boom on to the next and I loved her and Soren together I had such a hard time reading when she was with Archer.  I wish that had been handled a little different.   I hated her family and they were portrayed as over the top critical and mean just to be mean.   I hated how much Gemma doubted herself and I wish there had been more about her proving she could run the hotel to prove to herself and her family that she did it right.  I thought we were headed in that direction with how she had handled the water main break but they took the hotel away from her anyway.   I wanted that come to moment with her family where she stands up to her family and takes back the hotel. .Any time she fought with her family the story took a very middle school vibe which didn't mesh with the very adult romance

Overall, this was a very good story with a very HEA which makes me happy.  I would recommend to anyone that like a good haunting book with little spicy and a lot of love.
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Wattpad is shaping stars, and Crystal J. Johnson and Felicity Vaughn are no exceptions to the light shone upon them as their story casts its spell upon me!

While paranormal romance isn’t my go to these days, there was so much promise with this book and I was so enamoured by the storytelling that I finished it in one day. There was a relatability to Gemma’s character and her growth and determination - despite her family’s doubts - was satisfying to witness. And Soren! Oh my, Soren. It’s a good thing I never had to promise I wouldn’t fall in love with him because I loved this man with all my being! 

I enjoyed the folklore that Johnson and Vaughn incorporated as they unpacked the mystery behind the Reynard’s permanent residents, and the journal entries were a great addition in conveying the Hyde Brother’s story and the history of the Reynard. At each turn, this world was layered and believable, the little details woven throughout further drawing me under its spell. And, it was in these same carefully considered details that these author’s talents shone. Their characters and worlds were vivid and thriving, the tension and series of twists laid out well thought and executed. Even the side characters played their parts well in bringing the mystery of the Reynard to life. 

With its enchanting lore, sizzling romance, and (hot) beings that go bump in the night, I might just have to schedule another trip to the Reynard Hotel this fall 😉

Thank you to W by Wattpad Books and Netgalley for the advanced copy. This is my honest review.
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Thank you to Wattpad Books and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Spellbound by Crystal J. Johnson and Felicity Vaughn is an adult fantasy romance about a haunted hotel. The story revolves around Gemma, who has recently inherited her aunt's historic hotel. But that's not the only thing she's inherited. On the premises of the hotel, she meets twin brothers, Archer and Soren. They've been staying at the hotel for ages - literally. As Gemma gets to know the brothers, she starts to fall in love. Along the way, she discovers that the two brothers aren't human. Can she deal with this discovery? Will true love conquer all?

Here is a spooky excerpt from the Prologue:

"The twin boys were rumored to haunt the grounds of the historic Reynard. Disembodied laughter, pounding footsteps, and glowing orbs of blue and purple had all been caught on video and attributed to the brothers. On occasion, keys and sunglasses would inexplicably fly across a room, and tapping would sound from inside the walls as the two souls cursed to live out eternity in the hotel made their presence known to the living."

Overall, Spellbound is an adult fantasy that will appeal to fans of Vampire Diaries or Lost Girl. One highlight of this book is the haunted hotel setting, which would make it the perfect Halloween read. Another highlight of this book is the fantasy aspect. I was surprised to learn what the two brothers actually are, because it's something that isn't often seen in the fantasy genre. 

One last highlight of this book is the romance, which isn't just a love triangle - it's more of a love square, which is a more interesting dynamic in my opinion. If you're intrigued by the excerpt above, or if you're a fan of fantasy romances, I highly recommend that you check out this book when it comes out in September!
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LOVED THIS BOOK! Spice, mystery, an immortal lover?! I kept getting more and more invested as the chapters went on. Amazing writing.
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I went into this book without knowing much except it was a paranormal romance ? And it’s soooo much more than that! 
Gemma our main character is the type of person who always seems to disappoint her family no matter how much she fights it. So what happens when Gemma’s loving aunt passes away leaving her to inherit a hotel that may have more secrets than Gemma is prepared for?  Her family already considers aunt Hazel a crazy relative so it’s no surprise they’re practically disgusted to see it handed to Gemma rather a more “fit” prospect to be done with it… can Gemma win over her family and keep this hotel? What secrets did aunt hazel leave behind in that hotel? And how is gemma going to choose between the two men that haunt her new hotel? This book is the perfect blend of mystery, romance and spicccceeeee.
Overall I believe this book is the definition of exciting! 
Honestly with every new chapter I kept getting more and more invested and excited about what was to come for all the characters. (So much so that I couldn’t help but enjoy guessing what was to come and NO it’s not very predictable lol!) & I’ve never read a book that nearly made me throw my kindle because I HATED with a PASSION a side character lmao, these authors definitely know how to push their readers buttons! I will always recommend this book and hope you decide to read it too!
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