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This story had a lot of potential and there are a lot of good aspects to it but there are just as many disappointing aspects as well. I really loved what the story was striving for but the execution made this story just okay instead of really great.

Having done so many ballet classes until I was a teen and being one of the few people who weren't white, this story does touch on a very real reality that ballet is a competitive and very white centric sport/dance. It really brought me back to the days where we had to practice for shows and how intense everything could be. That aspect rung very true and I felt it was well done in the story.

I haven't read even the summary of the story since I had chosen this story on a whim but the fact that the main character's best friend being dead the whole time really caught me off guard and there was little lead up to it. I think there was only one instance of hunting but I felt there could've been some more. I had genuinely thought she was alive the whole time and was just a really awful person. She was such a huge focus, that the main character's mother was just a background character. I didn't expect the mother to have a larger role in the story and when she did, it made the story feel disjointed.

The mother seemed way more supportive in the beginning and almost seemed like she was willing to let the main character stop her ballet classes when things were getting too rough, like an emotional support character but took a 180 turn. If it was established earlier on that the main character's insecurities and want to be in ballet was derived from her mother rather than herself then I think this progression would've been more natural. 

The writing is also really confusing. Not in the way of the vocabulary but rather the type of perspective the author had decided to write in. There are a few chapters where the perspectives jump between the characters in the span of a few paragraphs rather than the established breaking of chapters or chapters themselves which is very jarring and breaks the reader's retention.

I like the internal conflict that the main character was experiencing but I felt it could've been enhanced more if it reflected the external conflict more via reaction from what someone has said or the other main character's story paralleling hers more. The two main character's plots don't have enough contrast to really bring out each other's development but they don't have enough similarities to enhance either.

That being said, I found the story to be enjoyable to read despite some of its downsides and I'll reccomend it if customers need a good ballet story for a teen.
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Until We Break is the kind of story I love to see. The leads were interesting and I am an absolute sucker for ballet related stories but unfortunately the writing was very far from what I typically read and brought me out of the story repeatedly.
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This book was beyond amazing it took you on lot of twist and turns and wanted you to route for the main character
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The writing in this book was really superb! But I wasn't sure where this was going. 
I thought with all Naomi had been through that she was planning to leave ballet. I'm not trying to give anything away, I just wasn't sure where this would end up.
Naomi is learning a lot about herself as she goes through losing a friend & then being injured. 
It's a good read. 

Thanks NetGalley for this ARC!
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This debut follows a young Black teen at a ballet academy academy .Naomi Morgan deals with the  pressure of ballet,  blossoming a new relationship with a boy name Saint , and having a hard time with her parents .  It was okay.
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