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In the Shadow of a Wish

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In the Shadow of a Wish ♦ Maci Aurora | Rezension

I entered a magical, loving, and selfless world when I opened my Kindle for In the Shadow of a Wish by Maci Aurora.
Aurielle, the key keeper who fell in love with a deity, and Nixus, the God of Night and Darkness who was imprisoned by a spell, are the subjects of this heartbreaking tale.

In the Shadow of a Wish ♦ Maci Aurora
I find myself between a rock and a hard place. I would love to dive deep into the story and tell you all about it. At the same time, I would like to avoid any kind of spoilers. I just don’t want to ruin the book for anyone. But let me give it a try here and summon up, what I can say.

The story starts with Auri, who, along with her three sisters, is bound to her life by a harsh marriage code in their kingdom of Kaloma that mandates that they get married by the age of 26. She aspires to avoid getting into trouble with the law and would give anything to find a love match like her parents‘. Of course, the whole situation doesn’t sit well with her or her sisters. When Auri enters the wood to look for firewood after a very long day at the marriage market, she discovers a magical key on the ground. Out of nowhere, Nix, the God of Night and Darkness, emerges and says that since Auri picked up the key, she is now the key keeper. She must be granted three wishes before she may leave the enchantment, where both of them are trapped in now. Undoubtedly, both Nix’s and Auri’s worlds just collided and were completely turned upside down.
I have to stop here now, otherwise I’ll have serious difficulties not to reveal more about the plot after all.

But I will be allowed to state that I was shocked by the turns and results of Auri’s wishes, and they left me turning digital page after digital page. The fact that Auri is such a strong female character who strives to improve the world for her family and herself, made it hard for me to put the book down. And then there is Nix, this badass villain, with a charming and sensitive personality. Something totally unexpected for a god. I enjoyed reading about their passionate love story, which intensifies as the novel is read.

I have to thank NetGalley US and Mixed Plated Press for the ARC in exchange for my personal opinion.

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The book’s introduction will draw you in, keep you reading, and drive you to complete it since the plot and concept seemed so refreshing and still reminded me of another story . A superb job was done by Maci Aurora in recreating the tale of The Golden Key. It was fascinating reading about Aurie’s wishes and how Nix was helpful at her side, and the following obligations. This plot was very well-considered.
If you are a fan of the adult fantasy genre, this book is a must-read. Period! The ideal balance of narrative, romance, and world building. I am looking forward to early 2023, when the second book is supposed to be published.

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