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Grace knows something isn't right!  Can she figure it out before someone gets to her?  Someone is after her, that's for sure!  Luckily the new sheriff believes her.  All the leads seem to be dead ends though.  This is another page turning suspense by Irene Hannon!  Love her books!
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A well-written Romantic suspense book full of intrigue, mystery, and twists and turns, a clean and proper romance balanced 50/50 with the suspense. the characters were likable, well-developed, and had interesting careers,  and adding Grace's job made the story entertaining. A page-turner read. A story that will have you wondering about the outcome until the final pages are read. I enjoyed seeing Nate and Grace's interaction and how they built of their relationship progressed. the plot of the story is complex, I didn't know who the murderer was almost until the end, and was still choking.

This book is a totally satisfying combination of suspense and romance that kept me up until the very end.

While this book is part of a series it stands as his own, but I would recommend reading the entire series.

I would like to thank Revell Publishing and Netgalley for the eARC and the opportunity to give an honest opinion.
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“Body of Evidence” is book 3 in the Triple Threat series.

This story included a lot of suspense, clean romance, interesting characters, and a steady pace that kept my interest from beginning to end. I liked Grace’s determination to pursue her questioning regarding some suspicious deaths with older residents in her community. She didn’t give up despite threats against her. Grace and Sheriff Nate worked well together on her cases and I liked seeing their friendship grow. It was also interesting to learn about Grace’s job profession and what is involved in examining deceased bodies.

I didn’t figure out who the “bad guy” was until almost the very end when they were exposed. I liked the suspense and twists and turns in the story. Highly recommend !

I received a copy of this book complimentary for blog and social media review. All opinions are my own.
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Irene Hannon does not disappoint! This book was well done with a balanced approach to suspense and romance. Recommended!
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Though this was not my favourite suspense by Irene Hannon, the mystery and intrigue about what is happening to the senior citizens kept me invested in the suspense plot. With a few different suspects, the author kept this reader guessing. Though I did suspect the killer just before the reveal, it was still a shocking revelation that it was in fact that person.

Readers who enjoy romance in their suspense, should thoroughly enjoy the building romance between Nate and Grace. For me the balance was about 50/50 and I do prefer my suspense more on the 80/20 scale. Yet, the characters were easy to like and with the added detail of Grace’s job, there was enough to keep this reader entertained.

This can be read as a standalone, even though it is the third of the series and we see Cate and Eve from the first two books in the series. I did enjoy the scenes with all three sisters but did feel that it was limited and would have appreciate a few more.

I did enjoy this series and would recommend it to fans of Romantic Suspense.
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I enjoyed Grace's story. She was the sister I was most looking forward to because of how little was known about her from the previous books. While Body of Evidence was not my favorite ongoing the series, it was still quite enjoyable and exciting.
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She has no enemies...or does she...?

I've been anticipating this third, and sadly final, book in the Triple Threat series. I loved the first book and really liked the second so I knew little sister Grace would get quite a story of her own. And she did...

In many ways Body Of Evidence was more romance than suspense but Irene Hannon so cleverly wove the mystery within the romance that I nearly missed whodunit right right up until he/she was revealed! I say nearly because my growing suspicions were close, so close... At any rate, there was a lot of guessing going on while I read and a few surprises came along the way.

I'm definitely sad to be saying goodbye to the Reilly sisters. All three are talented, smart, tough, and have a real knack for getting into trouble. Their heroes aren't too shabby either. Irene Hannon's Triple Threat leading characters have been so easy to come to like and, though the romance in this one was more emotion based than I expected, I enjoyed reading Grace and Nate's story in Body Of Evidence. 

If you are a fan of the Triple Threat series you certainly won't want to miss the conclusion! On the other hand, if you are new to Irene Hannon's latest series you should definitely pop back and read the previous books so you can enjoy Body Of Evidence even more. All three of the books are worth the read...

(I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are entirely my own.)
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Irene Hannon serves up the final installment of her Triple Threat series in the steaming hot Body of Evidence. The baby of the Reilly sisters, Grace, has always been the romantic one. It’s not so easy finding The One when the ones you generally work with are dead. Sheriff Nate Cox, however, is definitely not dead and he makes her feel all kinds of alive from their very first interaction. As a pathologist who has to work with the handsome sheriff on a regular basis, Grace is compelled to work with him when she finds a pattern of consequences among the deaths of several local seniors. Following the evidence puts Grace squarely into the line of fire and together they have to figure out who is killing, how they are killing, and why strange things keep happening to Grace. Hannon simmers Body of Evidence to perfection and polishes off Triple Threat with all the flourish of a chef’s kiss.

Thank you to the author and publisher for allowing me a copy to read and review. All opinions expressed here are my own and are completely unbiased.
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I loved this third book in the Triple Threat series.  I have not read the first two books ( though I plan to read them) and I had no problem understanding all of the characters in this story.  I loved Grace and Nate.  I love the suspense and the romance.  I loved this story and the ending was fantastic.  I received a copy of this book from the publisher for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
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Body of Evidence is the third book in the Triple Threat series by Irene Hannon and boy does she write a compelling suspense story. I was unable to put this down and read it completely in two settings. Each story in this series features a sister and this one is Grace Reilly, a forensic pathologist in rural Missouri, not exactly a place where you would suspect suspicious deaths to be occurring. The elderly is dying, not an unusual thing you'd say, and I'd agree with you but Grace suspects they are related in an unnatural way. They have similar autopsy findings, and she has suspicions of foul play.
I enjoyed seeing the interactions between forensic pathologist, Grace and Sheriff Nate Cox.
Will she be able to show him she has the credible evidence to get him to investigate it though?
With my son being involved in law enforcement it's fascinating to read a book so well researched such as this one that really digs below the surface to show us what's really going on.
Suspenseful and intriguing. recommended!

Pub Date: 04 Oct 2022
I was given a complimentary copy of this book.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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Title:  Body of Evidence
Author:  Irene Hannon

Ch: 28 Plus Epilogue

Pg:  360

Series: A Triple Threat book 3

Genre:  Christian Suspense with a hint of romance

Rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Revell

     Body of Evidence is the final book in A Triple Threat series by Irene Hannon. I enjoyed this final book and getting to read Grace’s story. It was also fun to see a forensic pathologist as the heroine as you don’t really see that in suspense book. I also enjoyed that there was more suspense than romance. I like my romantic suspense with a hint of romance and Irene does it brilliantly

While Body Evidence is a standalone story in the series but it also wraps up the series. But reading this one has me wanting to read more romantic suspense in which one of the characters has a forensic or behind the scenes jobs not just in law enforcement as there’s not enough out there. And as always, I look forward to Irene Hannon’s next book.



I received a copy of this book from the publisher through netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher as part of a blog tour  I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.
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Body of Evidence is the third book in Irene Hannon's Triple Threat trilogy. Just like the two before it, I couldn't put this one down and flew through it as quickly as possible. 

As a forensic pathologist, Grace Reilly has seen more than a few unexplained deaths, but recently she's noticed a bit of a pattern of seniors dying a seemingly natural death. Is there something sinister at play, or did they die peacefully of natural causes? She brings her concerns to the local sheriff, Nate Cox, and while he is originally skeptical, they join forces to uncover the cause behind the mysterious deaths.  But danger is lurking in the shadows and more lives--including Grace's--are at stake as they work as quickly as possible to uncover the truth and find the killer.

I've been looking forward to Grace's story since this series started so I was excited to finally get the chance to read Body of Evidence! Nate and Grace were fantastic together and the chemistry was obvious right from the beginning. Every page was packed full of hair-raising suspense, realistic mystery, and sweet romance, and like her other books, it was full of twists and turns that I didn't see coming. I had no idea who the villain could be for the majority of the book, so I was suspicious of everyone. I did eventually figure out who was behind everything, but it took most of the book for that to happen. I loved every moment and didn't want this book to end. 

Body of Evidence gets a solid 5/5 stars from me. If you enjoy Christian romantic suspense, you won't want to miss this one (and the two books before it). 

*I received a complimentary copy of Body of Evidence through the publisher and NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. My positive review is not required.
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This was a very good book. Irene had me guessing and then second guessing myself through out. I thought I knew who was behind everything but that didn’t seem to make sense so then I questioned myself.

The romance was also sweet between Grace and Nate.

I will say there was a lot of talk about stomach contents in this book so if that bothers you, you might want to steer clear 🙂

Overall, an excellent romantic suspense read.

A copy of this book was given to me through the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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I flew through this book and read it in less than 24 hours. Grace Reilly is a forensic pathologist and while performing an autopsy she discovers something that reminds her of another case she worked not that long ago. This raises her suspicions that maybe this person did not die of natural causes as suspected. After comparing her case notes she is pretty sure the two cases are connected and that the victims did not die of natural causes. She takes her concerns to the local Sheriff Nate Cox. He can’t immediately see the connection that Grace is seeing but eventually he agrees with her findings and the two begin working together for answers. While Grace runs tests Nate interviews various people. Meanwhile Grace’s car is vandalized, and a suspicious present is left at her home. Are these incidents connected to her theory or is she being targeted for another reason? Nate and Grace work together to piece together all the little bits of information they have.

Knowing that anyone could be the villain I was suspicious of everyone I met. There were two particular people I suspected early on, but then ruled them out for various reasons. However, I never should have doubted myself with one of them because it turned out I was right to suspect them.

This book kept me guessing and engaged in the plot. I loved the combination of suspense and romance. The romance between Nate and Grace stays in the background while the investigation is ongoing. I loved the interaction of these two and couldn’t wait for their first date to eventually happen. My only negative comment about this book is some of the autopsy scenes go into quite a bit of detail and is not for the squeamish. 

I really enjoyed this conclusion to the series and spending time with each of the Reilly sisters individually and together. Their sisterly banter was fun. I recommend reading this series to anyone who loves suspense with a bit of romance mixed in.
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This is part of a continuing series, which I had been anticipating is way too ghoulish for me! Too many (very) gory details – & it didn’t read like a Christian book either. It went too far – the ending should have stopped at the (house) door. Not always convincing. An interesting plot, but not what I was expecting from a Christian writer : I would have stopped reading early on, if I had not been committed to a review.  3 1/2 stars
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Irene Hannon once again knocks it out of the park! The storyline takes many turns and the suspicions abound. Even though we know most of the characters fairly early on in the book, it isn’t until the end where we find out the identity of BK, the person who is behind the scheme. The rest of the story is trying to figure out who BK is and how everything goes together. The romance between the sheriff and the pathologist provide an intriguing aspect to the storyline as well, although for Christian fiction, I felt like it emphasized the physical aspect of their relationship a little much although it never crosses the line. I also was a little leery of the aspect of Nate being in a relationship before meeting Grace and essentially breaking up with her to be with Grace. It is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to romance storylines. Nevertheless, the suspense aspect of the book kept me intrigued enough to push through my hesitations and enjoy the story.
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Body of Evidence by Irene Hannon will have readers on the edge of their seats trying to get to the end of the story. Full of intrigue, danger, threats, blackmail, and strange unexplained deaths, the reader will be caught up in the mysteries along with Sheriff Cox and Dr. Grace Reilly. Suspicions abounded for me on who the mysterious BK could be, but it felt like the plot could go a number of ways right up until the last few chapters. I highly recommend this book. Grab a comfy chair with a blanket, and take time out to enjoy this story.

I requested and received a copy of this book for review. The opinions and thoughts expressed here are wholly my own.
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Body of Evidence by Irene Hannon- Likable Characters, Interesting Storyline

Body of Evidence by Irene Hannon is the third book in the Triple Threat series.  If you like mysteries and intrigue, give this book a read.

Grace Riley is a forensic pathologist in rural Missouri.  Not the kind of place where you anticipate stumbling across a lot of murders.  Though the evidence seems to indicate Mavis died of natural causes, something about this case doesn’t sit right with Grace.  It’s Friday night, Grace is alone and conducting an autopsy in the mortuary when she hears a noise.  She investigates, but it isn’t until she goes outside that she finds the source of the noise and dials 911.  The new local sheriff, Nate Cox, is on duty and responds to the call.  These two working together will not be deterred until they get to the bottom of it. 

I really enjoyed Body of Evidence, and from page one, I was hooked.  The main characters, Grace and Nate, were likeable and had interesting careers.  I liked learning about the job of a forensic pathologist, and very different in a rural setting as opposed to a big city.  I enjoyed their friendship and developing romance.  I also liked Grace’s relationship with her sisters. Eve and Cate.  They were caring and supportive.  The townspeople were intriguing, and I found myself examining them through the lens of a perspective suspect.

I appreciated that this a clean novel.  Faith is talked about a little bit in the novel.  I would have liked to have had that element further developed with the main characters.  I did figure out who the bad guy was and wanted to learn about their motives and why they did their dastardly deeds.  Very much liked Grace and Nate, there were upright in character, determined to find the truth and fight for justice.  

If you like suspense and intrigue, if you like books that involve law enforcement and medical mysteries, I recommend Body of Evidence by Irene Hannon.  

I would like to thank Revell Publishing and NetGalley for the opportunity to read a complimentary copy Body of Evidence by Irene Hannon.  I was under no obligation to give a favorable review.
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this is a page turning story  grace is a pathologist and nate is the sheriff  they are working on several cases that may be related.  grace finds seeds in the stomachs as more older  people  are being found , they have no relatives  now someone is after grace    could not put the book down    very good  i was given a copy of the book by netgalley but this is an honest review
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A young and beautiful forensic pathologist, a handsome new sheriff in town, and a curious pattern of autopsies. These are the ingredients for Body of Evidence, a fitting conclusion to Irene Hannon’s Triple Threat series. While this book is part of a series, it easily stands on its own. Having said that, I recommend reading the entire series. The books are that good!

Grace Reilly, one of three sisters, is the “star” of this book, but there is interaction between the sisters. Each of the books in the series features a different sister, and I love the relationships between the sisters and they way they cross from book to book. 

But that is an added bonus. I loved the characters in this book and how well they were developed. I loved the tension and suspense, which kept me reading long after my eyes said I should stop. I loved that I was still guessing all the way to the end. And I love Hannon’s writing style, which is very direct and to the point.

Great characters. Subject matter. Suspense. Love and family. All these lead me to give a resounding 5 stars to Body of Evidence.

I received a copy of this book from Revell through Interviews & Reviews and Net Galley. The opinions are my own.
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