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Like the Wind is a very well written dual time line novel.  Good plot and character dynamics.  Two time periods are woven together perfectly.  I highly recommend this book.
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Upon starting the story, it did not take me very long to feel for Olivia. She has been through so much hardship due to her ex-husband. He was able to use his wealth and power to keep her daughter, Emma, away from her out of spite. When her daughter, Emma, moves in with Olivia 6 years later they are basically strangers to each another. The tension between them felt real and relatable. The way their relationship developed over the course of time felt natural. We saw Emma transform from a bitter, mad teen to someone who found something they enjoy and make friends. We see Olivia learn to lean on God and open herself up to those around her. I liked the character of Tyler, he truly was a nice guy and was sensitive towards Olivia’s feelings. I do wish he would have shared his secret with Olivia much earlier than he did, but I understand why he held back.  I really enjoyed that the historical portion of the story was told completely through diary entries. These were interesting to read and I found myself learning more about what some experienced during the depression years. The diary writer did question God at times but also shared how they saw Him at work in their lives. I could easily understand how Emma was captivated by the diary entries. Her experiences are quite different from the writer, but she was experiencing some of the same feelings. This was a sweet family relationship story with a budding romance between Olivia and Tyler. I enjoyed seeing the relationship between mother and daughter improve. I found the faith message to be inspiring and overall I enjoyed spending time in this story.
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Dual timelines have become some of my all time favorite stories over the last few years, and I personally think that Robin Lee Hatcher writes some of the very best ones out there. She's a wonderful storyteller, who always writes her stories from the heart, and keeps the faith message at the front and center. Whenever I have the opportunity to pick up one of her titles, I expect great things, and Like the Wind did not disappoint.

Both heartwarming and poignant, Like the Wind tells the story of Olivia Ward who lost custody of her daughter six years ago, and has been struggling with her faith ever since. When she's suddenly thrust into being her daughter's custodial parent again, she's struggling to figure out how their relationship could possibly have turned out the way it has. When Tyler Murphy comes into Oliva and her daughter Emma's life, she's hesitant to trust him, especially taking her disastrous failed marriage into consideration. However, he's persistent and Olivia finds herself falling for the man that she never could have expected. However, Tyler's hiding things from her, and neither of them could possibly be prepared for the future their relationship is calling into question every day. Can they learn to let go and let God, and discover His true calling in the process?

This was a wonderful story that I never wanted to see come to an end. Right from the opening pages I was drawn right into the story, and I struggled with ever wanting to put it down. Every single time I finish a story by Robin Lee Hatcher I'm convinced that I'll never love another of her stories as much as I do this one, and yet every single time she manages to prove me wrong, and at this point, I honestly can't pick a favorite from her books as she's written so many amazing ones over the years.

Like the Wind is a breathtakingly beautiful Christian fiction masterpiece that reminds us all of just how much God loves His children, and that He never gives up on us, even when we're tempted to give up on ourselves. The dual timeline is incorporated effortlessly, and it was honestly one of my favorite parts of the story. The protagonist in the past (through diary entries) shows such faith, and asks the hard questions that so many of us find ourselves asking when we're going through tough times.

This ended up being another of my favorite reads of the year, and I can't possibly recommend it enough.

Final Rating: 5/5.

Thanks so much to Thomas Nelson for allowing me to advance read and review this one!

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary advance reader copy of this novel from the publisher (Thomas Nelson) via NetGalley. I was not required to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and this is my honest review.
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This was a great story about God bring about restoration in His time.  It is difficult to be patient in the waiting, but God is listening to our prayers.  The characters in this story have to learn to trust God and other people again.  It is difficult but they find that their lives are much better for it!
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Olivia has lost everything, including her daughter.  Her wealthy ex husband has destroyed her life. Now just as she has re built her life her angry 15 year old daughter comes to live with her.  This story is told from 2 time lines.  This story has grief, tragedy, and hope.  Thank you to net galley for an advanced readers copy.
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Like the Wind by Robin Lee Hatcher
Olivia Ward arrived in Bethlehem Springs alone—with no job, no home, and no money—after her manipulative ex-husband used his power and wealth to destroy everything. Six years later, the peaceful life she rebuilt is once again turned upside down when she learns that her fifteen-year-old daughter, Emma, will be coming to live with her. The reunion should be a dream come true, but years of deception have driven a wedge between them. And Emma seems more interested in an old diary she discovered than reconciliation with her mother.

Tyler Murphy knows what it’s like to lose everything. Propelled by his history in the foster-care system, he’s determined to root out dishonesty and protect the most vulnerable through his work as an investigator. When he’s hired to investigate Olivia Ward, though, he finds himself longing to believe she’s exactly who she appears to be, and he soon realizes that his desire to learn more about her has nothing to do with his job. But how can he pursue a relationship that began with a lie? ~ from the publisher

This quick enjoyable read will not disappoint Robin Lee Hatcher fans. Like the Wind is told in a dual timeline that keeps the reader engaged. Ms. Hatcher always writes characters that the readers can empathize with and this title holds true to that. New readers will enjoy her story telling abilities and character driven story. This reader appreciated the way Ms. Hatcher repaired Olivia’s relationship with her daughter, Emma and a realistic and sweet way.

I received an ARC ebook from NetGalley and the publisher, Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review.
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Olivia Ward has lost everything; her marriage, her career, and her daughter, Emma. All thanks to her controlling, wealthy and powerful former husband.

Six years later, Emma comes back to Olivia after her father has passed away. She is an angry and sullen teenager trying to understand and weather what has come her way. Olivia is at a loss as to how to parent her daughter who she doesn’t know well. 

Tyler Murphy has been hired by Peter Ward, Emma’s grandfather (her father’s Dad) to investigate Olivia and determine if she is a good mother. In the process, Tyler starts to fall for Olivia, and she for him. She is hesitant to walk in faith after what Emma’s father did to her.

Emma finds a diary of a woman with whom Emma finds kinship even though they are separated by almost 100 years, but they have some similarities.
The diary entries were meant to show that when we trust and pray to God that given time, He will( and does) show up and show His faithfulness to his people. Olivia slowly realized that God had been in her life the entire time, it was her who was being rebellious about the way her life had turned out. She returned to God and his ways and she was able to enjoy his faithfulness and promises fulfilled in her life.

Like the Wind was a lovely reminder of God’s love for his people. That like the wind which at times can be fierce, His love is everlasting.

My gratitude to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson. All opinions are mine.
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Like the Wind is a stand alone book by Robin Lee Hatcher. I knew within reading the first few pages that I would going to enjoy this read. Olivia Ward has had a rough few years. She divorced her abusive wealthy husband but lost custody of her daughter Emma.  Her ex didn't really want the child but being the cruel vindictive person he was he didn't want her to have custody. He got custody of Emma and moved to Florida which made it nearly impossible for Olivia to have any visitation rights since she was barely able to make ends meet as it was.  Her ex didn't even spend any time with his daughter putting her in an expensive boarding school.  After seven years Olivia gets custody of Emma after her ex is killed in a car crash.  For some reason the ex's money is tied up in his business so Emma can't go to that expensive school anymore and goes to live with her mother Olivia in Idaho.  She's not happy with her living situation and resents her mother very much.  What I loved about Olivia is that she kept her opinions to herself about her ex. She didn't unload all the evil things her ex did to her daughter.  She was extremely patient with her daughter when she acted resentful, unsurely and generally a spoiled brat. She helped her daughter get into community theater and slowly Emma began to warm  up..  This is a dual timeline store that is told in the form of a diary which Emma reads. The diary was written in the 1930s. Diary didn't have anything to do with current story but with Emma reading the diary it brought her closer to the Lord. And then there is Tyler who is interested in Olivia but he's harboring a secret. Really enjoyed this story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."
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I've enjoyed many of the Robin Lee Hatcher books that I've read so far, so anticipated enjoying Like the Wind too. And I was not disappointed.

While I enjoy dual-time stories, this one was a bit jarring at first. I kept trying to figure out the correlation between present-day and yesteryear and not getting anywhere. Once I gave up on that, the connection was revealed and what a sweet way to teach a lesson!

I enjoyed Olivia and Tyler's story, especially as Olivia's relationship with her estranged daughter blossomed. The conflict and strife in the story felt realistic without being over-the-top, and the reminders of God's love and provision throughout the story spoke to my heart.

Thank you to Robin Lee Hatcher, Thomas Nelson and NetGalley for an advance review copy.
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Quick easy read with a Christian romance that warms the heart.
I was never one for a lot of drama and angst in my books. I love to read to get away from it all, so dragging all of that stuff into my story is counter-productive for me.

Hatcher is known for her beautiful homey Christian romances that are filled with grace and love. Are the families perfect? Oh, far from it, but the story is about how the characters overcome with understanding and peace. I enjoy the slower pace and less anxious feelings that her stories radiate.

Like the Wind offers a different twist on the theme, with the mother being the one who was hurt and punished by her ex-husband. A woman of strength and courage, Olivia is a fabulous character. Tyler is a beautiful balance for her and their growing feelings are encouraging allowing her to blossom and grow as she develops her relationships.

This story is full of rich heartfelt feelings that just allow you to shut out the world for a while and be calm. A wonderful book that is a delight to read.
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I have read several dual time storyline books recently and have really grown to love the two-stories-in-one style. And of course Robin Lee Hatcher is such a talented storyteller, all her books are a shoe-in for my reading list. 

Times are hard, emotions are deep, but the main characters (Tyler and Olivia) and readers are rewarded with a sweet, wholesome romance. I especially enjoyed the historical narration through diary entries.

Thank you NetGalley for a complimentary copy.
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Olivia Ward comes to Bethlehem Springs, Idaho, with very little to her name. Newly  divorced, her ex husband  took everything, leaving  her with nothing.  He even got custody of their  daughter, Emma. When Olivia hears of her exs death, she brings  her daughter  back to Idaho to live. Emma is used to a living  at a boarding school and doesn't want to live in a small  town. Olivia  tries  her best to ease Emma into her new life.  There is another story  within a story. Told through journal entries from  1931, written during the Great Depression., in the voice of Millie, a young wife  and mother, who shares her story of hard times and how she gets through  them. This book was a good one, I read it in less than 24 hours.
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I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book via NetGalley and publisher, Thomas Nelson.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Rating:  4/5 Stars
Publishing: November 29, 2022
Series:  Stand Alone
Pages: 336

This is a first time read by Robin Lee Hatcher, new author to this reader.  Rarely read dual timeline stories, however “Like the Wind” was a refreshing and emotional story with developed characters that are unforgettable.

Olivia Ward’s life took a terrible turn when she divorced her husband and because of wealth, he took custody of their daughter Emma.  Their bond is estranged until her ex-husband is tragically killed and she regains physical custody and tries to cope with the newness of their relationship. There is wariness and the pain Olivia feels is surreal. Tyler Murphy is hired to investigate Olivia but in turn falls romantically in love with her.  Both characters are very likeable individuals that leave you captivated.

The story is told through a diary of a young married woman living during the Great Depression.  It is the dual timelines that tells the stories about the real-life struggles and issues and learning to have hope when it seems there is none. Not having read anything by this author, it is evident that the author’s religious beliefs and faith are prevalent throughout the book. A well-written story that is emotionally driven on faith, courage, hope and love.  Really enjoyable and highly recommend the read.
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4 out of 5 stars.  If you ask me, I'll tell you to read it.

This is the second book I've read by this author set in this small town in Idaho.  While the two stories are similar, they're definitely stand-alone stories.  

This is the story of the relationship between a mother and a daughter coming back together after years apart.
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I enjoyed the dual timeline. This story deal with quite a few emotions. . I always enjoy the writing by this author. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced copy.
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There are so many things I like about reading a Robin Lee Hatcher  novel. She always gives us well crafted characters that you will not soon forget. She has a special way of crafted life lessons throughout her story. I believe both Tyler Murphy and Olivia Ward are two of my favorites. Olivia is such a strong women who has been beaten down by life more than once, but she keeps getting up. Tyler is the type of guy you pray your daughter will meet and marry. I found him to be the perfect book boyfriend.  
I loved the idea of finding a historical diary, but I found I often was lost in reading when the diary just appears with no introduction or explanation. Even so, I really enjoyed Like The Wind.
I want to thank Thomas Nelson along with NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this book. The opinions in this review are my own.
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A sweet romance with characters of depth, I enjoyed Like the Wind for how it handled tragedy, grief, renewable relationships, love, and gentle reminders that God is always with you. I liked the interspersed diary entries from the 1930s and how they captured Emma's imagination and sparked a friendship with a retired teacher in her community. I appreciated how Tyler was patient with Olivia and let their love grow, and was determined to work through what could have kept them apart. It is a very satisfying read.
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I like Robin Lee Hatchers books.  Her storytelling really draws you in. 
It’s a dual timeline with journal entries from the Great Depression  era, lots of heartbreak and hard lives for most.  
Olivia’s daughter comes to live with her after years of no relationship and a journal is found by Emma that’s she can’t put down and this starts the dual timeline of two worlds not so different.  Great read, highly recommend.  Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC for a honest review!
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Olivia has started over after a terribly rough divorce and has not had much contact with her daughter Emma since the separation. All of that changes when Emma's father and Olivia's ex-husband is tragically killed. Olivia's life immediately begins to whirlwind around her with regaining physical custody of her daughter, dealing with her daughters thoughts and feelings of unhappiness. 

Tyler has moved into the area recently and is starting over in a new location. Tyler begins to investigate Olivia however ends up falling for her as well. This is a cute romance novel that intertwines two different time lines beautifully!
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This is a story within a story following a single mother still trying to move on from her painful divorce as she becomes reacquainted with her estranged daughter after tragedy strikes, with the other story told through journal entries by a young married woman living during the Great Depression. This is great book those looking for stories about people struggling with real-life issues without easy solutions. Book is about learning to move on, have hope, working through it, letting people in, and above all relying on your Faith throughout the process.
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