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The Nightmare Brigade #2

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The Nightmare Brigade was an enjoyable read. The plot and characters are interesting. Horror fans will like this book.
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This is the second book of The Nightmare Brigade, when Esteban woke up and couldn't find his friends, Tristan and Sara. So he tries following their track from Professor dream and 

I liked the idea of living in your dreams or others' dreams, its just one problem, that it could be a nightmare!
I think this is an entertaining, mysterious and dream adventure for young adult readers.

Many thanks to Papercutz and NetGalley for giving me the chance to read The Nightmare Brigade #2 (Into the Woods) by Franck Thillez, Yomgui Dumont in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you so much to netgalley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

This book was a bit more entertaining than the last one but it was very choppy in its flow of events in the plot. One minute the characters were talking about one thing and in the next it was a completely different conversation being had it was strange. It would benefit from having the scenes flow more seamlessly. The characters feel 2 dimensional but again what can you expect from a short graphic novel. I was hoping by book 2 I would feel a bit attached to the characters but I could care less what happened to them. Even though it is choppy at times, the overarching plot is easy to understand and the "case file" sections at the endings are very fitting for the story. It was a light read that was easy and fun at times I just wish the characters had more substance to them.
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Thank you NetGalley for this ARC!

i became intrigued by this book because it's cover catched my attention.

I am not a fan of comics but i really like this one! 
I enjoyed the quirky illustration style and i think because of this story I will try to read more comics in the feature, they are so fun to read!
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todo el tomo me la pasé muy  confundida porque no sabía lo que era verdad o era mentira y me entretuvo mucho y  me dio mucha curiosidad y el final se quedó picado.
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I enjoyed this sequel to the first Nightmare brigade book! The plot can be a bit confusing at times but even still I think this book would appeal to a lot of kids.
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An exciting YA action fantasy comic book about traveling into dreams. 
There is a lot happening in there, twists and turns, dreamscapes, psychology, thriller elements, mysteries and more. The ride is fun, always keeps you on your toes and asks some interesting questions, even if it never goes in-depth. The illustrations are personal and dynamic - which makes them very enjoyable. 
Truly a great euro comic for 13 to 16 years olds. 
As an adult, the characters are too immature for me, the story doesn't have the reach I would hope, but I'm not the audience. I can really see this as a present I would give younger relatives for Christmas and I know they'd love it. I'm exited to know where this goes!
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This is a great addition to the Nightmare Brigade series!  However, readers will be lost unless they start with the first title.  This book will likely find and audience with middle grade horror fans.  Some of the illustrations may startle some readers.
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According to Professor Angus, Estaban was found outside  the Sleep Lab.  He was taken in  as he appeared to be lost.  Angus and his son Tristan welcome do him into their family and work in the Sleep Lab.  The Sleep Lab explores nightmares which help patients a good night’s sleep.  Esteban has been having nightmares lately.  He dreams of waking up in his old home and reuniting with his parents.  To do this, he must wake up and return to his real life.  To do this, he must go into the woods and face his fears.  Can Estaban do this?   

I did find this volume to be a bit confusing.  Another story is included that did not flow from the first dream to the second dream and actually confused me.  The art was perfect.  It’s an improvement over the first volume but also mysterious.  I am glad I got to read it as I did want more of “the nightmare brigade” and hope I get to read v.3.
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The cover art and summary are appealing if you’re into the horror, spooky, supernatural beasts filled type of graphic novels. This would be a hit with a small segment of my readers.  But, the plot wouldn’t win over new readers who aren’t into this genre. The latter half of this book didn’t leave me excited to continue the series.
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This is a fine sequel, but it will make a lot more sense if you start with volume 1. That's especially so because the reader needs to know Esteban's back story, and even though there is a lot of monologuing here it can still be hard to follow what's happening if you start with this book.
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I am really enjoying this series. I like the dark tone in both story and artwork. 
It can be a little hard to follow at times.
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Part 2 of the Nightmare Brigade. The continuing story of a group of friends who can enter into someone's nightmares to help them get out of the horror and stop whatever is causing the unending terror for the patients of Professor Angus' clinic.

According to Professor Angus, Estaban, one of the Brigade members, was found one day outside of the Sleep Lab one day as a young boy. He was lost and abandoned. Angus and his son Tristan quickly welcomed him into their family and into their field of work, exploring nightmares and allowing the patient's a good and safe night’s sleep. 
 But that story was no longer holding up with Estaban, as he began to suspect that he was just a result of some other teen's nightmare.  He needed to find out, no matter the cost.

I enjoyed the 1st edition and found the 2nd volume just as engaging.
The story was creepy, mysterious, and compelling. The art was great, not too hyperrealistic or too abstract.  The story itself was just creepy and weird enough to get under your skin.

I'm looking forward to the next volume, hoping for more answers but hoping it's not the last of the tale of the Nightmare Brigade.

Thanks to @netgalley, Papercutz, and Franck Thillez, for the opportunity to read this eArc in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for a free E-ARC in exchange for an honest review!

I was lucky to get a chance to read an ARC of Number 1 of The NIghtmare Brigade and when I saw the next one up to read I jumped at the chance to read what was going to happen next in the story. I felt a big improvement from the first if not just the fact the world and rules had already been explained and so the actual story took more of a leading role this time around. 
The world and characters still showed growth though and we are slowly learning more about who they are and maybe also what they are as well. It's a fun read that draws you in and keeps you guessing for just the right amount of time. I can't wait for the next one to come out!!
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e-arc provided by Netgalley
The first half of this was confusing and scattered but I enjoyed learning a little more about this world/characters in the second half
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I received a copy of this from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  I began liking this graphic novel immediately and then it kind of fell off for me.  I just wasnt feeling it once the first part of the story ended.  I love the concept and the artwork is enjoyable, but I guess this one wasnt for me.
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Picking this up in Volume 2 made it a little difficult to follow along with the story. The art however was really unique in style and I love the use of color through most of the book to show dynamic changes. I wasn't able to fully understand what was going on but from what I did get out of this volume it seems like a really interesting plot and a strong baseline for more installments to follow.
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While I continue to enjoy the art style, I felt like the narrative kind of fell apart in this volume. The pacing was all over the place and the story line jumped ahead without good transitions. Some character developments felt forced.
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