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Great colorfull artwork and a cute story about being the special one.  There are orange and purple turtles so what more could you want!
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Loved this volume just as much as the others. I love how Gilbert and his family are portrayed. I also really love the humour behind the most rare and special orange turtle..... being actually purple! Kids will LOVE that.
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You are going to love his Gillbert’s latest adventure with his pal Sherbert. And oh, my goodness these two are the most adorable characters. I enjoyed the easy, fun pace of the reading for this graphic novel. This a great level for 1-2 graders, and some adults (like me!). The illustrations are just so colorful and CUTE, they honestly brought a smile to my face with each turn of the page. 

With magical purple turtles, an island FULL of orange turtles and LIZARTISTE, this graphic novel has something for everyone. Fun to the very last page.

P.S Je t’aime LIZARTISTE!!

Grateful to have received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley & Papercutz
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Orange turtles, rare turtles, and Turtle Island, ohh Gillbert and his adventures.

Gilbert #4 The Island of the Orange Turtles by Art Baltazar is the fourth release in the Gillbert Series and it’s totally a fun filled and rare adventure! This installment of Gillbert is about him going on a trip with his friends to Turtle Island. One of his friends, Sherbert, is an orange turtle, a rare turtle, who wants him to visit his home along with Anne Phibian. They set off to the island and all the while, the shark, Tibu, is hot on Sherbert’s trail. What will happen if Tibu gets to Sherbert? What will Gillbert have to do? 

This was such a fun comic! I will definitely go and read the previous stories! I loved the adventure, side stories, and the constant humor. I laughed almost the entire story! From the modernized verbiage to the puns all throughout the comic, it was great! 

Story wise, there was nothing wrong with it at all. However, I saw super minor grammatical errors with verb tenses, which probably happened accidentally and can easily be fixed. Unless the person reading is a stickler for grammar, they probably wouldn’t even notice it. Aside from that, it was fantastic!

The illustrations were impeccable. They were simple yet effective and so freaking cute! The colors pop at the right moments and the style of everything being wiggly makes you feel like you are in the ocean and close to it. It’s the perfect blend of visuals to words and the visuals make the story. Most reactions I made from the story were from the visuals! Beautifully executed! 

I totally recommend this to any child who loves funny adventures. Any parent would love this comic too! Be careful, you might get addicted to the jokes! This is great for ages 6-10+ as the words are minimum, but still effective. There’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, jump on in to Gillbert’s world!

It was so good, I was sad to see the last page. I wanted more from Gillbert, so I cannot wait to dive into the previous comics, Gillbert #1, Gillbert #2, and Gillbert #3 as well as any future comics! 

*This was an honest review for a complimentary copy of Gillbert #4 The Island of the Orange Turtles from Art Baltazar via NetGalley
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Cute graphic novel with very engaging fun and colorful illustrations. This is the first Gilbert book I read so I was a little confused in some character/plot lines along the way. Would definitely recommend to students at my elementary school with the suggestion that they read in series order.
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The newest adventure of Gilbert.  He is a young merman prince and his friends.  They are on a journey to the island of Orange Turtles to meet Sherbert's family.  But why are they being followed?

Art is adorable.  The characters are super cute which I liked, but it will really make my students happy.  Other than the adorable art, I had a hard time getting into the story.  I thought it was just a bit too weird, but I think my middle schoolers will go nuts for it.  They absolutely love stories like Dog Man where weird random stuff happens.  But for me, I felt like the weird random things in Gilbert were just a little too weird for me.

For me as an adult 3 stars, but my students would probably give it 4 or 5 stars.
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As usual, I loved the art! The story is super cute! I was entertained and I would love to have children to give this to read. Art Baltazar has created some good family fun.
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Adorable artwork, cute characters, humorous interactions. 
There isn't anything I disliked about this little story. I want more Gillbert :)
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Gillbert is visual fun and colorful engagement. I enjoy the work of Art Baltazar and would recommend this for elementary and middle grades readers -- and any reader who enjoys humorous and cartoonish comics.
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This is the fourth book in the Gillbert series, and it is titled The Island of the Orange Turtles. Gillbert and his friends are undeniably cute, and they are always into something. This is a good graphic comic for younger kids whoa re not interested in a lot of detail and want the story to move along at a good pace. The graphics are cute, and the humor contained within will most likely delight a kid. I enjoyed it, and it made me smile so I have pretty sure that it will be a good read for a kid. Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for the opportunity to review this book.
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I received an ARC of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I'm always on the lookout for new Easy Graphic Novels for the younger set. They're more difficult to find than you might think. This one is absolutely delightful. There's good guys and bad guys, special guys, royal guys, and smart guys. And lots of adventure.
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I requested this book for my son Tommy, who is a HUGE fan of Art's...loves all his books.  He said this book was by the far the best in the Gilbert series, due to all the action and events that took place.  He particularly loved how the orange turtle met up with his family.  He recommends reading the books from the beginning to know what's going on.  Tommy highly recommends this book and gives it 4☆☆☆☆s.
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"Gillbert, the young merman prince, and his friends, the telekinetic Anne Phibian and Sherbert the orange turtle journey to the island of Orange Turtles to meet Sherbert’s turtle family. But why do they think they’re being followed?"

This graphic novel is absolutely adorable and super fun! Its very reminiscent Freddy the Fish and all the little games I used to play as a kid with Freddy and his friends.

The art has such vibrant and fun colors and everything is drawn in such a cute way. The pacing is great and the story was entertaining. I can definitely see a younger audience loving this!
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This graphic novel follows Gillbert, a merman/prince go to the island of orange turtles where many unexpected surprises await him and his friends. Graphic novels are very popular in the middle grade age group because they are generally very accessible for early readers and are fun to read and look at. I think this book fits well in that market and will be enjoyed by children in the 6-10 age range. 

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book!
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