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I was completely smitten with Meredith Maggs from the very beginning, as she's traveling a line between being deeply rooted, deeply panicked, and deeply self-aware. She os full of love and care for the people in her life, the most of those are virtual.

I would definitely call this book a "swing up" book, and for that reason it was also very satisfying. We need Meredith as she is over 1400 days locked in her house by choice. We go with her on her journey of healing.

This definitely had a lot of the sweet vibes of an AJ Fickrey or Arthur Truluv. Those sweet books that also touch on deep, emotional trauma.

And there is a lot of trauma here, I don’t want to go into a lot of detail as to the triggers, but please do check on them. There are several of the biggies, including sexual assault.

If you have ever struggled with any sort of mental health issue, including anxiety, depression, or agoraphobia, you were going to find a very soft place to land in this book.

But I was completely enraptured by Meredith's story and rooting for her from start to finish. It had a satisfying ending and I’m so glad I got this one.

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I loved this book, mostly because I loved Meredith! The author has developed a character that you cheer for and have empathy for; I felt like I knew Meredith. And I was so proud of her by the end!

The book is written with periodic chapters that go back in time to develop a back story. The back stories weren’t all chronological, and that bothered me until I decided not to worry about it! The back story was such an important part, as it made sense of what was happening in present time.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing an ARC for me! Definitely worth reading!

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Oh my. I really dug this one. I am 100% all about saying yes to staying in more ; )

Mini non-spoiler spoiler for anyone looking for a magic peen being the driving force that gets my gal Meredith out of her house – you got the wrong book. And yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to all of the rest of us who dabble in romance, but realize the healing process after a traumatic event REALLY shouldn’t include a weiner.

The story here is about, you guessed it, Meredith. At the start of the book Meredith hasn’t left her house in over 1,200 days. She never had any intention of being a hermit. In fact, she was all dressed and ready to go the office on the first day she realized she was no longer capable of going outside whatsoever. Thanks to the best bestie that ever bestied Sadie, her faithful feline friend Fred, a work-from-home freelance writing career, online therapy and support forums and the bounty of the interwebs that make everything you might ever need get delivered directly to your house with a mere mouseclick, Meredith has been doing okay. But maybe it’s time she takes that first step . . . .

Okay, lovelovelovelovelove. That’s it. Loved it. Thanks to Michelle for putting this one on my radar. I feel like I myself made new best friends in Meredith and her friend group after finishing this one 4.5 Stars and rounding up because I can.

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Meredith's life has been isolated in her home for approximately 1200 days. She has an online therapy session, chat with an online support group, puzzles, Emily Dickinson books and other things which kept her company. After over 1200 days at home, she wanted to change by wanting to get out of the house and explore things. This book relates to how to get out of that feeling of isolation. Also, learning how to be out into the world again and explore.

Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for allowing me to read this book in order for a review.

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Meredith, Alone is about a woman with agoraphobia who lives alone with her cat and clearly has experienced past trauma. The story bounces between present day, where it shows the count of how long it has been since Meredith has left her house, and the past, where you learn why she is experiencing so much anxiety and depression. I don’t always love when books bounce between past and present, but I found it be very effective here, especially because the flashbacks started to feel very foreboding. I had to find out what had happened to Meredith and it made the book hard to put down. I related to Meredith a lot and I felt like the author got a lot of things about mental illness right. Some of the quotes I felt like were things I’ve said myself. “It’s comforting to know I’m not the craziest person in the country.” And “I think some people just don’t want to feel anything too deeply. It’s too difficult.” were a few of my favorites. I did feel like Meredith gave a lot of grace to people who I didn’t feel deserved it, but I understand that that can be true in real life as well. I was pretty happy with the way the author handled Meredith’s healing, as so often in books it seems like a person is just all of a sudden fine or is cured by their partner or friends, and that just isn’t reality. I think seeing healing presented in a more realistic way can help people feel less alone and less like they’re failing, and I really appreciated the author showing that.

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Meredith Maggs has not left her house in over 1,214 days. But she isn't alone or lonely because she has her ginger cat, Fred. She has her books and hobbies. She has Sadie, Tom, and Celeste. This is the story of mental health issues: childhood abuse, dysfunctional families, depression, sexual assault, and PTSD. And the author handles these sensitive issues with compassion. There are dual timelines that tell Meredith's story. I loved Meredith's journey from crippling, raw fear to fearlessness. I loved the friendships. Ultimately, this is the story of stepping back into life. This is a story that will stay with me.

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Thank you, Grand Central Publishing, and NetGalley for providing an advance reader copy of this book, all opinions are my own.

I was so excited to read this book. This story follows Meredith, a woman in her late 30s, who has not left her home in almost 4 years in Glasgow.

This book was brilliant. I really enjoyed it and devoured it in one evening. It was incredibly moving, and I wanted to just give Meredith a hug sometimes. I loved her support system of Sadie, Tom and Celeste and wish I knew even more about these side characters.

I liked the flashbacks in time as you try to unravel what got Meredith to this place of isolation and anxiety and you realize, no this is not about just leaving her house, there is heavy trauma that is manifesting in her feeling only safe in her home.

My favorite moments are when Meredith realizes her friendships with each of these people are not burdens or made in pity, she brings something to the friendships; they need her and helps them just as she is. This was an enjoyable read and left me moved and hopeful. Please check CWs before reading as it does deal with some heavy and sensitive topics.

"I've alienated one of my only friends because he caught the smallest glimpse of the part of me I'm most ashamed of".

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Simply the best. Heartbreaking, heartwarming and just unforgettable.

Meredith Maggs is homebound. She has not left her home in 1214 days. She has a daily routine and sticks to it. She works out, reads, does jigsaw puzzles, bakes, works from home, talks to a support group online and shops online as well. Every day is the same, day in, day out. Meredith has a cat, Fred who she loves dearly, and she also works with a therapist via Zoom and has a best friend, Sadie, who has been there for her throughout. Some time ago, Meredith had a falling out with her mother and sister Fee, and she is now alone.

One day, however, there's a knock on Meredith's door and it changes everything. It's a man from the Holding Hand's charity agency named Tom McDermott. He's there to provide support to those in need, to be a friend. And that is exactly what he becomes. Every week he comes round to chat, for tea, to do jigsaws. Then there's Celeste, a woman from the online support group, who she becomes friends with. Slowly, Meredith's circle grows and we see her make strides to open up and move on.

Throughout this incredibly heartfelt, vulnerable read, I shed tears, smiled often, and laughed quite a bit. Meredith, Alone is a sweet, sad, and funny novel about the atrocities of life, trauma, recovery, family, and friendship.

This was a buddy read with Kaceey. We both loved this novel and talked so much about the character, her experiences, and her triumphs. So glad we read this together Kaceey!

Thanks to Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley for sharing this incredible arc with me.

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THOSE WORDS are the heart ❤️ of this story!

DAY 1,214

That is how many days it has been since Meredith Maggs has left her house.
The question is WHY?

It isn’t because she is shy or quirky.
There are much darker reasons for her retreat into her own World.

Meredith is able to earn a living working from home, and have her groceries delivered. She has a ginger rescue cat named Fred, and a lifelong best friend in Sadie, who visits at least weekly, often with her two children.

Jigsaw puzzles, reading and baking keep her days full and satisfying. She is happy….enough.

DAY 1215

The healing process will begin, when Tom McDermott from Holding Hands, the befriending charity, rings the doorbell. He is the first new person she will let into her home, and her life.

DAY 1219

CATLADY29, Hello?

A new user will sign on to Meredith’s online support group, “StrenghInNumbers” needing someone to talk to.

JIGSAWGIRL: (finger hovering above the keyboard) Hi! I am Meredith….


We will meet Meredith’s sister, Fiona . And, their mother. The two girls were thick as thieves.
Where is she now?

I’m sorry.
“ Two words that that can mean everything. Or Nothing.”

(and Meredith’s therapist Diane)

Sometimes that step is reaching out for help-and sometimes it is answering someone’s plea…

This book is SO MUCH MORE than what I expected!

I didn’t realize that so many characters in this book have been let down by someone who should have made them feel loved and safe, or have been taken advantage of by a stranger.

And, yet, this story ISN’T about those people….

It’s about the PEOPLE who prop you up when that happens-and all the characters in this book will feel like friends you wish could be in your life too.

For this reason this is ultimately a HEARTWARMING, FEEL GOOD story despite touching on some serious themes, and it resonated deeply with me.

It’s the kind of book that you miss as soon as you reach the last page! (Sigh)

If you enjoy CHARACTER driven stories with ❤️-open up your ❤️ to Meredith!

I will see you in the deep end, Meredith! 😉

Available November 1, 2022

Thank You to Grand Central Publishing for the gifted copy provided through NetGalley! It was my sincere pleasure to offer a candid review!

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4.5/5 stars

This is a very emotional story filled with heartbreak and trauma (both mental/physical), but ultimately healing and hope. There were parts that were hard to read, but others which were cheer worthy. This one ran the gamut of emotions.

This is the story of 40-year-old Meredith Maggs’ life (childhood flashbacks, young adult flashbacks, and current day). She and her older sister Fiona have vague early memories of their father but were raised by their controlling and verbally abusive mother. Together they withstood their disparaging home life and ventured out into the world as soon as possible (Meredith by getting a job/apartment, Fiona through marriage).

In present day, Meredith has been agoraphobic for almost 4 years (following a traumatic estrangement from her mom and sister) and lives with her cat, Fred, while working from home (freelance writer) and ordering in whatever she needs. She’s fine with her life. Her best friend, Sadie and her children visit regularly, she has her jigsaw puzzles, books, baking, an on-line support group and an on-line therapist. But with the sudden addition of two new friends and an unexpected visit from Fiona, she finds herself contemplating life outside her walls again.

Meredith’s journey, working through her own self-healing with the persistent loving support of others, is both heart wrenching and triumphant. The author does a very good job of putting the reader inside the thoughts/feelings of Meredith, and we feel as if we’re experiencing each setback/progression ourselves.

I won’t soon forget Meredith or her story.

My thanks to the author, NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for providing the free early arc of Meredith, Alone for review. The opinions are strictly my own.

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Oh my heart what a phenomenal story this is.

Meredith hasn't left her home in over three years. Over the course of the story we find out why, a narcissistic mother as well as a traumatic experience that left her estranged from her sister, Fee, whom was her closest companion her entire life until that point.

What a brilliant character Meredith is. Claire Alexander took time and consideration in creating this unforgettable character. If you like books where you're cheering and rooting for the main character to succeed then THIS is the book for YOU!!!

Keep in mind that while Meredith doesn't leave her home she isn't lonely. So she insists. She has her sweet kitty cat Fred, an online writing job, her best friend Sadie who is the most amazing best friend a person could ever ask for along with her two adorable children, her online group chats where she befriends Celeste who becomes one of her strongest supporters, she has Tom who initially started visiting her through the Holding Hands charity but who becomes one of her nearest and dearest, her love of complicated jig saw puzzles, as well as a well stocked kitchen in which she whips up delectable treats and desserts - she hardly feels alone at all. The veil is quite thin though and we as readers can see what trouble she's really in. My heart broke fiercely for this kind, caring, and quirky woman and by the end of this novel my heart was full to burst with equal amounts of love and hope. I loved these characters so much that I didn't want this novel to end but Meredith deserves closure so I bid her farewell with a warm heart and a smile on my face. ALL THE STARS!!!!!

Thank you to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for my complimentary copy.

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Meredith has not left home in three years, with following her day by day. This is a very emotionally charged book, she had a very difficult childhood and struggles with anxiety and depression. It's told about both present and past, I liked the flashbacks in getting to know her better. I found the book unique, I struggle to keep reading, probably there're many people that will enjoy this book, I personally found Meredith unengaging and difficult to get into. this book deals with the main character being raped and dealing with her trauma and mental illness. founding ways to overcome and find joy in life.

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Book Title: Meredith Alone
Author: Claire Alexander
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Chick-Lit.
Pub Date: November 1, 2022
My Rating: 3.4 Stars

Our protagonist Meredith Maggs is going on forty and has not left her home in three years. She does interact socially but online, she shops on-line, and has a job that allows her to work remotely.
Meredith does have a few personal relationships but avoids most.
In the beginning of this story, Tom McDermott, who is with a charity called Holding Hands, stops by to offer a help. Meredith is gracious and offers cookies and when they are discussion books, she states her favorite is an Emily Dickenson novel. Tom has never read it so she offers it to him. She soon realizes her mistake as she isn’t interested in a friendship or interested in Tom returning. Now he has to in order to return her favorite book.

This story is told both present and past timelines.
In the past timeline ~ Meredith’s childhood – we have a better understand of her relationship with her mother and sister; we know something happens that has Meredith convinced she had nowhere to turn and leads her to the decision of staying home alone. We follow her day by day as she struggles with anxiety and depression.
I started out really liking Meredith ~ I liked the flashbacks in getting to know more about her.
There were hints from reviewers that Meredith was a similar character as Ove and Eleanor Oliphant.
I loved both of those characters as well as their story. Their story was sad and depressing but mixed with humor than kept me loving them and wanting to read more and hoping for HEA.
I know sad depressing situations usually are NOT mixed with humor but when there is some it makes it easier to read.

I did love the ending to this story.

Want to thank NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for this early eGalley.
Publishing Release Date scheduled for November 1, 2022

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I received an ARC of this novel from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Meredith suffers from post traumatic stress and has been inside her house for more than three years. With the help of a therapist, friends, a cat, and her sister, she finds the courage to resolve her issues. Lovely story.

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I couldn't connect with this book or the main character. I really liked Meredith in the beginning, but the reading experience became a chore to get through. Meredith is a shut-in. She had a difficult childhood, and she suffers from panic attacks as a result of that. There is something very Hallmark/Lifetime movie about this book. It was so corny in some sections, when it should've been hard-hitting. I've read other books with this sensitive subject matter, but this book failed to deliver. I wanted a book that had more depth and substance. I felt like Meredith's medical condition felt like an afterthought. I wanted to care about her, but she was written in such a flat, and boring way. Such a shame. I had high hopes for this one.

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Thrilling read! I was able to connect with all of the characters and throughly enjoyed the story the author painted.

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Meredith hasn’t left her house in 1,214 days. She has her routine, her best friend, Sadie, and she is able to work remotely. Meredith, Alone by Claire Alexander takes us inside Meredith’s world – both her present and the past that led up to her agoraphobia.

While I found the book to be a unique character study, I struggled to motivate myself to read the book. It took me well over a month to finish it, which is very unlike my typical reading patterns. I think there will be many who will enjoy this book and everything Meredith is able to overcome. Personally, I found Meredith, Alone slow, unengaging and difficult to get into.

I received a copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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This is a very emotionally charged book about Meredith. She has been in her house for 1,214 days. She is content being inside writing, doing jigsaw puzzles, chatting in online support group.

Then Tom from Holding Hands company a befriending charity shows up at her door. Little did she know that letting him into her life would change her life forever.

Meredith must learn to deal with the past and how to live in the present. It is a gripping emotional read about relationships, family, mental illness and loss but so well written an executed, It is just beautiful to watch Meredith grow and change one step at a time.

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I love the cover of this book! To me every library should have a copy of this book because others need to know they are not by themselves.

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This was my first book by Claire Alexander and I will be looking for more of her work. This was a challenging subject matter but a worthwhile read. Very reflective and well written.

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