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I loved this story so much. First off, you have no idea it has anything to do with his own mother's wedding to another man after the loss of the main character's father until 75% of the way through, which I thought was actually really sweet. I loved learning about this tradition in Mexico! I had no idea! I just thought this was such a sweet and lovely story for so many reasons.
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This book tells the story of Beto, facing the reality of wearing traditional shirt for a wedding. Even though he made excuses for not wearing one, at the end, we learned things why it is important wearing this special shirt. Kids nowadays are challenged with the sometimes harsh reality of this life. Death, separations, composed family and have to adapt to new life. And this book can be helpful.
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A cute story following the format of notes back and forth between a parent and a child (think "I Wanna Iguana"). And many kids will relate to the idea of being expected to wear a garment that they don't want to wear.
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I think this really cute book deserves all 5 stars! It's probably good for 5-8 y/o's, & it really speaks at a kid's level, but can educate/speak to older kids, or even adults can learn something here....I did! The artwork is beautiful, & captures the scene perfectly! There are great helpful reading tips at the beginning, things to look for as you're reading the story. It really is a great book, & the title is perfect too! A great book for every library, personal & public!
I received a complimentary e-copy from the publisher Cardinal Rule Press via NetGalley, in return for reading it & offering my own fair/honest review.
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Please help the book be made available at Aldiko app. I m facing issues with downloading otherwise. Thank you.
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This is such a lovely story. I was to touched when I read to the last few pages and found out the reason why the little boy insisted not to wear the traditional shirt to the wedding. 
The illustrations are pretty too!
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Three Pockets Full is a truly beautiful and heartfelt story about Beto who is adamant he won't wear his guayabera (a Mexican wedding shirt) to his mother's wedding. Beto doesn't want to wear the traditional shirt, he wants to wear a tuxedo. He tries all ways to hide it and get out of wearing it but then he comes across some old photographs he hasn't seen before, of his mother and father and he realises the importance of wearing this shirt to his mother's wedding. This book is such a wonderful blend of humour and emotions and will definitely tug at your heart-strings. The family dog was so funny being roped into Betos escape plans of not wearing the shirt. I enjoyed learning more about the history of the guayabera at the back of the book too! This is a truly well written and presented book for children with lots of fun inside, but also sensitive and tender too. The illustrations are humorous and engaging, and I highly recommend this book for all children, especially as a discussion about family and cultural traditions.
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Three pockets full is a heart warming picture book about family Tradditions. Our Main character Beto is to attend his mother's second wedding which he doesn't want to , so he keeps finding ways to loose the Tradditional shirt he's to put on. It's very rare that a family like this is showed in children's literature so imagine my surprise. This book is definitely a win for children's literature. Highly recommend it. Lovely illustrations that will keep little readers glued to the pages.
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I received a complimentary copy from Cardinal Rule Press and NetGalley and all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

Three Pocket Full tells the story of the mischievous occasionally  but adorable Beto. Beto's mother wants him  to wear a traditional 4 pocket guayabera wedding shirt. He does everything to get out of wearing this shirt including involving his beloved pug. He really doesn’t want to wear the shirt because his mother is marrying someone else that isn't his father.. I enjoyed this beautiful illustrated copy and genuinely believe it will make parents and children alike laugh.
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A sweet and funny story about a boy who goes “Nope! Nunca!” at the thought of wearing a guayabera.

Beto simply doesn't want to wear the guayabera – a Mexican wedding shirt - for an upcoming family wedding as he doesn't consider it a “cool” shirt. He makes various plans to show his mom how the shirt is unsuitable, but she keeps thwarting his attempts cleverly. However, looking through some old family pictures make Beto realise that the shirt isn’t so uncool after all.

The initial half of the story is quite funny. Beto’s attempts to avoid wearing the guayabera are hilarious, with his pet dog being a happy participant in his escape plans. However, the latter half of the story changes track into an emotional representation of family values. I loved both halves equally. The story develops through various letters/notes that Beto and his mom leave for each other. These add a different touch to the experience. 

The author's note at the end about the history of the guayabera is wonderful to read.

The illustrations are amazing. The characters are drawn cutely and the overall presentation is very bright and colourful, perfect for a children’s book. 

Much recommended if you want a light and entertaining read for your children that focusses on heritage, family and willingness to change. Plus, it is a diverse #OwnVoices book, an additional plus point. 

Suitable for ages 4-8. This book comes with a free Reader's Guide for children. The guide is available for free download from the publisher website. 

4.25 stars.

My thanks to Cardinal Rule Press and NetGalley for the DRC of “Three Pockets Full”. This review is voluntary and contains my honest opinion about the book.
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This is the story of Beto. His mother wants him to wear a traditional 4 pocket guayabera wedding shirt.  He tries everything to get out of wearing this shirt. He really doesn’t want to wear the shirt because his mother is marrying David and he is missing his father. She assures him that his father will always be a part of this family. Will he end of wearing the shirt. Read to find out.

I loved this diverse book. It gave the reader  before, while, and after reading tips. It has several forms of writing-lettter, and notes. It explains all about a guayabera shirt, which was really neat to learn about. I can’t wait to get a copy of this book to share with my first grader!
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I thought this was an adorable book about a cultural tradition that is Mexican/Cuban.  A little boy is asked to wear a special Mexican Wedding Shirt called a Guayabera.  The mother tells him how important it is for her to wear this shirt which turns out to be her wedding.  The illustrations are very colorful and attractive and should appeal to all readers.  I am always looking for diverse books that promote joy and families.  This is a wonderful addition.
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