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I started reading this book merely by its cover. It's a cute story that brought tears to my eyes while reading it. I totally recommend this to those who love books with depth and emotions.
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First off these were two of my favorite quotes from the book:

“People judge fast, don’t they? Once they decide you are one thing, it’s almost impossible to change their minds, yet nobody can be defined by just one thing. Not ever.”

“People who are fighting a disease can still be extraordinary. One does not preclude the other. On the contrary, often illness brings out the truest parts of a person’s personality.”

Secondly, everyone needs a best friend like Alan! Yes, I could guess the ending but I fell in love with the connection between Tom and Jules. Thank you NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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I'm such a sucker for enemies to lovers - and this was well done. I felt a connection to the characters early on, and wanted to see how everything would turn out for them.  There were some heart wrenching and potentially triggering things within the story, but I think it truly added to the overall greatness of it. I'm a big fan of Bradbury's Grape series, so this was one I was excited to read. Would recommend, especially if you're a fan of Laura's writing already. 3.75 rounded up.
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A wonderful book that places not-so-visible health crises and transplants in the forefront. You will be cheering Jules and Tom on from the beginning. Definitely recommending this book and looking forward to reading more by Laura Bradbury. Thank you NetGalley for the ARC.
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This was such a cute book! I went into this not knowing anything about how crazy transplants can be! This education enemies to lovers book teaches you about how severe liver transplants can be. Jules and Tom have their own companies in a co-working space. While both have different work and personalities, this makes it very likely for opposites to attract and learn from each other.
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Thank you to Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I read this one in one sitting and I was totally drawn into this story. I’d never read another transplant story before, so I knew little about the lack of available organs and the agony of waiting. I kept rooting for Jules to get her transplant and for her blossoming romance. This one did get emotionally tense but I’m so glad to have met Jules and Tom.
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between the difference in aesthetics and mission statements of jules and tom, this novel reminded me of “the hating game” from the get-go. the two of them also shared some unforgettable moments involving banter, which is something i always look for in a good enemies-to-lovers romance. yes, the majority of this novel focuses on jules and tom’s relationship but i also loved how it emphasized other aspects of jules’s life. first, her found family: her co-workers and other acquaintances met at the hospital! they were all extremely supportive of her situation and would have her back in an instant. meanwhile, her immediate family frustrated me so much that i’m glad tom got a few words in to set their heads straight! 

i also wasn’t sure how her liver disease and transplant would play in with the romance but i thought the author handled it delicately while bringing awareness to the road towards recovery. everything isn’t magically “cured” once surgery is completed and jules had to be forgiving towards herself in stopping from jumping right back into life. i also admired tom for being so understanding and patient. towards the end, i thought jules and tom were circling around a lot concerning where their relationship stands and it felt a bit repetitive. it was like goldilocks - at first jules thought he was hovering too much … but then not enough … until they hit the “just right.” tom just has so much room to love that he goes all-in. but i’m so happy with their ending and overall, “unlikely match” was an incredible read!
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Thank you NetGalley for this in exchange for an honest review.
I really enjoyed this book, I enjoyed the enemies to lovers and how it kept me hooked from start to finish and had me going through some emotions since Tom and Jules had such great chemistry you could see how much they both grew throughout the story. I loved it.
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This book was so refreshing!

I really enjoyed it. it was a casual read for me, completed over a week as I drank my morning coffee. would recommend if you are looking for something easy and fun to read

3.5/5 stars

thank you Netgalley for the arc
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“I thought with you I’d found the home I’ve been looking for my whole life.” there is just something about characters referring to their love interest as their home that makes my heart swoon. I really enjoyed this book, I loved the fact that there was enemies to lovers, forced proximity, emotions, witty banter all wrapped up in a story that just gave you all the feels. This is one that I will likely revisit in the future for a reread.
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The chemistry and banter was amazing in this enemies-to-lovers, grumpy/sunshine book. I also love books that deal with the medical field, but give you an actual look at that world instead of just glossing over it. This book definitely does that- I learned so much about liver disease as well as the transplant process and that trials and tribulations that take place after. I thought the author put a great amount of care on the mental health of our two main characters and I really appreciated that element.
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Enemies to lovers and opposites attract I knew that his wild be a winner for me, throw in the added emotion and I was done for! I feel absolutely in love with this story. While it deals with some heavier topics regarding chronic illness it gave me exactly what I was looking for and so much more!

When they say first impressions are everything Jules and Tom did not start off on the best terms. Both have start up companies and share an office space. Jules now believes that Tom is like ever other guy in the tech world. 

They couldn’t be more opposite Jules is outspoken and vibrant where as Tom is driven and focused. Both have their own secrets they are trying to work through. I LOVED these two and the banter was amazing. Fate tends to step in when you need it the most and these two need one another! Jules and Tom grow together as they work through the baggage they have to create a beautiful story of love.

A special thanks to NetGalley and Laura Brabury for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I was nervous that this would be too heavy and although it was it was still so cut and I really do feel like I needed this at the time I read it. I couldn't get enough.
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This  is a new to me author and I have to say I am looking forward to reading more by this author!  I loved this book
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3,5 stars

I gotta start this review by confessing that transplant romances don't usually catch my attention - I'm kind of scared of suffering too much by reading. But when I saw the summary of this book on NetGalley it immediately got me. It just felt like such a funny and sweet story, that I had to read it. And the book didn't disappoint, 

Overall, this was a joyous book, that made me laugh more than it made me cry - but it did made me cry. I read it in 2 days and in the first one I went to sleep crying afer a scene where Jules talks to a very pessimist doctor. The "before" part of the book felt more emotional than the "after" part. In the second one, the book lost rythm to me and just felt slow at some points. 

I quite liked the romance, it was cute and sweet, and I specially loved that the characters understood 1. that they had to work a bit on themselves before jumping headfirst on a relationship and 2. that they weren't responsible for 'saving' one another emotionally. My favorite thing, though, was Jules' journey. It was beautiful to see her getting her transplant and understanding that, although she was alive because of it, it wasn't her source of happiness. The message of the book is really beautiful, and it's even more touching to discover that it's Laura's story in way. If you like sweet, emotional novels, I recommend this book. It's very different from many other romances out there.
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a steamy contemporary romance about a grumpy/sunshine pair who are rivals in their workspace- um yes please!

as shown by the cover be aware that this book follows FMC Jules as she is fighting a liver disease and searching for a living donor to save her life so it's definitely heavy at times. the heavy was perfectly balanced with witty banter between FMC Jules and MMC Tom who couldn't seem more opposite in the workplace.

i laughed, i cried. i squeeee'd. i wanted to eat perogies, drink coffee, and travel.

Tom was such a great book boyfriend and i loved all of his scenes so much. i'm interested to read more by Laura Bradbury in the future!

The Ups and Downs:
1st person POV of FMC
Guaranteed HEA
Trauma/Mental Illness- PTSD
Long term illness
Shitty family dynamics
LGBTQIA+ representation (multiple characters)
Workplace romance
Opposites attract
Terrible first impressions
Well rounded characters
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How do you live, when you spent so much time trying to survive?  This was beautiful story of finding love in the most unexpected way possible.  I loved Jules, she is so sick but wants no special treatment, this is so rare and makes her even more lovable. The author did a great job with character development, all her friends and even her very annoying family.  

This story is relatable, we are all trying to live our best lives, because our time here is too short.  You will laugh, cry and celebrate with Jules and Tom. Cozy up and read this heartwarming story.

Jules has a up and coming tech company she could not be prouder of, the only thing standing in her way is a rare liver disease.  The other issue is database company sharing the company's space and its handsome CEO.  But don't let handsomeness fool you, he is judgmental and worst male ego.  

Can Jules make amends with Tom for the sake of her company or does Tom have softer side she didn't see coming?  What happens when the least expected person saves your life and fills your heart?  Is it too good to be true?

Thank you to NetGalley and Grape books for a copy of this book for my honest review.
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The title may say "Unlikely Match" but for me it was the perfect match! The cover is absolutely gorgeous and what drew me in, in the first place and it also did not fail in the romance department. Will definitely be checking out the author's other works! Highly recommend this 10/10!
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A cute read of enemies to friends to lovers with honest details of chronic illness personally and socially.
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This was such a lovely book with a strong female taking on extreme challenges. She leads you through her path fighting proud, and knowing when it's okay to take offered help. She learns a little bit about accepting that help and finding someone to count on and lean on, with a few funny moments, along the way.
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